Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

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Music video by Eminem performing Love The Way You Lie. © 2010 Aftermath Records
#VEVOCertified on September 13, 2011. www.vevo.com/certified ruvid.net/u-vevocertified


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Aug 5, 2010




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IronHead Official
IronHead Official 2 minutes ago
I remember being in Middle School when this came out.... Brings back memories of how Eminem became an Idol to me
Minimal Jay
Minimal Jay 3 minutes ago
uh uh uh don't say all gen z trying to cancel Em. Most of the older gen z grew up on Em, stop the cap XD
Omar RE
Omar RE 18 minutes ago
Me encanta esta cancion.💖
Carlos Da silva Jr
Carlos Da silva Jr 20 minutes ago
El himno de las relaciones tóxicas
유NANDO웃 33 minutes ago
Si andas buscando un comentario en español descuida aqui ando :)
Gulltuss 38 minutes ago
Cancel tiktok instead, omfg
Bubba Harris
Bubba Harris 41 minute ago
10 Years? Well I still love it
Yala Gringa
Yala Gringa 48 minutes ago
Cadê os fan do Eminem brasileiro pra nós mostra a nossa força aqui 🤪😻🎶
Antônio Zorro
Antônio Zorro 40 minutes ago
Renato Franco
Renato Franco 49 minutes ago
Gen Z: eminem is canceled Eminem: since 1996 they try to cancel me and they never managed to know why? Because I am Goat, whoever listens to me knows me for real. ❤️🐐🔥
achee ee
achee ee 51 minute ago
MILENA CANTERO 52 minutes ago
what do you expect to cancel this guy
Shattered Amethyst
Shattered Amethyst 55 minutes ago
I remember hearing this song all the time on the radio like a decade ago. Good shit. 💯
Braydon T
Braydon T 58 minutes ago
thanks gen z for making this song popular again
Kingsler Hour ago
Sexual fantasy unlocked
Lofton Seymour
Watch her leave out the window that’s why they call it window pane😩
Queen Jay
Queen Jay Hour ago
Imagine cancelling Eminem because of this legendary song. I'm waiting for the diss track that's about to pop
Earth Hour ago
I want time to go back till 2000, good old times. I can here artist start their Carrier in like 7 more years. Like Rihanna and Katy parry
Mishu Minar
Mishu Minar Hour ago
Love is fair🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥♥
Leo leo
Leo leo Hour ago
When you're the 🐐 then millions of Gen z will hate you. But Billions will love you Em ❤
Nicolás Moreno
This song is a masterpiece, let’s keep it that way
Mercedes Lopez Miguens
Willrich Ostmann
Reasons to live: - [ ] 1: We would miss you - [ ] 2: It’s worth it to be alive - [ ] 3: It does get better, believe it or not, it will eventually get better. - [ ] 4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing. - [ ] 5: You are worth it don’t let anyone, even yourself tell you otherwise. - [ ] 6: God made you for a reason, you have a reason. - [ ] 7: There is always a reason to live! - [ ] 8: So many people care about you - [ ] 9: You are amazing - [ ] 10: I don’t even know you and I love you - [ ] 11: I care for you - [ ] 12: There are plenty of people that love you - [ ] 13: You're literally perfect!!
Belovedad Hour ago
genz and tiktok are so cringe
Letícia Nascimento
ButterflyFam Hour ago
I'm Gen Z and I ain't trying to cancel Eminem. Gen Z'ers that are trying to cancel Eminem, you suck! Js
Lisa Dallas
Lisa Dallas 2 hours ago
Gen Z needs to be annihilated! A bunch of Cry Babies 😂😂😂
Lisa Dallas
Lisa Dallas 2 hours ago
UNIK STORE PERU 2 hours ago
hi bitatiful riana es hermaosos :>
Kathleen Abbu
Kathleen Abbu 2 hours ago
Why I didn't notice before that it was Merry
Lisa Garner
Lisa Garner 2 hours ago
Gen z really thinks that Eminem would glorify domestic violence, by creating a song with a victim of domestic violence. Gen z is what happens when being woke is to much
Dub Silent 27
Dub Silent 27 2 hours ago
FUXK GEN Z!! You can’t cancel the “RAP GOD”
ANGEL L MUNIZ 2 hours ago
That guy from tik tok is dumb, this song is awesome and we see worst in movies
Tammy Helen
Tammy Helen 2 hours ago
I listen to this every day and it never gets old
WhytE Rabbit
WhytE Rabbit 2 hours ago
Just came to say #iSTANwithmarshall
ComicPen1179624 a
ComicPen1179624 a 2 hours ago
Wait they are trying to cancel THIS SONG? This used to be one of my favorites. Disappointed to be a part of gen z
anaya & gabby
anaya & gabby 3 hours ago
i love this song so much i literally cry to it every night lol
Fluffet's Cave
Fluffet's Cave 3 hours ago
I saw gen z trying to cancel em over this song and I thought fck that's a great song so here am chilling to I love the way you lie
Brandon T
Brandon T 3 hours ago
Im Gen Z and grew up listening to eminem. It's sad to see my generation wanna cancel this and yet listen to stuff like 69...
kaiden geer
kaiden geer 3 hours ago
You can’t cancel Eminem 💯
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye 3 hours ago
who is here in 2021😁
Not Anyone
Not Anyone 3 hours ago
As a Gen Z raised with awesome parents with awesome taste in music I apologize for the dogshit opinions of cancel culture.
Roses 2jz
Roses 2jz 3 hours ago
Gen Z people that want to cancel Eminem have to be one of the most weak people
Paul Banda
Paul Banda 3 hours ago
Bernardo Be
Bernardo Be 3 hours ago
Christina Larry
Christina Larry 3 hours ago
He ain’t getting canceled. He canceled the lone gen z chick! He’s done dropped a diss track!
iiAbbie227ii 4 hours ago
This song is such a good one still 🖤
thejaw15 4 hours ago
This song is storytelling and it's somehow a problem. Out of all the Eminem songs to take issue with this is the last one to cancel him for
bugs bunny
bugs bunny 4 hours ago
I know I'm not the only one that's here because I'm trying to watch what song there trying to cancel
Dragomir Robert
Dragomir Robert 4 hours ago
Gen Z is trying to cancel our god, I say we have to cancel everything they love ( tik tok , Billie Eilish etc ) to show them who their boss is
The mannequin that invest in STONKS
We all know why you’re *R E A L L Y* here
Madness XX
Madness XX 5 hours ago
Art and emotion in music is now being seen as offensive and violent by ❄️. At the risk of sounding like megamind, The use of emotion like anger in this case is what makes the song good.
Jessa Minter
Jessa Minter 5 hours ago
Anyone else here after Gen Z tried to cancel Eminem for his violent lyrics in this song?? #MillenialsforEminem
Zoo Wee Mama
Zoo Wee Mama 4 hours ago
I can’t believe out of ALL the songs he has they picked this song to cancel him for 😂. I can name so many that are far “worse” than this, like that line about raping lesbians in “My name is”, or the song “Kim” where it’s literally audio of him trying to murder his ex wife.
Kyogen 5 hours ago
Even if It was just a girl that wanted to cancel him I still think gen Z is dumb af
Kratos of Sparta
Kratos of Sparta 5 hours ago
As a Gen Z, I want to apologize to all ny fellow stans. Some of us are low IQ and degenerate idiots, cancel culture is cancerous. Fuck Gen Z. Em is the goat
Arizona Hobbies & Rec
I'm a millennial. We are no worse. Plenty of cancel culture exists within us. Hopefully you guys recognize it's a plague before you start really voting in big numbers like we did.
IceManD3 5 hours ago
you would think if they wanted to cancel eminem for a song, they would choose a song like "kim" lmaoooo
Paris Melvin
Paris Melvin 5 hours ago
Listening to this and packing my bags right now!!! I can’t do it no more! NOPE
Chewe Chanda
Chewe Chanda 5 hours ago
Am still listening to it 😂 😂 ❤ 💕 😘 💖
mohammad shazwan
mohammad shazwan 5 hours ago
can someone link me the tiktok that tried to cancel eminem lol i really cant find it
Mr. Otaku A.k.a Weeb
It never gets old
MOIN KHAN 6 hours ago
March 2021 still watching ❤️
Neydc Bryxcv
Neydc Bryxcv 6 hours ago
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Rosiane Cristina
Rosiane Cristina 6 hours ago
I Love the way of died in Brasil
Talaya Mathis
Talaya Mathis 6 hours ago
i loved this song growing up. still do:)
Mon Amour
Mon Amour 6 hours ago
The people who disliked need a covid test, because they have no taste.
Yelyah Mc
Yelyah Mc 6 hours ago
Listening to this is in 2021 and you can't cancel Marshall !
Katcompany 6 hours ago
2 Billion People Can't All Be Wrong! I'm almost 70 years old and if I can still enjoy this raw honest song & video for a decade...well...WHOOP, There It Is!
Nigel Poku-Bonsu
Nigel Poku-Bonsu 6 hours ago
THIS IS THE SONG GEN Z TRYNA CANCEL? wait until they hear the songs he made in the early 2000s. better yet... wait until they hear Tyler, the Creators old music 😭😭😭
Umer Best
Umer Best 6 hours ago
Ghost Riders alternate origin
Rudy Zavala
Rudy Zavala 6 hours ago
Glad to have been born in 95 shady is the goat 🐐🙌
Venza Petrovitz
Venza Petrovitz 6 hours ago
All I see is Merry Brandybuck from LOTR.
Tanushree Chowdhury
If you want to cancel rappers for lyrics then cancel Six9ine and not Eminem.
Sweety sum
Sweety sum 6 hours ago
The name of that movie???
Muniz Sims
Muniz Sims 6 hours ago
For all you retards that think generation Z is canceling Eminem, can anyone tell me a post by a Zoomer that’s all about canceling him? I got news for you, it’s just one girl in Tik Tok that had her video shared at random like wildfire. There are people in all generations trying to cancel this guy, but guess what? Kids like myself who are born between the years 1996-2005 grew up with his music, so stfu already. Who are the folks that made some of the dankest memes about EM, Zoomers. Why is Eminem still a top streaming artist if generation Z is at war with him? You people are truly manipulated by the media if you think an entire generation is going against this man, hell I’ve seen more Zoomers defend Em than against. Where is this generational war? This is exactly why I hate the media
Arizona Hobbies & Rec
For the benefit of your and my entire generation, delete tik tok and convince all of your friends to do the same.
Anas Elassooudi
Anas Elassooudi 6 hours ago
Claire Grotting
Claire Grotting 6 hours ago
I’m Gen Z and I absolutely love this song! Don’t blame the whole generation for a bunch of idiots who don’t understand music.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan 7 hours ago
3:43 gen z mad about 😂
Devansh Mishra
Devansh Mishra 7 hours ago
Well I'm a gen z but EM is my idol, his songs helped me alot to handle my stress issues *I support Em* And some bunch of idiots can't change my view towards him and they can't even touch him because he is the *Rap God*
a n
a n 7 hours ago
Just here because I still think it's so strange that they put one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood in a music video with Merry Brandybuck of all people lol
Anthony Sims
Anthony Sims 7 hours ago
Aradea Wibiksana
Aradea Wibiksana 7 hours ago
Its 2,1 Billion watch for this vid only, good luck tryin to cancel the man who being the best to ever do it! Stupid Generations!
rachel st-john
rachel st-john 7 hours ago
You didnt lie Em... GenZ tone deaf af✌🏽🎶🎶🎶🎤🔊
Aaron Ochoa
Aaron Ochoa 7 hours ago
This song still slaps
Bielgin :3
Bielgin :3 7 hours ago
Me, who hears this song for three years, seeing people trying to cancel it: 👁👄👁
Skyward - COD Mobile
How this could be, I'm a gen Z.......
Wolf gang
Wolf gang 7 hours ago
GEN Z mad they don't have someone to love them that much..
the seal gamer537
the seal gamer537 7 hours ago
as gen z i agree my generation is absolutely retarded we are fucking brain dead also the people think this song is bad tell them to listen to guilty conscience which slaps
Chris Laf
Chris Laf 7 hours ago
imagine trying to cancel this guy 😂😂😂😂
Ti waz
Ti waz 7 hours ago
devil song
Seloch Inderdeo
Seloch Inderdeo 7 hours ago
Fucking song has cuss in it .The kid be like what did that say
Уилл Смит
Уилл Смит 7 hours ago
Ни одного русского комента
SLIZZO 7 hours ago
Mfs so sensitive wtf there is no canceling Eminem wtf wrong wit you bruh😂💯#GenZMAD
MYKALA CLAYTON 7 hours ago
Best song ever🌹💐💐💐❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖
Mel Mel
Mel Mel 7 hours ago
this is probably the most toxic relationship we'll ever witness tbh
Caleb Foo
Caleb Foo 7 hours ago
I'm a Gen Z and I'm embarrassed that my generation is trying to cancel the GOAT
Виктор Гущин
Шедевр !!!
Squidhanded 7 hours ago
i may be gen z but people tring to cancel this are brainlets
red daddy
red daddy 8 hours ago
I feel sorry for myself as i was born in gen z
Paige mazurek
Paige mazurek 8 hours ago
This is all my dad played
Devon Northrop
Devon Northrop 8 hours ago
All of you listening to this song to this day your an amazing person and keep on living life to the fullest!!!
Rishu Raj
Rishu Raj 8 hours ago
Damn this comment section is alive even in 2021
Marius M8
Marius M8 8 hours ago
How to cancel Eminem in 1 step Step 1 : you can't
Rihanna - Diamonds
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