Eminem - The Ringer [ Music Video ]

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Mar 22, 2019




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Comments 80
13th therealone
13th therealone 2 days ago
Amen to fingerbang chickenwang. All these fake artist s using music to disinform the minds of the impressionable. Eminem is a hero of music. Amen
Radosław Woźniak
NICE! :)WOW!!!
Jackie Hiner
Jackie Hiner 3 hours ago
Ownly to you
Hell Houndz Productions
this is pretty dope. do you do contract work for editing music videos? not really looking for something like that atm but id like to know for when im ready to produce something a bit more "tight" or neat
RAPTURE 2 hours ago
I can do stuff for you
it is what it aint
it is what it aint 14 hours ago
Number 1 snm
Cipher 15 hours ago
Cool! I'm feeling it
J M 19 hours ago
You said you took shit to the cleaners but between us I get meaner my demeanor is lost without conscious so for me to supply the right rhyme for you you're fucked in your subconscious .....
J M 19 hours ago
Just copied he can't stop me I saw the same limps a glimpse into what happened. The Mirror saw you as the demon pulled her into to see what you will go threw....
Gerardo Medina
Gerardo Medina 19 hours ago
eminem at wwe how its possible to do that in the videogame
waypoint zero
waypoint zero 23 hours ago
Here's a good Eminem song
Paul John
Paul John 23 hours ago
eminem is worth i. you spit man
Aman Bairyan
Aman Bairyan Day ago
Coozy Boy
Coozy Boy Day ago
Cool dam song
Garrett Cook
Garrett Cook Day ago
I cant think of 1 rapper that would take EM n a Battle! His shit gives me chillz!!
NeCole Madera
Your control is life body invading.. Got so much for it...
Rapper ??
Rapper ?? Day ago
The wwe lol
LS6-SS Day ago
This sucks🤣
Sheethal Susan Abraham
love this video. Em should really punch them mumble rappers!
Dustin Schmehl
i like the song. Thumbs up!
Amit Dutta
Amit Dutta Day ago
Did em dissed lil Wayne??
sedin dohres
sedin dohres Day ago
Yeah they busy em ur the best of all them haters fo-sho
Omar Hxh
Omar Hxh 2 days ago
Yeaaaaaah 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
William Lonsdale
William Lonsdale 2 days ago
J Brown
J Brown 2 days ago
@Eminem your more than just a MC to me. Your my inspiration and someone I have looked up to for most my life. Keep doing what you do brother
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 2 days ago
What the fuck bro He just fuck the goat 🐐 Which I think 🤔 is himself Please don’t mess with him anymore He need to rest He just lyrically murdered everyone 2028 Marshal matters for president
RAPTURE 2 days ago
New Eminem Song ruvid.net/video/video-nhJ6AJ2tOK8.html
D 2 days ago
Hi! What happened to your recent post regarding reaching the 6M mark?
RAPTURE 2 days ago
I deleted it, thank you D for all the support
nasser marzouqi
nasser marzouqi 3 days ago
ايش باقي يااانااس داسهم دوس
Shawn Cole
Shawn Cole 3 days ago
Crown this
Robert Kirk
Robert Kirk 3 days ago
When it comes to rap Eminem is the boss he's got the lyrics the speed the intelligence he's definitely not second-rate even at his age now he could probably throw down
Jeff Kelly
Jeff Kelly 4 days ago
Nice, fuck those fake rappers 🤘
PixelZ 4 days ago
This is faker than my ex
Gerald Miller
Gerald Miller 4 days ago
He is the best rapper alive in my eyes
Gerald Miller
Gerald Miller 4 days ago
That's for sure
Charolette chessher
Sexy as hell 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯 fast as Eminem can rap crazy shit s my FKN brain follows each word 💯💯💯💯
Charolette chessher
Eminem s so god damn sexy pimp ass
Joe Crawford
Joe Crawford 5 days ago
Was about to end the video and then Em as a WWE character... shieet that was awesome
Stamina 5 days ago
Read the fucking description, look at how desperate they are to get recognized
Flip One
Flip One 5 days ago
Slapping chance the rapper was unnecessary
chant chardon
chant chardon 5 days ago
EM still the best Can rap 4 ever .
Allan Pajaroja
Allan Pajaroja 5 days ago
legend never die
Reza Lah
Reza Lah 5 days ago
where is the original music video of this song?
Mike Davis
Mike Davis 5 days ago
Watch Donald trump video disses em by daylyt rapping killing it
Mike Davis
Mike Davis 5 days ago
Mainstream he the best but underground that speaks truth government covers up which would blow globes mind
Mike Davis
Mike Davis 5 days ago
Daylyt is ems worst nightmare ,u have to hear to see y. But u gotta be 3rd eye compatible at least if u have 4th it's primary speed lol
Mike Davis
Mike Davis 5 days ago
Daylyt Eminem diss smashed em
Don Nino
Don Nino 6 days ago
Leon S. Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy 6 days ago
Lmao at the WWE game footage.
Isaiah 6 days ago
Wtf... I never had to re-wind and re-listen so much in my life haha gotta love Eminem
J Brown
J Brown 2 days ago
Aqua Hub - Mark Miller
-2:55 i pause and replay a lot til i realized that the knocking is from the audio itself..fuck twas trippy
Robo Lizard Studio
Omg I love this man so much.
Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks 6 days ago
They can get a mouthful of flesh, and yes I mean eating a penis! 😄😄🤣🤣😂
xOxG clapped
xOxG clapped 6 days ago
Eminem is still the good
xOxG clapped
xOxG clapped 6 days ago
Borsutti Millitary
Looks similar to VNM. :D
Amatsu 7 days ago
Damn never noticed how Em actually shot respect to Joyner in this vid. This song released back when I was big into Joyner lol.
j k
j k 7 days ago
Kill em man
TheRobb573 7 days ago
The bass in this song got the cops called on me, asshole neighbors. Been 100% about this song ever since!
Chris Neirinckx
Chris Neirinckx 7 days ago
Myaccount FYI
Myaccount FYI 7 days ago
Just never was into him like he is him....
Bianca Ullo
Bianca Ullo 7 days ago
Eminem o melhor
Super Chips
Super Chips 7 days ago
mdr lil pump ? 1:49
Taichalee Gray
Taichalee Gray 8 days ago
Infernus 8 days ago
It's the lyrical message you should understand not how fast he raps because too much fast rapping will never be understandable unless you read the whole lyrics. So for those people who keep saying there's more people faster than Eminem, yeah, but this isn't about who's the fastest it's how lyrical you are when you deliver. Even if you are a fast rapper but rap about non-sense bullshit, then what the fuck is the point. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE BEFORE YOU COMPARE 2 PEOPLE OR MORE.
Thomas Plancke
Thomas Plancke 8 days ago
sais lui le mieur
Aj Sisty
Aj Sisty 8 days ago
Goat.. blahh bahh
Scorp10n TheButcher
Till he sell out his soul
John Smith
John Smith 8 days ago
always likes
DeAunte Smith
DeAunte Smith 8 days ago
Em you are on a whole other level The Detroit truth u speak u are a beast ! From the east side ! What up doe!!
Sandy Cromarty
Sandy Cromarty 8 days ago
Stephanie Victor
Stephanie Victor 8 days ago
next week lil pump with slaughter house
Rome 9 days ago
Why are u Soo great
Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore 9 days ago
I wish someone would fight for rock the way you fight for rap. Stand for what you believe in. The music we grew up listening to is dying out. I don’t even like rap but I have always loved listening to your music. You keep it real.
Diane Cristina
Diane Cristina 9 days ago
Curtu muito por causa do meu marido
Mario Diaz
Mario Diaz 9 days ago
Alex G
Alex G 9 days ago
Hahaha auto tune yiud of boughtvit
spaceoddessy1 9 days ago
I'm 47 and still love his raps.:).1998..lol.
Jonathan Armstrong
Eminem will always be my favorite rapper
Jonathan Armstrong
The best rapper ever
farah mirza
farah mirza 10 days ago
Basically the track I can relate to as I grown a dick since I gone alone because of such devout muslims... give a shout out for all the HYPROCRITES that fake they good muslim but not even close to being good human beings. Freedom speech...amazing you found your voice after been gagged so long
Roni Rama
Roni Rama 10 days ago
Video is wack as shit
Dalton Pressley
Dalton Pressley 10 days ago
That slim ......nobody fucking with him an I mean noone
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