Ellen Pompeo Slams TMZ's Kobe Crash Coverage

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After Ellen Pompeo slammed TMZ for breaking the news of Kobe Bryant's passing before law enforcement, Roz Weston and Graeme O'Neil reveal Harvey Levin's response during "ET Canada Live".
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Comments 80
Veeto Gayatri anti reckless
this is a month later but still many reports going on, it shouldn't matter who puts what out first. Greed is real. And not mentioning all names is a pointless argument, MOST FAMILY KNEW WHO was on A flight with kobe. It would be obvious
Mo no feo
Mo no feo Month ago
Money was reason behind it,odviously!!!!
JORDAN Month ago
Campaign Scripting
i would hate to work at tmz knowing all the trash they do and say... karma is real.
Sheila Miller
Sheila Miller Month ago
9x out of 10 if news reports kobe died the family would probably know my family member was flying with him. What a horrible way to find out your family members died by seeing news flash that kobe died.
Kingdom Heist
Kingdom Heist Month ago
TMZ reported the story at 2:24 pm ... No shame.
Jose Aguirre
Jose Aguirre Month ago
Way to stand up for tmz there et I wonder what prompted that response
Courtney LeAnne
Courtney LeAnne Month ago
Tara C
Tara C Month ago
Please Harv. Is placating to avoid Major lawsuits from five families.
Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford Month ago
The answer is simple- Paid informers amongst first responders and witnesses. It’s well-known in Hollywood circles that TMZ pays for info! Typical” rag” journalists! Money buys theearliest info!
Gloria H
Gloria H Month ago
I do agree to some degree but police can’t figure out cases that TMZ can so I have to say let TMZ keep doing there job
Karen Calvert
Karen Calvert Month ago
TMZ is ruthless
Sefa Doe
Sefa Doe Month ago
Will Ellen Pompeo say anything to Gayle King??I'm just saying Gayle King was more disrespectful equal to Harvey Levin.
Jhezrel Valentine
Whether they said the other names or not, the family members knew their family member had flown with Kobe, so they're still finding out thru TMZ. And the point is the Hollywood culture needs to change, regardless to which news agency broke it and not feel justified becuz you're reporting news. You act like it's right or okay just because you all do it. You all need to stop doing it and learn how to be a human again.
Keron Windley
Keron Windley Month ago
👍Go for it guys!!
Samuel Contreras
A pig was a rat this time and made some money from TMZ
Mary Williams
Mary Williams Month ago
It seem TMZ knows the news before it happens.Thats strange
Rg Pan
Rg Pan Month ago
Their love ones are going to be hurt a lot to lose their love one's but Not by media announcing the first. Some DNA only knows COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN
Rg Pan
Rg Pan Month ago
How does it matter. Looks like all media does that. And now you all are making an issues about who broke the tragedy News.
100% pure Love
100% pure Love Month ago
Prolly cause he use to be a LAWYER. FRIENDS FOR LIFE HE HAS .IJS
A Month ago
TMZ is pure garbage. Harvey is a real POS. Allways has been. Hollywood hang-arounder.
Carolyn Crzybiytch81 Stewart
T.I went after them too for reporting shit about his late sister. Harvey needs a quick kick in face
Pascale Janssens
GO FOR IT? Sth. Aint right at all. Vanessa Bryant is still devastated and in shock. We need some serious investigation.
Nam c
Nam c Month ago
Boycot Fox all together. They make shit television anyway.
Michelle Don't Lie
Because they were given a heads up on what was about to take place...just my opinion!
Hope Dell
Hope Dell Month ago
I thought TMZ was a joke to catch celebrities and playing jokes on them i didn't think anything other then that
Hope Dell
Hope Dell Month ago
Tmz told us about george michael passing i hate tmz TMZ needs to mind there own business
And Go For It.....common people really. I don’t know any family that would respond that way about their loved one. Period!
It doesn’t matter....something is way wrong here!
the Empress
the Empress Month ago
What and she wasn’t called out of her name?
Samone Talley
Samone Talley Month ago
He sounds like he's lieing.
Donnell Mays
Donnell Mays Month ago
What’s the difference between law enforcement telling the family or another entity? You’re still gonna get the news broken to you!
Donnell Mays
Donnell Mays Month ago
I don’t see anything wrong with what TMZ did! Law enforcement is full of shit sometimes, they drag their asses too much. TMZ reported nothing that was wrong! Too bad if they reported it before the slow ass PD! If we left it up to the PD, hell we wouldn’t have known probably until late night or the next day.
Elaine Thomas-West
TMZ ain't shit.
Marc Giardina
Marc Giardina Month ago
Met Harvey Levin when I was a deputy, many years ago ,he was doing a piece on a Judge being partial on traffic tickets.I was told by my my Sgt to find out whose fancy car was parked in an illegal Red parking spot,you got it it was Harvey Levin"s
loc power
loc power Month ago
Don't blame TMZ blame the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department and L.A.P.D they are getting paid off 💰 they are on the TMZ payroll. They might have gave him a quarter million dollars just for this news alone. Cops in L.A are all crooked, they give out personal documents and information for money. People always want to protect the police, open your eyes this is police brutality and exploitation. Find out who this source is, he should be fired.
M Thomas
M Thomas Month ago
Point is there were other people involved. Almost 4 “other’s people” to say “go for it”
Fodner Pierrevil
ET, u guyz r a f****** joke
randall082529 Month ago
You dont see TMZ gettings calls to settle a dispute, or catch a killer, or deal with stupid ppl or more importantly tell loved ones someone close to them died. TMZs, reporter jobs is ratings soo... get the story first and get it out there is all they care about. Disgusting saying how (law enforcemen) did not know Kobe was on that helicopter, i doubt cops follow every celebrity or iconic figure and knew this right away. This whole thing is a mess and we need to turn these TVs of for weeks and just go spend times with your loved ones like they used to do before news ppl trashed our way of life.
Jacklyn Bustamante
The shitty fact that people had to find out from TMZ their family was killed tragically is the point of the matter. That’s the thing, mother’s, father’s, siblings and family’s found out their family was killed, by the news, that’s the shitty part.
Ama-Vee💋 Month ago
TMZ also first on Nipsey’s death-included the gruesome video footage
Amazin Lynn
Amazin Lynn Month ago
We didnt hear anything about Kobe's daughter til after his death was announced..so imagine when Vanessa had to find out Kobe died on the news. She knew her daughter was on that same plane. I would have sued their ass if that was my husband and daughter.
Linda Hemphill
Linda Hemphill Month ago
My question is: who was following Kobe's phone so closely. It makes me wonder.
Donna Walker
Donna Walker Month ago
Somebody knew was going to happen so they need to stop lying
Delores Johnson
Delores Johnson Month ago
Thank you TMZ. They are such low life shysters.....and they know who they are....Just tell it damnit
Virgo Goddess Spiritual MEDIUM
I agree it's definitely a sad situation but given how it is we now live in a world based on social media when it comes to a helicopter crash that involves a huge mega basketball player like Kobe Bryant it would have gotten out regardless it's just very unfortunate that TMZ got the news before anyone else but let's not forget reporting information weather good or bad That is there job!!! That is what TMZ gets paid to do
All R Libz
All R Libz Month ago
TMZ is garbage
lina nicolia
lina nicolia Month ago
Is she married to pompous Pompeo ? she does not look like a trophy wife but more like a fish wife.
Jgoldex89 Sunix
Jgoldex89 Sunix Month ago
Will maybe TMZ analyst the helicopter number ,the color of the copter could have been known especially when you see the behind the scenes of Kobe on lafc commercial that's how anyone could predicted that Kobe was on. My condolences to Kobe's family, fans, and the 8 victim's families as well.
Very Peculiar Hat Man
We BEEN known TMZ is the FEDS bruh.
SOI Month ago
TMZ is the feds I don’t care what Harvey the snake has to say!!
Last Call
Last Call Month ago
All Harvey's are full of shit except for Harvey Grant.
The Banks Films
The Banks Films Month ago
The fact that TMZ legit bought the photos from those mountain bikers who were 1st on scene and then posted it asap is so wrong. People defending TMZ constantly say well they are normally correct and if it’s true it’s true. Fck TMZ
Missa Month ago
1:25 the moment I realized this was ET Canada before noticing the channel name
Michelle Young
Michelle Young Month ago
Painful,hurtful,nervous break downs you guys need to apologize tmz
Michelle Young
Michelle Young Month ago
Still rude
Ridz 39
Ridz 39 Month ago
I’ve Been saying this, TMZ is linked with the FBI, cause how they always get the news first is crazy.
For DEATH ...They shouldn’t do it! When they call paparazzi it for the LIVING😔 Someone who die horrific like that have some empathy for the family...🤨
Sherri Grant
Sherri Grant Month ago
TMZ is trash. Always has been always will be
rebecca lankford
I bet the police source statement will have department heat for leaks. Paid leaks I am sure. Famous people only no care for others.
No they didn't say go for it. Liars. If they did that's shameful.
Ass Man
Ass Man Month ago
Harvey just admitted he is working with police. Pos narc
Adriane Williams
Moral of the story, TMZ should have waited.
Guyron Barnes
Guyron Barnes Month ago
🖕 TMZ, Harvey Levin, Asswipe Babcock the gay blade law enforcement sellouts and all of those Vultures and Jackals.
Duane Edwards
Duane Edwards Month ago
No TMZ is a scumbag quit taking up form
Duane Edwards
Duane Edwards Month ago
If it had been a white man I guarantee nobody would have found out until the corner release of information
Ser ka
Ser ka Month ago
The media are like that thats how they make their money by posting info first but im surprised they didnt see any bodies on the crash because the imagines were suoer close anyways rip to the 9 lifes
Rick S.
Rick S. Month ago
Lisa RedskinsDiva Joyner
Harvey you are making excuses...you still were wrong and y'all are the devil...what y'all did was unforgivable, I don't care what you say...but you still shouldn't have done it regardless...you should have waited to find out everything.
David Brown
David Brown Month ago
The illuminati shiiit doodooo its all behind this....wake america.....my Daddy Jesus said......He is tearing down idols in america.....started with kobe one of the biggest idol to america ....
Seeking Shalom
Seeking Shalom Month ago
You all are vultures...information is currently. This isn’t hook ups and break ups. People’s children died! You people are wicked
Seeking Shalom
Seeking Shalom Month ago
It’s NOT JUST ABOUT KOBE! Vanessa and Kobe’s 13year old CHILD perished in that crash. If you knew your family member was on Kobe’s flight it was a cold way of finding out PERIODT
Mr. Paint
Mr. Paint Month ago
Don’t blame TMZ News travels fast and someone was going to pick up on the story CNN ABC Local news TMZ just beat them to the punch R.I.P 8/24 and the others who lost their lives 😢 🕯🙏🏻
London Pastel
London Pastel Month ago
#JusticeForJohnnyDepp Amber Heard is an abusive, manipulative, liar and deliberately ruined Johnny Depps career in a bid to hide her abuses of him. She deserves nothing less than a deplatform and to forfeit her AquaMan 2 role.
Adam Carter
Adam Carter Month ago
How is breaking news exploiting a sudden death so that means every time a news station is the first to break a story their exploiting that story sounds like all the other news stations are mad because they weren't first to break the news TMZ keep doing a good job.
Jay Tv
Jay Tv Month ago
Harvey's is a liar... how would you know who was on there.. plenty helicopters fly everyday... TMZ works for these devils that killed Kobe!!!!
Mstyah Williams
Mstyah Williams Month ago
A law needs to be passed on this.
Norm S
Norm S Month ago
This is what I typed, that TMZ, Harvey Weinstein ran this before family was notified. Of course Harvey has a response! But there has been blood on his hands for awhile. And he'll stay untouchable because he knows the top honchos, president, super wealthy people. He hides their sh*t, and they cover his sh*t.
Juan Ramos
Juan Ramos Month ago
The news is a circus 🎪
Chrystal Munroe
Chrystal Munroe Month ago
TMZ should be ashamed of themselves.
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