[ENG SUB] Gong Yoo Reveals Why He Accepted "Goblin"

Fangirl Chronicles
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Apr 21, 2017




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Krizie 15 days ago
Goblin is impressive story wise, but Gong Yoo's acting in it isn't as good as in Coffee Prince. In CP, he was so natural, especially the skinship with Yoon Eun Hye, they convinced me they're really lovers. The plot is not the only important thing in a drama, but the chemistry between the leads as well, actually it's a deal breaker if the main leads don't look good together, like Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun...
sneha chattar
sneha chattar Month ago
My fav k-actor gong yoo
lia zafira Natasya
both gong yoo and dong wook perfect with their role... can't imagine other play this role..same with sung jae , the heroin and 2nd heroin..all of the actor and actress complete each other which make this drama really success..i'm not someone who like a fantasy genre but this drama worth my time to watch it especially with both gong yoo and dong wook in one frame..thank a lot to the writer who bring them together...
San Ding
San Ding 7 months ago
Goblin is better than descendants of the son
snaptrix 123
snaptrix 123 8 days ago
*shots fired*
buvi bhuvana
buvi bhuvana 7 months ago
Both are best in their own
Fathini Halim
Fathini Halim 8 months ago
I came back to goblin bc of lee dong wook in touch your heart
imcun chan
imcun chan 9 months ago
i wonder how Lee Dong Wook feel at this time. While the writer are so eager to get Gong Yoo to cast him in this drama, Wookie himself are chasing after her to involve in this drama too although it was only for 2nd lead role. But all his effort are worth it. Although it was only 2nd lead, he too shining together with the main lead. Congrats to all of them ^^ You guys are great !
catarina 7 months ago
It all worked out in the end so it’s a good thing the strings worked their way this time.
muntaha muhammad
muntaha muhammad 9 months ago
Honey he is perfect for his role goblin I cannot imagine anyone as goblin and grim reaper both of them are freaking perfect
glori 11 months ago
dots&goblin top;4
xoxo _
xoxo _ Year ago
hhaha this was an amazing success as well! :)
give this weeb some oxiJIN
Leah Roper
Leah Roper 10 months ago
give this weeb some oxiJIN I agree. I tend to rate k-dramas and Goblin is the only one I gave 5 stars. The writer is very good because Descendants of the Sun was my first k drama. It got me hooked with k dramas and Heirs is also one of my favorites and they were all written by the same woman.
Thanh Hương Trần
Kim Go Eun was so beautiful. I just can't take my eyes off her
Nader Imam
Nader Imam Year ago
tinakhalid Year ago
Look at their nice smile. Make my heart melt. Im so fell in love with both reaper and goblin..
happy gal
happy gal 2 years ago
can anyone tell me where can I get the full thing??
Lindita Kola
Lindita Kola Month ago
Sara Kuwait.
Sara Kuwait. Year ago
happy gal if u know tell me
Nievs Gatcha
Nievs Gatcha 2 years ago
I think there is no other actor perfect for the role... Gong Yoo *is* Goblin. :))
Franco Jalaron
Franco Jalaron 2 years ago
Oppa Gong Yoo... hope You also visit here in Philippine,,,
Sonhe lee Josol
Sonhe lee Josol 2 years ago
gong yoo is the goblin
abigstar4u 2 years ago
Thank you for the English sub. How about the other segments in English? :)
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