Emotional Interview with Robert Downey Jr.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Robert have a conversation with each other while adapting to random emotional situations.
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Emotional Interview with Robert Downey Jr.


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Apr 28, 2015




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Comments 3 706
Maximus Prime
Fallon is the worst goddamn interviewer in late night ever...
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas 2 days ago
54 years old and yet still such a cute boy.
Clark Walkup
Clark Walkup 5 days ago
0:36 to be fair that is how he plays iron man
Billy Xu
Billy Xu 6 days ago
love when he says "buddy", reminds me before iron man's death.
BlimBlam Kaboom
BlimBlam Kaboom 10 days ago
czarine david
czarine david 11 days ago
0:30 i remember a video where Tom also sits like this 😭
ally 12 days ago
rdj wow
Dounia El touati
Dounia El touati 12 days ago
That's enough outta you 😂
Lilian Rainbolt
Lilian Rainbolt 13 days ago
"Oh that sausage" I DIED!
Cringy kidsTV
Cringy kidsTV 14 days ago
I died when robert said thats enough outta you 😂😂
Edward Zaleski
Edward Zaleski 14 days ago
Stallone, for Shade
Daniel Celli
Daniel Celli 14 days ago
Jimmy Fallon. Best host since Carson
The Iron Man
The Iron Man 14 days ago
Should change the title to RDJ ripping off Jimmy
Flying Ostrich
Flying Ostrich 17 days ago
One of his quotes: "There's no MCU without me" Me: Of Course! Of course, ᴏғ ᴄᴏᴜʀsᴇ.
abcd 1235
abcd 1235 17 days ago
whatever happened to just interviewing the fucking guests? this is silly, childish shit
Arjun Peroor
Arjun Peroor 17 days ago
The card thing was smooth
Ambers没啊我 17 days ago
“I don’t know why you still have my on this show when I think about it..” Crowd-“AAWwwww. Me-*AWwwss with the crowd*
Lemuel Cang
Lemuel Cang 18 days ago
These aren't emotions. They're more like specific scenarios.
Abigail xo
Abigail xo 18 days ago
Robert Downey. Jr is so deep 😂
Jasmyne Long
Jasmyne Long 18 days ago
1:54 1:54 1:54 1:54 1:54 You’re welcome
Leonardo Sojli
Leonardo Sojli 19 days ago
Jackson Spears
Jackson Spears 19 days ago
i love you 3000
• Brieanna • Emme •
That was the best interview I’ve ever watched 😂😂😂🤣🤣
quinn 22 days ago
i got genuinely sad when he did the lacking confidence one-
Ambers没啊我 23 days ago
Omg I love rdj so much 😂😂😂
Inchworm Boi
Inchworm Boi 24 days ago
Oh my god it’s Robert Downey Jr
Łørđ Baddack Alias Yami Nø Doragon !
2:04 il est sérieux rdj? 🤣🤣 quand il sent l'odeur de bacon il réagit comme ça ?🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 il me tue tellment cet homme.Je pense qu'il doit pas aimé le Bacon
ShredBetty 27 days ago
"... emotional chameleon,": the motivation; the brand; the t-shirt---yes, yes, the t-shirt. Please put it on a t-shirt, so that I can demonstratively support that stance.
PARAS THAKUR 27 days ago
Hiii jimmy i m ur biggest fan n would like to meet u i m from india
Rashmi Ranjan
Rashmi Ranjan 27 days ago
Howard potts🤩🤩 After endgame squad?? I love you 3000 tony😍
Hannah DeSilva
Hannah DeSilva 28 days ago
the v first one sounds like nicolas cage LMAO
Dhruv Girgenti
Dhruv Girgenti 29 days ago
They both killed this. Fallon can be annoying sometimes but he’s a good actor and he can clearly improvise and think on his feet without sounding awkward
Łørđ Baddack Alias Yami Nø Doragon !
Is so funny🤣
Rachel Macdonald
i love robert😂😂
Bithika Das
Bithika Das Month ago
Where can I watch the full episode?
Azarus Month ago
ben stiller did an awesome job on this
Sam-sung a song
Sam-sung a song Month ago
I just searched Robert smelly. And got this.
BEAST WOLF Month ago
Keanu: *Overly calm* RDJ: *hold my beer*
Drake Windham
Drake Windham Month ago
Roberts improve is on point, and just as mischief attitude as Tony Stark XD
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Month ago
*I'm Tony Stark and I approve this video*
Siraj Ahmad Khan
0:36 Oh No - No, Jimmy he is not *Getting In the Character he is Always In the Character* don't U see Tony Stark plays RDJ so Damn well!!
Arian Styles
Arian Styles Month ago
3:22 Ok,Jimmy just sounds drunk as hell
#AnimalLover 2024
yah lolol rdj u r great
Newt Eisenhower
Newt Eisenhower Month ago
C M Month ago
Robert has tons of charisma
C M Month ago
We love you 3000
AKASH Khan Month ago
Like one prayer for tony
Tehila S
Tehila S Month ago
"so relaxed I can't even hear you" You gotta love Robert aw
Crystal Reber
Crystal Reber Month ago
"I have a tiny penis." -Jimmy Fallon, 2015
Christian Timtim
Sounds like ghost rider
AmmunProxy's Let's Play
"Robert smells Bacon" Im like Kevin is here?
Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey Month ago
0:40 Nicolas cage?
Cassie Medel
Cassie Medel Month ago
so relaxed i can’t even hear you.
Michael Sitlhou
Michael Sitlhou Month ago
I just love him 3000
DangerBoyGaming Month ago
I Love you 3000
Huwai Honor
Huwai Honor Month ago
Expression is like teal life Tony stark
Aakash Kumar
Aakash Kumar Month ago
He should be given 2 Oscars...One for RDJ & 2nd for Tony Stark!!!
Misaki Kuran
Misaki Kuran Month ago
*Half the crowd, “Awwwwww...”*
M M Month ago
chris johnson
chris johnson Month ago
I am ... Iron Man
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