Ellie Singing "Take On Me" [4K] The Last of Us Part II

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♪ Song: Take On Me (Cover) - Ashley Johnson (Ellie's english voice actress)
🐶 The Last of Us Playlist ► ruvid.net/group/PLXmh89y-Tx9XQlkBAbI8_MJCh7bjRdzh2
😮 Ellie & Joel Singing TOGETHER !! (Sad Vibes) ► ruvid.net/video/video-wyGzfC-JHdw.html
A Story of Acceptance and Forgiveness deguised as Revenge.
Lyrics subtitles available during the song.
This optional scene is in the Music Shop upstair during Seattle Day 1.
🎸 Joel Singing for Ellie ►ruvid.net/video/video-uCcDPfmyLnA.html
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Jun 18, 2020




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Sir Rodney Production
😮 Ellie & Joel Singing TOGETHER !! 😮 ► ruvid.net/video/video-wyGzfC-JHdw.html More highlights & Edits videos in the Playlist !! Come share the love ! 🐶 The Last of Us Playlist ► ruvid.net/group/PLXmh89y-Tx9XQlkBAbI8_MJCh7bjRdzh2
darknessviking 2 months ago
this song is so bad and so pretentious and so hipster
Ble Ble
Ble Ble 2 months ago
@Sauron Mordor Elli 😍
КЯIШОКОИЕШ 2 months ago
this is the „I need a part 3“ button
Shadow BRP
Shadow BRP 3 months ago
Luigi Ibarra
Luigi Ibarra 3 months ago
Ellie she sing a good Song
Felipe Menezes
Felipe Menezes 6 hours ago
Just beautiful, revenge, love, consequences... The people how didn't liked this game, is just because they weren't ready to play it.
PBG Brownies
PBG Brownies 2 days ago
Ellie didn't feel guilty because of Joel's death. Ellie felt guilty because she couldn't come to forgive him before he died. She went on a killing spree full of that anger and bitterness because she felt responsible. Riley, Tess, and Sam all died while she still lived. That's why she wanted to be dead at that hospital, for her death to mean something. With Joel's death, she realised that the pain of going after Abi and her friends stopped her from forgiving, it stopped her from being able to live. But she deserves to. She deserves to live a well meaningful life, as all do. Joel fought for that, and so many other unknown people would do that for each other hopefully in a world like this. The last of us is everything we've lost and everything we've become.
Hasan AlMaskati
Hasan AlMaskati 2 days ago
Goosebumps all over when I played this part, found myself singing along with her.. hands down my favorite part of Tlou2
Mister Masked Man
Master Piece
jose sandoval
jose sandoval 4 days ago
jaby koay
Arpit Inder Singh
I felt it was more of a story than a game. It was perfect. The cycle of revenge never ends. The last of us series has a special place in my heart.💚
Vojtěch Polák
Vojtěch Polák 5 days ago
Absolutely beautiful
that Scottish guy
I love the story of the second game but in my opinion the first one is better but the second game is still amazing
L'Art 7 days ago
Fucking ninjas making me cry a lot...
Stealth Spider
Stealth Spider 7 days ago
too bad this game is trash
Ricky Galusha
Ricky Galusha 7 days ago
I hope the next game is about Dina and her son and Abby and the boy she saves, and they incorporate Ellie and her back story.
Skill Pizza
Skill Pizza 8 days ago
The game was amazing!
Jules Perchet
Jules Perchet 8 days ago
I bet you'll cry 😏
SantiagO 18
SantiagO 18 8 days ago
Ellie it's Pretty Damn Amazing
Mullins2380 9 days ago
Joel was absolutely right for saving Ellie the Fireflies were nothing but a terrorist group with no guarantee they could even produce much less mass produce a vaccine
lee williams
lee williams 9 days ago
Day one
danidoesgames o-o
danidoesgames o-o 10 days ago
stop ive been binging last of us cutscenes im already fucking crying STOP
Tristin Levy
Tristin Levy 11 days ago
This is the best game I have ever played.
Pim Undead
Pim Undead 13 days ago
"Remember the night by the bonfire?" I wish I could see the scene she's taking about. ruvid.net/video/video-kzlzA2El6Ps.html This video shows "extras" of Tlou 2 and there are so much scenes I wish I could see more of. Want that so bad.
canniloni 13 days ago
ashley’s voice is so angelic
Paulo Puente peña
Paulo Puente peña 14 days ago
Best name ever
Best name ever 14 days ago
When tf did she sing this
Johan Ari
Johan Ari 12 days ago
on 2nd floor
Johan Ari
Johan Ari 12 days ago
Valiant music store, between courthouse
Hazza Nezza
Hazza Nezza 14 days ago
A-ha just watching from the corner as clickers
Jhonnyboy 117
Jhonnyboy 117 14 days ago
As much as I don’t really like the story, scenes like this made this game really stand out and really fun to play.
Pierre Gentil
Pierre Gentil 14 days ago
Wonderful and perfect. The best games I ever play and so emotional moments
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 15 days ago
The last of us fans: I can't believe they killed a main character! The walking dead fans: First time?
luis Romero
luis Romero 16 days ago
One of the best gifts I gave myself was to avoid all the spoilers to fully experience the story. This game was not like any other game. It tortured you and made you feel the essence of grief. It felt like real life to me. Such an amazing game!
Sir Rodney Production
mrrandom45 16 days ago
Best version of take on me hands down
Swift 16 days ago
Hand on heart disliked the 2nd game massively for alot of reasons but i can admit 1 thing i did love about this game was the musical sections with Joel and Ellie, love this cover too, beautiful stuff 👌
Sherry Abbott-brooks
This game is terrible but the music is fire
VADER D 16 days ago
디나 엉벅지는 ㄹㅇ 인정해줘야되네 ㅎㄷㄷ
ytp Ita
ytp Ita 16 days ago
I watched this after finishing the game. I cried
TR LILBEANER 17 days ago
Fucking hell If the story weren’t that terrible it would’ve beaten ghost of Tsushima. Obvious it was purposely ruined my femininity and ruins of a male feminist. If only people realized.
JamesHLanier Day ago
carlos bec
carlos bec 18 days ago
i cried like a little bitch here
Ana Luiza Reis
Ana Luiza Reis 19 days ago
I can't watch this without crying
Everett Gonzales
Everett Gonzales 19 days ago
Wish someone would look at me like that!!!!!!Hahahah Hahahaha
Carlin 19 days ago
Game of the YEar
Raven Espinoza
Raven Espinoza 19 days ago
I bought a guitar and taught myself how to play this❤️
RevolverMoth 20 days ago
I love both Abby and Ellie so the fighting parts were so painful to go through. I’m glad they both survived in the end.
Max ime
Max ime 20 days ago
I cry
Stanley So
Stanley So 20 days ago
If I ever have a daughter, I’m gonna name her after Ellie. That’s how much I frickin love this game.
Dageng wagyu
Dageng wagyu 21 day ago
Best cover song ever 🤠👍
UltimateSka8erXD 21 day ago
No game has touched my heart like this game ❤️💔 I love Ellie
It's Guild
It's Guild 21 day ago
talking away I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway Today's another day to find you Shying away I'll be coming for your love, okay? Take on me Take me on I'll be gone In a day or two So needless to say I'm odds and ends But I'll be stumbling away Slowly learning that life is okay Say after me It's no better to be safe than sorry Take on me Take me on I'll be gone In a day or two In a day or two...
Pim Undead
Pim Undead 22 days ago
"It's no better to be safe than sorry."
Roley Chiu
Roley Chiu 22 days ago
When Ellie says "its better to be safe than sorry" you can tell in her expression that the line resonated with her. Great goddam game.
The FIRE trilogy
The FIRE trilogy 22 days ago
Unfortunately I missed this part because I was so done with the game already after what happend to Joel, they should’ve saved his death for the end because after that no one wanted to play the game anymore
Walter White
Walter White 21 day ago
Gtv 22 days ago
A moving game... A heart wrenching utterly beautiful disastrous emotional game... Naughty dog knocked it out of the park
Radanya Official
Radanya Official 22 days ago
I like this song very much and thank you you did a pretty good video. I hope you will like my comment. Please give me a heart!=)
Cloud Xz
Cloud Xz 23 days ago
One of the little thinks in that Story that was not pure Trash... At least until Diana opens her Mouth.😂
WeirdScienceX 24 days ago
Ashley Johnson has a beautiful voice, I wish they had improved the hair physics a bit, every time Ellie lent forward her hair stayed perfectly in place at the front, it bugged me for some reason lol
RobM 24 days ago
I havn't actually started a second playthrough yet, think I'll wait for my PS5, but felt like hearing this again
Jason Lam
Jason Lam 25 days ago
Ellie is playing mostly barre chords. That takes a strong finger. Dina must be jealous!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🥰
Arthur Naressi
Arthur Naressi 25 days ago
For Joel
emilien BNG
emilien BNG 25 days ago
Thanks you💜
Aesir Unlimited
Aesir Unlimited 26 days ago
Damn son, Ellie is better at serenading her lover than most men are.
PS4 Plays
PS4 Plays 26 days ago
Dina and Ellie have my heart.
Ninjaguy 27 days ago
I fucking hate this game, all of it is a giant waste of time for me. Except for this. There are moments like this in the game that really remind me of the potential it had. It’s probably one of my favorite moments in gaming ever, I just really don’t like the rest of it.
Walter White
Walter White 26 days ago
You're obviously a fucking moron
Sir Rodney Production
This game was teaching us why Hatred is a giant waste of time. I think I see where the problem is.
Joe Torres
Joe Torres 27 days ago
Anyone know where I can find the guitar tab on this?
Johan Ari
Johan Ari 26 days ago
Visit GuitarHero2Hero channel
Charlie Martel
Charlie Martel 27 days ago
Great moment in a great game.
mr Kabanosy
mr Kabanosy 28 days ago
It's like Bilie Eilieshe's cover of take me on
Amelia Hewson
Amelia Hewson 29 days ago
totally spies
Sebbed 29 days ago
Can anyone explain how to play this song in the game please?
Kira Cheney
Kira Cheney 29 days ago
Does anyone know a game that will hit the same as this one or is it like one of a kind cow I don’t wanna have to wait if they make a new one but I also don’t want to replay it cos ik everything that will happen☹️my life sucks so need a game that’s very similar to this please
md farid Danish
md farid Danish 29 days ago
Win wow
md farid Danish
md farid Danish 29 days ago
md farid Danish
md farid Danish 29 days ago
Epic Song
Arthur Cornelus
Arthur Cornelus 29 days ago
This scene took place during day one. "I'l be gone in a day or two" Ellie completely lost herself during the third day. Damn you Naughty Dog
Asiyat Kckv
Asiyat Kckv 10 hours ago
Thats really thoughtful! I liked the part „it‘s no better to be safe than sorry“ too
Gerhard Veldman
How brilliant. Thank you for your comment. Have a great day my friend.
Illfuckinjunkie Month ago
I didn't give myself the chance to appreciate this section of the game on my second run, I just wanted to get to the rainy days cus they're visually my favorite part of the game, but I missed how good this scene was, dina's face expressions as well as ellie's while she was singing get so much across.
ItZnukkZZ CoDM
ItZnukkZZ CoDM Month ago
this scene is one of the best scenes in gaming history!
Emma Month ago
Does anyone else hear ‘I’ll be coming for you Lev, ok?.’ 😂
Asha Grae
Asha Grae Month ago
I am crying. Seriously.
Jessica Sterling
Loved this game!!
Maud Warren
Maud Warren Month ago
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Yurrii! Month ago
dina standing there be like: 👁👄👁
Ale R
Ale R Month ago
All I see is Ashley😍
Jedifelix Jedi master
I wish we hade a gamemode where you as Gustavo and play his music on a guitar/banjo
Goku with A Coat
‘If I were ever to lose you.’ Truly a remarkable use in the series, it takes us all back to the very first cutscene/interaction with Ellie. It allows us to realize that we all meet and greet a certain person whom isn’t family but a friend who would do so much to see your growth mature every day. Joel was indeed overprotective but he was only so because it reminds him of his Daughter who was lost in the first one. We all had our fair share of hatred of Amber. But we must accept that some Directions may take a huge turn for us to rival the difference in the future sequel. But what I mean about this game teaching us such words is because: We all find someone who’ll teach us and show us a huge difference in growth that we wouldn’t had taken if we were never met up with them, but thanks to them. We’re where we are today because of our Teachers/Friends who taught us love. Not everyone experienced family type of love or grew with a huge family, some of us learned and lived a hard life. Which is why we’ve become connected with this scenery. It’s amazing to see Ellie’s growth, but it’s a shame she lost herself from being obsessed with revenge. Revenge is indeed an nuisance to deal with, we should always refocus on the straight path ahead of us no matter how different or difficult things seem at first.
Sir Rodney Production
This game gave us a wisdom lesson in 25hours of entertainment. 👏👏 To get out of hatred, we have to accept and forgive. This is very hard to do but this is the best way, this is the way of strong people.
Madrid Month ago
The lyric "Take me on..." if the word "on" voice down a little, it'll sound similar to "Wise man say..." in I Cant Help Falling In Luv With U, i like that part
Quadraxis Month ago
Ashley Johnson's voice is that of an angel. Or Aasimar, if you will.
Jesús Alejandro Reyes torres
La primera vez que escuché esto no pude continuar jugando pensando en Joel no pare de llorar
꧁ツ LipinhoGamesツ꧂
the best song of my life
2324everett Month ago
The way Dina looks up at Ellie. ❤️
Karin Uchiha
Karin Uchiha Month ago
Love this
Andrew Bates
Andrew Bates Month ago
Last of us 3 ends with Joel seeing Sarah This comment will age well at some point
ZILDJ1AN Month ago
This scene right here makes me want to have and learn to play a gee-tar.
ZILDJ1AN 26 days ago
Usul573 bruh wdym?
Usul573 Month ago
Ask me anything, a kit with everything is $145 from Amazon =D
Jack Month ago
Whenever I hear this song in the future I’ll always hear it sung by Ellie 😭
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus Month ago
anyone know what guitar she is using?
Usul573 Month ago
It seems to very strongly resemble the Fender CD-60S. ruvid.net/video/video-7vKJOJoFYG8.html
Teletubbie69 Month ago
This game is a masterpiece just so sad and brutal and makes you think about human nature. First i was on the hate wagon when things leaked but i feel so sorry about that haha. I hope all that hate dont stop the makers making a part 3.
Corpus Month ago
This scene makes me tear up everytime I see it.
Cleber nunes de medeiros
they killed "the last of us 2" at the moment that Joel was killed
Natural Selection Man!
I truly weep for the future when so many on here are saying how great that games story was. I mean really? How many times can the characters do something utterly ridiculously stupid and i hear how great the story was from people. That story was trash. It's writing like that that is destroying modern cinema and pop culture. And i'm not talking about Joel dying either. People die. It's the lame way it was written. Anyone with half a brain can tell this writing was horrible. Like i said, I weep for the future.
Sir Rodney Production
Can you explain what it's happening when Ellie let Abby go at the end on the beach ?
Jp Br
Jp Br Month ago
Bunga Berliana
Bunga Berliana Month ago
This annoyed me when I got to it. It's cute and adorable and beautiful but I WANT TO GO ON A MURDER RAMPAGE WHY THE HELL AM I PLAYING A GUITAR?!?!?"?!?!?!?!???GFJFGJG
Cloud Xz
Cloud Xz Month ago
Best Scene in the Game. I mean this was not to hard with all this Trash going on. But this was really good. To bad Dina destroyed it 2 Second's later with this Fanfic S*it again nobody cares about.😂
Bran Month ago
I'll never get bored of this scene ❤
Ndotz #L’s Down 12A
I get goosebumps everytime I listen to this 😍
Jan Hanák
Jan Hanák Month ago
I Love Ellie
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