Ellen Is More Like Dory Than You Think

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Ellen has done a lot of different things in her career, but the problem is that she doesn’t remember all of them. So she called on two audience members to play a game called “Was I In That?” to test her memory... and ended up proving she’s more like Dory than you think.




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Comments 59
Alex Harbula
Alex Harbula 4 days ago
Glad she got humiliated serves you right
lara vaz
lara vaz 16 days ago
i cant be the only one who thinks she looked like princess diana
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 18 days ago
Are comments going to get turned off?
Deanna Wilson
Deanna Wilson 18 days ago
They showed this commercial already on the show though. Lol
BTS lover
BTS lover 17 days ago
Yes, they showed it more than once
BTS lover
BTS lover 26 days ago
Her face was red with embarrassment when the commercial ended
313 Otaku
313 Otaku 29 days ago
Very fine used to be my favorite juice but I haven’t seen it a while
Gideon Bieser
Gideon Bieser Month ago
Gosh her ego is through the roof
Serenely Humble Evan 99
The commercial is payback for Ellen always embarrassing Andy 😉😁🤗
jose ap santos
jose ap santos Month ago
Boa noite, uma das melhores apresentadoras de talk shows do mundo.Adorei o vídeo.
J Martinez
J Martinez Month ago
This is the first time I see That Ellen doesn’t turn off the comments 🧐
Wecoc1 Month ago
Wow, there's audience on the clip and yet the comments are not disabled! My time to comment something about them finally arrived! They're lovely. :)
kaitlin mason
kaitlin mason Month ago
Ellen was on an episode of will and grace. That was a my favorite episode. She just wanted to see the Penguins and than she became one aka a nun.
Aliara Asse
Aliara Asse Month ago
Where does she get all those TVs from
Adriana Alvarado
Love Dory, love Ellen!!! 💖😊
R KR Month ago
Thats the life I want when you can’t remember how successful you are and how many lives you’ve had an impact on
ENU TV Month ago
Alaurah Willow
Alaurah Willow Month ago
To be fair, that Summer Jug thing is a good idea if you live near a popeye's.
Jiya Agarwal
Jiya Agarwal Month ago
Ellen is Dory because Dory would need a game like this to remember😂😂
rose191991 Month ago
yeah ellen has short memory when she ask katy perry who was her husband ~ she forgot she WAS married LOL
Lupe Salas
Lupe Salas Month ago
Tienes buenicimos programas bendiciones
Lynn Garnier
Lynn Garnier Month ago
Popeye s Makes me remind the student days, in Saint Charles, Love New Orleans,
Lauren Longfellow
Omg I remember the Veryfine commercial 😂
Kerry Nottelling
Ohhh Andy you know Ellen is gonna get you back for that 😂 😂 😂
EST Month ago
I've just gotten bullied and so I come here to watch Ellen to wash out those negativity with Ellen's positivity. Thank you Ellen for being the only light in my life for so many years. I love you.
Rose Wilder
Rose Wilder Month ago
I hope things get better!
Sunny M
Sunny M Month ago
EST people are mean. It’s going to be okay . Don’t give up
SGDevotee Month ago
I'm sorry but I think it's funny her name is Arce hahahaha
sara tairi
sara tairi Month ago
5:05 😂
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Month ago
Who saw Ellen topless in one of her films. She looked so beautiful in it.
BTS lover
BTS lover 17 days ago
Which film was it, I too want to watch it
Demi de Meyier
Demi de Meyier Month ago
1:01 that dude is very happy 😂
BTS lover
BTS lover 17 days ago
Looks like he just wanted to stand out in T.V
ali Ansari
ali Ansari Month ago
Marcelo Ortega
Marcelo Ortega Month ago
Holy holy moly
IamEm Month ago
I am just glad that after all this time Andy got to humiliate Ellen once, even if it was scripted
Yaamini kp
Yaamini kp Month ago
Very fine juice 😲 I'd launch I'm ok juice 😉
Maithreyi m
Maithreyi m Month ago
I love u Ellen
thackergeorgina Month ago
I know it’s exciting being picked but really? Stand still, Diane looked like she wanted to go to the toilet 🤦🏼‍♀️
El Month ago
Yehhh. Almost painful to watch. I bet they've realized later, how ridiculous they look.
La españolita.
La españolita. Month ago
I can't!!! i love you so much!!!!
Maitha Ali
Maitha Ali Month ago
Hi Ellen I love you so much Edit:I’m so grateful for the people that liked thank you so much I appreciate it thanks
Edgar Filho
Edgar Filho Month ago
I loved it because I love Ellen and she has done lots of things.I am a great fan of hers.I love to see her laughing.It´s funny.
Amjad Shakir
Amjad Shakir Month ago
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mohamed Abdirahman
I great from Somalia. I usually listen to your show. Your friend twitch and others good evening.
Addison M
Addison M Month ago
She was also in Coneheads lol
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC Month ago
AHahah thet 0:42 commercial older then me) 0_0 cool POPEYES need try 4:00 thet i see cool commercial
jil HD
jil HD Month ago
😂 😂 😂
Horror Gaming Fan
Duh she voiced her lol
Lubna Sheikh
Lubna Sheikh Month ago
Ellen is so funny
Dr Manish Choudhary
Well , I was just watching Finding Dory when this notification came 😂
Dr Manish Choudhary
@Raghuram M it's on Jio cinema app
Raghuram M
Raghuram M 23 days ago
Dr Manish Choudhary i wanna see too. How ? Not on Netflix 😐
Erik Sharko
Erik Sharko Month ago
Jescy Ronia
Jescy Ronia Month ago
Much love from 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬
Dog Or not
Dog Or not Month ago
00:59 😮 no legs
EST Month ago
Dog Or not
Dog Or not Month ago
Oh...I thought her legs disappeared.
Maithreyi m
Maithreyi m Month ago
Her pants are the same color
Jade Fauver
Jade Fauver Month ago
It took me 5 years to figure out that Ellen was the voice of dory, is that bad?
Jerry Traveler
Jerry Traveler 5 days ago
Nah, Dorey is geared for children. Some of us have to work so we don't have time for movies.
Jade Fauver
Jade Fauver 27 days ago
Thank you all for your honesty
Rose Wilder
Rose Wilder Month ago
Me too!
Bilal Faruki
Bilal Faruki Month ago
You must be young then
Jade Fauver
Jade Fauver Month ago
@Beesan -_-
Ubax Ibrahim
Ubax Ibrahim Month ago
Ellen am in war am watching in somalia
Faeza Khan
Faeza Khan Month ago
Sometimes Ellen gets bored of her own games and that shows lol
USA 2019
USA 2019 Month ago
No she doesn’t never
ali nali
ali nali Month ago
i thank i was first 😂
Chex Phoenix
Chex Phoenix Month ago
guys i usually dont share experiences like this but this one really hurts the thing is that 3 days ago at school i told everyone that im gonna make money on you for my uncle treatment because he has cancer and as soon as i told this they all started laughing and it was demotivating im not trying to self promote but any support will be vvvvvvvery helpful (stay blessed)
Chex Phoenix
Chex Phoenix Month ago
Dance Mom Addict think what you want I will still pray for you
Dance Mom Addict
Chex Phoenix Sorry but I see all these and something’s telling em you want likes..
Chantell Hartogh
Love ellen
Mohamad Matar
Mohamad Matar Month ago
I love you so much I hope you see this 🥰😍🥰😍🥰
Just• Kaylie the Hybrid•
Ellen is more dory?!😂
Football Fever
Football Fever Month ago
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jan trstenjak
jan trstenjak Month ago
i love u😂
Bilal Mirza
Bilal Mirza Month ago
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