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It's the season 8 finale. The Fire King has errupted the volcano in a gigantic event that destroys Tilted Towers and Retail Row. The Ice King discusses a plan with Lynx at Polar Peek. The Ice King has enchanted Blackheart's ship so he and the Fishstick's can sail into the volcano. Luxe and Battlehounds fight several other Molten Battlehounds. Blue Hybrid and Pink Hybrid fight the hybrids and Black Hybrid in an end battle. John Wick aka Inferno is undercover behind enemy lines and takes out some molten battlehounds. The female Hybrid and good hybrid fight the bad hybrids. Lynx, Masterkey and Drift sneak into the volcano and fight Ruin, the Fire King's right hand man. Molten Valkyrie brings Lavawing to attack Blackheart's ship. Skipper the first mate fishstick, Buccaneer and Seawolf defend the ship. Finally, The Ice King arrives at the volcano as it destroys the island. The Prisoner and Ice King fight in one final battle. Even the unvaulted drum gun can't save the battlehounds from Inferno. Avengers Black Widow saves John Wick with her jet. Luxe needs John Wick's help. Black Hybrid is defeated by Blue Hybrid. The Hybrid brood decide to join under blue hybrid's command. The hybrids have decided The Prisoner is not the king to follow. Drift, Lynx, and Masterkey fight Ruin. Masterkey is visited by his father who grants him the White Masterkey overtime skin. Molten Valkyrie, Ruin and the molten battlehounds are defeated as the Fire King is destroyed. The Ice King has revealed Ember (White). The Prisoner is broken hearted and begins errupting the volcano even more. The Ice King uses the Infinity Blade to defeat the Fire King aka the prisoner. The island is safe, but who knows what the future holds...The Fire King has died and The Ice King has died and while this marks the end of kings, it begins a whole new journey with the heroes and others.




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Comments 80
BW1013 7 hours ago
👏👏👏 wow
pedjakebourne 19 hours ago
Poor ice king
Cj cool521
Cj cool521 2 days ago
Master Keys father sounded a bit like T'challa from Black Panther to me
Dayaveer Dhesi
Dayaveer Dhesi 2 days ago
This is how many people love newscapepro If you don’t like I means your jealous 👇🏻
Jared Olson
Jared Olson 2 days ago
Albert Hernandez
Albert Hernandez 6 days ago
Was is the beat plz someone tell me
Híbrido 8 days ago
JaredR917 9 days ago
ice king is my fav skin
vutha vann
vutha vann 10 days ago
aldin crump
aldin crump 10 days ago
Oof oof oof oof oof oof oof. OOF!
Cypher 11 days ago
I miss the OG heroes
Luna_Frost 13 days ago
“Defeat one, and two more take its place” “Cut off one head, two more shall take it’s place” Is luxe hydra!? Yes, ik this is really late lmao
Rocker Boi
Rocker Boi 13 days ago
I wish Ice king win
Emil Bilaver
Emil Bilaver 13 days ago
What is the name of the music in the beginning I’ve been looking all over youtube for this song?
Janis Muiznieks
Janis Muiznieks 14 days ago
A laik dis video.
Cuberjay 14 days ago
How I miss that season
Caine Magic Mapper
Caine Magic Mapper 14 days ago
1 year
nasrul rizal
nasrul rizal 18 days ago
everthing is so sad *cries*
Naseebullah Mashriqi
hands down hybrid part best scene
Naseebullah Mashriqi
Josean Perez
Josean Perez 20 days ago
True story fire king is evil he tried to destroy the map but ice king ditracked him and made zombies and made snow everywhere
Chris The legend
Chris The legend 24 days ago
These must be hard to make
Ethan Weirich
Ethan Weirich 24 days ago
Thanos: I am inevitable Fire king: we can be inevitable Me: did the fire king just steal Thanos’s line or the other way around?
Carla Buchanan-Hughes
Please stop kussing
Gregory Dixon
Gregory Dixon 25 days ago
Telted 😭😭😭😭
Rimflim 25 days ago
Reforged from the fire, and from the one you should not have killed
Yingnan Hong
Yingnan Hong 25 days ago
this is the pirate now in chapter two season 2
Thinking Of getting 1000 pets
The music at the start is sciophobio by alrota music
Boston Backstreet
Boston Backstreet 29 days ago
Best thing ive watched
Is it sad at the end
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez Month ago
your my favorite youtuber now
Meme Month ago
The hybrid made me cry and for the ice king2
Jackson Garner
Jackson Garner Month ago
who else is watching dis in 2020
Luke Dowling
Luke Dowling Month ago
9:04 reminds me of the high ground scene in Star Wars! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Phillips Eye
Phillips Eye Month ago
best finale ever cuz the season 9,X,11 were absolute garbage no hate cuz season 8 was my favorite season ever
Steven Mcdowall
Steven Mcdowall Month ago
I love ice king I wish they could bring him back😞😞😞😞😞😞😖😖
NC Android Games
I watched it million times
Steven Mcdowall
Steven Mcdowall Month ago
Same bro
Michael Caston
Michael Caston Month ago
Do you have to miss events to create these skits?
Lily Da Chocolate cat
What is the season
vap321 Month ago
Thunder Gun
Thunder Gun Month ago
6:10 face reveal he has no face
GamxTV Month ago
Remember the roblox vids
GamxTV Month ago
You make fortnite clips so well
Matthew Typpo
Matthew Typpo Month ago
Where was master key during the ice kings speech
S.CDragon Slayer
To me dark hybrid and blue hybrid remind me of noob saibot and qwi lan subzero
Clorinda Cordova
This video was a masterpiece I agree with him
Kyle Lord
Kyle Lord Month ago
This is a asome video
EliteLegendary 21
Reminded me of avengers endgame when the enemies were disappearing
RazorKingpin Month ago
15:51 obviously cuz of the infinity war
Chicken_Boi _YT
Chicken_Boi _YT Month ago
Rip tilted Like if you wish for it to come back ⬇️
BlueWolf109 Month ago
Thug Anonymous
Thug Anonymous Month ago
Crazy to think it’s already been 1 year
Levi Mikloweit
Levi Mikloweit Month ago
Paul Hobbs
Paul Hobbs Month ago
Paul Hobbs
Paul Hobbs Month ago
King-hwwh King-hwwh
Connor Shiell
Connor Shiell Month ago
Looking back this is a sick short film
Jeff The Owl and Captain America
season 8 for newscapepro was probabaly the best episodes
hyperactive studio
Matthew Typpo
Matthew Typpo Month ago
deaths Hell hounds bahamut hybrid warriors Valkyrie fire king possible deaths ruin
T-Watts Music
T-Watts Music 2 months ago
This is like avengers endgame
Kmax sob
Kmax sob 2 months ago
Newscapepro: the end of kings Ice king in season 7: YOU ARE NO KING!
Liam Wenzel
Liam Wenzel 2 months ago
Love your vids
Chunki Boi
Chunki Boi 2 months ago
👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺 🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳
GCM RECON 2 months ago
Drift,lynx,ice king: let's kill him properly this time
Afif Kazi
Afif Kazi 2 months ago
my favorite episode
Michelle Worley
Michelle Worley 2 months ago
Did john wick change his suit so he can help the hero’s
K-Boyッ 2 months ago
this is better thena the season 12 videos
Anibal Lopez
Anibal Lopez 2 months ago
The more I watch this event sad
Wesley Diniz
Wesley Diniz 2 months ago
Kristina Webb
Kristina Webb 2 months ago
I am a youth creator code and I am shop
EliDino_ YT
EliDino_ YT 2 months ago
Not gonna lie this kinda reminds me of the plot in Avengers Endgame
KODY PLAYZ Ilagan 2 months ago
I love this season series
Sebby Webby 123
Sebby Webby 123 2 months ago
This is the 9 time I watched this
Chief Kick
Chief Kick 2 months ago
Who’s watching this now like if you are. 👍
Matthias Cutajar
Matthias Cutajar 2 months ago
The fire king was the good guy not the bad guy
WolfRyderPlayz YT
WolfRyderPlayz YT 2 months ago
MsDismerithere 2 months ago
i like it
Nacho Cheez
Nacho Cheez 2 months ago
why is hybrid naked XD
omar amaya
omar amaya 2 months ago
Shut up how did ruin lose to master key he's leterly the worst one from the season 8 battle pass
Sam Hards
Sam Hards 3 months ago
I love how it's still snowing during the eruption at polar peak
Crooly Dooly
Crooly Dooly 3 months ago
Fortnite is so stupid
danthemancain 3 months ago
Vendetta wasn’t supposed to go down. Fire king will be destroyed. As well as Midas
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