Eminem - Fall

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From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
Music video by Eminem performing Fall. © 2018 Aftermath Records


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Sep 4, 2018




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Jeevraj Bhojwani
My first song I heard was 'Not afraid' and as I grew up...I realised that Eminem was the King and Will always be the king and no one can take that place away. And this song proves my point...I just hope he see's this comment and maybe just gives it a like and then I would be the happiest person in the world
bertha bertha
bertha bertha Hour ago
His looks good in this video 😍👏🏻👍
smh._.miguel 2 hours ago
Dnt fuck wit tha real GOAT!!!
72 year old virgin Gamer
Don't compare this Legend with that Shitty Suga😑💔 Stop girls u need to stop this!👊🖕🖕
Mrflimflam BG
Mrflimflam BG 8 hours ago
Ariana Grande: 7 rings Miley Cyrus: 7 things Lukas Graham: 7 years Eminem: 7 lungs
Nedim Mršić
Nedim Mršić 15 hours ago
Linem up... rrrraat 👌
Karim 17 hours ago
Evry musision dream is to be in an album with eminem
Dylan Payne
Dylan Payne 17 hours ago
Corey Moore
Corey Moore 17 hours ago
Line em up! I serious about trying to fuck with him? Bye Tyler
Corey Moore
Corey Moore 17 hours ago
nena baby
nena baby Day ago
dua lipa
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes Day ago
E digo mais ele cantando parése com o Fanqueiro aqui do Brazil o nome dele é mc quime ele é famoso aqui no Brazil será que um dia eu vou ver esses dois cantores cantando juntos em algum show aqui no Brazil ou nois Estados Unidos e gravando um vídeo clipe para o RUvid um dia bom eu espéro que sim deus abençoe os dois
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes Day ago
Esse aí é o répe mais famoso e taletoso do mundo e também o mais trilhonario do mundo parabéns Eminem por tudo que vc conquistou até hoje que deus abençoe vc hoje e sempre um abraço do Brazil pra vc vc merece tudo isso que está acontecendo na sua vida
who thought the king of Hip-Hop will be a white boy.
Vipers Sting
Vipers Sting 5 hours ago
Eminem is the rap god and goat
Wendell Pickett
He back boys when was he ever gone doe?😂
Jenuine JonesZen Productions
I love you dude
Hamod Walweel
Now 2020(eminem)🤘🤘
axel engels
axel engels Day ago
Rhymes perfekt ,want know every word he says . The chorus starts nerving extremly. i Am very interessted in , the opinion Eminem offer. I don't know really ,whose he mean,he had inspired ,nine iinch nails,?
Røhit sínha
2pac from heaven: man these kids are killing hip hop GOD(youknowwho): say no more
Donald Griffin
2:58 he threw shots at Tyler the creator and gave a boogie props in the same bar or am I tripping...🤣🤣🤣
Check out my AMV and rate it ruvid.net/video/video-olIqV1nG4DY.html
Vipin Singh sen
Mintu haar gaya
sunrise 47
sunrise 47 Day ago
Kaushal Kumar
When Em gets mad at the phone 0:34 iPhone becomes a Samsung.
Stephen Tharp
Any other rapper his age still debuting at #1 every album? Maybe Jay Z, lil wayne. Anybody else?
jamie Dyer
jamie Dyer Day ago
Same as always poor little guy
sunrise 47
sunrise 47 Day ago
🤡the number of flows he switches is more than your iQ
Sarita Akhuj
Sarita Akhuj Day ago
There is venom simbiyotes
ربيع نصيب
Is full power 🕸️😈👺
Stephen Tharp
He said sorry i took forever, the drake song and the amount of time. Top Notch
Vipers Sting
Vipers Sting 5 hours ago
@Jason Gray shut yo ass drug addict trump supporter
Stephen Tharp
Stephen Tharp 10 hours ago
@Jason Gray eat 💩
Jason Gray
Jason Gray 14 hours ago
Silviu Iulian
EMINEM thank you for been my inspiration in this wierd generation !!! RAP needs you the most now more than ever !!
Corina Pirlog
The Best. Eminem. Îs ADORABLE.RAP high quality
Claudio Bruno
Claudio Bruno 2 days ago
Eminem good ne rep
graham bell
graham bell 2 days ago
Everytime i listen to Eminem he hurts my brain in a good way,Eminem the 🐐
Hushan Hasnain
Hushan Hasnain 2 days ago
Searching BINOD in comment section 😂
Rakettivuori 2 days ago
He got his darling back
Mr Gadget
Mr Gadget 2 days ago
Well, that was BS, you conditioned kids! You hit the like button as soon as the song is from Eminem, because there is no way you can listen and criticize this crap because somehow you are afraid of your imaginary social conditioning. ( I like Eminem but not this one )
Kodiak 2 days ago
If you all like punchlines, wordplay, and just general lyricism, check out my rap Kodiak's Anthem! I'm very big on taking hip-hop back to what it should be, like Eminem, it's about dissing most of modern rap and calling out many of its rappers. It's gonna be on a Coast to Coast showcase the end of the month, check it out if you're interested! ruvid.net/video/video-wLjmmo_-HvQ.html
Fadi 2 days ago
That beard doesn't fit EMINEM at all
ricardo rivera
ricardo rivera 22 hours ago
Your beard is weird( OK!!!!! MKG)
Twin Cities
Twin Cities Day ago
the beird is more than 3yrs old the fact that you noticed it now takes all the legitamacy
Natasha Leopardi
Natasha Leopardi 2 days ago
The man
martin stokes
martin stokes 2 days ago
Absolutely Outstanding ...
Vojta vojta
Vojta vojta 2 days ago
this song is soo good
Gertrude Baptiste
my corona song while working remotely
AKAISA Play 2 days ago
Eminem monster in rap
K Seven
K Seven 3 days ago
How this can have so many dislikes ? It's a masterpiece and so much energy is in it . It's against negative people and the world being stupid..i look up to you Em, as an artist ,as a human who got rejected all his life from child age on from all kinds of people..I am not into idolism and that stuff but you are a superhero in that way ,you get stronger and stronger and show them all that they was wrong . Peace
WildChildGaming 3 days ago
I would have committed suicide a long time ago if it wasn’t for your music. Fuck the haters, you saved my life.
Melanie Murczak
Melanie Murczak 3 days ago
Wer war beim Peter Vossler der Mann? Das war die Sabine... Hahahahaha... Die war hässlich und gestunken hatte die auch.
Melanie Murczak
Melanie Murczak 3 days ago
Als ob ich auf meinen wunderschönen Kussmund gefallen wäre. Das mit der Höhen Schule musste ich am Donnerholz immer ausschalten. Das hat mir garnicht gefallen. Das war zum Kotzen so wie das Essen dort auch.
Melanie Murczak
Melanie Murczak 3 days ago
Als ob man meinen Zauber und meine Form von Magie von mir nehmen könnte. Geht ihr mal schön eure Schuld tragen, gebückt.... Hahahahaha.... Ich verordnet denen Sport viel Sport... Hahahahaha... Bis die verfetteten Herzen aufgeben.
SPINNER X 3 days ago
1:50 who noticed the shadow
Роман Шилов
ƎM 3 days ago
Somewhere some kid is bumpin' this while he lip-syncs in the mirror That's who I'm doin' it for, the rest I don't really even care!!!!
Hamza Faisal
Hamza Faisal 23 hours ago
I'm that kid I 14 and I love him lol
Lazyname 3 days ago
Don't fart in my face! Can't unhear it
Julia Woods
Julia Woods 3 days ago
I'm Button 😂
Katherine Sarsfield
Wow! He's always had bars, but this one was lit! :3
lizzy maliangkay
lizzy maliangkay 3 days ago
tha burden
tha burden 3 days ago
Lenwood Cruze
Lenwood Cruze 3 days ago
I liked Revival ....🤷‍♂️. Always like everything Eminem produced.
Bright Star
Bright Star 3 days ago
I am not Eminem But 2 the world N everybody Hating I'm telling them uck you girls N y'all proudly Motivating Me an MC Soon the powers that be Will acknowledge A hungry artist. P.s. take this or steal it I still will make great hits You haters best believe it.
Zombie Clown
Zombie Clown 3 days ago
Thank you bringing shady BACC
John Myers
John Myers 4 days ago
I know who stole my phone I know who is cyberbullying me I know everyone who helped me and I know the ones that are straight evil and rather see me dead
Craig Hupp
Craig Hupp 4 days ago
Hip hop blue print
Tazz 4 days ago
This is a masterpiece 🤯🤯🤯❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
serious monkey
serious monkey 4 days ago
Aleshia Cotton
Aleshia Cotton 4 days ago
me me me and all my childhoodbestfriends and ect and our families since preschools and middleschools and miltary everything and elemantryschools and others
Ares 4 days ago
I can't believe this song has been out for almost 2 years already. Man time flies. Also, I love how Eminem is his own worst enemy / critic. I swear this man is Rap God. (bad pun intended)
Shawn Mikota
Shawn Mikota 4 days ago
lol he lit tyler on 🔥
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 4 days ago
Lord Jamar is right tho.
Kids Nash
Kids Nash 4 days ago
A out Wroxton hobo
Stephen Friedson
Stephen Friedson 4 days ago
Ok I was 12 when he had his first album .and he is still making hits
Cornelious Stradivarius
Swearing at the beginning in casual convo but they censor lyrics lmao. RUvid twats
GodZILLA ofc
GodZILLA ofc 4 days ago
Eminem a lenda
Resolution Records
No money No bitches No cars No shiny jewelry No mansions Thats my current position please help :(
shanto zehhen
shanto zehhen 4 days ago
eminem is the best singer
yo da
yo da 5 days ago
This is like venom part 1
Sarvasv Arora
Sarvasv Arora 5 days ago
That dancing shadow doe💀
Lil Bill3
Lil Bill3 5 days ago
Doge Toast
Doge Toast 5 days ago
This is what makes Eminem the best lyrical rapper of all time.
Xander Arnoys
Xander Arnoys 5 days ago
The thumbnail literally looks like he shat himself
Mitch Connor
Mitch Connor 5 days ago
Me and my kids sing a remake: Don't fart on my face
Brandi McIntosh
Brandi McIntosh 5 days ago
some people hate Emenem feel bad ? hit the like button.
Calypso 5 days ago
It’s so unfair that men get hotter with age... Yeah I’m salty
Oddest Rekords
Oddest Rekords 5 days ago
Yo, My name is Kurt but I go by K-Odd-ik as my Artist name! Ive been making music for years and would love it it you checked me out! Appeciate your time! ruvid.net/video/video-hGcWhKks1vE.html
Donald Mcdonald
Donald Mcdonald 5 days ago
i wake up and kill orcs to this! i know what it is but we gotta do - do /hugs and bs - kills orks , Rewards, coffee
GOAT_AfroGaming YT
No one realize that the thing was chasing his is the venom thing.....n that was the start of the venom song.
NRG Lowkey
NRG Lowkey 5 days ago
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 5 days ago
Daymon Klotz
Daymon Klotz 5 days ago
golden voice
LouisiAnimalTREG 5 days ago
Em just on anotha level than the rest!
Greg B.
Greg B. 5 days ago
God i miss actual music videos and talented rap
Julia Woods
Julia Woods 5 days ago
I think you're Awesome.
Jeffry Callahan
Jeffry Callahan 5 days ago
Remix fuck you
nicole kearney
nicole kearney 5 days ago
You're my favourite rapper tears coming out of my eyes if that's how you feel about me then fine your monster I love your songs but it's this is how you this is how you talk about me then fine making me the man you making me a bit sad
craig spadoni
craig spadoni 5 days ago
john wick 3
Jackie Hiner
Jackie Hiner 5 days ago
Hesham tanta
Hesham tanta 5 days ago
a living legend
SAMYAK JAIN 5 days ago
A Bro
A Bro 5 days ago
about the articles calling him bad, they just dont have taste
Afran Nisho Office
Afran Nisho Office RUvid Channel Subscribe
nathan ward
nathan ward 5 days ago
Never pick on a f*cking legend this man has saved countless lives Brought people back from depression while struggling with his own depression no matter what people think we all have that one or 2 songs that hit us so hard we woke up and we all owe him a thank you I’m the first to say I never new who he was back in the early 2000s but once i started listening to him the words just hit and I can’t look away
Brick Top
Brick Top 4 days ago
cesar fernando novela
hello Eminen
jordan tatara
jordan tatara 6 days ago
Em's Legendary always has been and always will be.🔥🔥🔥🐏
Melanie Murczak
Melanie Murczak 6 days ago
Tiere sagen einem alles. Dann hatte man eben nicht verstanden und man war unachtsam.
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