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#Eminem #MusicToBeMurderedBy #Premonition
Eminem dropped another surprise album out of the blue!
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Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 100
No Life Shaq
No Life Shaq 8 months ago
Eminem bout to take over the internet 😤
John Curtis
John Curtis Month ago
He knows how to wake up someone w no sleep for 2 days dats tuff lol
DJ BONGO CAT Month ago
BallisticCatz 3 months ago
Crazy_drip 23
Crazy_drip 23 3 months ago
EMINEM is going to get you
Lukas Williamson
Lukas Williamson 5 months ago
Damn straight
Molly Jackson
Molly Jackson 3 days ago
You don't need sleep Shaq. Who you tryn to fool. 😏 Lol. Love ya coach
Andy Kreklow
Andy Kreklow 6 days ago
V for vendetta
Sausscery 8 days ago
Shaq's reactions always get me. Priceless!
merouane fitness
merouane fitness 9 days ago
Eminem actually never made a bad album 🤷‍♂️ he never do wrong
Avi Cruz
Avi Cruz 10 days ago
Wantohazz 14 days ago
8:50 sounds like a wolf trying to howl at the sun
Ray Jon
Ray Jon 18 days ago
And snoops crackhead looking self said no white rappers care bout the game! Wtf snoop just a washed up half broke mad cause em and every white rapper made it further! And didnt have to go cooking with martha stewert#👎💩
Mounir Shel
Mounir Shel 20 days ago
😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 amazing bro
AfroKing 21 day ago
Check out a remake I did to Eminem's Lucky You, I guarantee you there's lots of bars in there you're gonna love! 🔥🔥🔥 ruvid.net/video/video-fbr5cV38u0U.html
S'phe Ngxongo
S'phe Ngxongo 21 day ago
Nigga you're the best RUvidr in the whole wide world, I'm from South Africa and I always come to your channel for good content.... You're the best RUvidr, I've been sharing your reaction all the time but you're not reacting to South African music anymore 😢 why is that bro... Plz react to Stogie T on Sway I'm begging you bro please
Victor Mutiso
Victor Mutiso 22 days ago
Daughter : "daddy" Shaq:.(apologies) Am sorry Em for my daughter .,.pls forgive me.😂
Susan Lynn
Susan Lynn 27 days ago
Y'all done playin with Em now????
All out
All out Month ago
Kid : Daddy Daddy Shaq : HOLDDDD Upp
lodias85 Month ago
This is an amazing song , both flow lyrics how his voice sounds the energy and anger all combined so freaking well ...2000’s style with the way the flow of the words connect the vibe of the anger and drive ..i missed this so much !
Benjamin Mohammed
Talim Palomino
Talim Palomino Month ago
My favorite song on the album
Lalisa Manoban
Lalisa Manoban Month ago
I love your reaction. Dats tuff!
Giovanni Scalo
Giovanni Scalo Month ago
Kid: daddy Shaq:... kid: mommy
Giovanni Scalo
Giovanni Scalo Month ago
I love how his album has a kinda mini story. Also how they keep referencing that it’s music to be murdered by
Critic Ten of Ten
KINGBEAST365 x Month ago
2:55 Eminems bars be havin niggas ignorin they babies 🤣
Giovanni Scalo
Giovanni Scalo Month ago
Daddy daddy Hush imbosol G.O.A.T dripped an album Kid ok it is only a spleen
MrSebster712 Month ago
I go back and watch this video again anytime I want to feel happy lol
Nafeesah Month ago
1:47 LMFAOOO 'who dat is? Kim??' Shaq always kills me
Abimael ochoa
Abimael ochoa Month ago
Iidnt realize there was a live reaction to this XD 🦊👌
Robert moffitt
Robert moffitt Month ago
Shaq is kind of a comedian too🖤😂
Smile ET
Smile ET Month ago
its aug 9 shaq was hoping for 1.4 subs. now he on 2.26.
Mario Margjini
Mario Margjini Month ago
Intro: Eminem]
So I guess this is what it is, huh?
Think it's obvious
We ain't never gonna see eye to eye
But it's funny
As much as I hate you
I need you
This is music to be murdered by

[Chorus: Nikki Grier]
Got a premonition
I feel the end is near
The beauty starts to fade
The joy has turned to pain
I hear the symphony playin'
Ten thousand violins
Souls floating away like feathers in the wind

[Verse: Eminem]
They said my last album I sounded bitter
No, I sound like a spitter
Who ninety percent of
These hypocrites are tryna get rid of
But why would I get a chip on my shoulder?
I was considered, one time, as the illest
Bitch, I'm still as fly as your zipper
True, I just get richer
But if it was ever all about skrilla
Then I woulda quit a long motherfucking time ago
Bitch, shut the fuck up
I should go say that shit to Tech N9ne or the Jigga
Nobody said shit about 2 Chainz as long as he's been here, shit
No wonder you're mad, now I'm
Looking at them plaques, count 'em (Yeah)
I'm LL Cool J, Bigger and Deffer, that's how come (Uh)
I sell like four mil' when I put out a bad album (What?)
Revival flopped, came back and I scared the crap out 'em
But Rolling Stone stars, I get two and a half outta
Five, and I'll laugh out loud
'Cause that's what they gave BAD back in the day
Which actually made me not feel as bad now, 'cause
If it happened to James
It can happen to Shady
They do the same shit to Brady
More people hate me than love me
This game will make you go crazy
'Bout to go for B-R-O-K-E
I was the G, the O-A-T
Once I was played in rotation
At every radio station
They said I'm lyrically amazing
But I have nothing to say
But then when I put out Revival and I had something to say
They said that they hated the awake me
I lose the rage, I'm too tame
I get it back, they say I'm too angry
I need to get me some Dre beats
No, I should hook up with Tay Keith
Fans keep on pulling me one way
Haters pull me in another
Got more hooks in me than Swae Lee
'Bout to pick up some weights and lift 'til my tattoo of Hailie's face stretches
They said I'm just a whiner, I sound like a baby
I dish it out but can't take it
But I take it, dish it back out
And they get all bent out of shape
This shit's almost comical
Wait, and I meant no disrespect
I wasn't dissin' Tech, that was not a shot at 2 Chainz or to Jay-Z
They probably feel the same way because lately
Instead of us being credited for longevity
And being able to keep it up for this long at this level, we
Get told we'll never be what we were
Bitch, if I was as half as good as I was
I'm still twice as good as you'll ever be
Only way that you're ahead of me's alphabetically
'Cause if you diss me I'm coming after you like the letter V
Killing everything, play this tune, it's your eulogy
It's your funeral, prepare to die
This is music for you to be murdered by
Philip Kavanagh
Philip Kavanagh Month ago
9:48 had me pissing myself laughing! DONT DO IT! hahahahahahaahah GG
yountua Month ago
How have none of the reaction guys done Headlights? It explains so much about where his anger is coming from and still full of bars.
I_Am_Pranit Month ago
*Dat's Tuff*
Bryan Bennett
Bryan Bennett Month ago
There were alot of great songs on here but this 1s my favorite
Desert Storm Music
Desert Storm Music 2 months ago
Love the song I got tech n9ne on it too with beat hook check it out ruvid.net/video/video-2HORv_to4C4.html
Jose Venegas
Jose Venegas 2 months ago
That last bar about the alphabet, coming after U like the letter V... that has to be up there with the hardest bars ever said. At least top 5. I wish more famous hip hop artist today had at least 10% of eminem's brain capability to put bars together like this in they're songs... would make hip hip great again. Facts.
Delana Lawson
Delana Lawson 2 months ago
Em will always be jacking haters up with truth bombs I haven't even heard it if say all of it 😘😘😘 much love
ApexSpeedBreaker 2 months ago
It’s Mariah in the beginning LOL
esco7183 2 months ago
Here again 🔥
Big Bear
Big Bear 2 months ago
Best reaction videos ever NOLIFESHAQ 💯🔥
Seth 2 months ago
5:12 ear rape
Seth 2 months ago
2:54 when you eaten up the fav. Stuff you are hiding .....and your kids come to ask can I have one? you be like
Maxwell Nzekwe
Maxwell Nzekwe 2 months ago
"Mgk sold two copies"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂dats tuff!!
Devavrat Pohnerkar
Devavrat Pohnerkar 2 months ago
Like the letter V. V for Vendetta Who else caught that?
Eisha White
Eisha White 2 months ago
Toughest beat ever
Farid Sahly
Farid Sahly 2 months ago
Coming after U like the letter V and V stands for Victory
Britain Best
Britain Best 2 months ago
Watching this, did you catch his GOAT verse? Spelled out goat in each line of his bar👀👀.
IAMHUTCH 2 months ago
I’m coming after you ( U ) like the letter V 💪
Poonam Zane
Poonam Zane 2 months ago
Shaq fake man
Jeromy Bilbrey
Jeromy Bilbrey 2 months ago
Who is that, Kim? 🤣🤣
Andy Mcvey
Andy Mcvey 3 months ago
I’ve took a break from listening to Eminem’s mtbmb ..... but just too watch shaq reactions to it again 😂
Δημήτρης Τσαούσης
how does he do that on spotify?
esco7183 3 months ago
Dope dope dope dope
esco7183 3 months ago
Fire here again 6 23 2020
Peterroyalgaming 3 months ago
2:55 no life shaq’s daughter
Tonny Kjeldsen
Tonny Kjeldsen 3 months ago
I listen 2 mtbmb still 👌☀️
mikel10k 3 months ago
eminem is back and he's pissed
Senshai 3 months ago
Shaq's kid calling him ...and he said ,"hold up ."..got me in stitches . Haha
mike lee
mike lee 3 months ago
let's go baby
Arif Nazeer
Arif Nazeer 3 months ago
When Shaw said it's over I was taken back to the 2000 NBA Slam dunk contest, Vince carter dunk when Kenny said "let's go home, it's over, let's go home" 😎
Diparshan Baral
Diparshan Baral 3 months ago
He says Eminem is so random. Next thing he sees is Eminem tweets him randomly.
Rizky Rival
Rizky Rival 3 months ago
Introlude: Shady (kamikaze) killed Marshall (revival).. Em got played by himself.. that's crazy
Moundher Mimouni
Moundher Mimouni 3 months ago
Olugbo Ajayi
Olugbo Ajayi 3 months ago
Back in the day, when Kool Moe Dee and LL had beef, KMD released a track called "How ya like me now?" that had a line "It happened to James like it happened to me". Em went DEEP into the archives for that reference...
Todoroki Is A Beast!
4:59 *”MGK SOLD 2 COPIES on that Binge EP”* *FACTS SHAQ!!!* 😂 5:25 *DAT FLOW THO!! DATS TUFF!!!* 🔥
bsyrekevin 3 months ago
I jus came back to this and i heard Shaqs daughter saying daddy.😂🔥kinda like Hayley and Em
Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty 3 months ago
It's not a woman he's murdering, it's the game.
Lil Hodor
Lil Hodor 3 months ago
looook at that.. eminem stopped yelling.. MGK was right on that wasnt he lolll
Abskhairoun Mamdouh
Abskhairoun Mamdouh 3 months ago
Shaq daughter saying in the background"Daddy? Mommy?"
The Tyche Tarot
The Tyche Tarot 3 months ago
Im procrastinating my final exams to watch this but Shaq's reaction makes it SOOO worth it ahahahaha
Jon Mccracken
Jon Mccracken 3 months ago
No life shaq all he wants to do is go to sleep Starts listening to the album now he's all hyped up with excitement
C.D Maggiore
C.D Maggiore 4 months ago
You need a shirt that says well well well on the front and what do we have here on the back ill buy all colors lol
khushwaj 4 months ago
i m just thinking what would have happened if he had dropped a album in quarantine 🔥🔥🔥
khushwaj 4 months ago
best intro i ve heard
evilbug555to666 4 months ago
Just caught this: If you diss me I'm coming after U like letter V.... alphabetically V comes after U...🔥🔥🔥
Pippa and Violet’s Rainbow world
Think your son wants you mate
Hamzà Ma
Hamzà Ma 4 months ago
The beat gave me chills
Hamzà Ma
Hamzà Ma 4 months ago
Never bored of rewatching this
Gary Martin
Gary Martin 4 months ago
Keane .. Daddy , daddy .. hold up hold up I got that feeling 😂😂😂
Zack Reczek
Zack Reczek 4 months ago
Can you give me a shout out your next video please? Im in a lot of physical problems , a shoutout would mean the world tobme! My name is zaxk reczek
super devil
super devil 4 months ago
Zack Reczel !!!!!!!!!!!!
John Webster
John Webster 4 months ago
I love Eminem he can rap about anything and it sounds good..you look at his so called competition.. Most of tracks the same topics..gets old to me quick.
John Webster
John Webster 4 months ago
Thank you goat. I hate hearing the same stuff..95% of rappers same topics. Gets old to me many like it..Eminem is too complex .people dislike complexity.
Konstantin Lapshin
Konstantin Lapshin 4 months ago
@4:19 You are welcome! Facx!
Alonzo Rodriguez702
Alonzo Rodriguez702 4 months ago
The intro with the shovel noises refers to him undiging slim shady ego,that's what he means when he says that he needed him more then he needed him and the we will never see each other eye to eye
Swaffy - topic
Swaffy - topic 4 months ago
The first eminem album i was ready for when it released lol
Its Dimes
Its Dimes 4 months ago
That Brady line is still fire as fuck everytime I hear it
SN 4 months ago
4:25 that HAAH always gets me
AzzaBro59 4 months ago
I remember listing to this. I played it 6 times straight i couldn't get past it!
JayDePie 4 months ago
Y'all just gonna ignore the fact,that shac ignoring the kid calling him!?!?!?!?!
Angelica S.
Angelica S. 4 months ago
Eminem ❤️ for life!!!!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Angelica S.
Angelica S. 4 months ago
I love your channel!! ❤️ 💯
Evelyn Salt
Evelyn Salt 4 months ago
You went from dissing MGK every chance you HAD, to kissing his ass after you found out he watches your channel!! You hypocrite! Now that's tuff and twisted! When your haters become your lovers man! 🤨😳🤦🏻‍♀️
Todoroki Is A Beast!
Evelyn Salt Yeah I noticed that as well I don’t like MGK at all and Shaq was making fun of MGK constantly in the past reaction constantly and now these past few reactions he has been doing for MGK seems like he is doing it because MGK watches him and ta get MGK fans ta subscribe ta his channel. So it seems really weird in my opinion and I wonder if most of MGK fans know how many times Shaq made fun of MGK in his past reactions. But I’m still a big fan of Shaq but it just seems a bit sketchy.
Kuswadi Rasit
Kuswadi Rasit 5 months ago
The intro, premonition song, already tough...
John C.
John C. 5 months ago
Tellin your daughter hol up! Until the em song is over. Dats tuff
Dhruvil Joshi
Dhruvil Joshi 5 months ago
Watching this in April AGAIN
MENIME0428 SS 5 months ago
The best reactor for the best song.🔥
Kyle Ray
Kyle Ray 5 months ago
This shit is 🔥🔥🔥
Marcus Evans
Marcus Evans 5 months ago
He disses mgk again in this “about to go for B-R-O-K-E “ go for broke is a song off of his bloom album , baby shot but a good one lol
troy bullivant
troy bullivant 5 months ago
Love your stuff please listen to spanian APEX PREDATOR 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shardul Singh
Shardul Singh 5 months ago
Man react to Go to Sleep 😴
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