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The Los Angeles Clippers suffered a surprising loss at the Wells Fargo Center against a clashing Philadelphia 76ers, 103-110. 76ers player Joel Embiid was met with boos when he entered the arena, a response to an Instagram post where he flirted with the idea of leaving Philly for Miami Heat. Despite this, Embiid and Ben Simmons lead the 76ers to victory with 26 points each. Nick Wright tells NBA All-star Antoine Walker why this win didn't surprise him, but he is frustrated that the 76ers talent is overshadowed by off the court antics.
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Embiid & Simmons pulled together for a 76ers win vs Clippers - Nick | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First


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Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 25
First Things First
First Things First 11 months ago
Were you surprised by the Clippers' loss?
Robert Richardson
Robert Richardson 11 months ago
Sixers just need to stick together, hot n cold. My team, yes
Pat4Clippers 11 months ago
*Clipper* *Nation* *needs* *to* *listen* *to* *this.* *ruvid.net/video/video-Jd-YumQdvBg.html* Play with more *urgency* every game. Cultivate consistency.
Pat4Clippers 11 months ago
"I mean, we're both physical guys," Marcus Morris told reporters. "It was cool, man. Just like wrapping arms and stuff like that. I ain't gonna say nothing 'cause they like to fine me, so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut."
Pat4Clippers 11 months ago
Whatever Nick Wright says, believe him. 🤣 *www.thebiglead.com/posts/nick-wright-clippers-don-t-have-personnel-to-win-nba-championship-01e0wwwat4bw* NBA exec said Lakers have no chance vs us. *bleacherreport.com/articles/2875968-rival-executives-see-obvious-flaws-in-lakers-roster-but-help-is-available* I'll go believe Nick Wright because he knows more than NBA execs. Nick is definitely far more brilliant than Jerry West. All NBA franchises should try to hire Nick. There's already another one like him in James Jones in Phoenix.
Rafiq Dawood
Rafiq Dawood 11 months ago
Not at all. Expected the 76ers to win playing against the Clippers because they play their best basketball at home with the top number one record on their home court floor with an advantage always thanks in large part to their fans support helping them win most of their home games. Thus I predicted the outcome and results to be in their favor as a result of the way they play and perform and compete at a higher level at home than compared to on the road.
40ozDai 11 months ago
Ain’t even gone lie , It’s been good seeing Nick with Skip and Shannon out.
Le Dan Theman Playlists
Stop blaming the sixers STARS. You cant win an NBA Finals or even conference finals with just two great players. The lakers had a derek fisher and others. The sixers need Tobias and Richardson and the bench if they must achieve greatness. its not Simmons or Embiid. Blaming the only two all stars for not winning a title is absurd because how would they even be IN THE DISCUSSION... without these two Allstars?
Big White
Big White 11 months ago
The day before Kobe in incident, Ben Simmons destroyed the Lakers without Embiid. Got buried. Same game lebron passed Kobe on scoring list.
SunRae* **
SunRae* ** 11 months ago
All of them act like they dont really watch Sixer's games.
Big White
Big White 11 months ago
It's hard to be consistent when you are hurt more than half the time..Embiid...
jerry ramos
jerry ramos 11 months ago
Clippers win the championship nick is getting fire😂
Pat4Clippers 11 months ago
*Clipper* *Nation* *needs* *to* *listen* *to* *this.* *ruvid.net/video/video-Jd-YumQdvBg.html* Play with more *urgency* every game. Cultivate consistency.
Lee Mu Bai
Lee Mu Bai 11 months ago
The more I listen to nick the more stupid n bitter he sounds
inirab rub
inirab rub 11 months ago
Clippers got smoked by Wolves surprise they lost to 76?
Abdullai Amir
Abdullai Amir 11 months ago
@Daryl Richards JR. they hit exactly 59.1 percent of their 3s
Corey Clark
Corey Clark 11 months ago
@Daryl Richards JR. oh I thought the Clippers had the best perimeter defense yeah right
Kruppt808 11 months ago
Clippers are a great but flawed team, i don't know if they will come together and be the amazing/unbeatable team all the LAC fans(i guess there are some) and the media have been saying they are and a chip is in the bag. Because they have great individual talent they will win alot of games, that won't win them a chip or get them to the Finals. Not a Lakers, Bucks or Philly fans either.
Tommy Castillo
Tommy Castillo 11 months ago
Nice they’ve beaten the lakers consistently
Mektek19 11 months ago
The interior defense was a big issue for the Clippers. LAL has similar size but they are just soft. Philly played tough yesterday. That would make an amazing finals. Those guys were competing.
Kawhi Leonard 2020 Finals MVP
Not really look at there record
Gmoney33 11 months ago
Maha Abdul
Maha Abdul 11 months ago
Nick Wright was MIA when the lakers lost to the sixers without Embiid by 17 points smh
Tobi Desert
Tobi Desert 11 months ago
Pimp21ULike he hates Kawhi
Pimp21ULike 11 months ago
He hates the clippers
Mahomes Winning 8 Rings Please Cry #SBChamp
Nick Jew wants LeBum all in his guts.
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods 11 months ago
Lol if the 76ers was the first seed and had home court advantage they probably would have the best playoff record in history.
Kawhi Leonard 2020 Finals MVP
Tiger Hoods no they would not still would lose on road
TheCephalon 11 months ago
They were at home, means nothing, especially considering they have the 5th seed, so they won’t get a home series
Lacy Edwards
Lacy Edwards 11 months ago
The sixers literally just have to steal a game on the road
Maha Abdul
Maha Abdul 11 months ago
straightchill100 doesn’t matter cuz if phili don’t get to the 4th seed they won’t have home court advantage for any series.
straightchill100 11 months ago
Would you had said that if the clippers had won? I doubt that lol
King Larr
King Larr 11 months ago
If the refs didn't keep the Clippers in the game, they would've gotten blown tf out.
Carson Schau
Carson Schau 11 months ago
hamhockbeans 11 months ago
@Maha Abdul Just stop the Clippers got calls for not even being touched so just stop.
Maha Abdul
Maha Abdul 11 months ago
what are you talking about, there were multiple times where embiid and simmons travelled and it wasnt called...it goes both ways.
Marcos Sill
Marcos Sill 11 months ago
Finally 76s did a great work against the best team in NBA!!!
qhamarii0 11 months ago
Nuggets can’t beat the clippers
qhamarii0 4 months ago
Corey Clark Lmaoo I stand corrected lmaooo
Corey Clark
Corey Clark 4 months ago
@qhamarii0 well like I told you 7 month ago the Nugget can beat the Clipper😂😂😂😂😂
Carson Schau
Carson Schau 11 months ago
qhamarii0 11 months ago
Corey Clark this Nuggets Lakers is perfect example of what I’m saying
qhamarii0 11 months ago
Corey Clark u must be a nuggets fan lol who y’all go to ... u honestly believe that team an be can Morris Lou kawhi & PG. ?
the stuff
the stuff 11 months ago
How are they so good at home this year. It’s becoming such an anomaly that it needs to be looked into. Are the Sixers going Buffalo Wild Wings style with their court at home?
Maha Abdul
Maha Abdul 11 months ago
Maybe they let the crowd get in their head while other people are feuled by it
hamhockbeans 11 months ago
The fans are the coach and on the road they have no coach.😋
Crossed Roses
Crossed Roses 11 months ago
Clippers literally have the most stacked team in the league, give the sixers their credit for at least this game.
Blake Masters
Blake Masters 11 months ago
he said good but not great clippers team lol... they won by 7 and PG was 3-15 if he plays half as good as he should have that’s a blowout
Henry Josue Sanchez Zelaya
That has to do specially since you just got another player that was averaging plus 20, Clippers should actually win every game yet they don’t
Blake Masters
Blake Masters 11 months ago
Jay James i mean i think PG IS overrated but a lot shots he missed he usually makes but that’s him against good teams he shrinks
Jay James
Jay James 11 months ago
you think defense had nothing to do wit him being 3-15 ?and since when did a loss matter by how many poi ts it was,its still an L
Chas Dillard
Chas Dillard 11 months ago
The clippers have glaring weaknesses they cant protect the paint and they have no playmakers
Kruppt808 11 months ago
exactly, the Clippers scoring looked really hard a number of times. they have excellent individual talent on that team but it still hasn't come together. Say what you want about Philly but they can play very well together and be a top 4 team in the nba. But they can also look like a lottery bound team as well, frustrating. Clippers need consistency and better protection at the rim because Tres and Zu aren't enough against, Jokic, Rudy G, AD, Philly, Bucks.
JamaalDay/NiteLong !!!
And will the REAL Paul George please stand up.
Chas Dillard
Chas Dillard 11 months ago
Joe Schmo watch the games
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 11 months ago
lol ok nick wright
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