Emotional Interview with Robert Downey Jr.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Robert have a conversation with each other while adapting to random emotional situations.
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Emotional Interview with Robert Downey Jr.


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Apr 28, 2015




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Comments 3 833
Samir Z.
Samir Z. Day ago
Acting, everyone
Ryan Muller
Ryan Muller Day ago
that was so smooth with the "Caaaaard?"
Sean Cunningham
Sean Cunningham 6 days ago
Robert Downey Jr. is the man.
South Forest
South Forest 8 days ago
jimmy is criminally unfunny
James Oliver Garcia The U.N. Sovereign Ruler
Hi Robert Downey Jr.!
Allison Mayberry
Allison Mayberry 12 days ago
jimmy acting calm is same as jimmy acting stoned
SAVE MOTHRA!!! 16 days ago
How much did Ferrari pay him to call a Lamborghini a sausage on live tv
fromgentorev 20 days ago
Padfoot Montgomery
I have a small penis 😂😂
Adamson 26 days ago
@2:34 Tony Stark mode
NO ONE 26 days ago
His total lack of interest and showing emotions made this whole thing better Lmao
NO ONE 26 days ago
Robert trying not to laugh is everything
Jodee Rebecca Davey
Was it Really Robert’s Birthday?
Jodee Rebecca Davey
Total Lack of Confidence Would be so Easy For me to Act Out Because I’ve Got None,I Just Fake it
Jodee Rebecca Davey
Ver-who?I Can’t Even Repeat That Last Name
Kira Lua
Kira Lua Month ago
So good!
Dani ya
Dani ya Month ago
2:15 the chorus of 'aw's following his ':
Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit
He's funny. & I watch him at Dolittle World Premiere too
Anita De Clerck
Anita De Clerck Month ago
He is one of my favourites. Love him to bits.
Hiss Mau
Hiss Mau Month ago
They not know this, but they laugh at the lines haha
Kathleen Tyson
Kathleen Tyson Month ago
I love all his movies but who would have known that he would actually lived his character from Less Than Zero.....boy he has he come a long way.
TNTboiGamingYT Luke
Get Robert A cheese burger
Sophia Costas
Sophia Costas Month ago
2:14 hurt me
Bitter, Sweet & Stormy
I love Robert Downey Jr, he so awesome and he was pretty cute when he was younger 💙
《road to max》
Big fan of Robert ❤❤❤
Joaco López
Joaco López Month ago
I love you 3000.
noah lacrosse
noah lacrosse Month ago
Robert Downey Jr. is more than just Iron Man.
brickss Month ago
Pl4n3t_P3rfext Month ago
Jimmy: just a couple Amy’s Rdj: that’s enough outta u- 😂😂 i lost it
content keeda
content keeda Month ago
Thats clearly shows how RDJ pulled off the role of Iron Man with this beauty and depth successfully without any dialogues.
LilacAces Month ago
This is hilarious🤣😂🤪
lol.. the annoyingly philosophical reminds me of Jeff Goldblum.
Shooby doo why Shooby doo way
2:13 I love how everyone awwed at this
Hayat exrel
Hayat exrel Month ago
i love iron man and jimmy fallon
sole 2 months ago
Should of had one called breaking character
Am check
Am check 2 months ago
I thought it's a emotional interview
Tekoah Sweatman
Tekoah Sweatman 2 months ago
Hit if you like Robert downy jr 👇🏻
Austin 123
Austin 123 2 months ago
You can rest now
Mariana Azevedo
Mariana Azevedo 2 months ago
Jimmy: and then bam! Lamborghini Rdj: what is that? Oh sausage
Mariana Azevedo
Mariana Azevedo 2 months ago
2:15 aaaaaa cutie
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz 2 months ago
and to think that Robert Downey Jr was once a cast of SNL!
I AM IRON MAN 2 months ago
Kinda clickbait, don't u think???
I AM IRON MAN 2 months ago
I swear they literally have the same mouth
Ella Mcgill
Ella Mcgill 2 months ago
RJ'S face when the screen reads "Robert smells Bacon"
BlaVViax 2 months ago
"I'm so relaxed, I can't even hear you!"
Alessia Orejuela
Alessia Orejuela 2 months ago
Robert needs his own show
Goku 2 months ago
You can tell Jimmy loves playing this game too much XD He barely lets RDJ say anything lol
Sumana Sudhakara
Sumana Sudhakara 2 months ago
I'm in love With both of them
BGz GamersVoid
BGz GamersVoid 2 months ago
"No same # for 10 years buddy" lmfao
Shubhodeep De
Shubhodeep De 2 months ago
I love u 3000
Butter Scotch
Butter Scotch 2 months ago
My gosh hes a beautiful man
Maddy 2 months ago
why does his face just look different here?
Annie Hansen
Annie Hansen 2 months ago
Jimmy: I should just go home Audience: laughs RDJ: I don’t even know why still have me in this show when I think about it… Audience: Awwww
GENT . Blaze Flame
GENT . Blaze Flame 2 months ago
Gordon vervacht 🤩🤩🤩🤩
MariaAngelica GubbinsTapias
Jimmy Fallon looks sooo clumsy here and totally boring, can´t believe such a lousy performance!
Rea Mel Dades
Rea Mel Dades 3 months ago
"So relax I can't even hear you~" This is hilarious!!!
Urmila 3 months ago
lol lol lol....who says he becomes emotional?!....he had to lambast them of course...
S. K.
S. K. 3 months ago
"when i bought the suit..." i needed to watch this 5 times to understand he doesn't mean the iron man suit haha
Nael Ibn Akram
Nael Ibn Akram 3 months ago
I kinda feel like he could had played captain Jack Sparrow
Lee F
Lee F 3 months ago
Thats what he used to say in ~2005
Iron Kyan
Iron Kyan 3 months ago
He's literally Tony Stark
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