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Eminem - Higher (Official Music Video)
Music video by Eminem performing Higher. © 2021 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records


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Jan 23, 2021




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Hr Erkki
Hr Erkki 4 minutes ago
Eminem BEST 👌👌
Lirical Boy
Lirical Boy 17 minutes ago
We need some old school rap and video,, slim shady forever
Leo ro
Leo ro 36 minutes ago
Ehh where is the fast rapper
lorraine lawless
lorraine lawless 40 minutes ago
Lorraine Lawless likes his music.
Michael Terry
Michael Terry 43 minutes ago
This song reminds me of goku
belwizda d
belwizda d 48 minutes ago
Fuk gen z fuk lord jamar fuk snoop doog fuk .....etc
Bloxy Game
Bloxy Game Hour ago
People try canceling saying his lyrics is problematic when the previous genaration had no problem so mabye YOU are the problem
Coach Bassam Tarek
See bitches, eminem is acting. He is not the rude type of person. Plus, I can see you.
Cs Slovakia
Cs Slovakia Hour ago
Imagine that little fuckers(gen z) want cancel him😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Apple Hour ago
Eminem deserves to be in gen ♾
the spartacus
the spartacus Hour ago
Quanti italiani? 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
That Chorus is love......Eminem OP
Kevin Kuriakose
Kevin Kuriakose 2 hours ago
jhe GMRZ
jhe GMRZ 2 hours ago
forever my favorite rapper
Havoc Videla
Havoc Videla 2 hours ago
I love mnm
LeoBlueDevil5 2 hours ago
The only thing I want is to meet you but that wont happen I wish it would
LeoBlueDevil5 2 hours ago
Still keep on doing this you are the only good rapper I listen too
3 N
3 N 3 hours ago
Eminem Hi, ja ich bin aus Deutschland . Shark is Hai, ja das ist eine übersetzung Hai ya making Karate Kids silence is Gold but to be silence in Gold makes you Gold
Bharat mata ki jay
Bharat mata ki jay 3 hours ago
Eminem is great
Toots 3 hours ago
Jay - z - Hard knock life....about sums it up
Ali R.i
Ali R.i 3 hours ago
I love you boy
Adrian Xiaomi
Adrian Xiaomi 3 hours ago
Jesus Loves You !!!
Saman Mokarami
Saman Mokarami 3 hours ago
Toots 3 hours ago
The chemical brothers - brothers gonna work it out dj mix ..... Have a listen.....93 the birth of slim shady "don't be shady keep your baby" the slogan on an anti abortion poster that started it all....your welcome
꧁༺KidToy༻꧂ 4 hours ago
2021 Viotem Delie
rasool tatality
rasool tatality 4 hours ago
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 4 hours ago
Not taking anything away from Eminem, but check out the album 28 Wednesday's later
Emir Solihn
Emir Solihn 4 hours ago
tally inc
tally inc 4 hours ago
You searched him up he didnt get in ur recommended
Harsh Kumar Singh
Harsh Kumar Singh 4 hours ago
Because RUvid won't recommend it
Ranya Rany
Ranya Rany 4 hours ago
stop singing the chorus bro it's horrible! you ruined the song
Josh Masser
Josh Masser 5 hours ago
Might me a stupid question but I wonder if Eminem can still Rap rap God?
Adrian Xiaomi
Adrian Xiaomi 3 hours ago
Jesus Loves You ! Trust HIM ! He will come BACK
Harsh Kumar Singh
Harsh Kumar Singh 4 hours ago
Did you heard Godzilla And go check his KAMIKAZE concerts
Arno Lourens
Arno Lourens 5 hours ago
Dana white: We were never friends
Natanael tandi
Natanael tandi 5 hours ago
you legeng if u can say all ufc fighter in thiss video??
Hiphop Rap _ Music
Hiphop Rap _ Music 5 hours ago
Great hiphop music wish you happy listening
Rapz Bush
Rapz Bush 5 hours ago
Wahnsinn... Immer noch der beste von allen...
Jonna Seager
Jonna Seager 6 hours ago
how can people dislike this
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 5 hours ago
Maybe because they don't like it 😂
Stugotz98 6 hours ago
That’s the fucking G.O.A.T. right there!!
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 5 hours ago
Check out Chris Webby I think they should collaborate
Jenn M.
Jenn M. 6 hours ago
Legend! Huge respect for EM. Listen to his songs since the slim shady LP came out. will listen to EM's songs even when i will be 80 years old.
Mohamed Hedi
Mohamed Hedi 6 hours ago
Straight outa BARRRRRRS
Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh 7 hours ago
People who have given like they got aids HIV virus they have very good taste huh! Wtf
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 6 hours ago
Imagine Eminem and Chris Webby on the same track
eHacker 7 hours ago
Tom MacDonald dropping hardcore facts about the state of the world. The bar is raised.
eHacker 6 hours ago
@Robert Germain II he seems alright. Good stuff. Tom MacDonald is my fav tho atm
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 6 hours ago
@eHacker no problem definitely spread the word this year is going to be crazy for Chris Webby, tons of Music in the pipeline
eHacker 7 hours ago
@Robert Germain II thanks
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 7 hours ago
Same with Chris Webby check out raw thoughts 4
TTVmeltedBTW -_-
TTVmeltedBTW -_- 7 hours ago
Ash O
Ash O 7 hours ago
Shady 😍 goose bumps
Flepical 7 hours ago
To the 12k dislikers. "Haters are funny man, its like your gonna hate it no matter what it is. Yet you still click on it." Quoting the G.O.A.T - Eminem
Batuş 7 hours ago
sep.06.2021. rip :)
Noah Scanlon
Noah Scanlon 7 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks he should make, I live at home in a trailer, a song out of 8mile
The_At_gaming 8 hours ago
Koi indian h kya
HOT GIRL 8 hours ago
Marouane M
Marouane M 9 hours ago
Okay... after a loooooong discussion with my brain, unfortunately, neither of us was able to understand how it is only 15 M? 🌡 Logic RIP
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 8 hours ago
Also check out Chris Webby I think they should collaborate they meaning Eminem and Chris Webby
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 8 hours ago
Check out the song pickle Rick by ekoh
anonymous gamer
anonymous gamer 9 hours ago
Romeo Mothapo
Romeo Mothapo 9 hours ago
This is the slim shaddy we know🤟🤟
Loki Osborne
Loki Osborne 9 hours ago
love your music i've been listening since i was a little fucker
robert McDaniel
robert McDaniel 10 hours ago
Ahhhhh this whole video made me want to see an Em vs Slim battle.
Jason Love
Jason Love 10 hours ago
You got more to do it's just the beginning chady
xd nacker
xd nacker 11 hours ago
Straight fire🔥🔥 been listening since I was three no🧢🧢🧢🧢
Neetu Singh
Neetu Singh 12 hours ago
Just awesome 😎
Yoooo Indians too listening hip hop 🙏🙏🔥
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley 12 hours ago
Awesome...can’t wait till I turn 40
flashbang309 12 hours ago
can you make a diss track on gen z since they're trying to cancel you for a song lyric
Prashant 13 hours ago
Lyric are as follows:Yeah You know I've been around for a while now Not sure if I have much left to prove Yeah, I do, haha I look at me now I'm thinkin, "Damn" How proud of me I am What I did, it's nothin' to sneeze at Even if your allergies are bad I'm up in a balcony in France I look around, I see the fans How they surround me in the stands Probably could drown in a sea of hands They hollerin', "Shady" Yellin' it out to me and that's what I mean when I say That one day someway, somehow, if I get a chance to get a crowd I'll flip it around and have a crowd give me the chance I've done it all, man But in actuality I haven't, yet Where am I supposed to go from here? Oh hey (oh-oh-oh) Really I have no idea All I know it's every time I think I hit my ceiling I go higher than I've ever fuckin' been Where am I supposed to go from here? Oh hey (oh-oh-oh) Really I have no idea All I know it's every time I think I hit my ceiling I go higher than I've ever fuckin' been Got no time for no haters in this bitch Or toleration for this shit But like medication, my dedication And the time it takes to do this shit Reminds me of how an overcrowded hospital waitin' room'll get But I mean it's maybe I have more patience than I'm able to admit Yeah, but I'm still mentally stable as a three-legged table in this bitch Fame was a switch but I was grateful To trade that shit for the trailer with the hitch Thought it would made me a ravin' lunatic But I made it through to my situation, I hit pay dirt Now I get paper like a stapler in this bitch But just 'cause I made a little bit of change Don't mean I've changed a little bit Brain full of wit, dangerous Can't extinguish this English language when it's lit Now I'm just paradin', you would still get Shady 'til I'm 82 I spit this crazy, even Dre, he knows I'ma blow Better get the handkerchief again, haha Where am I supposed to go from here? Oh hey (oh-oh-oh) Really I have no idea All I know it's every time I think I hit my ceiling I go higher than I've ever fuckin' been (Know I talk about this shit a lot but) Where am I supposed to go from here? Oh hey (oh-oh-oh) Really I have no idea All I know it's every time I think I hit my ceiling I go higher than I've ever fuckin' been Oh, now what am I gonna do? Can't nothing hold me I'm on the loose Born a winner, damn it's so hard to lose I can do it and do it, when I'm tryin' to When my records flop they still go through the roof This atmosphere's for a chosen few Who was on their grind, to get money moves And you ain't gon' get that if you want it down You gotta take shots with 100 proof Been in survival mode Since a five year old, it was I alone Since my trike was stole, spiral notebook and microphone But lookin' back how bad it was then If it hadn't been for the pad and the pen Addict mom and deadbeat dad I wouldn't have the savage within Havin' to win, every single battle I'm in All I ever wanted was to be an MC Tediously I wrote obediently, believing in me EPMD must've had teachin' degrees Learn to defeat enemies with the ink, thinkin' of these rhymes Would be as easy as eatin' graffiti Would be like remedial readin' to me (yeah) 'Til my last breath leave my lungs, I'ma beat my drums (yeah) For the streets I'm from (yeah), the East side slums (yeah) Gotta read, mind numb (yeah) I take a foe out (yeah), like fee-fi-fum You see my finger (what?), you see my thumb (what?) You see my fist, fuck a peace pipe bum (what?) Here for the smoke but it's not the weed I want (what?) With this beat I brung for the beef I've come (woo) But you better bring it if you wanna reply from 'Cause for you to be lyrically inclined, it'd be a steep climb up That'll be an uphill battle But I'm off kickin' feet in the recliner And I think I'm about to go Out on a limb like a tree climber Time to push my ceiling higher 'cause Where am I supposed to go from here? Oh hey (oh-oh-oh) Really I have no idea All I know it's every time I think I hit my ceiling I go higher than I've ever fuckin' been (Might be the last time, man) Where am I supposed to go from here? Oh hey (oh-oh-oh) Really I have no idea All I know it's every time I think I hit my ceiling I go higher than I've ever fuckin' been
Stacy Steffon
Stacy Steffon 13 hours ago
Eminem 🦾🦾🦾🦾🐐🐐🐐🐐💯💯💯
anak anjing
anak anjing 13 hours ago
06 september 2021..The 2021 forecast
Stacy Steffon
Stacy Steffon 13 hours ago
Diego Dourado
Diego Dourado 13 hours ago
Nathan Lavina Myers ET CRIPPS
👍 stuff good Hay 👍
夜寻曦 14 hours ago
eminem is God
gri22ly100 14 hours ago
Eminem's SJW stance is so corny and cringe
Ilerand 11 hours ago
Piss off
The bomber's brain
The bomber's brain 14 hours ago
Best raper ever
Top smartphones
Top smartphones 15 hours ago
I know. I can easily beat this Man named Eminem. He is so weak. 🤛🤜🤏
belwizda d
belwizda d 52 minutes ago
@Ilerand 🤣😂😂😂
Ilerand 11 hours ago
Bro you named "top smartphone" you probably mumble rapping lil bitch you ain't nothing
Caleb 15 hours ago
G.O.A.T Gen Z is trying to cancel you and even though I'm part of Gen z I literally dissed the rest because of them trying to cancel you
Erick Gonzalez G
Erick Gonzalez G 16 hours ago
Me gusta mi tío :3
Jackie Wang Bao
Jackie Wang Bao 16 hours ago
Your awsome!
Dustee Dawg
Dustee Dawg 17 hours ago
Do juuuuuust one more d12 album
Alexander Thibeau
Alexander Thibeau 17 hours ago
Are there really people still trying to cancel Eminem? Are they fucking stupid?😂
Selin Nur
Selin Nur 17 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-YJM7HQVHSmw.html 328483
Ilyas El Haouari
Ilyas El Haouari 18 hours ago
Go higher
Nico R.
Nico R. 18 hours ago
Top compositores que dejaron humillados a eminem 1 killercreeper
Sellout BTW
Sellout BTW 18 hours ago
I feel like we need some Slim Shady??
Damon Hillfiger
Damon Hillfiger 18 hours ago
3:36 Watch Dana White | Poker Face | Listen Sports Agents Jerry Macguire "SHOW THE MOMEY"
Damon Hillfiger
Damon Hillfiger 18 hours ago
WATCH FOR SPORTS CENTER Featuring Dana White & Eminem Methods & Madness Commentary MM Methods & METriculation 25:54 HIGHER LEADS Heavyweight Champion Anthony "Joshua">Play
YNG.Dayvon 18 hours ago
RIP Eminem September 6th 2021 be ready
Laugh Mark Laugh
Laugh Mark Laugh 18 hours ago
Syabonga Jele
Syabonga Jele 19 hours ago
HerO 19 hours ago
Times up. Damons coming. He's going to beat u.
HerO 17 hours ago
I figure , When the world sees my power , Versus, One of their Lords, I will possess the power also
HerO 17 hours ago
I don't want to do this.. Just want some attention
HerO 19 hours ago
Girl with a beard looking boy. Damon is really really good.
HerO 19 hours ago
With Rap God. Pizza face looking boy
Elissa Kurty
Elissa Kurty 19 hours ago
dannyskaterr 19 hours ago
tbh i am so bored i just want him to diss some mumble rappers
Leonel David Bandez
Leonel David Bandez 20 hours ago
SadVoidz 20 hours ago
Bring back Slim Shady!
Herobeans 20 hours ago
My dog after getting a treat
Big Chang is
Big Chang is 21 hour ago
Just listened to fack😏
Jack Wlodarczyk
Jack Wlodarczyk 21 hour ago
I been a fan of Eminem for a long time and I wish I could meet him in real life but that will never happen. Keep up your work dude you are my number 1 fav rappers. You are the GOAT!!!
Barış Kahveci
Barış Kahveci 21 hour ago
Barış Kahveci
Barış Kahveci 21 hour ago
Dark Secrut
Dark Secrut 22 hours ago
This guys going 2 blow!!!
Remie Hmar
Remie Hmar 22 hours ago
Ka duh pa
Ventel Agab
Ventel Agab 23 hours ago
Eminem you’re good but I think that you should and go against me and than you have ferries all your life you’ve been right and sing for the moment is right but now it’s time to say goodbye to 8 mile cuss I’m better
Ilerand 11 hours ago
You joined 19 hours ago get tf outta here fake ass bot
B-Rabbit 22 hours ago
U just wish to be him it will never happen U Watched 8mile so don't go for Eminem He Will Ignore your whack songs he won't even Hear Ur shit
Nelson Wilson
Nelson Wilson 23 hours ago
I read on the news today that there was a guy named Polow who worked at National Bank. One morning on his day off his girlfriend suggested to him that he gets penis enlargement surgery saying that it would please her more sexually if he were to undergo this procedure. He said yes. He was put under anesthetics and to his surprise he woke up and had a huge black rubber strap-on! He freaked out and his girlfriend said "I knew you were cheating on me this whole time, so I tricked you!" He went back to work as a loans officer at National Bank wearing leather pants and all the coworkers said "we know you don't have a cock. We all know about the procedure you underwent, and you can't hide it because we can see it through your transparent leather pants!" A couple consulted him for a car loan and the girl in the couple whispered in her boyfriend's ear "this guy has no cock!" He leaned back in his chair, opened his mouth and screamed. He ran down the street like in the music video Shake me down by cage the elephant and went into a tent crawl space while it was snowing. He came back to work and all the coworkers started shouting "POPPY POLOW STRAP ON, POPPY POLOW STAP-ON!" Then his girlfriend approached him and said "all things are living!" He stood next to an ATM machine crying while his big rubber black cock flopped back and forth thinking the ATM machine was going to give him money
biya ha ya
biya ha ya 23 hours ago
هل من جزاءري هنا او عربي انا اتجول لوحدي
belwizda d
belwizda d 50 minutes ago
باينا شكوبيستان في كل مكان we are in all over the world
DAM4GE Day ago
Cmon m make another banger like old days🙏
THat MEtal Head
JYZZU Day ago
Eminem te esta destarando August D
Niall Macken
Niall Macken Day ago
xIcBbIx v3n0m64
Like a ghost, gasps... and gone. I can't imagine if I see him in person. The guy is like rare species. Much love.
Jaewon Lee
Jaewon Lee Day ago
Nelson Wilson
I saw a guy in June 2019 walking in the streets of Montreal who I went to high school with and he told me he was going to Hollywood. Once he arrived there, they asked him if he wanted to play the devil in the movie "This is the end part. 2" While he was on the operating table, the surgeon told him : "relax, we're just gonna give you anesthetics to make you fall asleep so we an die your face red, you're playing the devil, remember!" He said OK When he woke up, he was freaked out to notice that he didn't have a penis anymore! He was screaming frantically saying "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?" Then some husky guy said to him " haven't you seen this is the end part #1, the devil get his dick cut off, so now you can be part of the squirrels" Ever since this day he has been climbing trees, collecting walnuts and hibernating during the winter months!
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