Eminem - Kings Never Die (Lyric Video) ft. Gwen Stefani

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‘Kings Never Die’, from the Southpaw soundtrack, out now on iTunes: smarturl.it/KingsNeverDie
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Jul 29, 2015




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Comments 80
Marsha 4 hours ago
I feel quite honored that he uses my country in a song😂
THE UNEXPLAINED 15 hours ago
benda Day ago
It’s a masterpiece and got only 43 million views....
Kris Groot
Kris Groot Day ago
Immortal technique - Goonies never die
Liger _18. Liger .18.
Kings Never Die Super music .
Adebola Salako
Adebola Salako 2 days ago
The Best Shady Aftermath Omolola. 2020 👑⚜👑
Razza D
Razza D 2 days ago
Thanks Marshall
SumDude 2 days ago
This song is insane. Em and Gwen kill this
Vijay Vijay
Vijay Vijay 5 days ago
Eminem is my inspiration
Liger _18. Liger .18.
Perfect 👍
Long Road Ringtones
God's are also immortal like “EMINEM” 😊😊😊😊
Xeckle the element
When I was 8 years old and I get 2 kills in minecraft in a row
Sarita Tiwari
Sarita Tiwari 10 days ago
Real Rap is just 1 Eminem away from the Museum of International History
Kenneth Bujak Jr
Kenneth Bujak Jr 11 days ago
Not the Girl
Kenneth Bujak Jr
Kenneth Bujak Jr 11 days ago
I LOVE This Rapper
Akash Singh
Akash Singh 12 days ago
One of the best em song
XoJIogHa9I_BoUHa 12 days ago
Glory to the King!
Wesley Pacino
Wesley Pacino 13 days ago
New Rappers : Eminem is irrelevant Eminem: tell this new Rappers that Kings Never Die 😂😂😂
jara96supreme 14 days ago
In Game of Thrones is different
Son Ryuu
Son Ryuu 14 days ago
Nostalgia, I used to workout while listening to this 2 years ago.
Sudhir Masihi
Sudhir Masihi 15 days ago
My name, Leroy, means 'KING'.
Raghav Kumar
Raghav Kumar 17 days ago
"when it's my time to go I'm still not leaving"
IamLegenD 17 days ago
shut up "2020"
aneesa ahmad kamiri
Im curious who dislikes the video
noah fence
noah fence 18 days ago
2:21 this part is so sick
guy with a mask
guy with a mask 18 days ago
Added to my workout playlist
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 19 days ago
3:37 is it me or is that about Tupac
Sein Kim Official
Sein Kim Official 15 days ago
Sticky Dollar
Sticky Dollar 21 day ago
I want these on Mike Tyson's Return.
Dzmitry Seniukovich
How many people do the same in their life. I mean fighting for something on their own. It’s not about to be 🐐🐐🐐🐐 like Em. It’s just to be f*cking strong and stubborn like him and never give up no meter what. Even small thing. When you can’t get through. And you trying again and again. Again and again. When nobody around and you just know that you have to do this. And suddenly you f*cking win! And there is always Em around. His music. Who cares about Grammy and diamond sails when there is something like this song. Thank you Em. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 This is for everyone who never give up. Just keep doing!
luffy blaze
luffy blaze 23 days ago
I don't know why but one sentence that hits me hard every time I listen "obliterate anyone in the way "
Valentin Mengra
Valentin Mengra 24 days ago
the text is amazing
Kevin Lessor
Kevin Lessor 25 days ago
Perfect for Southpaw movie
Kapten GOODMAN 27 days ago
She wanted it, and told me to reallty show it.. and than i did. then she regret it since she r "respecteble"
Cem Esentürk
Cem Esentürk 28 days ago
THEODDPLAYER 28 days ago
Eminem’s lungs will never die
Roberts Umbrasko
Roberts Umbrasko 29 days ago
Kim Delos Santos
Kim Delos Santos 29 days ago
Classic 🔥
Farhad Yousafzai
English ka maa behen aik kyaaa🤣😂😂
Amanda Louw
Amanda Louw Month ago
My soul is not for sale
Makter Germany of
I remember when this channel's Subs are 5M lmao Time is so fast-----/\///\/J/\
Jakub Juřík
Jakub Juřík Month ago
How did I find this song NOW AND NOT FIVE YEARS EARLIER?
Strange Simpson
Strange Simpson 25 days ago
coz you havent listened to the Southpaw album
Quetzalli Flores
Eray Yılmaz
Eray Yılmaz Month ago
Türkler bi anda göserin kendinizi
Squangel Nutz
Squangel Nutz Month ago
Why u making songs with my wife..... 🤨
Telikott Month ago
Underrated as fuck
Sub is free
Sub is free Month ago
Whos here after "Music to be murderd by" ??
Johnny ThaDon
Johnny ThaDon Month ago
beerbanna banna
beerbanna banna Month ago
Daniel Sithole
Daniel Sithole Month ago
I understand that people might not like eminem but I don't understand how they can say he is not the best.
Leo Black
Leo Black Month ago
Hacía falta el regreso Eminem, mi cabeza se estaba pudriendo con tantos falsos raperos sonando en RUvid...
Мария Ермакова
Я полюбила творчество Эминема за страсть, что прорывается сквозь экран и тревожит мои ум и сердце.
Methmal dhananjaya
If I had to choose only one artist to listen rest of my Life, It would be Em.
Slesha Lepcha
Slesha Lepcha Month ago
Yaa.kings😋 also never diesss...
Kenneth Hytten
Kenneth Hytten Month ago
Yo! I LOVE you Eminem
Arnoldo Contreras Rivera
Aguas burro que te va seguir☠🐍
Splinter Games
Splinter Games Month ago
Thinking about its lyrics i think so. He is now devil
Rider FOX
Rider FOX Month ago
How come u not in video? Well great song anyhow! Peace
Welcome to World of music
Eminem in rap god: Why be a king when u can be a god Now finally I got the answer Because KINGS NEVER DIE
AB FABE Month ago
King cannot be a god
Coolio music
Coolio music Month ago
2020 kings never die Eminem still doing his thing
Wind_ Nioski
Wind_ Nioski Month ago
Lunga Mtiti
Lunga Mtiti Month ago
This song is too good but it's slept on
Christian Witherbee
Painfully underrated
HuMaN Month ago
Coś się narodzi niedługo
KayC TEH Month ago
Bug One
Bug One Month ago
Lol you think you're a king?Wait till you die and you will..you will be amongst the tortured in hell you pedivor!!!! Oh we know and so does GOD in heaven...bye bye pedivor!!!!!
Gaurav Ahuja
Gaurav Ahuja Month ago
This gotta be Eminem's most underrated.
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz 2 hours ago
CLNCJD94 Agreed this album was the best in my opinion. Isn’t funny how the tables have turned. Supposedly this was the worst now people are looking back at Untouchable and craping on him even more because it’s proved a point and nobody listened
mmddhh34 15 hours ago
@Dick Cockwallace just like im sick of seeing your name make up for your lil pee pee. Lmao. Naw.. there are too many comments saying some songs are underrated. This track is underrated sir hugecock mc longslong
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix Day ago
Bad Guy is the most underrated than Raw, Phenomenal, Legacy, Detroit vs. Everybody and kings never die
F 3 days ago
KEERTHI Vanth try “role model”....
CLNCJD94 6 days ago
This and Legacy I feel like do not get enough credit
Urielle Simo
Urielle Simo Month ago
If you are listening to this... then you are still alive Congrats 🎊
Samantha Armistead
I wish eminem was the president
Chris Ward
Chris Ward Month ago
I'd vote for him
Trifoi Claudiu
Trifoi Claudiu Month ago
Feels lately that its more about him than before when it was about the ones in his past situation.
Mark K'y
Mark K'y Month ago
Quarentena fds
Elisabeth Opel
Elisabeth Opel Month ago
Wow great Song, i love the lines, 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤
bunny thakur
bunny thakur Month ago
goosebumps 0:13
Mattia Comaglio
Mattia Comaglio Month ago
Ooo yess
infantryfeels 2 months ago
Hey Kings have you been drinking ur choccy milk?
Azim Morgan
Azim Morgan 2 months ago
Here to stay Even when I'm gone When I close my eyes Through the passage of time Kings never die I can hear the drummer drumming And the trumpets, someone's tryna summon someone, I know something's coming But I'm running from it to be standing at the summit And plummet, how come it wasn't what I thought it was, was it Too good to be true? Have nothing, get it all but too much of it then lose it again Did I swallow hallucinogens, 'cause if not, where the hell did it go? 'Cause here I sit in Lucifer's den by the dutch oven just choosing to sin Even if it means I'm selling my soul, just to be the undisputed again Do whatever I gotta do just to win 'Cause I got this motherfucking cloud over my head Crown around it, thorns on it Cracks in it, bet you morons didn't Think I'd be back, did ya? How 'bout that I'm somehow now back to the underdog But no matter how loud that I bark, this sport is something I never bow-wow'd at I complain about the game, I shout and I pout, it's a love-hate But I found out that I can move a mountain of doubt Even when you bitches are counting me out, and I appear to be down for the count Only time I ever been out and about is Driving around town with my fucking whereabouts in a doubt 'Cause I been lost tryna think of what I did to get here but I'm not a quitter Gotta get up, give it all I got or give up Spit on, shit on, stepped on, but kept going I'm tryna be headstrong But it feels like I slept on my neck wrong 'Cause you're moving onto the next, but is the respect gone? 'Cause someone told me that (Kings never die) Don't give me that sob story liar, don't preach to the choir You ain't never even had to reach in the fire to dig deep Nobody ever handed me shit in life, not even a flyer Wouldn't even take shit into consideration Obliterate anyone in the way I think I see why a lot of rappers get on these features and try to Show out on a track with me but it'd actually Have to be a fucking blowout to get me to retire Tell these new artists that kings never die I know shit has changed in this age, fuck a Twitter page Did it just say I've been upstaged? Why am I online? It's driving me crazy I'm riding shotgun tryna get a gauge On what's hot, but I'm not gonna' conform But as days pass in this shit And opinions sway, I can hear them say If I stay passionate maybe I can stay Jay miraculous Comeback as if I went away But detractors just say (so much) for the Renegade Someone's gonna make me blow my composure Here I go again, center stage and I feel like I'm in a cage (Some want a champion to fall I still wonder why I laugh at 'em 'Cause why care when I'm awesome?) Fuck what these cynics say (Just goes to show that when my back's against the wall And I'm under attack again, that I'll act as if I'm posted up) With this pent-up rage, 'cause all these plaques in my office On the floor stacked against the door Are they just metaphors for the odds of me comin' back again? 'Cause all the accomplishments, accolades, awards And trophies just don't mean jack anymore If I'm here today and gone tomorrow And I'm not gonna be Here to stay Even when I'm gone When I close my eyes Through the passage of time Kings never die I want it, I'm coming to get it So you son of a bitches don't duck you're gonna get Riddick Bowe'd Critics'll end up in critical Think your shit is dope all you're gonna get is smoked then And I ain't stopping 'till I'm on top again, all alone and on a throne Like a token of respect, or a homage poem, or an ode I've been owed Tossed in the air by my own arm, and launched so hard I broke my collarbone (And when it's my time to go, I'm still not leaving) Stop for no one, I don't know but I've been told an obstacle that Blocks your road, knock it over, time to go for that pot of gold, 'cause (They say kings never die Just ask Jam Master Jay, they Just grow wings and they fly, so Hands up, reach for the sky Try to hold up and prolong these moments 'Cause in a blink of an eye They'll be over) Tryna secure your legacy like Shakur and ensure Nobody's ever gonna be what you were So before you're leaving this Earth You want people to feel the fury of a pure evil cerebral berserk Deacon of words, syllable genius at work Plus I'm thinking that they're mistaking my kindness for weakness Kill 'em with meanness I went from powdered milk and Farina To flipping burgers on the grill for some peanuts From Gilbert's to arenas, call me Gilbert Arenas, still appeal to the dreamers I made it to the silver screen where Rocky's still what the theme is Khalil on the beat 'cause making the beat ain't the same Feeling to me as killing the beat is So fulfilling to me is what filling a seat is That sound, vomit, thirst and how common underground commons eat Outsider stomach growl, throbbing hunger Out-rhyming everyone, God just give me one shot I swear that I won't let you down I'ma be around forever, entertain even in the ground You ain't never ever gonna hear me say I ain't Here to stay Even when I'm gone When I close my eyes Through the passage of time Kings never die
Not Important
Not Important Month ago
Azim Morgan thanks for the lyrics because it’s not like this is a lyric video of something
Dylan Drury
Dylan Drury 2 months ago
Like if in 2020 listening to this or godzilla
korbin reed
korbin reed 2 months ago
God just give me one shot I swear that I won't let you down I'ma be around forever, entertain even in the ground You ain't never ever gonna hear me say I ain't Here to stay Even when I'm gone When I close my eyes Through the passage of time Kings never die 🐐
A Foxy Fox
A Foxy Fox 2 months ago
Denzel Washington vibes lol
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