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Joe Budden goes off about Eminem dissing him on his new album Kamikaze.
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Sep 5, 2018




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Comments 2 648
Ryan Donaldson
Ryan Donaldson 2 days ago
Joe sweatin hes so mad
thelaurels13 3 days ago
I had to google this asshat. I had no idea who he is. Now when someone says Eminem, fuck yeah. There’s levels Joe, and you just ain’t at the same level as Eminem. You ain’t fit to lace Eminem’s shoes!
charlie norman
charlie norman 4 days ago
Godzilla lol
that one hispanic
Eminem successfully accomplished what he wanted he gased up joe so much he thinks he is a better rapper than eminem
BUZz KiLL 11 days ago
Joe needs to look at the double to triple meanings
turkmmmm 12 days ago
I’m not saying joe is better then Em but there is some truth to what he is saying about what Em has rapped he hadn’t said anything content wise in a looooooonnng time with that being said Em>Budden
love me like a cookie.
This nigga looks like fouseytube😂
heheheheh 14 days ago
I hate them both
Cameron Brtnik
Cameron Brtnik 15 days ago
That's actually a good description and compliment "Em's the best rhymer of words", but I disagree that he "doesn't also have good content." Joe Budden used to be one of my favorite rappers (he was sick back in tha day) he just fell off at some point
Johnny BIaze
Johnny BIaze 15 days ago
Hmmm do I want Budden money or Em money? Which career would you choose?
Craig Douglas
Craig Douglas 15 days ago
Team shady.fuck joe budden better than Eminem. Joe stay away from the alcohol you fucken fool.haha
Ashley c.
Ashley c. 16 days ago
Omg joe B. Shut tf up with ur irrelevant ass.
Mixel Plix
Mixel Plix 19 days ago
Joe Joe Joe, relax dude! And folks let’s face it; music does NOT have to be meaningful and deep. If it makes you think, fine! If it doesn’t, fine! Every artform has certain mechanics and it’s clear that Eminem understands those mechanics a bit better than the average Joe. And the beauty of it all is that even supreme understanding of the mechanics doesn’t ensure absolute greatness and appreciation. So, to make an unnecessary long post even longer....... hahahahaha! Music is love, fun, pleasure and pain. Enjoy! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Ramon Espinoza
Ramon Espinoza 21 day ago
Jeremy Tyler
Jeremy Tyler 21 day ago
I agree with joe totally!!!!
The Mew Wave
The Mew Wave 25 days ago
I'm a content type of guy.... But then sides with mumble rap after the migos incident... Js
Anthony Solare
Anthony Solare 26 days ago
I like how he keeps looking around the room like he doesn't even believe what he is saying so he is checking to see if the other guys are believing him 😂😂😭
Dollify forever
Dollify forever 21 day ago
LMAO ikr 😭😭😂😂
Dakota Gilson
Dakota Gilson 26 days ago
team shady for life
Louis Sosa
Louis Sosa 27 days ago
Joe bitchin
Joseph Freeman
Joseph Freeman 27 days ago
Joe Biden is trash
Edon Dehari
Edon Dehari 27 days ago
Hate Budden with a passion but he’s speaking fax.Every song he has made this decade is just pointless rhymes that dont mean shit
Sel Morales
Sel Morales 28 days ago
Joe Cool I Like His Music And Enjoy His PodCast But Eminem Is Better More Hits.
Jay Hampton
Jay Hampton 29 days ago
Joe is exactly right
Dank D'Sign
Dank D'Sign 29 days ago
I've never heard anyone ever say play some joe budden, let alone even know 1 of his songs name, or a song he was involved in. Joe's just salty Em is still relevant and he's/Joe's a hasbeen. Is joe even recording anymore or just doing grampa rants on podcasts only now?
KayahPlayzGames 29 days ago
He right rappers just rhyme words ,it’s hardly anybody with real content.
Dee Wright
Dee Wright Month ago
PauloEsco Month ago
Who is he ?!
Carlos Hernandez
Ppl that don’t even know English listen to Eminem. Ppl that don’t even listen to hip hop have heard his songs lmao
aotearoa 4eva
aotearoa 4eva Month ago
You cant talk hip hop with 80 percent of eminem fans, Beause they don't no hip hop. I'm a fan of eminems material, definitely, but Joe's rite.
Emanuel Quintero
He doesnt say anything with his music? Your crazy
Emanuel Quintero
Team shady son 🔥🔥🙌🙌
Ronald Petters
Ronald Petters Month ago
LYNWOOD 211STCG....🔊preach!!
Azuru Month ago
He should listen to darkness
matt raivio
matt raivio Month ago
Joe Biden sounds like a pissed off rapper who never made it 😂😂
youngatwista Month ago
Yall hate Joe so much that you're not listening ti his point. He says he's a content guy. Which means he listens to music for the content, not just rhyming. and when it comes to content, joe is better. he hits on all aspects of life, industry, family and shit people can emotionally relate to. em does it too, not as consistent as joe does tho.
Acurawilly 98
Acurawilly 98 Month ago
Dude all I know about Joe is his song on 2 Fast 2 Furious pump it up but other than that he sucks ass!💯😂
greaf Month ago
i have never ever ever.. heard someone say "put on some budden"
Tarrance Paulsen
Joe Budden wasn't even the the best fighter on def jam vendetta 😂😂 nigga you ain't the best at anything
Allan Rorison
Allan Rorison Month ago
Team shady
Jacob Pierce
Jacob Pierce Month ago
I side with Jo
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Month ago
He not better then em never will be but he got sum points Eminem ain’t never gonna make music like 1999-2005
_SwiSh_ Month ago
At least Em doesn't have to cover the 'Dre' logo on his headphones
ozu zo
ozu zo Month ago
Idk man I feel like Budden would slap em
Chunkimngam Gangmei
Who's Joe Budden???
Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres Month ago
Who is joe shmo
William Mckinney
Never heard of joe budden until Eminem dissed him
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Month ago
I don't like Joe but he real on this shit.
Storm_OW Month ago
Joe Budden: me: bro who the f*ck are u lmaooooo
Ian Knox Beats
Ian Knox Beats Month ago
Fuck Joe Budden. PERIOD!!!!!!
Killed_By_The_Architect -
Em's making millions selling records, Budden's making youtube vids in a busted ass living room. Looks like Em is saying plenty.
Ramzi Don
Ramzi Don Month ago
Who's her after this happened !?... Can anybody tell me what's going on !?...2020 is a very weird year 😐😐.
King Bros
King Bros Month ago
Wait wait, this dude did not just say Eminem did not say anything?? He's gotta have something wrong with him, in any of Em's songs he can have around 2-8 different meanings and hidden meanings of one topic. I swear to God I didn't know who he was until em to said sum. This guy is tripping. Eminems kamikaze did better than he did all decade. Okay bud, keep yelling on your "show" that no one knows about. He did better than em? Like I'm just laughing at the thought of that. Okay Joe.
CovertGaming Month ago
Intereviewer: Joe Budden's been talking trash about you what do you think about that? Eminem: Who? Interview: Joe Budden Eminem: Who?
mrkareem1975 Month ago
This is a hating azz nigga lawd!
SGK 32
SGK 32 Month ago
Before you guys talk shit, listen to Blood On The Wall - Joe Budden. It's a diss on Prodigy. He's not hating really, he's kinda spitting facts. Eminem IS the best rapper in the world. But some of the things Budden said was true. Edit: Em would probably murk Joe though if he dissed him.
Ryan Leef
Ryan Leef Month ago
I will say this , i always thought em only went at pop stars and attack people that arent a threat.. Nick cannon, insaine clown possey, mobey, Christina Aguilera, i thought that along time ago. Anyone else he stays in place for the most part unless hes got dad in his corner(50 cent) . so i agree with him on that.
Jon Rad
Jon Rad Month ago
Joe is no where near as good
The Viewlationship
Clash eminem Joe. Clash him. That's it. Clash him. In fact yo, clash me. Your making yourself lose fans that have a lower IQ than you do which is an accomplishment in its self. So well done I suppose. Clash me. Little old me. I am challenging you to a clash. Do you accept?
Danielle Saccente
Team Shady💯
robert griffis
robert griffis Month ago
who is button
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