Elton John - Your Song (Top Of The Pops 1971)

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This performance of ‘Your Song’ was Elton’s second appearance on Top Of The Pops, airing on January 14th 1971. This was just one week before the song became his first-ever entry on the UK Singles Chart. Taken from Elton’s eponymous second UK album, the now classic ballad peaked at #7 and spent 10 weeks inside the Top 40. This performance, recorded at the BBC Television Centre, features band members Nigel Olsson on drums and Dee Murray on bass.
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Elton John - Your Song (Top Of The Pops 1971)


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Nov 11, 2018




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Comments 80
Kjell 9 hours ago
this song will always hold a place in our hearts, one of the best and very special, it definitely reminds us of those we love forever💘
Fernando Lopez
pro your song
Rainer Rutka
Rainer Rutka Day ago
To be shure: One of the best songs - EVER!
Tommy McQuillan
Brilliant song I like singing it to my wife Christine as it's true
Cristina Rafaela De Souza
Samuel is loving the song when I sing while I was pregnant
Chris Butler
Chris Butler 2 days ago
Back at ya Elton.
Yonal Wijesuriya
Yonal Wijesuriya 2 days ago
Depression - gone Anxiety - gone Tears - gone ELTON - JOHN
Peeranat Saisanea
Why i rather love "your song" more than "rocketman".
Silvis Noé Bustos
Tu canción...sólo dos palabras, cuánto dicen...💧
Rachel Arruda
Rachel Arruda 3 days ago
Henry and Alex thooooooo
stefano carinci
stefano carinci 3 days ago
Meravigliosamente meravigliosa
J Renato
J Renato 4 days ago
Al Jarreau version
Flavia Casanova
Flavia Casanova 4 days ago
Esta hermosa canción me hace pensar en mi esposo fue mi amigo por mucho tiempo y ahora estamos separados
Felice Nasti
Felice Nasti 4 days ago
Fabric 4 days ago
One of the last living legends in this world.
Edward Rik
Edward Rik 5 days ago
The best lyrics ever written performed by a genius.
John Stewart
John Stewart 5 days ago
Incredible vocal - this is live and his voice is effortless and pure
Legendary Song
Robson Silva
Robson Silva 6 days ago
Quem veio aqui por causa do One Direction ??
Cherri Phelps
Cherri Phelps 6 days ago
Love this! 💖
Lucia Aprea
Lucia Aprea 6 days ago
정지연 7 days ago
The first time when I listened to this song is a college student.It was 26 years ago. Especially I like lyrics that are being told about his true love.
Mad Mate
Mad Mate 7 days ago
I want this song to be played on my funeral .. cos I know I won't get to do all the things I want to do in this life n this life's short and it's not enough .. spread love and peace and live life to the fullest with no regrets
Froilan Vasquez
Froilan Vasquez 7 days ago
Went here again after reading the novel They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera.
Rogério Miranda
Rogério Miranda 8 days ago
This song makes me remember about my aunt. Her name is Lêda and she passed out on Nov 17th 2011 and so far I think about her every single day. She was the most important person in my life.
modessy 8 days ago
I'm seeing a lot of people saying their loved ones passing away and this was their favorite song now I'm scared what will happen to me when I'm older
Brandon Quaite
Brandon Quaite 5 days ago
Peter Wickendon
Peter Wickendon 8 days ago
Number 3 in 1969 but if realised today it would definitely get the no1 spot
Арман Макин
Он специально не поподает в ноты?Шедевр ❤😜👌👍
Subtle Beast
Subtle Beast 8 days ago
I don’t have any news of anybody dying, but this is such a great song. Can we agree on that?
Sam Gibson
Sam Gibson 2 days ago
Jennifer Carter
Jennifer Carter 4 days ago
Marcus Oche
Marcus Oche 8 days ago
Oh Yes, Sir Elton! One of my favorites! This song is just pure heart. Watch my cover of this lovely song here: ruvid.net/video/video-xjUQ74TurPI.html
kil koh
kil koh 8 days ago
So damn well written. And well performed.
Bushra Kayani
Bushra Kayani 10 days ago
Rosi cosmo
Rosi cosmo 10 days ago
As músicas dele me dão uma nostalgia,hoje estou triste demais😭
Roberto Cozzani
Roberto Cozzani 10 days ago
a masterpiece
Dennis Pearson
Dennis Pearson 10 days ago
Ronald Thomas
Ronald Thomas 10 days ago
I think of my grandparents both passed my papa loved mary thomas my pops my daughter passed at 7yrs old it make me feel good knowing they're ok thanks Elton
Nellie Sky
Nellie Sky 10 days ago
Beautiful song. I 💜Elton John
Alsen Aguirre
Alsen Aguirre 11 days ago
😭😭😭....hard times hard memory...😭😭😭 one more shot
Christopher M
Christopher M 11 days ago
The most beautiful song I have ever heard.
Alison Michaud
Alison Michaud 11 days ago
I love the I hope u dont mind parts
Risingofthephoenixx x
I thought this song was for Princess Diana when she died?? My whole life is a lie!
Faustine Kp
Faustine Kp 11 days ago
No it is the song "a candle in the wind" which was written for her funerals
PAOLA Paffy 12 days ago
La colonna sonora del nostro amore davanti al signore ...un giorno sarà ...
Hong Le
Hong Le 12 days ago
Robert Petitt
Robert Petitt 12 days ago
What a beautiful song, brings tears to my eyes!
Dayce Paredes
Dayce Paredes 12 days ago
Increíble song
Karim meloboom
Karim meloboom 12 days ago
Priceless, Timeless, just great
medkl100 13 days ago
Love love love this song
Dennis McCaslin
Dennis McCaslin 13 days ago
Elton was the last music genius in the industry. Everything else is just noise.
Ella Corcoran
Ella Corcoran 10 days ago
Elton John
Elton John 13 days ago
Those were times
Stéphanie Hugé
Stéphanie Hugé 13 days ago
KEKOCRESPO T_T 13 days ago
Algún español ???
Олег Наумов
nice song.
Tom Curless
Tom Curless 13 days ago
This song is magic, listen to this with your girl, emotional, timeless and classic! Elton a music giant!
E-lon Kà
E-lon Kà 13 days ago
Charles Meeker
Charles Meeker 13 days ago
Musical genius. Songs that last. So many different tempos and styles
G P 14 days ago
this song it’s just beautiful
julian reyes
julian reyes 14 days ago
ben richardson
ben richardson 14 days ago
Me and my Dad’s special song he used to sing this to me!
Nayla Carneiro
Nayla Carneiro 14 days ago
Cheguei aqui através de um livro, chamado O Roteirista. Ano 2020 adoreeeiii
Russ Br
Russ Br 15 days ago
Beautiful...sounds hear and heal hearts
Céu my world
Céu my world 15 days ago
Elton John é meu cantor favorito, como ele tem uma sensibilidade com a música, tanto na letra e interpretação, quando eu ouço uma canção dele eu viajo na música!!
Agos dominguez
Agos dominguez 15 days ago
Señor adopteme😭
Юра Хомеенко
Iconic composition forever !!
Tiago Coelho
Tiago Coelho 16 days ago
He reminds me Travor from GTA V
남기준 16 days ago
Bless on all the fathers on earth. They are sad. 'Cause they are not loved by their sons when they are alive. They are beginning to be loved after they fade away.
Ryan Koster
Ryan Koster 16 days ago
This one needs to be on Spotify
MrJeff558 16 days ago
I'm glad Bernie is back by Eltons side. They really wrote some of the best music ever.
AquiLøra Lyrics
AquiLøra Lyrics 17 days ago
I sang the song to my dog but he doesnt care😥😥😥😥😥
Jari Urkio
Jari Urkio 17 days ago
I m ice bear
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 17 days ago
My grandfather chose to ignore health concerns and not go to the doctors, once my grandmother died, all he wanted to do was die so he could see her again.
Judy Glover
Judy Glover 18 days ago
bernie taupin wrote the lyrics... Elton arranged the music...two geniuses together...and it only took fifteen minutes to write...awesome!!
Deep Heat
Deep Heat 11 days ago
And they were both under 18!
AndersonKid2323 18 days ago
I got a joke about Elton John. It’s a little bit funny (Cr*p dad jokes even tho I’m not a dad)
Jack Walker
Jack Walker 18 days ago
For a 18yr old lad iv always grown up to listening to Elton John and other artists that non of these ppl this day in age know about
Pure talent 120%
jan franz macaso
jan franz macaso 18 days ago
This song was interpolated in The Weeknd's Scared to Live Again from the After Hours album. Both songs are amazing!
Trey Buechler
Trey Buechler 18 days ago
Virginia Clark
Virginia Clark 19 days ago
Friday 19th June 2020. I love Elton John's songs. They are simply the best. Music takes all my troubles away. From Virginia Clark.?! :) :( ;)
Ali Usmi
Ali Usmi 19 days ago
The good work, the sweet songs, the name of good people always remain.
Alexandra Harbeson
Alexandra Harbeson 19 days ago
Wow nice song 😘😘
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