England Win CWC After Super Over! | England vs New Zealand - Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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Watch full highlights of the England vs New Zealand match at Lord's, the Final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.
The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019.
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Comments 80
Muhammad Saleem
Muhammad Saleem 13 hours ago
Super over was also tied England won by cheating but for me NewZealand is winner love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 to NewZealand🇳🇿
Aftabalam Ansari
Aftabalam Ansari 15 hours ago
No one can not say that eng was the winner.
shiv shankar
shiv shankar 18 hours ago
The deserving team was New Zealand
Muhammed Azam Hindustani
New Zealand is equally deserve Icc must have been shared world cup between both of Champions
Kevin Furtado
Kevin Furtado 22 hours ago
England is Nursery of cricket Golden movement of England and world cricket
TheArgieH Day ago
Lots of arguments over detail, but the clear winner was cricket itself.
sayma orpy
sayma orpy Day ago
Kumar dharmesana is worst umpire
Pratham Kamath
They should have shared the trophy. Both England and new Zealand should have been declared as the joint winners.
sadaf khan
sadaf khan Day ago
What a fixed match that was Newzeland won the match in both ways but fixers want England to win. Shame on all the international cricketers for letting the value down.
Jimmy Mann
Jimmy Mann Day ago
Absolutely ridiculous from Erasmus to give Taylor out, but not Roy
shefin vb
shefin vb Day ago
the most Worst worldcup in icc history. half matches rain won. finally England won final coz of f...ing rules of icc.
Jacob Newton
Jacob Newton Day ago
Watched this again. Cried again. So close. But what a game.
Mukesh Mishra
Mukesh Mishra 2 days ago
The Ben stoke super man batting like it
Inderjit singh
Inderjit singh 2 days ago
Although england won !! Bt nz were the real winners
chandra kumar h.r hr
According to ICC New Zealand lost the match. But indeed NZ and Kane Williamson won millions of hearts
Dhiru Adhana
Dhiru Adhana 2 days ago
Cheating se gete ha England
Prashant Gaurav
Prashant Gaurav 2 days ago
Agony ,Agony for New Zealand 😭😭
fantasycricke8 2 days ago
guptill would have left last ball coz it looks like it was going to be wide
ALL IN ONE 3 days ago
I hate icc rules #hateiccrules
Muneeb Khan
Muneeb Khan 3 days ago
England cheated
Sportyfied gyan
Sportyfied gyan 3 days ago
England cricket team is a traitor , New Zealand cricket team is the real winner. England cheated in the match.
Sharif Molla
Sharif Molla 3 days ago
NIKIL SHAMMA 3 days ago
It still remained a tie
Haroon Nawaz
Haroon Nawaz 3 days ago
What a match i have ever seen
Prateek Thakur
Prateek Thakur 4 days ago
i still think about this I had risked $600 for $150. And I won on boundaries count. This is the most dramatic game anyone can ever see in the game of cricket and in the biggest stage in the biggest place of cricket. This game was just ridiculous.
Abdul Majid Raja
Abdul Majid Raja 4 days ago
Kasmit🌙 aur🌙Akhal👒🙍ki shart.hoti.ha.akhal.katha.ma.bada.aur.kasmit.🌙kathi💞ha.Achi.hou
Surya Dubey
Surya Dubey 4 days ago
what a match
Ravi Z
Ravi Z 4 days ago
Throw hits the bat if Stokes n Eng win the the word cup courtesy that extra 4 runs they got...that’s really stupid. Really is.
Bilal Jabbar
Bilal Jabbar 4 days ago
A super over should not have so much rules and umpire won it for England by giving 5 runs of a ball touched to stokes bat. England never deserved the world cup it was new zealand who changed a match of target of 241
Edward Khongsit
Edward Khongsit 4 days ago
This is legend
King Jawhar amir Amir
That y nz lost wc bcoz india and south Africa are good teams sa lose in wc 2015 and india lose in wc 2019 that y lost nz very good
Ahtasham Ul Haq Ansari
England doesn't deserve to win the cwc19. My 2nd favourite team NZ. Respect from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰.
Suman Roy Parbat
Suman Roy Parbat 4 days ago
Hand of God for England! Consecutive final loss for New Zealand.
Deepak Pokhriyal
Deepak Pokhriyal 4 days ago
How can be that over through boundary It hits stokes bat
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 4 days ago
Miracle is when an event with very very very very low probability occurs.......... I am gonna tell my grand children that I saw a miracle Hit like if you're re-experiencing this miracle in quarantine
CAASH 4 days ago
You're had luck England Nothing better team than #New Zealand Respect Forever Kane Williamson 👈👏👏 best Captain I haved seen ever#
Football Boxing fan
So sad, New Zealand got robbed. Should have been 5 runs not 6.
Fouzan Haider
Fouzan Haider 4 days ago
Congrats to England what a team 🔥 but New Zealand’s loss was just harsh they didn’t deserve to lose like this
Santhana Balaji
Santhana Balaji 4 days ago
My heart broke when dhoni was run-out in semis and I bet the man who is responsible for that had heart break when he lost the world cup for newzeland in just some centimeters
Santhana Balaji
Santhana Balaji 4 days ago
@MS yes
MS 4 days ago
You mean guptil
Jaswantsingh Hindustani
Injustice with new Zealand
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Azzam Javed
Azzam Javed 4 days ago
England didnot won they were made the champions and newzealand didnot lose they were made loser
Azzam Javed
Azzam Javed 4 days ago
@Simon Thompson yes but if you see the rules were not cirrectlook that when stokes hit the six after that ball did you see that guptill threw the ball touched stokes glove and when to four and if you see that is not written in the cricket rules book
Simon Thompson
Simon Thompson 4 days ago
Azzam Javed england has higher boundary points
Altaf Stall
Altaf Stall 4 days ago
क्रिकेट के इतिहास का सब से रोमांचक मैच
Farhan Malik
Farhan Malik 5 days ago
New Zealand deserved to win.
Shahid Shah
Shahid Shah 5 days ago
Dil dehla dene wala match 😖😖 NZL ki jgh ind hota tw ham tw coma me hote abtk
Ansari Huzaifa
Ansari Huzaifa 5 days ago
Mike Ross
Mike Ross 5 days ago
The Climax looks like it was written by Hollywood Thrill Drama Writer. Things Got fictional as it seems.
Yasfan Alam
Yasfan Alam 5 days ago
Bad luck for new Zealand
Usama shah
Usama shah 5 days ago
5:32 whats this ??
Little Biz Marketing
ICC should apologize to the New Zealand supporters and players.It should've been a ball throw. England won by 0 runs. New Zealand lost by 0 runs. Crazy ICC logic. If my comment has logic then please leave a like.
Little Biz Marketing
It should've been a ball throw. England won by 0 runs. New Zealand lost by 0 runs...woah! Crazy ICC logic. New Zealand supporters please leave a like.
Utkarsh yadav
Utkarsh yadav 5 days ago
They don't owe this cup
Pawan Mannar
Pawan Mannar 5 days ago
3:09 almost the same way henry got rohit sharma out in semi final
Hassan Sajjad
Hassan Sajjad 6 days ago
pathetic rules of icc i must say.First those over throw 4 runs in last over and then after been drawn the match twice England won👏
sherry baba
sherry baba 6 days ago
This is the big drama this is not victory for England and Not history of cricket because England not won World Cup Poor umpiring by Kumar Dharmasena he is belind or stupid why he gives 6 runs to England I am shocked that why England glad All Cricket Game Rules Fails at this final is not a perfect game it's drama for win the Trophy 🏆 of World Cup shame
Chandrakant Kulkarni
5:33 That hurts.
minama raju
minama raju 6 days ago
New Zealand lost 0 runlost
learn and care home
If you make sure cricket is free from two fucking country India and Pakistan cricket remain beautiful just like this game. So ICC should take necessary steps to free cricket from pak Indian fixing. Love from beautiful country Bangladesh🇧🇩🇧🇩
parashar somprabh
What a win
Ahmed Owais
Ahmed Owais 6 days ago
I still got goosebump 😭😭 Sad for New Zealand 🇳🇿
Ahmed Owais
Ahmed Owais 6 days ago
Any from new zealand 🇳🇿 From pakistan 🇵🇰 You guys deserves the trophy more than england😕
Jesmin Akter
Jesmin Akter 6 days ago
These matches won't come often in future...so we have to see with fresh eyes
Khan Khan
Khan Khan 6 days ago
Nz vs pak Nz_runs 240 lose Nz vs eng Nz_runs 240 lose Final Why nz team better than Pak and eng
paresh kajrolkar
paresh kajrolkar 6 days ago
Duniya Ka sabse worst idiot umpire ..jisne apni life me bahot Baar galat faisle kiye..use chuna Gaya final me..aur upar se last over... V.sad for nz.
umair 1234
umair 1234 6 days ago
Fix Fix
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 6 days ago
4 balls seven runs in the end newzealand need to win from that position easily.but congratulation england
z z
z z 6 days ago
7:55 imagine if it was on the line
Mohia Hisham Nawaz
‘ We r England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 cricket 🏏 ‘ Love from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 We love england cricket more than Sri Lankan cricket No racism in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 spcly in cricket That’s why england cricket no 1 I love morggi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rafay Ch
Rafay Ch 6 days ago
ham 2 hamare1
ham 2 hamare1 6 days ago
aj bhi dekhta hu to bahut afsos hota h mujhe
ham 2 hamare1
ham 2 hamare1 6 days ago
cricket history ka sabse heart break mach tha is se accha mach kavi na hua
Sk Shipon khan
Sk Shipon khan 6 days ago
Best played by nez zealand😍😍😍
jitender sharma
jitender sharma 6 days ago
You Freak...
ram brahmam Sureddi
They. Shall be. One. Chance for the table toppers
Yogesh Pawar
Yogesh Pawar 7 days ago
It's totally ridiculous to decide a result of a ODI match with the help of super over especially a biggest tournament like World Cup Final..There should b effective backup plan for both d teams if situations like dis arise..
Barun kumar Mandal
jaynal 1
jaynal 1 7 days ago
Final Over was drama
Ahmad Butt
Ahmad Butt 7 days ago
In the run Ben Stokes knew that the ball is coming towards his bat so he took advantage of this situation
Muhammad irfan khan
Icc my request for jimmy nesham i love you its my favourite player new zeland i love you next time final new zeland win all players i love you
Muhammad irfan khan
Icc next time new zeland vs england and england beat
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