'Empire' star Jussie Smollett charged in alleged racist attack case

ABC News
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Chicago PD named Smollett a suspect in an ongoing criminal investigation for filing a false report after weeks of investigating his claims that two men attacked him and tied a rope around his neck.



21 фев 2019




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Why did he stage an attack?
ted 7 дней назад
It'll be interesting to see what happens to him.
Jean-Paul JP
Jean-Paul JP 7 дней назад
O god what an embarrassment
fresh memes for fresh kids
fresh memes for fresh kids 8 дней назад
Rip black history month lmao
halo merric
halo merric 8 дней назад
Brothers should have been charged too less severe but still...
Kevin Dickerson
Kevin Dickerson 9 дней назад
This was a political stunt you would think the dumb ass would stage a hate crime to hire 2 white guys what a idiot
M Cole
M Cole 10 дней назад
Nigerian guys probably was running sex trains on jussie also smh lol
Sapi3nt1 11 дней назад
Never trust these black homosexuals. This country is already against you being black but on top of that, you decide to be a homosexual as if that will make things easier. He's an idiot and another lost actor trying to stay afloat in Hollywood.
Coffeecrazed Coffeetalk
Coffeecrazed Coffeetalk 15 дней назад
The privileged crying wolf? No shocker there... this is why when you cry wolf over and over true crimes that do happen, are looked at with suspicion or not believed.
taLLdavidproduction 16 дней назад
what a little bitch
Aterhallsam 17 дней назад
People would have killed to be in Jussie position. A big role on empire, 125k per episode. Greed is a dangerous thing..
check meowt
check meowt 17 дней назад
Forensic files taught me to check the DNA on the stamps and envelope seal
mettugran 17 дней назад
This guy gonna walk around in public again or what?
Jason Huntley
Jason Huntley 18 дней назад
no, just a gay ass LOSER looking for attention now he is behind bars but that don't matter to him as he is at home there remember to swallow and spread fuckin queer
Akeem Pressey
Akeem Pressey 18 дней назад
First off y’all believe anything why would this dude lie about something like this? And if this is true why is this a felony charge when there are thousands of bullshit rape claims and things of that nature
Tristen King
Tristen King 18 дней назад
He wanted more money. He was making $65,000 per episode.....$65,000........per episode.......why dude???? People will do anything to make that kind of money! But noooooo that wasn't enough for you😑
Ivory Ward
Ivory Ward 19 дней назад
Has anyone shown any real proof that he is lying??!!
Hugh Goldspiel
Hugh Goldspiel 20 дней назад
How can you do a hate crime against yourself then get convicted for it?
Gambit 20 дней назад
Just a random thought. Why is Jussie being charged and arrested with faking a crime when there are so many women who make false rape allegations against men who didn’t do anything wrong and those women are never charged with faking a crime? Particularly girls who do this on college campuses and ruin potential students’ lives and future careers.
Furious Ghost
Furious Ghost 21 день назад
Police: But this check of $3,000 is written out to you guys for personal training. Brothers: No overlook that officer, Jussie really paid us to act out a hate crime on him. We are telling you the truth and nothing but the truth so help us god. Police: ok will you testify what you told us in front of a jury. Brothers: yes, officers. Police: Go book Jussie.
n nn
n nn 21 день назад
i wish he would of hired me, (and id "finish" the Job too)
First Last
First Last 21 день назад
"I will never not be the guy this happened to. I am forever change." Lol, such a true statement, only...not the way he envisioned it to play out lol. Fuck you dude. Our country is already divided enough, to divide us further is pretty fucked up.
largol33t1 21 день назад
He deserves at least TWO years in prison for this. It doesn't matter: once someone like him smears you with a fake hate crime, there will ALWAYS be a few blacks who will believe them and call you a KKK-loving racist for the rest of your life. Thank the great racist Obama and his ilk like Kamala Harris for that.
Holland Meester
Holland Meester 21 день назад
Does white victims of attacks have to pay 3,500 US dollars to be attacked??
K Mar
K Mar 22 дня назад
So he a actor actor 😂
Kimberly Riddell
Kimberly Riddell 22 дня назад
It’s ain’t a pretty boy. It’s a chick
Kimberly Riddell
Kimberly Riddell 22 дня назад
No balls just pussy
Kimberly Riddell
Kimberly Riddell 22 дня назад
Skillet lied about being a man. It’s really a very ugly girl
Muk Bang
Muk Bang 22 дня назад
Take a look at the evidence bro you seriously think this it’s “alleged” GTFOH he’s a phoney, fugazzi, fugaizi it’s a wazzy it’s a woozy it’s a fairy dust!!
Me Now
Me Now 22 дня назад
Now he's trying to blame drugs for his actions.
June Kirri
June Kirri 22 дня назад
How stupid is Smollett?
London belly dancer hire samba dancer wedding entertainment Hen Party Sandrine
This guy is the new Trump. Not in a good way.
Trail Hiker
Trail Hiker 23 дня назад
This is race baiting! Get black folk and white folk mad with each other. The black community needs to come down hard on their own.
Epic Nerd Studios
Epic Nerd Studios 23 дня назад
Clearly he was wanting to make a name for himself. He doesn't care if it causes a riot and racial tension either.
Jake Jacobson
Jake Jacobson 23 дня назад
That girl behind her at 1:09 is cracking me up 😂
Enxiaty 23 дня назад
Domestic terrorist.
Tony Todaro
Tony Todaro 23 дня назад
Typical animals lying. Not surprised
Justin Paul
Justin Paul 23 дня назад
The dude was living the dream, it wasn't enough for his self obsession. All eyes on me mind set. Sad shit.
Zach Decicco
Zach Decicco 23 дня назад
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James Wiggins
James Wiggins 23 дня назад
This is sad, because now every time something like this ACTUALLY happens, it will be questioned and written off by the far right.
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk 23 дня назад
Secret society probably tried to have him killed, it didn't work, and here they try to have him admit it was a pre-meditated attack. Shit is too easy, bro...
Analog Human
Analog Human 23 дня назад
Convict this racist of a felony and deny him the right to vote or own a firearm.
Hat Sheshupt
Hat Sheshupt 23 дня назад
I want to believe that he was attacked and that it was a hate crime. I need to see evidence that he staged his own attack. If he paid the Nigerian brothers to attack him with a check, I need to see the check. Hate crimes can happen in America because America is racist and homophobic especially Trump supportersl
Bobby O
Bobby O 23 дня назад
Since when have Subways been open at 2 am
Don Kantner
Don Kantner 23 дня назад
Maybe he is taking the fall!
Josh Seibert
Josh Seibert 23 дня назад
Why would the democrat party want lynching made a hate crime all of a sudden? Not too many lynchings. Whats the punishment for treason? Whats a military tribunal?
Tasha McAfee
Tasha McAfee 23 дня назад
They took a bribe!... they shouldn’t have went along w/it! I want to know what Jussie told them. And on top of that why would you take that small amount money for all that trouble!...They all wrong!...
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 23 дня назад
When he goes to prison he will write a novel about the prison love he had and become a hero for Democrats
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 23 дня назад
+Bump_Stockk - sure he will. Anderson Pooper and the mouthpieces on CNN will be worshipping him. Don't lie to yourself.
Bump_Stockk -
Bump_Stockk - 23 дня назад
Justin Jones nope
T Lee
T Lee 23 дня назад
DO You All See That He Tried TO Drag President Trump INto THis Bullshit
Big Blue Marble
Big Blue Marble 23 дня назад
Another failed magic trick, a cool black guy turns into a raciest n_gger right before your eyes
jasons D
jasons D 23 дня назад
This is sooo ironic. The boy who cried wolf is going to jail and probably will be the victim of a real hate crime based on character. He'll probably get a beating and screwed. But wont be able to play victim again.
Isabell Mccord
Isabell Mccord 23 дня назад
He is racist
Elizabeth Ayodele
Elizabeth Ayodele 23 дня назад
I don't think he did this all by himself though. Yes I think he staged it but I am 100% sure it was not his idea. I could tell this story had a fake element to it because of the way my social media feed kept pushing it no matter how much I acted like I didn't care. So I knew it had to be fishy somehow from the get go. There are special interests at play here that got him to do this to promote their own goals but of course he has to take the fall. I don't believe he did it just to raise his salary on the TV show. But either way he should have refused to do something like that.
Bump_Stockk -
Bump_Stockk - 23 дня назад
Elizabeth Ayodele he did it to show that he’s famous, because famous people get harassed more than non famous people. So he wanted to prove he was worth more than what they were paying him.
AloisBlazit 005
AloisBlazit 005 23 дня назад
Knew this dude was fake
TThomas939 23 дня назад
The fact this is a lie is a “hate crime” in its self
SupDev 23 дня назад
If you’re from Chicago you knew immediately this wasn’t true lol. Ain’t no one going around yelling this is MAGA country and I’m a republican but are city is as liberal as it gets.
Bump_Stockk -
Bump_Stockk - 23 дня назад
SupDev but are city
Daniel Mc Dowell
Daniel Mc Dowell 23 дня назад
Small rope around his neck???? Legislation for Anti Lynching Legislation in the House and Senate. The plot thickens.
DuffBeer2nd 23 дня назад
So there I was, 2am, holding my rope and Chlorox, as I do at 2am, waiting for TV personalities to walk out of Subway. Boy, was I lucky that night!
A. C.D
A. C.D 23 дня назад
There are so many racist comments for no reason. This is one person, not the whole black community.
Dolphins And Whales
Dolphins And Whales 23 дня назад
Another case of Americans victimising innocent Nigerians. 😂
Rich Callahan
Rich Callahan 23 дня назад
Faking attacks, is this guy Jewish? Wooooooo too soon fellow goyim?
David Roberts
David Roberts 23 дня назад
Isnt it funny, that a bill on lynching was trying to get through, and jessie just happened to be lynched by white people....hmmm whose smollet friends with?? The people trying to pass the bill. Funny ..
CR0SSEYED JESUS 23 дня назад
She seems like a dumbass lawyer
Gino Victory
Gino Victory 23 дня назад
Where is your hero now,ABC? You and over half of America have been duped by this narcissistic POS!
Bump_Stockk -
Bump_Stockk - 23 дня назад
Gino Victory ya you’re soooo right. Remember the pipe bombings?
Me Thinks
Me Thinks 23 дня назад
postal fraud......5 years baby.
Phil McCrackin
Phil McCrackin 23 дня назад
This punk said “ I punched his ass back ‘ more like he PINCHED his ass back This is not a good man
European American
European American 23 дня назад
Well on the bright side... Once behind bars he can now get all the $5 Footlongs his little heart desires. A light skin gay black male named "Jussie" in prison? Might as well tattoo a bulls eye around his ass hole.
george myers
george myers 23 дня назад
He is trying to incite racial hatred by doing this. Why? Well peope need to be smarter. We are all in this together people.
T900BadBot 23 дня назад
This is a CIA red flag mission gone wrong.
Arland F.
Arland F. 23 дня назад
Funny how fox news gets trending and the comment section is gone. But ABC news is trending..... fucking globalist
Shinobi Magos
Shinobi Magos 23 дня назад
Fox News is disabling comments on all Jussie videos , anyone know why?
ella Y
ella Y 23 дня назад
Ik this is a serious thing but what is the girl in the back doing 1:35😂
Ike Swp
Ike Swp 23 дня назад
you always got to keep your eye on a bone Smuggler they are the biggest hypocrites
Ultra Class Kennels Royce Line
Ultra Class Kennels Royce Line 23 дня назад
Yes I am ....... going to subscribe to Ultra Class Kennels
kuty patooty
kuty patooty 23 дня назад
That man needs to serve his time then leave the coumtry
Panda boy
Panda boy 23 дня назад
Smollet lied get over it
Will Harison UC Irvine
Will Harison UC Irvine 23 дня назад
This whole story is fake news made by AI.
Jacob Schuman
Jacob Schuman 23 дня назад
the sad thing is is bcz he’s famous me may not even face jail time
lk j
lk j 23 дня назад
His act divides us more. They wonder why racism survives. Here's a classic example
ddstar 23 дня назад
Bump_Stockk -
Bump_Stockk - 23 дня назад
ddstar pipe bombings
Joseph 23 дня назад
Just trying to start a race war. . Rodney King, hello....
Rakko Chan
Rakko Chan 23 дня назад
I am Annoyed that in the present day someone can call a white person racist for simply having strong opinions that are right leaning. At the end of the day I don’t know any extreme white racists. I think white people don’t care about your color or where you guys stick your pecker.
Bump_Stockk -
Bump_Stockk - 23 дня назад
Rakko Chan you’d be surprised. My friend was mocking a gay person as a joke and this dude in a car drove up to us and said fuck you. Lmaooo it was funny
Switch Fan94
Switch Fan94 23 дня назад
Maybe SVU can do an episode on this
charlesa patterson
charlesa patterson 23 дня назад
That mf crazy! 😂😂😂😂
Martin Siitia
Martin Siitia 23 дня назад
In black history month
Cecille Chan
Cecille Chan 23 дня назад
He will only get a slap on the wrist because his Demonrat handlers will be pulling all sorts of strings.
Bump_Stockk -
Bump_Stockk - 23 дня назад
Cecille Chan nope. Just like the guy sending pipe bombs to Democrats he will get the shit he deserves.
Blondie053 23 дня назад
Why don’t the media show the real hate crimes in that black males kill White people 18x more, 200x more felonies on us, rape 35,000 White women a year, most hate groups and crime against White people, top crime charts, unapologetic racist and pretend they can’t be racist to get a free pass to be one as racism has NO color
Holyfox 23 дня назад
The trend of putting yourself into a minority or victim role to maybe get advantages is wrong. A friend startet a company. On the homepage is noted, in big letters, that it’s a women lead business. Why does it play a role? Who cares? I think, this whole equality stuff isn’t about equality. No people want more. They want to be better. That’s why I can’t take Black Lifes Matter, LGBT,... not serious. They overdo it& harm the cause. I hope this hysteria doesn’t come to Germany.
Steve Lecco
Steve Lecco 23 дня назад
At least he is a superior "Tussler", He should put it to good use and be treated like every other prisoner without special privilege now we know he can defend himself. 2Pac will be alright
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee 23 дня назад
"Honestly" J. S.
Low Tier Pigroach
Low Tier Pigroach 23 дня назад
You know what is a slap to the face? Chicago police killing innocents and having an off-site torture room! If you are going to imprison Jussie for a FELONY charge, then why don’t you jail the multiple white women who lie about black men raping them, or the white men who attack black people? This system isn’t broken, it’s just made for white people and attacks people with melanin in their skin. Whites are on code, they never imprison one of their own even if they kill and rape! A black man will ALWAYS get a harsher sentence for smaller crimes. This is modern day slavery! It never ended!
michelle bowling
michelle bowling 23 дня назад
So 2 black guys are gonna jump another black guy and it’s a race crime? (It’s fake)
FileThis Information
FileThis Information 23 дня назад
Jussie Smollett said in that interview, at 2:58, "I can't tell you honestly." LIAR!
CANT STOP MIKE Mix83 23 дня назад
He need some 🥛
Fragrance Ninja
Fragrance Ninja 23 дня назад
I'm at a lost on this one. Why???????
you're right
you're right 23 дня назад
To think, millions of people actually believed this guy. Reply with how stupid you feel.
you're right
you're right 23 дня назад
Why don't the media call him racist? Because that's what he is. And there's lots of people like him.
David E
David E 23 дня назад
Sounds like he tried to increase racial tensions even further in order to profit, win the victim Olympics or whatever. What a POS.
[Last_Stand] 23 дня назад
Jussie got a Smoll ass brain thinking he could get away with some bullshit like this.
65fordmustange 23 дня назад
The brothers lawyer is hot
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