Eminem - Darkness (Official Video)

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Eminem’s new album MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY smarturl.it/MTBMB

Music video by Eminem performing Darkness. © 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records




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frito chen
frito chen 10 hours ago
Muhammad Nabil Hakimi
Fun Fact: This song is clearly reference to the mass shooting including The Las Vegas Shooting. 1:30 What you seeing right now is the guy who acting as The shooter in the hotel of Las Vegas. In the minutes 4:00 , The shooter kill himself as the cop get inside.
Biub mine
Biub mine 11 hours ago
stizz lable
stizz lable 11 hours ago
m.ruvid.net/video/video-1J4WvwmfyI4.html Rip badazzlbc
Nothing Left
Nothing Left 12 hours ago
Interesting fact. US citizens legally own more guns then any nation on the planet.. yet rank #30 for the amount of these types of shootings happening.. think about it. It ain't the guns, it's the people.
Tiger MC
Tiger MC 13 hours ago
🔥 favorite song
Okha Hardwi
Okha Hardwi 13 hours ago
How many of you here during Covid-19, darkness season?
Icy London
Icy London 13 hours ago
RUvid doing their best to hide this video 🤦‍♂️
Rudeboy James
Rudeboy James 13 hours ago
I like how eminem raps
M A 13 hours ago
God bless you EM
Grant O'Rourke
Grant O'Rourke 13 hours ago
Rap God.
Melanie Murczak
Melanie Murczak 14 hours ago
Ich werde Bestens informiert. Wer sind diese billigen Hoes eigentlich immer... Hinfort mit denen. Mit Abstand finde ich die sogar richtig witzig, wenn die sich nicht immer so wichtig nehmen würden. Peinlicher geht es kaum.
Sympatikus1 14 hours ago
Nearly as good as Apache 207 😂
blindfish 124
blindfish 124 14 hours ago
This is not the Eminem i knew as a kid SAD NOISES
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 14 hours ago
M&M, are u on some jack Daniel's shit
Harsimar Sangha
Harsimar Sangha 15 hours ago
Views: 41M Subscribers:42M My OCD: 😬
zane Stanlee
zane Stanlee 15 hours ago
I have to come and search eminem latest everytym
mattmanw54301 15 hours ago
I'm still knocked out by the line ' got ammo for all the hecklers'. Heckler and Koch is an assault weapon manufacturer. The intelligence behind his rhymes is amazing
Reza Tabatabaei
Reza Tabatabaei 15 hours ago
made in EMINEM
EMINEM IS THE G.O.A.T ruvid.net/video/video-9UbD0Ch3c00.html
Jake Thejeweller
Jake Thejeweller 17 hours ago
Lmao "this video could be activating" because "triggering" was to a near to a gun I guess?
Sudha Upadhyay
Sudha Upadhyay 18 hours ago
Pure legend❤️!!
Christian Gray
Christian Gray 18 hours ago
Eminem will be a legend forever 💪🏾💪🏾 true goat ‼️‼️
Brady Paul
Brady Paul 19 hours ago
The night I saw this,the lady that was living with us had bullets in a shot glass that I had saw earlier that day,every time I left my room she would burn something in there,, so imploded and thought this would be a good song to get shot in the head to,LIKE NO FUCKING LIE,I didnt know that was the name of the fucking album,also,I was also thinking about the 23 girls that were murdered by fucking ISIS at her concert,idk why,next I went to the Psych Ward and my paranoia has never went away, thank god I'm not scared to die,I'm just scared of not being happy
Phelipe Silva
Phelipe Silva 19 hours ago
I don't wanna be alone in the darkness 😔
deadeye gaming
deadeye gaming 19 hours ago
Can we play Russian roulette
vi克 19 hours ago
Cary Pierce
Cary Pierce 20 hours ago
Love this song
Heather Patty
Heather Patty 20 hours ago
I don't care if you like Eminem or not, this video/song is brilliant
danielle lindsay
danielle lindsay 22 hours ago
i get chills everytime i hear this song
Levi Pat Brink
Levi Pat Brink 22 hours ago
Thank God another country or regime would think twice about evading this great country we live in. I mean history 101 eventually all empires fall. I just pray it's not internal with all the craziness and potential politics em
Trinity Hinton
Trinity Hinton 22 hours ago
I have a vision... Eminem ft. Billie Eilish...
Who’s was here before the viewer discretion
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy 23 hours ago
justright 23 hours ago
Fuck!...... 🤔😔
Farie lego
Farie lego 23 hours ago
Kinda mind challenging knowing that some peeps feel like this song is just about taking "their" guns away. #mentalissues #crimesagainsthumanity
Adriele Qxó
Adriele Qxó Day ago
🇧🇷 ❤️
Dominick Saucedo
Baby rasta
Gero Lugones
Gero Lugones Day ago
Ãʼn êŚ
Ãʼn êŚ Day ago
هل من مصلي عن الرسول صلى الله عليه و سلم⁦♥️⁩💓
Nebula Entertainment TM
Exceptional song Eminem! Darkness is fucking amazing.
JaySidouMusic 22 hours ago
i made a darkness remix, would you like to hear it?
Chris Lindsey
The media severally hates em because he tells the truth....... Man fk the media
stanley suicide
Eminem Is My #1 Artist Grew Up On Him, Was In Pre-K when I First An Eminem Album 💯🔥🔊🎵‼💨
Kyler Stringer
Garrett Wisniewski
PAC would be proud
JaySidouMusic 22 hours ago
so proud, i wonder who will be the next one to claim the spot
Anonymous Era
haw play gemay
есть хоть кто-нибудь русский?
MarketMkd Day ago
"Hello darkness my old friend" hit the point about the Corona self-isolation s**t
I'll never meet you :\
هاد نفسو الي كان عم يربرب من ٦ سنين😹😹
the candy cat
كيف مافهمت عليك؟
Tomáš Draxler
Eminem toy like solders lose yoself
Сергей Синяков
how can you be so tough? Eminem you he!!!
Сергей Синяков
Being human
Dean O Rourke
Can we take a moment to appreciate we live in the same era as eminem and we get to witness greatness
Dmitriy Day ago
Best nahuy blyat
Mathias Sanderlin
Bruh quit rappin about guns then you a punk em
Bruno Peiró
Bruno Peiró Day ago
Que copion este Eminem, pongan en Google padre nuestro tu que estás en los que aman la verdad y verán que tiene la misma melodía que la repite todo el tiempo esta canción, en RUvid aparece como padre nuestro cantado con oración !!!
Nick192737 Day ago
This is a Eminem masterpiece. Everyone deserves to see this. So sad and unfortunate
JaySidouMusic 22 hours ago
i made a darkness remix, would you like to hear it?
Jason McBride
This is one of the REALEST songs EVER written.
JaySidouMusic 22 hours ago
i made a darkness remix, would you like to hear it?
TenToezDowN Movement
Much love and respect to you Marshall you have inspired me since a youngin you and Tupac entered my life at a Similar time I am no stan for I am my own man lol you are a real one and i appreciate your genuine soul and your dedication to your craft your haters are irrelevant and your fans body them lol stay solid and safe during this pandemic crisis. #TenToezDowN #Movement #respect #wethepeople #wesupport #realrecognizereal #unitedwestanddividedwefall #themarathoncontinues #joinus
xxinfintexx Day ago
Y’a t-il des français ici ??
Valrico T.V.
Valrico T.V. Day ago
A lot of double entendres in this song about alcohol and guns. But I like when an artist conveys a message beyond generic use of drugs, alcohol, hoes, and partying. Those types of songs are okay, but I like when songs tell us about real life stuff everyday people go through and convey a message we all need to hear and could benefit from hearing.
Elle Lous
Elle Lous Day ago
this mades me tear up everytime i watch it
Brena Veras
Brena Veras Day ago
lenne :p
lenne :p Day ago
I thought it was m&m...
smkbeatbox Day ago
holy fkn shit.... If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it Or just let it slip? Yo His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin' What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out He's chokin', how, everybody's jokin' now The clocks run out, times up, over, blaow!
Rohitrawal8 Day ago
Where he reaches no fcuking mumble rapper could ever think ...then comes his words n rhymes...
JaySidouMusic 22 hours ago
i made a darkness remix, would you like to hear it?
smkbeatbox Day ago
i can't find any words... Eminem used all of them. What a masterpiece.
Isaac Dan
Isaac Dan Day ago
This is music 😌🔥
JaySidouMusic 22 hours ago
i made a darkness remix, would you like to hear it?
The Dark Element
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3-ILL Music
3-ILL Music Day ago
The only rapper who can tell two stories in one song Fight me lord jammar
Sir James
Sir James Day ago
The balls and guts of Marshall to rap about a subject is why he’s my favourite.
fading anomaly
how are Eminem's songs so bad now he use to be so good.
najd mathers
najd mathers Day ago
i refuse to believe that this man is 47 I just can't ! you just can't convince me that he isn't 30
algeneral bakri بكري ادريس
realy guys i respect Eeminem im from Sudan
MR. A Day ago
There's only one thing eminem can't do Mumble rapping
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson Day ago
Going to jail for the first time I learned a lot. This has more meaning to it then everyone just thinks. Like why would it go against gun laws wanting to take our guns away. I know it’s cause to prevent shit like what this dude did. But around the time all this crazy shit is going on in the world? Us getting locked down and everything. The new world order is near and the end is coming. A lot of subliminal messages in his album. All this music... there’s more to it than you think guys. Stay woke and keep your faith strong in god
Charlie Hasty
wheres the shooting?
Be Original
Be Original Day ago
ain't no one gonna say it but eminem is trash compared to how he use to be for the 3 people that see this if that happens just go listen to his older music it way better
WillieZ H
WillieZ H Day ago
How the fuck you gonna get a full auto bolt action with a 10 round mag
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