Лилия Туренок
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Feb 16, 2017




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CookieMystic 2 months ago
He said playstore better than I can.. and I thought I was fluent.
jen ny fer
jen ny fer 2 months ago
Alexandra Miranda
Alexandra Miranda 2 months ago
One of the best kdrama 😂 the comedy in this whole series is too good i can't 😂😂
Nabila Rahman
Nabila Rahman 3 months ago
Why cant i get over from goblin😅
Zahra Risalawala
Zahra Risalawala 3 months ago
I laughed so bad that I cried 🤣🤣🤣
Lexter John Sapuay
Lexter John Sapuay 3 months ago
Goblin and grim reaper are so iconic!
Aishwarya Pantula
Aishwarya Pantula 3 months ago
My last two brain cells during quarantine 3:23
jee juby
jee juby 3 months ago
* goblin starts screaming * Grim reaper: you are finally surprised she’s the daughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ShelzRkive 3 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂this got me too 😅😅😅😅😂 and how they figure out mobile phone
Nicell Tubianosa
Nicell Tubianosa 3 months ago
so cute!!!
PhenixBird 5
PhenixBird 5 3 months ago
I love the phone's part
Black Widow
Black Widow 3 months ago
Had to come here after watching lee dong wook play a psychopath killer to sooth my mind😂😂😂
It’s Vaishnavi 김 미래
If the grim reaper is THIS HOT, then I AM WAITING FOR YOU🤩🤩🤩.
Vibha Ramachandran
Vibha Ramachandran 3 months ago
Best kdrama ever 🕶️
Marrielle Thompson
Marrielle Thompson 4 months ago
I bet that guy that told them to “F-off and to use the sidewalk” ended up getting lucky. Since he wasn’t cursed he probably did have a Happy Year ahead of him
June 4 months ago
Play store 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Ranie Go
Ranie Go 4 months ago
*sigh* well.... I'm not going on
Moon Child
Moon Child 4 months ago
2:08 THAT WAS ERIC????
Moon Child
Moon Child 4 months ago
Reaper is my favorite actor in this one he is such a bby boy
Nicoleb Ganado
Nicoleb Ganado 4 months ago
Jimin Molala
Jimin Molala 4 months ago
0:17 faveee part
hueihuei79 4 months ago
Arrex What
Arrex What 4 months ago
Where to watch k drama?? i want to know
SilentNight 309
SilentNight 309 4 months ago
You can watch it in VIU
Spring Blossom dramas
Shaw2184 4 months ago
What is the song playing?
人美 4 months ago
3:23 I am officially a ghost now
Trixie Solano
Trixie Solano 4 months ago
ㅗ메ㅔㅛ ㅜㄷㅈ ㅛㄷㅁㄱ
Tiffany Ramos
Tiffany Ramos 4 months ago
Play store was the best moment
JR Pamiloza
JR Pamiloza 4 months ago
08:09 😂
just a random person
Where can I watch this drama? Any platform or app?
just a random person
@YolaVerse I actually watched it on Rakuten Viki, I was searching for any other platform other than Viki. Thanks Btw.
YolaVerse 3 months ago
There is an app called Viki Rakuten where u can watch a bunch of Korean,Thai,Japanese and Chinese for free including Goblin
just a random person
@Spring Blossom dramas thanks!
Spring Blossom dramas
@just a random person there's a free website with no ads: kissasian
just a random person
@Johanna Ayudia thanks, I actually found it on Viki but too many ads so I was searching for another one and I saw your reply 😃
Christian Tayam
Christian Tayam 5 months ago
Kim shin was cute
Poison_Ivy 5 months ago
8:08 This part made me laugh so bad 😂
ajay marandi
ajay marandi 5 months ago
Hannah Camel Calotes
Aahhh its 2020 still Goblin the best drama of its genre!
Naz Zurimi
Naz Zurimi 6 months ago
the walking in the tunnel with green onions always cracks me up HAHAHAAH
Naz Zurimi
Naz Zurimi 4 months ago
Lina Hidayati oooooooh
Lina Hidayati
Lina Hidayati 4 months ago
They look so cool, even while holding grocery bags. All husbands should take notice 😂
Haarika C
Haarika C 6 months ago
2:07 I just realized he’s holding an Eric nam album (LP)😂
Emily Mata
Emily Mata 3 months ago
@Haarika C No on insta 😂
Haarika C
Haarika C 3 months ago
@Emily Mata, oh really? On vlive? 😂💕
Emily Mata
Emily Mata 3 months ago
Yo he just went live too😂
Emily Mata
Emily Mata 3 months ago
Me too 😂
Krisha Lutarte
Krisha Lutarte 6 months ago
7:50 is my most favorite one😂😂❤️
Smile always
Smile always 6 months ago
Play store scene 😅
limau nipisswik
limau nipisswik 7 months ago
I cracked a lot at 0:17 THOSE FACES ARE SOOO SERIOUS!!!
Jullie Anne Santoyo
Jullie Anne Santoyo 7 months ago
Still can't get over with these 😂😂😂
Herbivore Virgo
Herbivore Virgo 7 months ago
What episode is 5:47?
Suewellyn Chricel Haveria
ep 5
miauw neverson
miauw neverson 7 months ago
Still haven’t seen Goblin only the highlights
Spring Blossom dramas
Watch it. You won't regret it
Ree 7 months ago
I very much appreciate the ear-raping sound after each scene
Shreya Rai
Shreya Rai 7 months ago
Mariemelle Elizaga
Mariemelle Elizaga 8 months ago
Still one of my favorite bromance 😍
zoriiey gxcha
zoriiey gxcha 8 months ago
"happy new year"&"play store" such a good accent😂👏
Rudy Loey
Rudy Loey 8 months ago
Can't believe the same guy who played a cinnamon roll grim reaper became a serial killer in strangers from hell
Gina's 9 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-_6ZkNLr30_I.html Please see it my Goblin video :)
F P K 9 months ago
6:38 that's English! PLAYSTORE.
Jose Celso Perez
Jose Celso Perez 10 months ago
Grim reaper was so cute when he said "Come on man! Just let me sleep" 😅😂
neerod 10 months ago
DAYUMMM How can these 2 guys look so hot carrying bags of leeks😍 ...... only to have that moment spoiled by a cursing motorcyclist🤣
Chocolate Queen
Chocolate Queen 11 months ago
I like Grim Reaper bedroom scene just before he was getting ready for bed.. Goblin comes in to talk. 😅😏
ikonic younina
ikonic younina 11 months ago
dongwook so cute
tossityle 11 months ago
Gong Yoo speaks some English and has done commercials in English but damn I am shook by him so smoothly saying "play store". No accent perfectly done especially when it was just said with an accent. So impressed
eDoom xHanom
eDoom xHanom Year ago
0:17 waittt!!! The hell what going on here 🤣
hani 3 months ago
They were going back home from buying the vegetables . They were trying to make it like a very aesthetic in my opinion . But suddenly a motorcycle came behind them and they thought he was wishing them 😂 idek what i'm typing rn HAHA
Mali Hrahsel
Mali Hrahsel Year ago
I like this film soooo much 😇😇😇
Aulya zarfi
Aulya zarfi Year ago
3:24 what song?
지수레기 3 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-D2dPRedg5ak.html goblin pants
Deuis Ramadani
somplak nya si oppa dong wook 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TheRogventures VLOGS
June 2019? 🙌🏻🙌🏻💕💕💕
Smrity Shrity
Smrity Shrity Year ago
@Ferdous Ahmed Shahin
c r a c k h e a d
chicken wings
chicken wings Year ago
best sceen ever was the one where sungjae didnt know the grim reaper was there xjdjjd
Jecelle Fernandez
a goblins underwear is strong, stretchy, and strong🎶🎵🎤🎶🎵🎼
dai dai
dai dai Year ago
6:38 😍😍
Min Year ago
Grim reaper knows ppl listen to music by file. but he doesnt know phone😂😂😂
nurul ain
nurul ain 4 months ago
@Subramani V it like a death angel
Subramani V who takes souls
Ema Sanif
Ema Sanif 6 months ago
ray382vk w
Késsia Silva Lima
Késsia Silva Lima 7 months ago
@Subramani V Death. i guess 🤔
Subramani V
Subramani V 8 months ago
What is the meaning of grim reaper?
Gray Leprechaun
The reason why I like Korean series is because they don't have to be naked in order to gain viewers. They don't need to be explicit to be popular.
Carl 3 months ago
I am with you 100%. That is why I love kdramas, they are sweet romances that keep you gripped from the beginning. American romance dramas are all FUCK FUCK AND MORE FUCKING. I hate it
Solis Sea
Solis Sea 8 months ago
luna x do you mean in goblin, aren't done with it. But I know, it's not because of a shower scene. It’s clearly because if the acting, storyline and graphic
Gina's 9 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-_6ZkNLr30_I.html Please see it my Goblin video :)
Soo Riy
Soo Riy 10 months ago
Actually,you can take look at Frozen Flower
MD H 11 months ago
*cough* shower scenes *cough*
Helen Dennis
Helen Dennis Year ago
Best drama I've ever watched. 💖😎
Ritu Ray
Ritu Ray Year ago
Can we please take a moment to appreciate how perfectly GOBLIN pronounced PLAY STORE 🤣🤣🤣
Sneha Soni
Sneha Soni 2 months ago
And Happy new year too🤣🤣🤣
Jaiahna Mary Carrise C Deseo
Yes I agree xD
Sarah T
Sarah T 7 months ago
Ritu Ray exactly
zoriiey gxcha
zoriiey gxcha 8 months ago
Gina's 9 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-_6ZkNLr30_I.html Please see it my Goblin video :)
Mak Reine
Mak Reine Year ago
Astaga ngakak aku. Gak nyangka lucu juga. Happy new year haha 😂
Nadia Lee
Nadia Lee Year ago
Beli bawang polong aza sampe pake dandan sekeren itu.. 🤣🤣🤣
Friday Leah
Friday Leah Year ago
It's been long still cute How are they now!
terumo b
terumo b Year ago
"play store" was so smooth i wanna make it my ringtone
A 680
A 680 Year ago
just noticed they screwed up the underwear scene. different colored underwear for the clips unless it was some crazy lighting.
Ahsin ahsin
Ahsin ahsin Year ago
Best drama ever 😂😂
mary anne orboc
Ahhaahhaha im laughing so hard 😂😂😂 ang epic nung lakad nila
This is best drama I ever seen 😂
Song Ki-Soo
Song Ki-Soo 3 months ago
@Hanifah Dee descendants of the sun is the best kdrama ever
Hanifah Dee
Hanifah Dee 3 months ago
@Song Ki-Soo no.
Song Ki-Soo
Song Ki-Soo 4 months ago
Try to watch descendants of the sun
Gina's 9 months ago
Please see it my Goblin video :) ruvid.net/video/video-_6ZkNLr30_I.html
linnette ojeda
Q malo es molestandolo
idont_know_my name
Christina Yang
Iconic first scene xD
Video Tuber
Video Tuber 2 years ago
dongwook doesnt do a full fringe he does a side one
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