Elon Musk: How I Became The Real 'Iron Man'

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"Bloomberg Risk Takers" profiles Elon Musk, the entrepreneur who helped create PayPal, built America's first viable fully electric car company, started the nation's biggest solar energy supplier, and may make commercial space travel a reality in our lifetime.
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Jun 10, 2014




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Comments 100
ViniByte 4 hours ago
First Trillionaire
“Any entities that are listening please bless this launch? “
TyfoiD75 9 hours ago
but.. who would deny a 3some with amber and cara.
Pratheep Anumat
Pratheep Anumat 11 hours ago
Goodmorning 18/09/2020
Diana Lyons
Diana Lyons 23 hours ago
If he really wants to go to Mars he needs to start getting into tip top shape and work out and eat right and be ready for when he gets to go.
T Tremper
T Tremper Day ago
Zz xx x✓¥|
teddy kassa
teddy kassa Day ago
he is next einstien
Sriniwas Ghate
His net worth is more than 100 billion today!!
Noisy V8 Boy LACE
He's the man!!
Geo Pol
Geo Pol Day ago
38:06 Damn were they wrong
Smarajit Punaykanti
He has made himself a billionaire .Not a product of circumstances
Luis Mora
Luis Mora 2 days ago
Let’s go Ellon musk !!
2 days ago
Mum union n.*n.u NJ hmm um
galaxy K-pop
galaxy K-pop 2 days ago
this is so interesting! i love this please continue on these educational videos
Oscar Meijers
Oscar Meijers 2 days ago
I gave it a "like", but start thinking a "max 24 volts" society. My mathematical brains and I hope other smart ones with a vision, will have to admit at least, that moving wait, and we are talking 2000 kilo's of wait or more, because of the batteries. The cost to cover and sustain a net that can hold it for a week...a doubt says one with a vision, simply impossible. Backing up Mew York city for a week on batteries?
Maxwell Zwi
Maxwell Zwi 2 days ago
The mum is so South African😅🤣
David Way
David Way 2 days ago
David Way
David Way 2 days ago
THE END OF THE HUMAN RACE IS ON TRACK. 5 months left and there wont be a human race on this world anyway.
D mall
D mall 3 days ago
That carlab dickhead 😡
Wendy Thomas
Wendy Thomas 3 days ago
I’d love the real story, i’m looking at it now in 2020 and I don’t know what was wrong with people 4years ago but it doesn’t seem to add up
Raymond II Clermont
Such an amazing list of accomplishments! I wish you all of the luck in the world....
SevenDeMagnus 4 days ago
ana sanchez
ana sanchez 5 days ago
HE IS A GENIUS!!!!!!!!
Jan Michaels
Jan Michaels 6 days ago
This "gid"Convicted of Crimes of Atrocity Against ALL of Humanity via Misuse of Artificial "Intelligence." Google "Parsa v Google." Tribunal document
Dermot Killian
Dermot Killian 7 days ago
A great man who will drag us screaming and bawling into the future.
Gaby Beget
Gaby Beget 7 days ago
Twisted 7 days ago
Elon to his teacher. Elon: I wanna go to mars! Teacher: "Sure you will." 2027 Elon: Yay. I'm on mars.
Facts over Fiction
Mean while he can't figure why his cars are always on fire
Michael Donovan
Michael Donovan 8 days ago
programing guru zip too 300 mil
Bblank M
Bblank M 8 days ago
Elon "stole your credit" Musk.
Nick Maglasang to
Red planet means red soil ground red stone , sands gravels, you wants go to Mars, you go to dinagat island, all material in Mars is in dinagat island philippines
Nick Maglasang to
Sir Elon musk I invited to put up an factory here in the pilipinas/ philippines
Carl wood 758
Carl wood 758 9 days ago
If i was Elon Musk for one day i would open a bank account for me
elena olivares
elena olivares 9 days ago
I hope we are not just going to Mars to land and then come back to earth. I don't like this kind of narrow minded reasoning. If you consider the cost you should do some investigation of the Martian surface deep as possible. . . . because Of what I know about the natural forces inside the planet that can get man out of the dark ages and into the higher relationship with our visitors. If we continue to kill people in tribal warfare and prevent technology development so oil tycoons can continue to push Socialism we are doomed.
Nathan ROgers
Nathan ROgers 9 days ago
This man is truly an inspiration. Up there with the greats. He seems humble as well
Mikael Longval
Mikael Longval 9 days ago
i want a movie on elon musk
Dank Mheems
Dank Mheems 9 days ago
Elon is a high risk crazy guy! He could have lost it all at anytime but kept to his vision.
May Amundsdatter
May Amundsdatter 10 days ago
Try to get a deal with Norwegian governments, so we can get your batteries to Norway, we have a grand coastline around our country*
May Amundsdatter
May Amundsdatter 10 days ago
We already have your Tesla car in Norway, I remember the first time I saw one, my goodness what a car!
May Amundsdatter
May Amundsdatter 10 days ago
And we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world*
Joshua Fletcher
Joshua Fletcher 10 days ago
we need to clone Elon Musk
john smith
john smith 11 days ago
I think he should make an arcade.
Judah Pereira
Judah Pereira 12 days ago
Honestly, FUCK every other "inspirational video"! This is history happening before our very eyes. It is being done. Not something that we're being told to do. It is done. It is evolving. It can be done. The world can be a better place.
Black Diamond
Black Diamond 12 days ago
Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are all one and the same. They are not with us. They don't think human. They are the Judas Goat who must lead the people to their final destination. Don't fall asleep agian. They want to change the people genetically. Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever!!
The Tamohawk God
The Tamohawk God 12 days ago
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
True nature, trolls
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Recreate faces on facebook for human engineering!
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Create vehicles!
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Loosing gesha human physical loosing legs to walk with
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Nervical per samadhi
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
One life watching gods ideas and sharing his selfcelebrationevents in humanity
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
His players
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Its all about names ID's companies
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Be your lover gonna be your lovers!
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Create future boy from past remembrance
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
HE-a-god on my mind from enlightend space or I have no thing
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
The invisible man
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
At least HE says, this is all he himself
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Isch habbe Bielda vo dein Kinda
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Admin Avatarae
Admin Avatarae 12 days ago
Oh Elon was surely a sweet Baby as his mother chose his name😆
Supreme Tez VLOGS
Supreme Tez VLOGS 13 days ago
hes either tony stark or peter weyland...... his life story looks like a prelude to the alien movie series..lol
Elenchus Poiesis
Elenchus Poiesis 13 days ago
He didn't Saved you 45 minutes
Vergel Valiente
Vergel Valiente 13 days ago
Ellon gets his idea on the rockets from sheldon
Brian Baltzly
Brian Baltzly 14 days ago
In 2020 Elon Musk has had sixteen successful launches as of August 2020..
박종숙 14 days ago
사랑사랑 모두모아 사랑사랑 I LOVE YOU TOO ♥♥♥욤욤욤전하시네욤아진짜 너무 많다라고 전하시래욤 욤요미요미하게해주세욤 욤 욤 하시네욤욤 욤 하시네욤 욤 욤 하시네욤★♥♥♥
B.C splat briancross
Oil and gas is not the enemy.
B.C splat briancross
Where do people think the energy for the electric cars come from when you charge them? oil and gas.
tommy edwards
tommy edwards 14 days ago
Aditya Patnaik
Aditya Patnaik 14 days ago
in my opinion, he is an idiot
Xiaomin Laoshi
Xiaomin Laoshi 14 days ago
Queens University is not in toronto.... its in Kingston.
Gannayya Bommali
Gannayya Bommali 14 days ago
He proved again to take action until succeed.
Beth Mercado
Beth Mercado 15 days ago
Spectacular! Thanks.
The Witcher
The Witcher 15 days ago
for Elon sky isn't the limit :)
Michael Senter
Michael Senter 15 days ago
7600 people drive diesel smokers
Bronstantine 15 days ago
34:46 So you're saying I could tre a tesla? *Challenge accepted*
Pierre Taichou
Pierre Taichou 15 days ago
Simply beautiful. His journey is amazing.
Shannon McIntyre
Shannon McIntyre 15 days ago
You. Mmm mmm mmm. The gag program works yeah
Mathu 529
Mathu 529 16 days ago
Someone from school?
Ajarad0 4
Ajarad0 4 16 days ago
In hindsight with tesla getting to be a top 50 stock, and his newborn son, this is even more amazing.
Rider AZN
Rider AZN 16 days ago
this foo family has old slave money
Minecraft builder
Minecraft builder 16 days ago
Everyone who doubt him is so dumb rn lol
Ben Norden
Ben Norden 17 days ago
"I recommend this guide: *app𝐢.r𝐞st* So grateful it exists." 3:30 Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους
The Great One
The Great One 19 days ago
elon musk is a fraud lmao.. he is business savvy and that's all he is
Noel Mgulusi
Noel Mgulusi 19 days ago
Johnny Nezha
Johnny Nezha 19 days ago
I. LOVE. THIS. MAN!!! What an idol and role model he is to me!
Clifford Kilkenny
Clifford Kilkenny 19 days ago
Are you sure he’s not the real Ant Man. Oh, that’s right that would be that boring dolt Paul Rudd who could be one of the biggest pussies in Hollywood. Lol. Love, Turd Ferguson
A W 19 days ago
In Musk We Trust.
Ace Purple
Ace Purple 19 days ago
Who is this bum from car lab talking down on Elon. Hes a hater whos wrong at every turn. st8 up fuck boy.
adam khabazian
adam khabazian 20 days ago
he puts his own money into his own company. act of heroism? what a bunch of crock
Gracie Ackerman
Gracie Ackerman 20 days ago
Holy F$ck !!! He is talking to 200 different government officials at the end of the video about universal basic income because AI takes over most jobs. interfacing your brain with AI - he says that because we use phones and computers we are all ready low range cyborgs. That AI can learn to master games in a day that humans can’t in a lifetime. The first thing to realize is that a computer or AI works within a framework or program and cannot program a frame work - to put the human brain in a program is to imprison the human consciousness or put it in a box. There will be no thinking outside of the box as freedoms will be defined by the program. He isn’t intelligent he is a front for promoting the program as beneficial to all humanity- when it only benefits the elite who control the program. You will loose your identity to become the program.
Eric Benzos
Eric Benzos 23 days ago
Wait,,,,,,he has photographic memory???? How wasn't that relevant in his other interviews??????
Aashtha Chaubey
Aashtha Chaubey 25 days ago
I don't want that reporter actually wanna say ... but 1 things I learn from each and every interview that he is a man who struggles a lot never see back ... and despite having a lot of difficulty from all peoples he still stand, face, motivate himself , his team
Iwara Iwara
Iwara Iwara 26 days ago
Everything is possible if you believe in it, while others are sleeping on their others are thinking on how to make the world a better place go Elon I am coming soon .
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 26 days ago
People watching this in 2020!!!
Yasuke ϟ
Yasuke ϟ 28 days ago
38:00 "least likely too succeed" now it's valued at over 2k. *humans are afraid of change*
Jazzy Jay
Jazzy Jay 4 days ago
Yasuke ϟ
Yasuke ϟ 28 days ago
34:36 "blocky car" *that seems familiar*
MrMagumbo1111 Month ago
Rich Money!!
Ethan Boucher
Ethan Boucher Month ago
What’s even more gripping is that Fisker Automotive declares bankruptcy in 2013 🤣
Fucking jokeers
Frank Simmons
Frank Simmons Month ago
From the "outside" we just think it's all roses because he has been lucky and was in the right place at the right time, man the sh!t he's been through just to get to where he is, I'm so inspired, my Son will be named Elon, but my second son, my first will be Philae (esa) lol
Juan José Morales
What happens when the “it’s Frankenstein’s monster not Frankenstein” kid is actually intelligent.
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