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Sick of your phone running out of battery? Now you can use a mini water turbine to charge it up. With the invention already a success in India, the German engineer behind it now has his sights set on the African market.
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Mar 9, 2017

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Comments 671
hardset2000 8 days ago
Me thinks a common 400 watt solar panel would be a lot cheaper and easier to use but it probably does have some applications like on cloudy days. I'd be concerned a sizable branch or piece of wood would take it all out! Price needs to come down!
TheMartialMix 26 days ago
*stick falls in water*
Eyob Tadesse
Eyob Tadesse Month ago
Can you do a vid about "Turbulent Hydro" pls
Energy Zone
Energy Zone Month ago
KALCHI - 1233
KALCHI - 1233 Month ago
Is the first small device available in South Asia?
Free Ops
Free Ops Month ago
oo look they reinvented a boat tow charger ...clever
Pete B-S
Pete B-S Month ago
300 Euro´s for a phone charger which can be damaged by one small branch of a tree...
Boqor radio
Boqor radio Month ago
I know someone who never saw a river but saw the sun everyday 😂 , which source of energy is easier for that person
Tennesseekayak D
I’ll gladly try one out first chance I get
Buckminster Fuller
So throw the thing in the water for a week and yank it out and plug the microwave into it?
Sly W
Sly W 2 months ago
If this can generate and store electricity future vehicles can use this technology in the wheels. Add air turbine like on the vehicle roof to maximise electricity generation.
Lodok 4
Lodok 4 2 months ago
Not like I have a river in my backyard
Bradley Hunter
Bradley Hunter 2 months ago
Well obviously this isn't for you then lol I do have a river so this would be great. Geez some people write retarded comments.
Mikefule 2 months ago
If I were going camping for a couple of days, I'd find that a spare battery pack for my mobile would be cheaper and less bulky. If I were powering a small community, I'd want something bigger and more powerful. You get steady wind in more places than you get flowing water. If I were doing an energy audit, I'd be wondering how long this device would have to be running before it generated more power in total than it took to manufacture it. It has "gimmick" written all over it.
omar m
omar m 2 months ago
glue it some centimeters under a pièce of styro with fin to ensure a constant deep and avoid twisting the cable.
Energy Zone
Energy Zone 2 months ago
Great concept - as for Cost-------- QUALITY COSTS MONEY only issue i can see is that eventually water ingress could be an issue - a unit that could produce an output of 1 Kw at 12 volts would be perfect for a remote more permanent type install for use with solar panels and wind turbines a DC output is ideal as there is no synchronizing issues as long as Voltages are the same thru batteries which will act as capacitors taking up the differentials.
Nur Hamid
Nur Hamid 2 months ago
Kahzeen 2 months ago
Bad idea. Rather build some professional stationary water turbines.
Kevin  DeLuna
Kevin DeLuna 2 months ago
I like it great outdoorsman survival tool...
patchris07 2 months ago
300 euros? I'm not attaching that to a dam stick in the mud!! Lol
RJ FP 2 months ago
The Waterlilly has this beat. You can use both water and wind with there units.
Albert Richter
Albert Richter 2 months ago
No need for an Brook, Stream, Or a River, simply tow it behind your boat while on the lake. Here in Houston, we have many open concrete waterways, what a great idea for power outages, after a flood or hurricane.
Alex Ortega
Alex Ortega 2 months ago
sleepy dragon china will not buy it. they will still it. it will be nice to add extra stick and optional fan to make it wind power or SOLAR PANEL TO satisfied the epileptics ones.
Rehan Shaaz
Rehan Shaaz 3 months ago
Need more details
M Detlef
M Detlef 3 months ago
WHY let it “float” free. Just POST it in one spot where water flows!!!
Vincent Robinette
Vincent Robinette 3 months ago
Fascinating idea, but far too expensive for the people whom it's supposed to help. A rig like this, needs to cost about $39.00 US. For me, it would be a novelty, not something I would rely on everyday. For day to day use, I would use a photovoltaic panel. Especially for the price. Not so much that this is expensive, but because panels these days are so affordable, and can be used anywhere.
Martin Soria
Martin Soria 3 months ago
I would like to know if you can send me a catalog or something to see if I can import it and sell it in Chile
Richard Rhee
Richard Rhee 3 months ago
Good idea and great work
Jman86 Gamertag
Jman86 Gamertag 3 months ago
china will be selling a cheaper product. Half the cost, half the size and twice as powerful.
quantumeraser 3 months ago
How re-volting!
Torsten 3 months ago
Actually the WaterLily seems to be better than this version.
Clayton Adams
Clayton Adams 4 months ago
Devices like these have worked on sailboats for years.
Mickiii P
Mickiii P 4 months ago
Jews wont allow this, never.
Abc 123
Abc 123 4 months ago
Peter Avila
Peter Avila 4 months ago
Its always easier to criticise.
hardset2000 8 days ago
then go out and buy a bunch of them to support their overpriced contraption.
Peter Avila
Peter Avila 4 months ago
shurppa64 4 months ago
Sailors have been towing these devices behind their boats for decades.
Mister Morne Van der Berg
Ahhh...now you can charge your cell phone in the shower every morning!
El Presidente Fußnagel Leckano
Das i in Deutschland steht für Innovation. Mutti bremst doch solche Innovationen.
Ken Skater
Ken Skater 4 months ago
Should adapt this to work in drains.
RANDELL ESTOQUE 4 months ago
Its ironic coz ive been thinking bout this kind of thing since childhood
Sampo Kemppainen
Sampo Kemppainen 4 months ago
There's no way you can charge those batteries with that.
Hugh Mcdanel
Hugh Mcdanel 4 months ago
Put them in line on the lake discharge to capture powerwhen the lake is lowered for flood control.
Caroline Balkon
Caroline Balkon 4 months ago
They have to make new design for homesteaders and off grid users, but the one in this video is for hikers and campers. I like ask if could create another one for ppl in general who want to test it out in their gutters and they probably could test it out do field and lab test study, So it called "Blue Freedom Portable" and you get from here : blue-freedom.net/
Borderland Films
Borderland Films 4 months ago
can they scale it up?
bipedalbob 4 months ago
Great idea, off to a good start, lots of blah blah below about solars better, what ever, no one said there can only be one way to create power, and if you do live near, or going to be near, running water why not, the price seems to be an issue for some, if the quality of construction is top notch and the device will last for many years of use then they can't be produced and sold at the dollar store.
KL Rider
KL Rider 4 months ago
What about the fish or the salamander? Will the smaller generator be harmful for the sea creatures?
James Davidson
James Davidson 4 months ago
Jainudin Ngaciro 🇮🇩🇲🇾🇹🇷🇵🇸
He is muslim, he is the inventor.👍👳😍
Relaxmode 4 months ago
How long it takes to charge a Tesla Model X?
Franky Garcia
Franky Garcia 4 months ago
I’ll take one please
arijit patra
arijit patra 4 months ago
2:42 500 watts for an entire village?
Michael Monk
Michael Monk 4 months ago
If 500 watts supplies an entire village.. something is wrong!
c431inf 11b
c431inf 11b 4 months ago
China claim ownership yet
CASH ADDIKTZ 4 months ago
Stole my invention. God will punish u
Kingfisher the guardian
Usefully camping gear
KiloWatio standard
KiloWatio standard 4 months ago
Vos va reventar el servell de tanta paja mental, nano... acabareu ficant turbines en el bater pa fer fer llum quan astireu la cadena. Che busqueuse una faena com Deu mana, tan difisil es...???!!!!
Brody Joesph
Brody Joesph 4 months ago
A play ground??? 😂😂😂
StormP666 5 months ago
Hydropower? In Africa? The Continent with the Water Problems? Jeah, right.
Dale lee
Dale lee 5 months ago
They need this for the ocean but 50 x bigger and a lot of them
Mike Marley
Mike Marley 5 months ago
Luca Caldari
Luca Caldari 5 months ago
They forgot to say how many hours you have to wait for the battery to be fully charged, a lot I suppose.
Steven Lazo
Steven Lazo 5 months ago
Where can i get one
vzgsxr 5 months ago
What size unit would I need to charge up my wife's sex drive?
Freddy Sanchez
Freddy Sanchez 5 months ago
What about a wind generator for the top of the car?
mach one
mach one 5 months ago
Good start. Lots of creeks in alaska
Real Ganstas
Real Ganstas 5 months ago
If people don’t have acces to power I doubt they have a phone
Jemay Rodriguez
Jemay Rodriguez 5 months ago
Espectacular cuanto vale la compro
The Firehawk
The Firehawk 5 months ago
Stupid product that will always be sold for a stupid price, better solutions exist that are less complex and more scalable
TheSushiraw 5 months ago
*When there is a will, there is a way...*
Brian Gentile
Brian Gentile 5 months ago
Environmentalist attacked gold dredgers in the U.S. for endangering fish to exposed impellers even though gold dredges don't utilize exposed impellers.. I wonder when they would attack this design?
monster jesse
monster jesse 5 months ago
InvisiMan 5 months ago
"Power plant" is a little dramatic. But this is cool.
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 5 months ago
I saw his last name, and automatically thought of David hasslehoff.
navahohoe _
navahohoe _ 5 months ago
wow what a cool idea.
yellow beard james gibson
Awesome.can't wait to see it's durability.
Isaiah Lopez
Isaiah Lopez 5 months ago
Imagine a hundred of those things in a river or stream...the fish or wild life would get trapped and die. Or no??
alphadooggs 5 months ago
Same concept +wind powered turbine (or manual operation)= better chances to uses it. Once you make billions remember me.
Ya Boi CJ
Ya Boi CJ 5 months ago
Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t it just a motor shaft connected to a wire connected to a propeller? Of course their is the battery and circuit board but those don’t cost much at all to make. That thing is worth probably $120-$180 at most
Spider Survaillance
Spider Survaillance 5 months ago
We can match similar prototype.
William Baker
William Baker 5 months ago
😫 God Damn do you people in the comments understand how development occurs? Do you actually think solar and wind when first developed they cost the same they do now? Solar by itself is never going to be the answer it will require the combination of solar, wind, and hydro amongst other green tech to break our dependency on fossil fuels and atomic.
Drake Doragon
Drake Doragon 5 months ago
Bet the fish might not like getting grounded up in it?
Sibusiso Dlamini
Sibusiso Dlamini 5 months ago
Call me when you drop the price, at least by half
Chris Nameless
Chris Nameless 5 months ago
Some of this green energy is just a money grab. 5 watts of power for about $350 USD.
FOX MULDER 5 months ago
Now just turn that fan with magnets and BAM! you have free energy
Erik S
Erik S 5 months ago
Get it down to $20-50 and you have yourself a deal! But like all new things like this, it will be a bit before we see anything like that. I've forgotten at least a dozen neat inventions that were super promising and made it to this stage, and haven't heard anything about them in years. But if you're gonna be charging $300+ per unit, you can get a 100w solar unit for that price
Geeksmithing 5 months ago
300 Euros? Seems awfully steep
Luca 5 months ago
0:49 Boah ist das ein komisches Gefühl wenn der deutsche von englischer Synchro unterbrochen wird :O So weird when the german guy gets interrupted by english synchro, usually its the other way around
mxx pro
mxx pro 5 months ago
german engineering < Chinese businessmanship
Rafael Cabral
Rafael Cabral 5 months ago
Ok, now I can live in my camping house. TKS! Wherer I buy?
Joel Robert Justiawan
*Mechanics are real creative than that Yellow turbine!!!* single cable on axle!!!
Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta 5 months ago
Export this to India please..
Marco Rodriguez
Marco Rodriguez 5 months ago
*EA: Stick sold separately*
Rich Glass
Rich Glass 5 months ago
All things in nature are layered. So why wouldn't a layered approach work for our energy needs? Different environments require different solutions. Price always goes down in time and with competition. Western nations have an insatiable appetite for energy and will stop at nothing to aquire it, so I imagine it would be difficult for these folks to understand the simple energy needs of these villagers.
Tokyo Warfare
Tokyo Warfare 5 months ago
During valkan war theese where pretty common
spooky 5 months ago
Summer Charger for river and lake trips!
Subhasish Mitra
Subhasish Mitra 5 months ago
One day this gadget could be essential for every traveler.....i would only suggest that make it ideal for water as well as air.....
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez 5 months ago
Pretty cool man!👌
Bill T
Bill T 5 months ago
Help africa. Lol ok
Zack Brumis
Zack Brumis 5 months ago
Good luck finding a running stream when all the water supplies have been sucked dry.
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned 5 months ago
Be a handy item for a camper/tramper to have in his or her arsenal
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