Ellen Reveals She Dated Brad Pitt’s Ex-Girlfriend

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For the first time in eight years, Brad Pitt sat down with Ellen, and she admitted she dated one of his ex-girlfriends. Plus, he talked about playing a stuntman in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”


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Sep 14, 2019




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Cedric Johnson
Cedric Johnson 5 days ago
Recreate your life with God.
Aleksandra Stevic
cherryv bebe
cherryv bebe 6 days ago
I was in middle school when I was sprung on legends of the fall Brad. Ugh hes still looking good wowow
hhhh9579 7 days ago
Chanin Garcia
Chanin Garcia 7 days ago
Grace Nunes
Grace Nunes 7 days ago
Mr Smith
Mr Smith 9 days ago
If you need a strap on you are the poke E not the poke ER :)
Ersen Foy
Ersen Foy 10 days ago
he is aging like a fine wine.
damien departed
damien departed 10 days ago
Applesauce means a lot
MR. GOOGLE 12 days ago
DAISY - 13 days ago
Hi Ellen, i'm a big fan from other continents, i wish i could have your menchandise (anything) as a gift. Even i know its almost imposible, but i'm still believe in hope. GBU always.
cool dude
cool dude 14 days ago
About the heaviest thing I can bench press is the bar lol.
kayzer köze
kayzer köze 15 days ago
Brad is a player
Edi Gabrieli
Edi Gabrieli 16 days ago
Trash people on trash TV, it make sense.
GoldenSpyro 16 days ago
I don't need [FOOD] I need answers but seriously im hungry
James Ritz
James Ritz 17 days ago
C_ _ t
Paoo Ki
Paoo Ki 17 days ago
wait wich once a pon a time wich movie is it is it the one with emma and henry where they went to neverland and peter almost killed henery
Joe Valdrighi
Joe Valdrighi 19 days ago
I'm amazed at Ellen degenerate she never knows when enough is enough
Nicky J
Nicky J 20 days ago
How appropriate that they used a “Pit bull”. Oh to be that dog for a minute just so I could lick apple sauce off Brad’s face! 😋
Haley Lauren
Haley Lauren 22 days ago
the freaking lip bite at 0:15 I AM DECEASED!
Boss Breezy
Boss Breezy 22 days ago
World war z 2??
Yoda Man
Yoda Man 22 days ago
yall need to try harder to get clooney to come out. then tell him to call me.
FlipRoyale G
FlipRoyale G 23 days ago
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise should comeback and do the another Interview with a Vampire!
TviT Ninee Kikson
TviT Ninee Kikson 23 days ago
All Celebrities
All Celebrities 23 days ago
Brad is comfortable man to talk to
none of your fuggin biz
brad pitt is looking soooooooooooooooooo hot
Unknown Yes I’m unknown
Is it true?
ju jb
ju jb 24 days ago
What ever happened I'm sure Ellen licked her clean.
Sara Aljaf
Sara Aljaf 25 days ago
His smile 😍😍😍😍😍
dazed darling
dazed darling 25 days ago
brad pitt > leonardo dicaprio
The Bros
The Bros 25 days ago
Imagine having brad and Ellen as your wife/exes
Abera Hassan
Abera Hassan 25 days ago
Geovana Eduardo
Geovana Eduardo 25 days ago
Ai eu tô apaixonada :(
Nilisha Pedhamkar
Nilisha Pedhamkar 26 days ago
Hahaha... 👏👏👏 So many stupids hanging around just to see someones shirt off lol.
C. A. T.
C. A. T. 26 days ago
Brad was incredibly SEXYYYY in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood! Especially when he was shirtless on the roof! Omg!!!
StSimonMartyr 26 days ago
Ellen used a Strap On
Sese p
Sese p 26 days ago
55 and still breaks hearts💔🔥
Aline R
Aline R 27 days ago
CBJA4GET 28 days ago
Brad Pitt is aging like fine wine 🍷❣️
m ch
m ch 28 days ago
And Brad dates her ex boyfriends. It’s Hollywood !
Anna Chen
Anna Chen 28 days ago
Now I wanna know who those exes are...
Marky Anthony Ledda
I love Ellen DeGeneres lots of love here the PHILLIPINES. We love you....
Eric Turner
Eric Turner 29 days ago
They should do a movie about the Lion Whisperer (Kevin Richardson) and star Brad Pitt in it.
jules short
jules short 29 days ago
That was kinda awkward
Edelmira Rodríguez Martín
Dan Koning
Dan Koning 29 days ago
DeGeneres is a true America degenerate; advocating what God is hates while proudly celebrating that which is destroying America with every one of her shows. [Proverbs 8:13]
Steph Corcilles
Steph Corcilles 29 days ago
it's... Just Jack
wantsomecoffee 29 days ago
I wish Brad Pitt would do something physical with me.
brett allan
brett allan 29 days ago
Arrani S.
Arrani S. 29 days ago
Wow. The girlfriend thing is just creepy.
Gowtham Skynet
Gowtham Skynet 29 days ago
Pheonix Sunrise
Pheonix Sunrise Month ago
Ellen just casually mentioning that she’s dated one of Brad Pitts exes 😂
Bellarose Month ago
Pitbulls are seriously the sweetest dogs ever. ❤️ I'm so jealous he got to hang out with such a cute doggie!
Archangel Michael
This guy was amazing in troy, beautiful healthy body
Anand Anand
Anand Anand Month ago
I wanna know which one.
MrMferg240 Month ago
so ellen tasted brad pitts junk. she's bi.
Mary Durham
Mary Durham Month ago
I Absolutely 💖Love💖... Everything about Brad!!!... I mean Seriously... What's "Not" to Love!!!???😍🤗😃😉
Guss Kvist
Guss Kvist Month ago
degenerate nasty things
Aussie Jill
Aussie Jill Month ago
Love Brad BUT that movie ( Once upon a time in hollywood ) was WOEFUL !
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