Eminem, Juice Wrld - Godzilla Reaction/Review

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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 100
Shawn Oxley
Shawn Oxley Day ago
big ups for the mha poster
bigboy 1785
bigboy 1785 2 days ago
Bruh everyone here is a stan they say they like juce better and y'all got yo tits in a bunch
A C4th
A C4th 6 days ago
Lol. Mans be sleeping - Em says every word perfectly clear
Mind come true
Mind come true 20 days ago
Who are you guys still watched this 2020 september
Rashed Kh
Rashed Kh 29 days ago
Dead ass reaction fr fr
ghastfire3221 Month ago
fill em with the venom and eliminate em (elemonade em) other words I minute maid em I don't wanna hurt em but I did it in a fit of rage I'm murdering again nobody will evade em finna kill em and dump all the fucking bodies in the lake obliterating everything incinerate and renegade em cause i make anybody who want it with a pen afraid but don't nobody want it, but they gonna get it any way cause I'm beginning to feel like I'm mentally ill I'm atilla kill a be killed I'm a killer bee the vanilla gorilla you bringing the killer within me outta me you don't wanna be the enemy of the demon who went in me and be on the receiving end of me what stupidity itd be every bit of me is the epitomy of a spitter when I'm in the vicinity muthafucka you better duck or you finna be dead the minute you run into me a 100% of you is a fifth of the percent of me I'm boutta fucking finish bitch I'm unfadable you wanna battle I'm undebatable I'm unavoidable I'm unevadable I'm on the toilet bowl I got a trailer full of money not afraid to pull the. man stop. look what I'm panning haha. you can hear all the lyrics on a second listen.
Syeda Dareen
Syeda Dareen Month ago
ur reaction are the best but dont skip words. let the video be 20 min just dont skip lines.
Sownish Month ago
Y u cut everything 😒
ren ren gamer123
ren ren gamer123 2 months ago
just imagine emeniem is 61 years old and can still rap eorietvpu4o9opgfoitepiguetofk0kbi9titgkjg8rgjk8ijti9gki9kg9frfiu4rtiofryu8gdt539o5g959gu4tiojgoetgkropf,epfo0do0i4fjsd35i9t94ijfier94druf9fj54fj4i5fu4i9fji3rfju93if90irw4op5er0tk5igjtrgbjtr90fkgftryktrgjtr0gktrokgtrgkfreigkl65kohkholporgrfklokgjkijbgfigosiregoeruihgheuioheroigjporewgkewjkl;t3ggvodfpskgvflijobrgkfdklrgl.lkkpoiiiiiiiiii3qeufisiofjdweertre9989vjjfifjirjojgijgiewopjfi0ewufg9esoidfe90tfeowfwofiwepoifsipodfopesdfipod;lerreriosdklwoiopeifawopfrweererp[rweewropewropesfodasoq3ewuoiwejd9e0w0frleofkeow0ugyerjudhjisdfdrweyeedujujiroalsdjgfwori2=3r-=wotijespldftpdsxzfg3iw4u-320984e3ko3eu893wrjewrje38ew90w90w90w90w90w90jjr93wewed032wdf94e0wjd9j39wedsj9ejsoptfjvocdsmfvuiweeokf89wje[ri28903elpdkr0-w3eodlp[iqw30ekdlke-9r32p[doiw0dias-doi03owad0-esdoad0[spodaPID9E[OT034[DL;A'PIODKSKADLFJ;WO3D,;EAS;,[WEO-R=0-230I89053]R ;pLPREKFS,D;.SMQkl;ijekdsjaktueisf923=-[
Mappy Diaz
Mappy Diaz 2 months ago
These guys suck
Angela Cavon
Angela Cavon 2 months ago
I only understood a little bit of it because I looked up the lyrics. If I paused the video and sang it myself I can do the whole thing I think. I can't sing along with him though because his lyrics are like a tounge twister since he raps so fast.
Kira 2 months ago
Fuck this reaction, please delete your RUvid channel, fuck all your merch
riya saurastri
riya saurastri 2 months ago
Also, you can’t comprehend so you hate it??? I mean juice literally just did the chorus and not just cause he is no more you hype him up like that. Didn’t listen to juice much before though, did you?
riya saurastri
riya saurastri 2 months ago
Bro your reactions are actually so stupid. Your introduction and ending is the most annoying and time consuming. And in other reaction videos, you guys are so dull. Stop telling us to follow you on Instagram all the time ugh.
Andy Romero
Andy Romero 2 months ago
Song is fire
Jamie Rose
Jamie Rose 2 months ago
Glad I didn't sub to this shit
Force 2 months ago
Yall really put the censored version of an eminem song?
FaGaMel 2 months ago
Maybe this song just not your cup of tea. But this is my bottle of vodka.
Saidi Arij
Saidi Arij 2 months ago
Bad reaction guys Dont expect that from you But keep it up❣
Quya Kalashnikova
Quya Kalashnikova 2 months ago
Vanessa Bohol
Vanessa Bohol 2 months ago
Iloveyou guys!! 😘❤️
Diego Latigo
Diego Latigo 3 months ago
that's what rap is all about..guess generation now won't get it
Franco 3 months ago
The intro is trash, the reaction is trash, the video is trash
Ashhh 4 months ago
Y’all dumb as hell for listening to the censored version
Andre's 4 months ago
what the fuck are these guys saying lmao💔 only thing they caught was the hook
Bernardine Desiree
Bernardine Desiree 4 months ago
wtf?? you just cant understand what eminems rappin duh!! tss..🥴🙄 bet you cant even do what eminem did..😏 but fyi theres a lyrics of that song maybe you should watch that so you'll know what eminem say..
lccroley 4 months ago
U sound like an old guy with the ”I don't like it cuz I can't understand”
MTI P 4 months ago
Meh... those guys are mumble lovers... Eminem never had So much FIRE in hes Bars...
DeQuarious Williams
DeQuarious Williams 4 months ago
I like how people who likely listen to mumble rap mumbo jumbo most of the time have trouble understanding what rappers like Eminem have to say
y2k firre
y2k firre 4 months ago
Bro, u guys reaction to this album is rly shallow no depth
D Loks
D Loks 4 months ago
By now we only watch these dumbasses to see if they catch any of ems versus (which they don’t) but here we are still watching
Truth 4 months ago
These comments are toxic af. We all love Em and Juice here.
Daniel Ponik
Daniel Ponik 4 months ago
“Maybe “Stan” just isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe your cup’s full of syrup and lean.”
Mr Silver
Mr Silver 4 months ago
Haters=comments Stop 😑
JAMES DENNIS_JR 5 months ago
Stop editing the parts out
E-Z Fish tips
E-Z Fish tips 5 months ago
Yeeah im never subcribing to them no one should
soul mg
soul mg 5 months ago
So many cuts that if I get your editor I will tell him that I hate him as much as I hate this reaction.
rrperezup 5 months ago
Y’all Wasted the first 2 minutes of my life. Thumbs down, the hell down.
Fernando Mercado
Fernando Mercado 5 months ago
Can't under stand the first verse bruh can't under stand English and juice world did not make the beat better it's good no matter what ppl already did the fast rap part completely and another person did it on 1.25 speed the fastest she didn't miss a word u fools are Tripping can't understand headass juice world didn't body anything it's just a hook sounds good asf but just a hook I'm dead
RC_Rekzo YT
RC_Rekzo YT 5 months ago
everytime we listen to the song these people who react to it skip some it when they have a lot of time it doesnt make sense
choccotaku 5 months ago
Yeah you guys are getting sucky. You chose juicewrld over eminem? Okay yeah bye
Alex Ruiz
Alex Ruiz 5 months ago
When Em started snappin and you guys kept it real!! We ALL didn't know WTF to do when we FIRST heard it 😂😂😂😂
Queenn 5 months ago
Dang, the comments man🤦🏾‍♀️
not_james_bond 5 months ago
I was fan of ur reactions but this shit made me dislike and unsubscribed
Ma.Princess Erandio
Ma.Princess Erandio 5 months ago
worst shit
baphomet2077 zz
baphomet2077 zz 5 months ago
Em killed it guys wtf lol
CrazyGamer351 6 months ago
How you gonna call Juice WRLD a legend? He was 21 dudes. No way was he a legend. Maybe a legend in the making, but he sure as hell weren’t there yet.
Legends of Youtube
Legends of Youtube 6 months ago
U can pause as much as u like but u can't skip.. turn down the mood yo... play by the rules
Ichiro Migeru
Ichiro Migeru 6 months ago
These black guys are talkative dumbs
Jar Jar Bunks
Jar Jar Bunks 6 months ago
This is the worst reaction video i've ever seen
Aren Trembly
Aren Trembly 6 months ago
Thanks for the huge waste of time. Im going to go look for a real reaction.
Kylee Jayde
Kylee Jayde 6 months ago
Doood these guys can’t unstated any rhymes spoken in real time. Not their fault - Jut funny
James Allen
James Allen 6 months ago
I'm glad I read some comments and didn't piss away nine minutes of my life watching this. Seriously, how the hell do you have so many subs when you suck?
YJ Wrangler
YJ Wrangler 6 months ago
This channel is fuckin garbage. After your annoying intro I should have known. How bout you just skip the song? There was NOTHING in this.
Art_ill_Chris 6 months ago
Aye found y’all through anime but I’m hype to see the other sides of the channel. Keep grinding, boys.
Hunter Brewer
Hunter Brewer 6 months ago
you guys really gotta stop reacting to em, everyone understood everything he said but y’all 😂😂😂 i could tell you almost every bar this man said in that last line, unsubscribing after this one
Fayyadh Bakhtiar
Fayyadh Bakhtiar 6 months ago
Im only here for the anime reactions. was a mistake coming here for a rap reaction.
X Phantom 11
X Phantom 11 6 months ago
Stick to shows reaction guys
Raven Crow
Raven Crow 6 months ago
"These leaders of Free World rookies. Lookie, how can 5 dicks be pussies" -B Rabbit
Raven Crow
Raven Crow 6 months ago
Wow lol these dumbfcks bars went all over them head lmao
Griffin G4m3r
Griffin G4m3r 6 months ago
Yo the comments need to chill these guys love Eminem, they were just messing around. The only reason people are getting mad is because they said some facts while messing around.
WebHead2099 6 months ago
You should check out Ekoh he is great lyrically here I can’t understand what Eminem or the other guy is saying really lol, this song isn’t for me I like Venom & Em’s Kamikazie album more than this one song
sam ir
sam ir 6 months ago
These guys bearly catch any bars smh
Linet Wambui
Linet Wambui 6 months ago
maybe when yo reacting u should avoiding cutting the video...were here for the reaction bruh
FROSTY 6 months ago
Thanos 6 months ago
I literally heard every word he said the first time I listened to the song lol y’all just some slow ass niggas
Mr. BTSuga
Mr. BTSuga 6 months ago
I respect you guys but damn y'all listen to kpop and call if Fire without knowing what they talking about... K-Pop is my fav but I still look up the lyrics before I call it "Fire" cuz sometimes they don't be spitting shit.
Mr.Singh 00923
Mr.Singh 00923 6 months ago
I'm just here to drop a dislike. You're welcome
Goat Ghost
Goat Ghost 6 months ago
S T U P I R why cause you all so STUPID didn't know anything
Kevin McQuade
Kevin McQuade 6 months ago
I’m confused. Did they think Juice WRLD had a verse?
billyant murthi
billyant murthi 6 months ago
I subs you guys. I always watch your videos too, BUT THIS???!! come on guys!! This’s worst. I’m done with you dude! Stop react to Em’s songs! “Wtf is Em saying?” That’s how Em close your fucking mouth!
Keshia Rodriguez Boss Mom
Waste of my time y’all don’t know anything if you actually listen to you understand it but clearly you all don’t know shit about music
Mark Kammerdeiner
Mark Kammerdeiner 6 months ago
"Juice World bodied this!" Not sure if these guys caught one of Em's bars. That's got to be frustrating for him.
Joash L
Joash L 6 months ago
The amount of times they cut the video it was painful
Gaurav Shrestha
Gaurav Shrestha 7 months ago
worst reaction channel ever . GTFOH
Cory Wilder
Cory Wilder 7 months ago
I honestly thought juice wrld was just singing the hook! 🤣🤣 Seriously though! I honestly don't they would have understood most Em's word play or appreciated his lyrical prowess even if they could understand the bars... No disrespect, y'all just don't know any better.
_Frost_ 7 months ago
I baaarely listen to rap at all, and i still caught nearly everything on my first listen of this.. imho the reason it's so amazing is BECAUSE he can make it so clearly understandable :P
Daniel Brunetti
Daniel Brunetti 7 months ago
Bro yall gotta relax with the comments...they are complimenting Juice's verse but that doesnt mean they are bashing Em's...its obviously hard to understand what Eminem is saying in that last verse thats not their fault bruh
Sunil Vurity
Sunil Vurity 7 months ago
really ? Get some Rap 101 lessons...it ends with M
LOY Payne
LOY Payne 7 months ago
Yo that guy on left beside the middle one looks like Dax OMG
Sam Kashyap
Sam Kashyap 7 months ago
Worst reaction ever
Gagan P
Gagan P 7 months ago
These guys are absolute clowns
Black CAT
Black CAT 7 months ago
Rap God is back again
Caleb Boyce
Caleb Boyce 7 months ago
So hold up. Could you not catch it or did he say nothing? Y’all fucking people are tryna day both, and that’s not how that works lol
JTS 8807
JTS 8807 7 months ago
watch Dax remix of Godzilla it's fire
Nicole Jessica
Nicole Jessica 7 months ago
Garbage reaction.
Cassandra Vazquez
Cassandra Vazquez 7 months ago
Do y’all even listen 🤦🏽‍♀️🤯🤔
ItzJac 7 months ago
These people really out here forgetting bout juice 😴
Joel Cardenas
Joel Cardenas 7 months ago
Waaaaack reaction.
mark bennett
mark bennett 7 months ago
why? lol
Siddharth Awasthi
Siddharth Awasthi 7 months ago
Why don't you close your youtube channel? WORST REACTION!!
Daniel Aiman
Daniel Aiman 7 months ago
Fun fact these people like mumble rappers
Daniel Aiman
Daniel Aiman 7 months ago
Well this channel is a joke anyway so don't take anything seriously it ain't worth it
MrKevin486 7 months ago
"I can't tell what hes saying" hahaha jesus christ. Pathetic.
Jaime 7 months ago
Nice video. Finally unsubbed lmao niggas slow asf
Ken Rize
Ken Rize 7 months ago
Why are there too many skips?
Chris Ddd
Chris Ddd 7 months ago
Fucking clowns
Jose ma-boy
Jose ma-boy 7 months ago
One of the wackest reactions I've seen by far.
X- Hibit
X- Hibit 7 months ago
you got a lot of dislike cause you fcking cut to the venom part.
Candice Curtis
Candice Curtis 7 months ago
Please don’t react to Eminem. You can’t even follow it. Also skipping half the song doesn’t help. If it’s that hard for you pull the lyrics up.
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