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"here it is! the full video from my masterclass on remixing during amsterdam dance event 2018 - big thanks to all that came along." - ellis
🎧 stream / download “lost frequencues & james blunt - melody (ellis remix)” : spoti.fi/2Lcr27J

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keanu haumahu
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Howto & Style

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Nov 14, 2018




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Comments 36
Somnic 18 days ago
Hey man really enjoyed this masterclass. Im really interested tho, which kick did you use for the first remix, it sounds amazing
Y0nex Year ago
Really nice masterclass :)
vi0let sprite
vi0let sprite Year ago
love the bobble head moment haha
Joel Clipperton
Which ADE track/category was this course in for 2018? Trying to make sense of ADE and thinking about going this year.
Hey he's teaching a class. This is cute...
Max Stone
Max Stone Year ago
You deserve so much more recognition bro! Keep it up!
Brandon Negri
Brandon Negri Year ago
If you could put subtitles on the video please, I would really appreciate it!! . Saying hi from Argentina!!
Novah Year ago
such an awkward crowd, nice masterclass bro
I just really wanna know how tf does one get suck sick hair Awesome masterclass Ellis!
zhuyi makesi
zhuyi makesi Year ago
Why aren't there subtitles?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Traumah Year ago
I learn’t loads of new tricks from this video, very inspiring :) Also do you think you’ll ever release a Melodic Future Bounce Vol. 2 onto splice?
Banda Production
Thansk dude
이성민 Year ago
And V
And V Year ago
I wish there was a screen video as well, so we can see the screen instead of the people...
Valdemar Romero
A nice masterclass to help me in the future, making tracks. You're style is the real performance of FUTURE HOUSE. Thank you show much to make perfect tracks that I will never forget.
Kyle Martins
Kyle Martins Year ago
FBM Year ago
Yes. Much love to Ellis
Greekeo Year ago
Ok guys... ... 39:42 is the most epic part
Greekeo Year ago
Actually that's really amazing how u transform a vocal capture into a kind of synth I'm truly amazed by what you do ! 🔥✌️
I Raqez I
I Raqez I Year ago
Great masterclass Ellis! Thanks:)
Arround Year ago
* LegendsClass
deshtny. Year ago
And i like how you're showing some hope for poor producers, who cant afford all those plugins, you can use demo and be creative with it and make your way around! You're such an inspiration for me and many more people out there;)
george kefalas
Commercial *
george kefalas
Neither do I have money for community plugins but I work my way around that by being creative with what I have
deshtny. Year ago
Yoo, that was awesome, thank you for sharing this
Hacktivator Year ago
Got a few questions :D 1. In every song you make, there is like the boom on every first beat out of 4 beats. You showed us the chords at that part, but that chords alone are not enough. How do you get that big boom - tension release at every first beat of a 4 beat bar? 2. How do you choose the layers of the leads,chords,bass. You said frequency wise, but that alone ain't enough. Can you tell us how you mix that as well? 3.Please for the love of your fans, show us the How Does It Feel project :D. 4.The most amazing thing that you could do to your fans, and I am talking as probably the biggest one :P, is to show us a making a track from scratch. I seriously don't think there is nothing in this world that would make me happier than that. Anyways, thanks for uploading the masterclass. Wish I could be there just to ask you some more questions :D. Got the feeling that you could take my projects and make the drops of them so much more unique. :D
Novelle Year ago
And how do you get such an explosion from the drop in happy now?
Novelle Year ago
Thank you Ellis!!
Ellis Music
Ellis Music Year ago
Keeping everything dry right before the drop can help. Cutting out all reverb tails from everything and having just a fill or whatever completely isolated in the track. This just exaggerates the contrast from verse to drop. Hope that makes sense :)
Novelle Year ago
How did you get the acapellas?
ASB Year ago
great masterclass, would have been better if the screen was recorded so we could see easier what was going on
Kesh Year ago
Awesome! Looking forward to watching this!
ndr 11 days ago
Grande kesha ti seguo da quando non ti seguivo 👍
JLV Year ago
Keep it up mate!
Glowmovies Year ago
Liam Spellacy
Liam Spellacy Year ago
Amazing job Ellis and thank you so much for sharing! How exactly did you make those subby muted notes in the Melody remix drop?
Osmanov Year ago
Akeeb Year ago
Thank you for uploading this you legend
Byte Year ago
Cant see shit! Worst audio quality and camera position.
jeonghyeon Year ago
i love guysss
yuma. 4 months ago
jeonghyeon u gay?
Moritz Hübner
Uhhhh yesss!!! I'm hyped
Luka Meklin
Luka Meklin Year ago
Veri najs have been waiting for this for too long
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