EMINEM DROPPED A NEW ALBUM! | Eminem - Darkness (Official Video) REACTION!!!

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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 1 153
Dan Quiban
Dan Quiban Month ago
" Alcohol on my breath, as I reach for the scope" Yih! Scope is a type of mouthwash that contains alcohol. The double entendres are coming HEAVY and deeply.
Brandon spicer
Brandon spicer 19 days ago
New Music ruvid.net/video/video-zBDVXD03g18.html
Ess Bee
Ess Bee 26 days ago
bessford WOW I didn’t know this
Duncan Robertson
Duncan Robertson 27 days ago
Rafael artiga np lol
Rafael artiga
Rafael artiga 27 days ago
@Duncan Robertson ohh.. Thanks for clarifying that. (Not being sarcastic)
Duncan Robertson
Duncan Robertson 27 days ago
Rafael artiga I literally watched the video at least 20 times I know that he reaches for the scope mouthwash, the mouthwash was to get rid of the alcohol smell on his breath so he doesn’t smell like it when he’s on stage. He said ‘alcohol on my breath as I reach for the scope’ nor ‘alcohol on my breath from the scope’
Mat Stacy
Mat Stacy 13 hours ago
beautiful reaction man. you show your true self much respect.
Mat Stacy
Mat Stacy 14 hours ago
can you please redo this one song with your wife please... i have watched every single reaction to this video. but this video needs a reaction after you already know the meaning. shit is soooo deep the 2nd time. please redo it, much love from australia
Dam talk about a spoiler alert you idiot
I love you bro. You are the most real dude on YT. Cheers
samonge12 2 days ago
Depression, drugs and guns, letal mix.
Angela Basham
Angela Basham 2 days ago
The song & the video are both so powerful! The first time I saw the video for "Darkness", I just sat there in awe of how incredible the entire message is. The last couple of minutes of the video showing all of the news stories about mass shootings is heartbreaking!
ricktbaby 1
ricktbaby 1 3 days ago
Also on the Vegas bar he says loathing in Las Vegas actually a movie called fear and loathing in Las Vegas with Johnny Depp 🔥🔥🔥 fire bar to end with a small wadger!!
Magan Jenkins
Magan Jenkins 4 days ago
I was at that concert in Vegas during shooting and told my story on my channel...it has 80k views and A HELL OF A LOT OF HEARTLESS TROLLS. Worst day of my life. Husband and Dad were plugging bullet holes and doing CPR on people. I mean it when I say Strangers became friends and Friends became FAMILY. I'm so blessed that my whole family made it out. One of our friends was shot in the shoulder though but she made it out. #Vegasstrong. I got a tattoo of the date on my arm.
Fred Bobian
Fred Bobian 7 days ago
I was in Vegas bro and spoke with people who were witness to this even the employees from the Am/Pm that is on the corner where the venue is! They were jumping the fence to get away from Multiple shooters but only 1 was reported although multiple people had come forward and said there were multiple shooters! Those who spoke up about the multiple shooters are now mysteriously been killed , also 2 survivors from this shooting were at the Northern California food festival shooting that was a clip on here what is the odds that would happen right? Their first outing since the shooting
James Ford
James Ford 7 days ago
He dropped this video then 5 minutes later dropped the album! While everyone was watching the video he dropped the album and everyone was like wtf from this video that they just had to listen to the album and then every track was 🔥🔥 that you had to stay up to hear the whole album, well that's what happened to me, 🤣,. This album was 🔥🔥 this track I agree with but don't at the same time if that makes any sense! Great Marketing!
M.H.R. Vlogs Vlogs
M.H.R. Vlogs Vlogs 10 days ago
Finger on the trigger but im a licenced owner law says skys the limit so suplys infanate
Ninjastar 10 days ago
Eminem is amazing!! His music saved my life. Who else in this world has the balls to say this in such a big way?!?!
llewellyn ballard
llewellyn ballard 11 days ago
Bang on with your link to Joyner Lucas Ross tune, it’s real ish. From someone who suffers depression and dark feelings everyday, this of course doesn’t mean I have feelings of hurting anyone else but unfortunately myself. You Americans need to wake up and realise that you don’t need a automatic (or semi) rifle to defend one self.
1-Step Fury
1-Step Fury 11 days ago
Should of went in blind
tgirard1995 11 days ago
I hate it when people figure out about the song before they watch the video. It ruins the point of the real reaction imo. I love watching people's reactions when they realize the point of the song in the video.
the real one case live
So I stopped driving cab in Vegas one month before this shooting. Now I feel blessed because with no doubt I would have been in that area at that time 🙏 now I'm not sure how to feel but the awareness for the issues are much needed
HOOLIGAN 13 days ago
EM hasn’t gone this deep since Stan. Goat.
kantbestopped86 14 days ago
Boooooo you on researching this song beforen your REACTION! Pretty much defeats the purpose
Jeremy Bradley
Jeremy Bradley 14 days ago
Yas shouldn’t research it before reacting. People wanna see you “get it”
Nick Crowe
Nick Crowe 15 days ago
Such a good reaction man. You listened to the art and digested it as you went. A lot of other reactors pause every two seconds to break lyrics down to viewers or give their own opinions and make jokes. They always miss the actual lyrics or context of the content when they do that. You made it about the art/artist and not about yourself, then reacted, so none of it went over your head. And you made sure to mention the people affected. Keep up the good work.🙌🏼
FPS Mango
FPS Mango 15 days ago
It almost seems like he was there when it happened but the only problem with this is that yes it was a tragic event that opened a lot of people's eyes but the fact is that the gun didn't pull it's own trigger the man did and that was the first time someone with no mental health problems has committed a mass shooting
Michelle T
Michelle T 16 days ago
Holy s))$& to all the EM fans on here. Go see John E Hoover site, lead investigator into the LV Shooting from Day 1. Eminem dropped something all right. What a narrative schill Em has become. Shame on him for this. This is not art....unless it's the art of lying. Sad sad sad ....
Stone cold coffee
Stone cold coffee 16 days ago
neffaria 16 days ago
The parallels and double entendres in this song are just off the hook. The chorus highlights this and how easily someone can succumb to the darkness. "I dont wanna be alone in the darkness" is the cry for help of someone going through depression and addiction like em did. Leading into "hello darkness my old friend" when the despair gets too much and the people who commit these crimes fall off the edge. And then it all culminates in em (who got help and got sober) heading into the flashbulbs of fame vs the shooter heading into the flashbulbs of the press over the atrocities they committed. Just so much to process in this song. Mad props to em for doing this.
Romaine Stephenson
Romaine Stephenson 16 days ago
Gun and depression don't go together
El RAyAD01945 P3r3Z
I think it gave most people that have a good heart chills Eminem is a genius he’s the only rapper that can paint a masterpiece like this trough music and videos, this music means something, it’s not a lil pump or 69 bullshit music that just teaches kids a fake way to live you life, if kids want to listen and Idolize a rapper, this new generation is lost
Priyashu Singh
Priyashu Singh 18 days ago
You stupid ass fuck ..you ruined the whole stuff. Asshole
Riftweaver1981 18 days ago
While it might not be super obvious, i always thought it was brilliantly well done that the tv's at the end form the shape of the united states. havent seen many people mention that before in these videos.
Brian Whitney
Brian Whitney 18 days ago
His best album in over 15 years
Jessica Freeman
Jessica Freeman 18 days ago
Do the Eminem BET rip on Donald Trump freestyle
B Kennedy
B Kennedy 18 days ago
Wish you hadn't read that first
Priyashu Singh
Priyashu Singh 18 days ago
Gabriel Cavazos
Gabriel Cavazos 19 days ago
“Round after round after round I’m getting loaded that’s a lot of shots huh?” Damn that double meaning right there
Brandon spicer
Brandon spicer 19 days ago
New Music ruvid.net/video/video-zBDVXD03g18.html
Tyler Bartels
Tyler Bartels 20 days ago
I am active duty airforce stationed in little rock AR, one of my sergeants asked if my family was ok...I didnt know that the shooting had happend (note my parents where supposed to go to it too). Thank god they didnt cause I wouldnt have known what to do if they did go... Thank you for the great reaction
PROP H3CY_ 20 days ago
First time listening to this I thought he was talking about him as a rapper but the twist in the second half got me.
Mary Souza
Mary Souza 21 day ago
You should have watched the video without doing the research first. It hits harder when you figure out what's going on without knowing about it first. But that's just my opinion. Good review. Thanks.
byron wilkinson
byron wilkinson 21 day ago
I've had a hard time with this song. I lost my own father to suicide on the same day, at the same time my daughter was born. As she was being born he was taking his own life. And I still don't know why.......
Katie B
Katie B 22 days ago
When will this end? When we figure out how to fix people.... 😢❤️
Russ Polk
Russ Polk 22 days ago
The only thing bad about this song and video is that it might give someone else the idea to do something like this again. But god damn eminem is a genius. Great song and video
Charles ward
Charles ward 22 days ago
Wordbplay man make the song cry
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 22 days ago
the sound of pop corn gun fire is haunting
Grimm Roze
Grimm Roze 22 days ago
Even if guns are taken away we as human beings can kill anyone with anything it's all due to mental illness to be clear not all mental illness is dangerous it's depends those people are treated that can cause such act of violence... I'm one of those who suffers with mental illness and I always had thoughts of killing every one who hurt me or treated me badly and I never did it's mostly the fact I hated myself more than those who bullied me I'm still surprised I'm alive today I still very much want to kill myself but I made friends and created bonds after everything I've been though i am still a kind and loving person not to myself but to my friends and other people so that's what's keeps me from doing the deed as for killing others I have inner restraint and a strong will which is subconsciously used cause everytime I try to kill myself my actions stop within seconds. I know I just kinda got off topic but what I'm trying to say none of my thoughts involved guns it involved multiple types of items so taking away guns will do nothing there's people out there than can make use of everything even making bombs so I think it's dumb to attack guns as if they were the cause of such violence it's the human being that should be held responsible not the weapon do not blame the object/item blame the person who commits violent actions and possibly help them but what people also need to understand not all can be saved and not all can be helped sometimes when some descends downward they go far beyond deeply with no chance of being lifted upwards Into the light
Denise Armstrong
Denise Armstrong 24 days ago
❤️✊🏼If there was a Mountain Rushmore of rap Gods of music Eminem would truly be part of the four faces in that tribute to the GOATS of all time ✊🏼❤️
laz cast
laz cast 24 days ago
Hey check out Raymond orta on comedy vids ✌️
Susan Mason
Susan Mason 24 days ago
Incredible. Em for president.
Anthony Goudie
Anthony Goudie 24 days ago
Em has mastered hia craft He is a genius an absolute genius! Shakespeare? Teach eminem in schools he is the GOAT of wordplay!!! Love u em
Duskraven67 24 days ago
First and for most. I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are out to those families that have been shattered by any and all of these shootings. Doubly so for those that aren't being reported on. Second, I want to thank eminem for another AMAZING song. I have been a huge fan of his work going back to the mathers lp. I just have one thing to really say on a personal level; as much as it hurts to see people die, as much as it may make you angry and hateful towards others, we can't forget that we are all human beings. The rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are for every last one of us Americans to reach out and grasp. If you are someone, who is willing to strip the rights and freedoms of others, then you are gate keeping who does and doesn't have those rights.
George Ohrling
George Ohrling 24 days ago
When he starin at all the TVs... that’s literally where my thought process has been stuck for the last 5 years
ARKHAM KNIGHT OP 25 days ago
Eminem and his fellow rappers are bullshit . He’s promoting disparity. Wanting you to live in fear. Many of these are HOAXES . From 50:00-1:10:00 ruvid.net/video/video-zC0R2OM5Huk.html
Angela S. G.
Angela S. G. 25 days ago
Got yourself a new subscriber
Calvin Mak
Calvin Mak 26 days ago
Ammo for all the hecklers.... Hecklers, as in someone talking shit while you're performing..... Hecklers, as in Heckler and Koch, the firearm manufacturer.. Bruh
SexCannonMusic 26 days ago
While he was trying to send a good message and maybe inspire people to finally make a change , Nick released 3 diss tracks . So i guess Em won without even responding in a way xD
ArtistAustin 26 days ago
Honestly shouldn't of looked into the Video, should of just watched it first
Cameron Polk
Cameron Polk 26 days ago
Thia hit home hard man for a whole different reason. My brother and I had an apartment together. I call him my brother because he was but not by blood. He and I both fought depression for years. I fought mine with the gospel and the holy spirit. He was not so lucky. I woke up one morning about to meet with my recruiter to roof work being done on my apartment. He had gotten off shift a little while earlier from the jail (he worked corrections). I walked into his room after I saw his light on and realized he was home to find him lying on the floor dead with a gunshot wound to his head. I thought for weeks it was suicide until it finally came to light that it was an accidental discharge. I and the 2 other people in the apartment were all questioned but I made sure they didnt see it or know anything about it until the police arrived and I was held for 8 hours as a possible.muder suspect. Nothing against the detectives, they were doing their job, and did it well. This happened 6 months ago and that image stays burned into my brain. It sucks to look at pictures to remember him and that image just comes rolling back. It is what it is I guess, I'm going to keep praying. But this brought it all back.
Sagemoon40 26 days ago
Eminem is a master at getting under our skin, hitting hard where it hurts the most. I found myself holding my breathe and crying at the end. Peace and Love
Shakina Frink
Shakina Frink 26 days ago
This one been on repeat 🔂🔂🔂
QueenCersei Lannister
BET cyxpher, drew a line in the sand cause of Trump. Now with this, stands up to the fact we need stricter gun laws... Eminem is a MAN of convictions who should be proud of himself. He's using his platform for good, while these lil punk rappers and others like Budden, Charlamagne, Cannon and others are trying to tear him down. It only shows how STUPID they are for messing with a human like Marshall Mathers. This goes to show, Slim Shady is the persona... messages like in this vid, are the true man, "Marshall Mathers".
ARKHAM KNIGHT OP 26 days ago
It’s despair propaganda. Same with the song him and Royce 5’9 did in this album, it’s trash. Mental illness is an issue, but people keep add sting and pushing it with trans and gays. Post op their happiness doesn’t change. It’s all bullshit . Like with parkland . The school was closed and they had cameras there running drills and said it was a school shooting.
bruh research after u react. reading about it makes in not a genuine reaction. u robbed yourself of solving the double
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