Лилия Туренок
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Feb 16, 2017




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Comments 58
limau nipisswik
limau nipisswik 3 days ago
I cracked a lot at 0:17 THOSE FACES ARE SOOO SERIOUS!!!
Jullie Anne Santoyo
Still can't get over with these 😂😂😂
Rica Joi Pato
Rica Joi Pato 9 days ago
What episode is 5:47?
miauw neverson
miauw neverson 9 days ago
Still haven’t seen Goblin only the highlights
Dee 18 days ago
I very much appreciate the ear-raping sound after each scene
Shreya Rai
Shreya Rai 25 days ago
Mariemelle Elizaga
Still one of my favorite bromance 😍
yazonimation gacha
"happy new year"&"play store" such a good accent😂👏
Rudy Loey
Rudy Loey Month ago
Can't believe the same guy who played a cinnamon roll grim reaper became a serial killer in strangers from hell
Gina's 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-_6ZkNLr30_I.html Please see it my Goblin video :)
Parody Life
Parody Life 3 months ago
6:38 that's English! PLAYSTORE.
Jose Celso Perez
Jose Celso Perez 3 months ago
Grim reaper was so cute when he said "Come on man! Just let me sleep" 😅😂
neerod 3 months ago
DAYUMMM How can these 2 guys look so hot carrying bags of leeks😍 ...... only to have that moment spoiled by a cursing motorcyclist🤣
Chocolate Queen
Chocolate Queen 4 months ago
I like Grim Reaper bedroom scene just before he was getting ready for bed.. Goblin comes in to talk. 😅😏
iKONic Nina_Ju-ne
iKONic Nina_Ju-ne 4 months ago
dongwook so cute
Taylor D
Taylor D 5 months ago
Gong Yoo speaks some English and has done commercials in English but damn I am shook by him so smoothly saying "play store". No accent perfectly done especially when it was just said with an accent. So impressed
eha soleha
eha soleha 5 months ago
0:17 waittt!!! The hell what going on here 🤣
Mali Hrahsel
Mali Hrahsel 6 months ago
I like this film soooo much 😇😇😇
Aulya zarfi
Aulya zarfi 6 months ago
3:24 what song?
Deuis Ramadani
Deuis Ramadani 6 months ago
somplak nya si oppa dong wook 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TheRogventures 6 months ago
June 2019? 🙌🏻🙌🏻💕💕💕
Smrity Shrity
Smrity Shrity 7 months ago
@Ferdous Ahmed Shahin
Dhany Reqs
Dhany Reqs 7 months ago
Chris Bang Chan
Chris Bang Chan 7 months ago
best sceen ever was the one where sungjae didnt know the grim reaper was there xjdjjd
jayreve Fernandez
jayreve Fernandez 8 months ago
a goblins underwear is strong, stretchy, and strong🎶🎵🎤🎶🎵🎼
dai dai
dai dai 8 months ago
6:38 😍😍
ray382vk 9 months ago
Grim reaper knows ppl listen to music by file. but he doesnt know phone😂😂😂
Késsia Silva
Késsia Silva 29 days ago
@Subramani V Death. i guess 🤔
Subramani V
Subramani V Month ago
What is the meaning of grim reaper?
Gina's 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-_6ZkNLr30_I.html Please see it my Goblin video :)
アイスパープル 11 months ago
Gray Leprechaun
Gray Leprechaun 11 months ago
The reason why I like Korean series is because they don't have to be naked in order to gain viewers. They don't need to be explicit to be popular.
Solis Sea
Solis Sea 2 months ago
luna x do you mean in goblin, aren't done with it. But I know, it's not because of a shower scene. It’s clearly because if the acting, storyline and graphic
Gina's 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-_6ZkNLr30_I.html Please see it my Goblin video :)
Soo Riy
Soo Riy 3 months ago
Actually,you can take look at Frozen Flower
MD H 4 months ago
*cough* shower scenes *cough*
Hadassah 5 months ago
Helen Dennis
Helen Dennis Year ago
Best drama I've ever watched. 💖😎
Ritu Ray
Ritu Ray Year ago
Can we please take a moment to appreciate how perfectly GOBLIN pronounced PLAY STORE 🤣🤣🤣
Sarah T
Sarah T 7 days ago
Ritu Ray exactly
yazonimation gacha
Gina's 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-_6ZkNLr30_I.html Please see it my Goblin video :)
Arathy NarayaN
Arathy NarayaN 2 months ago
Grim reaper also pronounced file very well
binibini A
binibini A 6 months ago
Atteline Austin
Astaga ngakak aku. Gak nyangka lucu juga. Happy new year haha 😂
Nadia Lee
Nadia Lee Year ago
Beli bawang polong aza sampe pake dandan sekeren itu.. 🤣🤣🤣
Friday Leah
Friday Leah Year ago
It's been long still cute How are they now!
terumo b
terumo b Year ago
"play store" was so smooth i wanna make it my ringtone
A 680
A 680 Year ago
just noticed they screwed up the underwear scene. different colored underwear for the clips unless it was some crazy lighting.
Ahsin ahsin
Ahsin ahsin Year ago
Best drama ever 😂😂
mary anne orboc
Ahhaahhaha im laughing so hard 😂😂😂 ang epic nung lakad nila
This is best drama I ever seen 😂
Gina's 2 months ago
Please see it my Goblin video :) ruvid.net/video/video-_6ZkNLr30_I.html
linnette ojeda
Q malo es molestandolo
idont_know_my name
Christina Yang
Iconic first scene xD
Video Tuber
Video Tuber 2 years ago
dongwook doesnt do a full fringe he does a side one
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