Eminem - Unaccommodating (ft. Young M.A)

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Eminem - Unaccommodating (feat. Young M.A)
Eminem’s new album MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY smarturl.it/MTBMB
Eminem Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
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From the album MUSIC TO BE MURDERED, out now: smarturl.it/MTBMB
Eminem - MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY Tracklist:
1. Eminem - Premonition (Intro)
2. Eminem - Unaccommodating (Ft. Young M.A)
3. Eminem - You Gon' Learn (Ft. Royce da 5'9'' & White Gold)
4. Eminem - Alfred (Interlude)
5. Eminem - Those Kinda Nights (Ft. Ed Sheeran)
6. Eminem - In Too Deep
7. Eminem - Godzilla (Ft. Juice WRLD)
8. Eminem - Darkness
9. Eminem - Leaving Heaven (Ft. Skylar Grey)
10. Eminem - Yah Yah (Ft. Black Thought, dEnAun, Q-Tip & Royce da 5'9'')
11. Eminem - Stepdad (Intro)
12. Eminem - Stepdad
13. Eminem - Marsh
14. Eminem - Never Love Again
15. Eminem - Little Engine
16. Eminem - Lock It Up (Ft. Anderson .Paak)
17. Eminem - Farewell
18. Eminem - No Regrets (Ft. Don Toliver)
19. Eminem - I Will (Ft. Joell Ortiz, KXNG Crooked & Royce da 5'9'')
20. Eminem - Alfred (Outro
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 4 402
Malikking36 23 days ago
Yo Eminem is just a diff breed 🥴🙌🏾👌🏾
Nicola Thomas
Nicola Thomas 23 days ago
This is a great tune.
Black to Detroit
Black to Detroit 23 days ago
Fire ASF 🔥
Sir DeRANGED Psycho
Young M.A!!!
DJ Gutta
DJ Gutta 23 days ago
Yung MA went hella hard flow on point 🔥🔥🔥
TheCapns 23 days ago
What's up with this mumble rap bullshit?
CNBS COTE 23 days ago
EMS part 1:18
Yost Thomas
Yost Thomas 23 days ago
Young Ma murder other one ok
Mr. Infinity
Mr. Infinity 23 days ago
Oh my god he DE MOLLLLLISHED!!! Her 🌹 #RIP
Ro B
Ro B 23 days ago
i been laden lately. lol he wins again
Top 10's
Top 10's 23 days ago
"When the pain leaves, where does the pain go?".. -😬
Kobe Pincombe
Kobe Pincombe 23 days ago
The flow and the beat change at 2:10 is fucking incredible🔥
lee robert
lee robert 23 days ago
Big song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Snooze 918
Snooze 918 24 days ago
Yo yung maws pornon tho
dawn davis
dawn davis 24 days ago
Honestly I expected more from young M.A. and we all know EM snaaapped
TGS Fade // VoLt Azon
I find it hilarious that more people from manchester are offended than ariana grande fans
brotha Lynch
brotha Lynch 24 days ago
Ryan Fox
Ryan Fox 24 days ago
Ariana Grande: em has no respect for the victims. Eminem; I ain’t ever seen a a$$ like that, the way you move it, you make my pee pee go da doing doing doing
el jefe
el jefe 24 days ago
Ma is low-key a beast lol
PEACE zoomidy!
PEACE zoomidy! 24 days ago
afra taj
afra taj 24 days ago
I think legend starts his trap 👌
Hadeel saad Hadeel
Hadeel saad Hadeel 24 days ago
I really dead in part 1 💔 And get my life back in EM Part ❤
butternuts 24 days ago
Young M.A. is pretty bad, am I the only one that skips her whole part because she’s that fucking bad?
Midnight 24 days ago
No, she sucks
Justin Turner
Justin Turner 24 days ago
Lmfao Lord Jamar says that young ma outraps eminem in this song? Em has more rhymes in half his verse than the other dude had in his entire verse... Hey Nick Cannon, keep your boys up off that eeeeeeeeeee lmao clowns
Kingsly x
Kingsly x 24 days ago
Young M.A verse is kinda shit 🥴
Solo Sombra
Solo Sombra 24 days ago
Haha fuck Ariana 🤣.
TafTabTah 24 days ago
I had no idea Young MA was a female
kubinka0505 24 days ago
Jatin Dargar
Jatin Dargar 24 days ago
All of those who just came here to dislike it because of ariana grande line i have to say Fuck off
Nick Becker
Nick Becker 24 days ago
DJ Vlad said Young MA killed Eminem’s verse lol
Mon tana
Mon tana 24 days ago
Wish it was just young ma
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 24 days ago
Am i the only one that just fast forwards to Eminems verse everytime?😂
jennync1989 25 days ago
Em just overpowers everyone he raps with, its no competition especially with these new "rappers"
The Immortal Sun-kun
I thought Young M.A was a dude.
charles miro
charles miro 25 days ago
Man a video of this would be epic
ALEBSs One SHOoT 25 days ago
Krotiz 25 days ago
Look Em is the GOAT and this album is pretty good, but it's ironic he's talking about Nick can't even hit the right time to the kick and snare being off-beat, meanwhile this "Young M.A.", whoever the fuck this is, is mumbling and raps off-beat so goddamn hard it's fucking HORRIBLE. How Eminem collabed and thought this is ok makes zero sense.
Random High Guy
Random High Guy 25 days ago
Have been thinking the same thing the entire time, people are loving this song and i wont deny I loved eminems part, but for the first 1 min and 20 seconds all you hear is the same flow over and over and at least five different occurrences of "IM IN (BLANK) MODE" I mean her writing was very subpar, flow was horribly repetitive and she was mumbling it or at least in no way speaking clearly, sounded like intentional slurring. Eminem started and completely wiped her off the track, and honestly if she was off the track i feel this woulda got better reception.
ben s
ben s 25 days ago
song starts at 1:17.
Random High Guy
Random High Guy 25 days ago
Nick Romo
Nick Romo 25 days ago
[Verse 1: Young M.A] I like a bitch that like to wobble, wobble Shake it, shake it, break it, break it, uh Nigga, we made it, made it, they hate it, hate it Pro professional, pure persistent, I'm paper chasing I hate complaining, I hated waiting, I'll pay for patience But I hate to pay a bill (Hate that) And I made a mil' without a major deal (I made that) Yeah, her ass fake, but she came for real (She came, uh) Money ain't a thing, that ain't a thing for real It's the broke lingo (Huh) And no, ain't nothing Saweetie, this is no Quavo (Migo) Man, I just get high, let my hoes lay low (Ooh) I just want some face but this is no facial (Ooh) Do right and kill er'body, Drake mode (Hello) Bitch, I'm tryna eat out, take your plate mode (Hello) Disrespect that life and I'm in gang mode (Grrr) You can leave this earth, bitch, I'm in rake mode (Huh) I'm in cake mode (Huh), I'm in brave mode, uh What up, Marshall? I'm a martian, I'm in Wayne mode (Facts) Neck wet, big drip, I'm in rain mode (Drip, drip, drip) Eight niggas, eight hittas, take eight souls (Brrr) Collect pesos (Huh), and I'm paid, so? (Paid) Self-made goals (Hey) When the pain leaves (Huh) Where does the pain go? (Where?) Tip of the backwood is where the flame goes (There) To the sky is where my braingoes (Wow) Same pack, same fiend, sellin' the same clothes (Wow) Pinocchio and my pistol, they got the same nose Me and my niggas gotta eat, we share the same stove (What?) Case closed, bodies in my lane, bitch, lane closed [Verse 2: Eminem] Game over, Thanos on you H-O's On my petty shit but I don't paint toes (Yeah) Get the plunger (Plunger) 'cause Marshall and M.A go plum crazy Call us liquid plumber, 'cause even Dre know (Dre know) Beat knocks like a beefed up Detox You're gonna need three SWATs or police officers at least to come pull me off of it and I don't stop Please dawg, I need y'all to keep talking shit 'cause I feed off of it I am the complete opposite of these retards who spit these weak bars, I'ma leave carnage Each thought'll be so toxic, it'll block the wind through your esophagus Stop it, cutting off your oxygen And I hit them pads like a boxing gym Better watch for Slim, better get to popping and when I'm at the top again I won't topple, I'm giving it to anyone who wanna come and get it and I'm not gonna stop But when they ask me is the war finished with MGK? Of course it is I cleansed him of his mortal sins, I'm God and the Lord forgives even the devil worshippers I'm moving on but you know your scruples are gone when you're born with Lucifer's horns And you're from the school of Notorious, Puba, Cube and The Poor Righteous Teachers tutored my students Showed them all the blueprint and formula But it seems like the more they studied my music, the more they remind me of eyeballs I'm watching my pupils get cornier (Uh) But I'm contemplating yelling "Bombs away" on the game Like I'm outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting [Chorus: Eminem] They call me Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini Where's Osama been? I been laden lately Look at how I'm behaving, they want me gone away They wanna JonBenet me (Fuck you), I'm unaccommodating [Verse 3: Eminem] Man, I don't see why they hate me (Huh?) I'm a clown like John Wayne Gacy (What?) They call me Kanye crazy (Yah) APESHIT, Beyonce, Jay-Z (Woo) And I'm back with Andre, baby (Yeah) And the doctor's operating (What?) But he never put no scrubs on from Snoop, K. Dot to Shady Shady like a shadow or your silhouette, intellect, I better check to see why you feel upset 'Cause I met your bitch on the internet now I'm getting head like a Pillow Pet That bimbo can put her lips all the way around this bone and then blow Like a dusty cartridge from an old Nintendo Those were the days but I bet you, I'm never gonna be broke again, no I don't smoke but I got paper, to be blunt, I'm rolling Indo And I keep it one comma, zero, zero, zero, zero Real, real, real, murder, murder, murder, kill, kill, kill Nickel-plated, twenty two, two, two Bitch, shut the fuck up 'fore I shoot you too Ain't shit I won't do just to get a few RUvid views Run up in a church like pew, pew, pew 'Cause that's what I do, do, do But, even to the untrained human eye We ain't the same, you and I Somebody should have explained to you why For you to go against me, it's simply insane, you will die (Yeah) That's why they call me Kamikaze, it's plain suicide, yeah But I know magic and here go my last trick I'm 'bout to say "Abracadabra" and pull a B Rabbit up out of my hat I'm about to relapse and I betcha that you won't know how to react But a look of disgust, I don't doubt it'd be that As I begin to fuckin' devour the track And you backpedal, that is a cowardly act Like a Saudi attack when the towers collapsed [Chorus: Eminem] They call me Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini Where's Osama been? I been laden lately Look at how I'm behaving, they want me gone away They wanna JonBenet me (Fuck you), I'm unaccommodating
All Just Dance videos
Damn... this is fire bro
Luke One
Luke One 25 days ago
This song is very weak ..I don’t see what’s so good about this song both Em and MA verses wasn’t even good
Justin Selena
Justin Selena 25 days ago
69 here if on toy solider u needed a dad who would it be. Like a light father. If 2 pop had a father or carter lil wayne who was the father granted theres a mother just 69 a nobody want proof got more city's than a rap song can play want fake why can't the father or mother act granted I had to be u like how much fake did u want in u to pull off nice shit like snoop dog n tech 9. Marshall. Not fun when ones a same gucci chain. But anyway better than questions like what happens when 69 snapps from m.i.a. too long... Uncared for... Would not bad be still the way or would it be like his fans want to see my dead guy rap n think it's cool like nightcore watch out screen country don't move. But idk xxx did n he's fine. So after a dog bullshit u hide like Smores. Smileing I bet ud still play a niggers blood like puppet n it's ok hold up im a fan im real gang. Hold up cry bout letting go the old songs like I'm a baby. But that shit ant him bet life would fun 69 here like we're these niggers at had a only option here calling like my thought was stolen yet its ok how fuck fakes
INKing Ace
INKing Ace 25 days ago
beat and flow start @ 1:50 blow my mind
Raechel Warnock
Raechel Warnock 25 days ago
Huge MA Fan sick to hear her with a legend
Cesar Cabrera
Cesar Cabrera 25 days ago
Coo bars but em got her I disagree w Vlad
HolyMacu 25 days ago
max valentine
max valentine 25 days ago
can someone explain the "I bin laden lately" from the hook? obvs I know Osama bin laden but cant get the double meaning
max valentine
max valentine 23 days ago
u ain't reading right, can you even read n' write? comes to directions you turn left when your reading 'right'
max valentine
max valentine 24 days ago
@Cam Gee I must forget? u ain't thinking or reading right (write) bro
max valentine
max valentine 24 days ago
@Cam Gee that's what I'm saying but who's he been lauding? hes been lauded
Cam Gee
Cam Gee 24 days ago
@max valentine he meant is as laden and lauding(laudin') you must forgot em has more than one meaning to shit...you think he aint highly praised? You tweaked he meant both
max valentine
max valentine 24 days ago
hes been lauded... not lauding.. think he means laden but he pronounces it's funny... such is his artistic right.. man o went back and listened to infinite today.. havnt listened for about 10nyears forgot some of the fire on there
Zachary Madden
Zachary Madden 25 days ago
Starting at 1:28 That flow/cadence is amazing. I can't imagine any other artist hearing this beat, and choosing to use that type of delivery to find the pocket, but he makes it fit like a glove. Incredible...
ain't me
ain't me 25 days ago
Eminem is the first artist in history to hit billboard top albums in u.s with 10 consecutive albums definition greatest of all time nobody even close to Marshall
rob lucci
rob lucci 25 days ago
Man this sucks. I have to search my ass out for his new songs. And all the other shitty artist gets in the recommendation. F UK this shit.
Joëy Drenthe
Joëy Drenthe 25 days ago
8 Niggas 8 hitters taking 8 souls !!! Young M.A was on that bullshit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭
Sometimes I feel Eminem forgets he is FUCKING EMINEM he can literally get any feature he wants but he brings on this chick? sorry but her verse is the weakest on the whole album
Random High Guy
Random High Guy 25 days ago
Agreed, hurt my ears listening to her "mode" of rapping.. e.e
Ken 25 days ago
I really thought Young M.A was going to go hard right from the start, then shit went down hill after the a few secs in.
Random High Guy
Random High Guy 25 days ago
yeah she wasnt in her "mode" like she thought she was..
Fe Thi
Fe Thi 25 days ago
Is that mgk's shovel?
lewizardmecha 25 days ago
I like to think so 🤣
PERCY PLAYS 25 days ago
MGK - Can i get my Shovel back Eminem - you forgot to check your Ass 😂
MEHD FRZ 25 days ago
Eminem 1er ,tupac 2ème cest fait il est détrôné
Insidious Vidz
Insidious Vidz 25 days ago
I wonder if Old MA likes this. Or for that matter Old PA?
thot creations
thot creations 25 days ago
Im glad, em got a flow... Like he studied and almost has a bounce! I appreciate the work he puts in on flow. We all know he got bars! So if ur taking me congratulating him in his progress as hate you step in that "dick eating line"
Friendly Taha
Friendly Taha 25 days ago
This flow is impossible to spit
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