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Sick of your phone running out of battery? Now you can use a mini water turbine to charge it up. With the invention already a success in India, the German engineer behind it now has his sights set on the African market.
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9 мар 2017

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Freddy Sanchez
Freddy Sanchez 4 часа назад
What about a wind generator for the top of the car?
mach one
mach one 6 часов назад
Good start. Lots of creeks in alaska
Real Ganstas
Real Ganstas 3 дня назад
If people don’t have acces to power I doubt they have a phone
Jemay Rodriguez
Jemay Rodriguez 5 дней назад
Espectacular cuanto vale la compro
The Firehawk
The Firehawk 6 дней назад
Stupid product that will always be sold for a stupid price, better solutions exist that are less complex and more scalable
TheSushiraw 6 дней назад
*When there is a will, there is a way...*
Brian Gentile
Brian Gentile 7 дней назад
Environmentalist attacked gold dredgers in the U.S. for endangering fish to exposed impellers even though gold dredges don't utilize exposed impellers.. I wonder when they would attack this design?
monster jesse
monster jesse 7 дней назад
InvisiMan 8 дней назад
"Power plant" is a little dramatic. But this is cool.
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 9 дней назад
I saw his last name, and automatically thought of David hasslehoff.
navahohoe _
navahohoe _ 9 дней назад
wow what a cool idea.
yellow beard james gibson
yellow beard james gibson 9 дней назад
Awesome.can't wait to see it's durability.
Isaiah Lopez
Isaiah Lopez 10 дней назад
Imagine a hundred of those things in a river or stream...the fish or wild life would get trapped and die. Or no??
alphadooggs 10 дней назад
Same concept +wind powered turbine (or manual operation)= better chances to uses it. Once you make billions remember me.
Ya Boi CJ
Ya Boi CJ 10 дней назад
Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t it just a motor shaft connected to a wire connected to a propeller? Of course their is the battery and circuit board but those don’t cost much at all to make. That thing is worth probably $120-$180 at most
Spider Survaillance
Spider Survaillance 10 дней назад
We can match similar prototype.
William Baker
William Baker 10 дней назад
😫 God Damn do you people in the comments understand how development occurs? Do you actually think solar and wind when first developed they cost the same they do now? Solar by itself is never going to be the answer it will require the combination of solar, wind, and hydro amongst other green tech to break our dependency on fossil fuels and atomic.
Drake Doragon
Drake Doragon 10 дней назад
Bet the fish might not like getting grounded up in it?
Sibusiso Dlamini
Sibusiso Dlamini 11 дней назад
Call me when you drop the price, at least by half
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName 11 дней назад
Some of this green energy is just a money grab. 5 watts of power for about $350 USD.
FOX MULDER 11 дней назад
Now just turn that fan with magnets and BAM! you have free energy
Erik S
Erik S 11 дней назад
Get it down to $20-50 and you have yourself a deal! But like all new things like this, it will be a bit before we see anything like that. I've forgotten at least a dozen neat inventions that were super promising and made it to this stage, and haven't heard anything about them in years. But if you're gonna be charging $300+ per unit, you can get a 100w solar unit for that price
Geeksmithing 11 дней назад
300 Euros? Seems awfully steep
Luca 12 дней назад
0:49 Boah ist das ein komisches Gefühl wenn der deutsche von englischer Synchro unterbrochen wird :O So weird when the german guy gets interrupted by english synchro, usually its the other way around
mxx pro
mxx pro 12 дней назад
german engineering < Chinese businessmanship
Rafael Cabral
Rafael Cabral 12 дней назад
Ok, now I can live in my camping house. TKS! Wherer I buy?
Joel Robert Justiawan
Joel Robert Justiawan 12 дней назад
*Mechanics are real creative than that Yellow turbine!!!* single cable on axle!!!
Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta 13 дней назад
Export this to India please..
Marco Rodriguez
Marco Rodriguez 14 дней назад
*EA: Stick sold separately*
Rich Glass
Rich Glass 16 дней назад
All things in nature are layered. So why wouldn't a layered approach work for our energy needs? Different environments require different solutions. Price always goes down in time and with competition. Western nations have an insatiable appetite for energy and will stop at nothing to aquire it, so I imagine it would be difficult for these folks to understand the simple energy needs of these villagers.
Tokyo Warfare
Tokyo Warfare 17 дней назад
During valkan war theese where pretty common
spooky 17 дней назад
Summer Charger for river and lake trips!
Subhasish Mitra
Subhasish Mitra 17 дней назад
One day this gadget could be essential for every traveler.....i would only suggest that make it ideal for water as well as air.....
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez 17 дней назад
Pretty cool man!👌
Bill T
Bill T 17 дней назад
Help africa. Lol ok
Zack Brumis
Zack Brumis 18 дней назад
Good luck finding a running stream when all the water supplies have been sucked dry.
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned 18 дней назад
Be a handy item for a camper/tramper to have in his or her arsenal
Edward Gross
Edward Gross 18 дней назад
Sounded good for the first minute, then it starts to fall apart. And lads water is NOT everywhere.
OnlyMyRailgun Unknown
OnlyMyRailgun Unknown 19 дней назад
I kinda feel we will get deadly problems soon taking the energy from our ecosystem. It should be taken from the sun firstly. There might be any association between earths magnetic field and the ocean moving.
skyler and friends
skyler and friends 19 дней назад
Genius :)
lolololo 19 дней назад
he charge iphone with that? wow it will take a week to full charge
Red Neck
Red Neck 20 дней назад
Lol, look at this "social" entrepreneur project
George Robartes
George Robartes 20 дней назад
A copy of my generator designed to generate power for a small cottage/ Lodge on the side of a valley in an outline planning application in Malvern District Council from a small river near Leigh Sinton back in 1999/2000 . It's on record . The application was made on behalf of Tom Norbury who at the time owned some 9 acres of the valley side. Anyone who would like to manufacture these generators in the UK please contact me .
Zoé Bőle
Zoé Bőle 20 дней назад
If you really mean to help people in developing areas, you open source it.
Sonja Kavalut
Sonja Kavalut 20 дней назад
With two 18650 battery that are installed in that device you can charge smartphone just one time.
Eric Tselovanskyi
Eric Tselovanskyi 20 дней назад
Funny thing about these inventions, is that you can listen these guys for hours as they speak how unique and innovative it is, but then you open AliExpress or similar store, and see thousands of similar items from different manufacturers.
Stupid Storm
Stupid Storm 20 дней назад
How do we get one or more of these?
Arnold leonard
Arnold leonard 21 день назад
Please let me know how I can buy few of the small samples for school for your young children . arnold.baptiste@gmail.com
Yvet Veras
Yvet Veras 21 день назад
300.00 ? blue freeDumb
whoelseeverdiedforyou ?
whoelseeverdiedforyou ? 21 день назад
Very neat.
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