Eminem - Sing For The Moment

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Music video by Eminem performing Sing For The Moment. (C) 2002 Aftermath Records
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Dec 24, 2009




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Comments 80
Hoàng Kunka
Hoàng Kunka 5 hours ago
2021 coming
Nathen Griffiith
Nathen Griffiith 6 hours ago
You have to realize to think this is what he’s saying like what goes on in the world, it’s his pov
MAD ATTACKERS ツ 7 hours ago
Is it normal for a 10 year old to like this song
Chianne Anaya
Chianne Anaya 8 hours ago
Eminem will forever always be my favorite rapper❤️
karlo sandoval
karlo sandoval 11 hours ago
A wuevo putos Eminem es la mera neta
xanderandbentley matherly
i like your songs easpecally till i colapse
vicenzo bonin
vicenzo bonin 13 hours ago
brazilian guys???? kd vcs garai
Cool Swag1000
Cool Swag1000 14 hours ago
This song would hit probably well over 1 billion streams on Spotify back in the day if it exhisted!
Cool Swag1000
Cool Swag1000 14 hours ago
This song is so deep! man this is beautiful music! This lyrics and instrumental is amazing! Eminem has the ultimate rap voice. His pitch sounds so good with his flow and lyrics! That's why he's my favorite rapper
Carlos Cardona
Carlos Cardona 15 hours ago
Los polisias gue entre kon ellos ay policies dentro gue estan kon ellos y saven guienes son a mi un police me golpeo y me guiso matar pero llego un bato y le dijo gue avian pruebas y no me asesinaron
Fateh Gill
Fateh Gill 16 hours ago
Prime em
fabian ron acuña
fabian ron acuña 18 hours ago
eminem hablo por chile y digo que tu eres el mejor corta nomas !
2 pac
2 pac 20 hours ago
Dream on
Seth Sherfield
Seth Sherfield 21 hour ago
gn178 22 hours ago
Sing for the moment! Moment = forever! Nothing beats this.
lapinou tamby
Merciii mercii Eminem d'avoir bercer mon adolescence, ma vie. Sa voix m'apaise, me fait tt oublier. T un king . The king of king 😍❤ Eminem forever Je rêve de te voir putain 🌹🌹
Raquel Florez
Top model what Men come crezy
Raquel Florez
Turism Minit what Argentina Brasil paraguay sol fakiu emi
Internet Expert
This song takes me right back to being 8 crankin this up so I can't hear step dad beatin my mom.
boşluk tire boşluk
meclisi ala ya da bir bakın :))))
raidz Day ago
For some reason I don’t like his newer music the old shit is the best
Lee Bendig
Lee Bendig Day ago
Enough with the government starting a frickin race war. The media is there power make hate. All lives matter. God bless Jesus Christ and rap\rock/jazz/blues music. God bless all of you.
Andrei Groza
Andrei Groza Day ago
Anyone in July 2020
Lucas Costa
Lucas Costa Day ago
Pesado demais!!!!!!
Leoh Explode
Leoh Explode Day ago
Traga mais músicas mno amo todas
Leoh Explode
Leoh Explode Day ago
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Day ago
Thank you Em. ❤️
Nikolas Efstathiou
Leydi Calle Ambulay
Kathleen Winters
Kathleen Winters 2 days ago
True story hell yeah
AMO Productions Danny Kejjo
Slim Sing For The Moment is good.
bry& beth07
bry& beth07 2 days ago
Eminem is the best rapper ever,living legend leave a like here if you agree
Elizabete Bete
Elizabete Bete 2 days ago
Alem de ser o menhor cantor de repper ele prasidsimo com uma pessoa que ja moreu 15anos ele oje tinha 5o ele me proteje de pessoas que me querem mal era a pessoa mais fiel do mundo elisabete gonsalves 😅❤🤣
Indica Badu420
Indica Badu420 2 days ago
Aero smith : dream on
Garrix D.J.B
Garrix D.J.B 2 days ago
Jose luis Riot
Jose luis Riot 2 days ago
First Name Last Name
"Dream on" for those who still don't know
Thatsso Nav
Thatsso Nav 3 days ago
Em fan leave a like and shady fan leave a comment
Leon Pillot
Leon Pillot 3 days ago
Il y a des français
Shahin Tajeri
Shahin Tajeri 3 days ago
the amount of censorship is ruining this song!
jefemaestro 3 days ago
Jul 2020
Nurul Izzati
Nurul Izzati 3 days ago
Juliano Santos
Juliano Santos 3 days ago
Shout out to who's listening in 2020!
No No
No No 3 days ago
love that song, from russia; eminem's songs will cool for always;
Nana 1979
Nana 1979 3 days ago
Sing for the Moment
Raymond Mallai
Raymond Mallai 3 days ago
Someone has use this track sir to sing a song without giving credit to you.
Jayant Calla
Jayant Calla 3 days ago
My favorite song of all time
George Tiptip
George Tiptip 4 days ago
So much passion in this song. "They say music can alter moods and talk to you..."
George Tiptip
George Tiptip 4 days ago
I vibe so hard to this song. It's one of my all-time favorites.
Cecilia Marqueta
Cecilia Marqueta 4 days ago
Versión capada
All IN ONE !!
All IN ONE !! 4 days ago
2020 baby !!!
Part-tel Mulleh
Part-tel Mulleh 4 days ago
Te amo Eminem
brandon roberts
brandon roberts 4 days ago
eminem is near godlike at his best.
GlareMusic 4 days ago
The day this man goes will be a day the world remember
Demowmow 7 hours ago
not the world, but the universe, I have proof that aliens listen to Eminem
valentina elena savin
@Brody Charles Yes
Brody Charles
@valentina elena savin I second that
valentina elena savin
That will never happen
IVAN. RUSEV 4 days ago
2020 ❤❤❤❤❤👌🤛💪💪💪
Luke Lynch
Luke Lynch 4 days ago
Bet half the people here don't even know who Em sampled the song off of
Luke Lynch
Luke Lynch 2 days ago
@silloweet you know your stuff
silloweet 2 days ago
Marco Zaniol
Marco Zaniol 4 days ago
Ma non ci sono commenti italiani??
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel 4 days ago
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun 4 days ago
oded Elias
oded Elias 4 days ago
i miss that,man.
Johan Haresh
Johan Haresh 4 days ago
Sonia Bahra
Sonia Bahra 4 days ago
Core must be on betterment being Eminem I am living better not just breathing I have my life in my hands Thanks Eminem
Lindsey Swendson
Lindsey Swendson 3 days ago
We know y'all already got the email everyone and their families
dwayne601 5 days ago
That guitar rift at the end was everything!
P e e p ¿
P e e p ¿ 5 days ago
Cadê os br pra dominar aqui
VIDA DIGAMER 5 days ago
the work of art lose yourself, encouraged me to achieve my independence when I left home many years ago. Funny how an artist so far and of another nationality, of another language, manages to transmit strength and determination through his music 2020 EMINEM FOREVER 🇧🇷
VIDA DIGAMER 5 days ago
Andre Prieth
Andre Prieth 5 days ago
The CARBON HOOD 5 days ago
Rap god
Aydın Çingizoğlu
Bunu dinləyən azərbaycanlı qız gəlsin, evlənəcəm)))
michele Ferreira
michele Ferreira 5 days ago
I love Eminem ✌️😝
Michaelangelo Di flamencchio
Pac is and always wil be: ofcourse Marshall holds his own no doubt...
markus kähkönen
Enriquez Ramiro
Enriquez Ramiro 5 days ago
Shay Love
Shay Love 6 days ago
I love em always have but reading these comments makes his fans look really annoying
GregBR 6 days ago
Rock and em fan here💥🔥🤙
Bailey Buonocore
Bailey Buonocore 6 days ago
My dad listens to Em, and when something doesn't makes sense, he says, " It doesn't make sense B!"
karimyo1 6 days ago
0% naked girls 0% expensives cars 0% big houses 100% sing for the moment
Johnny's podcasts
0%naked girls 0% expensive cars 0% big house 99%talent 1%Aerosmith
naruto7th 4 days ago
and a fucking one in a multiple life time talent
Владимир Унагаев
Эминем лучший!!!
Pasindu Ranaweera
This is so real man right now I sitting and wishing I was die that's. That much real is this song man I took my phone browser this song and listening for over 20 time maybe Eminem's songs are so much related to real life.🔥🔥👑🙏🙏🙏3:55
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