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#Eminem #MusicToBeMurderedBy #Premonition
Eminem dropped another surprise album out of the blue!
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 9 160
No Life Shaq
No Life Shaq Month ago
Eminem bout to take over the internet 😤
Fidel Montes
Fidel Montes 7 days ago
I’ve been listening to this album non stop since it came out and I’m still digesting all his lyrics. What an album.. wow!
Ryan Giannerini
Ryan Giannerini 9 days ago
How u did not catch and congratulated the longevity of tech hov n 2 chains which i respect the top of the tier tech n9ne n hov how u aint catch that
John Stafford
John Stafford 29 days ago
You have the best reactions keep doing what's ur doing 👍
Richard Pena
Richard Pena Month ago
React to stepdad!
Shelbys GT2014
Shelbys GT2014 Month ago
No Life Shaq you know your channel bout to blow up big time with the EM joints . Good looking coach!! NOLIFESHAQ-RUvid goat!!
stpwaddell 15 hours ago
When the beats kicks in, dope as!!
VirtualENT1 16 hours ago
I'm back because I know for a fact EM watched this after he dropped lol
Garbet Harrison
Still waiting on the whole Eminem album reaction my guy
Gary Mukhim
Gary Mukhim 2 days ago
Shaq the G. O. A. T🐐
t t
t t 2 days ago
**Eminem song starts** Shaq:🏃🏾🪑
John Peisithanatos
uho dat day z, do tainz?....damn sad reacting silly get so many followers yet never watch n they think they famous silly man this is the future! technology life....ignore kids patreon pay me sub like need money buy shit
John Peisithanatos
damn he has kid/s? sad he can barely talk, drama like a female! talkin like a mumble rapper raps!
Tyler Sharpe
Tyler Sharpe 21 hour ago
Shut the fuck up, you dont know what happens when the cameras off, Shaq is probably an amazing dad
John Peisithanatos
hey kid stfu daddy reactin n actin like a kid not a man go away i feed ya ass later lil nappy.....sad actually!
Christos Kaloudis
Kyralee Simpson
Kyralee Simpson 4 days ago
Did people miss the Hailie line.??! I thought it was fire
Ham Huoddini
Ham Huoddini 5 days ago
Good job man.. I feel you.. Man
zvden 5 days ago
Shaq wants to sleep, 2:43
Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri 6 days ago
Yes that beat it 🔥
Fidel Montes
Fidel Montes 7 days ago
I’ve been listening to this album nonstop since it came out.. wow.. what an album!
Eddie Games
Eddie Games 7 days ago
Why did it get blocked in America 😂🤣🤣😂
Mia Claudio
Mia Claudio 8 days ago
Shaq oh, your career took off because of kamikaze and you said that before I'm just quoting what you said now Eminem done dropped another Surprise album, even though everyone kept saying is he making an album is not nobody really knew like you said and I quote you again as fans we just have to wait and that sucks but isn't it a beautiful beautiful day when it does get dropped anyting Eminem does like you just did the intro shop and he's like saying that his haters poem one way in his fans Palm another so this is clearly bothering him and when he talked about Jay-Z to change and somebody else he was talkin about longevity he was not dissing at all he was saying why are we not credited for that she's getting so sick of the critics he's been sick of the critics, but what a beautiful day is going to be for you tomorrow cuz here is more music why you too and You Tube let me tell you if anybody's jumping on at this time you just got lucky and Shaq and tell you that his career went through the roof when Eminem came out with kamikaze, honestly korshak had to deal with Mumble rappers I remember those days and UK rappers that were making in fun of our rap scene Eminem done took that back people said he sounded better on his last album it on Revival he was too into his emotions WTF what the hell do you want from this man but you keep buying his records don't you go shut up and enjoy the ride like Shaq would say count all your blessings, and now shot you are going to be blessed so much because you stood by this man and you stood by your word, and that's why you have the following that you have now oh, so I guess you leaving that job was a sign from God like you said you prayed on it you give the best thing to your family God bless I hope you keep going with this cuz you're the best reactor you said that you think that everyone reacted like you nobody reacts like you I love you too and respect you want to love like that you know what I mean LMAO Mia
Kyle Harvey
Kyle Harvey 9 days ago
Revisiting these because I love how hyped you get coach, plus it's gonna be a while before we get another album from Em unless it's bad meets evil 2 :)
Dante Cavaliere
Dante Cavaliere 9 days ago
Farewell.. some slim shady right there
Switch Back Image
Switch Back Image 11 days ago
Dats Tuff! M&Ms been random. And I adore your enthusiasm. For real! I'm here for it all!!
Gal Shalev
Gal Shalev 11 days ago
00:40 "Why is this dude always so random man?" Hahahahahauahaha Lmao🤣🤣🤣❤💥🔥
Sherri Zelinski
Sherri Zelinski 12 days ago
Then there's the schmuck Brian McFadden, the dude that use to sing in that band Westlife: He mocked the real Slim Shady’s ‘hard as nails gangsta’ expression, before comparing him to Screech aka Dustin Diamond from Saved By The Bell. I think the McFadden dude was just trying to get publicity, but if Slim decides to respond, he'll be having a dam funeral...
Sherri Zelinski
Sherri Zelinski 12 days ago
I just love that Eminem's Music To Be Murdered By debuted at Number 1, and knocked Halsey's smug fuckin' ass's album down to number 2. I still remember Halsey talking shit back in 09/16/2018 about her last album being platinum but Eminem's wasn't on Twitter, but then she deleted the post probably because his album was quadruple fkn platinum. I hate sugar pop and mumble rappers. Got nothing but love and respect For Slim Shady, plus we're from the D!
Isaac Brouwer
Isaac Brouwer 12 days ago
It took me. 5 times to get the line cause if you diss me I'm. Coming after U like the letter v.
Merkadio AB
Merkadio AB 13 days ago
"MGK sold 2 copies" 😂💀💀 -DATS TUFF!
Priscilla Torres
Priscilla Torres 14 days ago
You fucking awesome
Mary Barr
Mary Barr 14 days ago
When Eminem dropped this album, to me it felt like that one point of Endgame (not spoiling). I don’t know if Shaq watched it yet 😂
Saurabh Pahwa
Saurabh Pahwa 16 days ago
Ohh maaah gaaawd bruh.
Ersan Erarslan
Ersan Erarslan 16 days ago
5:04 😅😅😅😅
DANIELSON 17 days ago
Shaq react to EMS new joint farewell
kobra king56ace
kobra king56ace 17 days ago
He snapped coming after u like the letter v. Is also coming at you like uv Ray's
Johnny Wilkerson
Johnny Wilkerson 17 days ago
Actually eminem is holding a shovel for nick cannon too use too dig a hole for himself after nick killed himself
larry smith
larry smith 18 days ago
I'm going through one of the worst break ups of my life and shaq you still making me laugh even in bad times. Thanks my guy I love the chop suey video the best
Arlahe González
Arlahe González 18 days ago
Clyde Ellis
Clyde Ellis 19 days ago
Shaw throwback dawg u cant leave spm outta the game stop sleeping on him hes the tupac to the mexicans
Frank Nath
Frank Nath 19 days ago
I think he burying the rap game... he murdering it on this album. Premonition.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 19 days ago
React to the kid laroi
Stewart Brooks
Stewart Brooks 19 days ago
Coming after U like the letter V 🔥 🔥🔥
Riff Raff
Riff Raff 21 day ago
It's Game Over Guys. Nobody on this level. Sorry.
No Emotion
No Emotion 21 day ago
"Daddy, Daddy" "Hold up, Hold up" 2:55
DPatt19 21 day ago
Lol “he sold two copies of the binge ep one was MGK and the other was the toilet “ I’m fuckin dead 🤣🤣
DPatt19 21 day ago
Lol dude yo kid callin u and he just goin crazy wtf
Darnell Wiggins
Darnell Wiggins 21 day ago
Man he have some sick ass hooks on this Album
Jamesonsix19 21 day ago
Just another seemingly effortless display of his genius and what makes him so much better than the rest. Song order may not seem like a big deal but it can really help or hurt an album. He could not have written and chosen a better song to get the album off in the right way. The delicate almost fragile sounding vocals combined with the hard ass beat is amazing. It's crazy to think about now but little did we know when we listened to this cd for the first time and this track being the first track that is was a foreshadow of things to come, of just how amazing this album would be. In an industry where the top stars may have 3-5 good to great songs on their album (which is considered a lot) this dude drops back to back surprise albums where you'd be hard pressed to find 3 bad songs on either. It's like Kamikaze was meant to show they pissed him off and put them in their places and then this album was meant to rub it in (basically the musical equivalent of an end zone dance in football). Just basically saying...Yeah I'm better than all the rest and here is how much better. Look what I can do! It's like he took everything to the next level to get his point across. His wordplay and double entendres, the way he contorts words to rhyme things no other rapper could ever dream of rhyming. Mix that with his flow, his ability to ride a beat is like no other. What else can you say? He is the GOAT. Also he doesn't just take all the fame and money and run. He risks it all to stand up for things he believes in. He risk having one of the most powerful organizations on Earth, the NRA come after him for telling the truth and not letting them bully him like they do everyone and everything else. He knew there are a lot of little twerps out there who somehow have their masculinity attached to their big bad guns that would get mad at him for pointing out what is being allowed to happen. Glad to see he has topped the charts yet again (pretty crazy considering no one knew it was coming)
Cezar Cortez
Cezar Cortez 22 days ago
Is your tongue numb?
Mike Samuels
Mike Samuels 22 days ago
Yo this was track was a HUGE shoutout to Tom Brady! He’s saying his life with the critics is similar. Everybody hates Brady, everyone says he’s not making top tier money and his wife is richer than him but he’s not playing for the money he’s playing for the love of the game. They call him The GOAT while simultaneously saying he’s not good anymore. Nobody ever wants to talk crap about any other players that have been around for a long time. The way he’s able to be playing at an elite level for this long. Even if his game slips a little he’ll still be more lethal than anyone else.
Fuck You lol
Fuck You lol 22 days ago
Plus he put the whole album on RUvid so people like me(broke as fuck) can listen for free. He obviously don't care about money. Thank you Em!! Really appreciate it.
i KingFx
i KingFx 22 days ago
We already hit 1.4 Million Dats tough ✅✅✅
the nelski
the nelski 24 days ago
Sit down shaq🤣
Mildred Melanson
Mildred Melanson 24 days ago
Broette is back!!😂🙋🏻‍♀️🎶
Gruia Alex
Gruia Alex 24 days ago
This intro..wtf!!..its 🔥🔥🔥
420 hawaiin
420 hawaiin 24 days ago
He still the G.O.A.T
Jowy smoke
Jowy smoke 24 days ago
Yo big pun beware one of the top rapper in the wolrd
Gary Martin
Gary Martin 24 days ago
Best reactor the planet will ever see
Jason Eyestone
Jason Eyestone 25 days ago
@4:33 Tuff face
Ganesh Prasad
Ganesh Prasad 25 days ago
Shaq: hold up , who is that woman? Is it Kim? Em: yeah, so this is it! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jamie Crossan
Jamie Crossan 25 days ago
Your child was shouting on you
MrDavidelliottjr 26 days ago
This track is a mother fucker. He went in. This was bad ass
Jeffery Lokrantz
Jeffery Lokrantz 26 days ago
Listen to leaving heaven very powerful song
Eric Crow
Eric Crow 26 days ago
Coming after U like the letter V !!! The alphabet "COACH" t,u,v,w,x...
Grant Keeler
Grant Keeler 26 days ago
Love watching your reactions to Eminem... fantastic, cant wait to see reaction to "stepdad"
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