Ellen DeGeneres Gave Jimmy a Big Scare

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ellen explains to Jimmy how she set him up with a fake scare on her show in order to really get him when he least expected.
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Ellen DeGeneres Gave Jimmy a Big Scare
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Feb 4, 2015




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Comments 1 500
Sofia lee
Sofia lee Day ago
(´ε` ) ™ 😑 /( )\ / \
Aakash Chavan
Aakash Chavan 9 days ago
Start watching from 2:10
You are a reallyyyyyyyyy nice guy Jimmy....🥰. ..... u're truuulyyyy lovelyyy... ;*
Ashish Ishwardan
Ashish Ishwardan 10 days ago
Who is guest and who is interviewer 😂.... Iam confused...... Ellen is a Powerfull interviewer.....
Marcus Corporal
Marcus Corporal 28 days ago
Who the hell is the host 😂
Annabelle Skerten
my dream job: scarer on the Ellen show
Biljana Zelenika
Abhishek thakor
Abhishek thakor Month ago
When are you going to do that to her?
N. Jannah
N. Jannah Month ago
Jimmy: "I hate my life. I hate it. I hate everything. I hate everything." Average Andy would be like "Me too buddy. Me too."
Taty Plays
Taty Plays Month ago
when jimmy said “i hate it, i hate everything” i felt that
Summer Month ago
They are so cute!
Emma Watson
Emma Watson Month ago
Huron Hui
Huron Hui Month ago
When Ellen is still the host in the tonight show
Aparna Srijith
Aparna Srijith Month ago
I love 'To night's show ' and I love 'The Ellen Show' . This is what I exactly wished that happen .
Interviewer got interviewed by interviewer & then on both interviewed themselves!!
Aunt Cynthia
Aunt Cynthia Month ago
Your scared at every show haha
joshi darshit
joshi darshit Month ago
Fallon is libral democrate thats it
Malsawmi Fanai
Malsawmi Fanai Month ago
I love Jimmy 😘😄 he is so gentle
Cocomoney The Billion Dollar Rapper
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*name* Month ago
Am i the only one who thought this vid is about Ellen scaring Jimmy on his own show?😂
LAKALWAN • Month ago
Jimmy is such a fake. 🥴
TheMoonchild1969 2 months ago
Helen is kinda technical about scaring people. She knows about tactics and the psychology of prank...she's a mastermind of scares🤣
Faseeh asif
Faseeh asif 2 months ago
Please raise you voice on kashmir. Free kashmir from India. Kashmir is bleeding
meraj mahir
meraj mahir 2 months ago
Conan o Brian is the best host
United States
United States 2 months ago
Ellen is far better than this guy.
Chakra Pariyar
Chakra Pariyar 2 months ago
Ellen is hosted by Jimmy on his show. in addition, Jimmy is hosted by Ellen on her show. both of these are TV hosts
An Adorble Rappresentative MC for Youth
I thought she was gonna scare him on his show...but anyways it was funny 😂
Thaii Casey
Thaii Casey 3 months ago
For the first time i go thru all comments to find the exact moment that Jimmy got scared by Ellen but nah.... how stupid am i
M Watts- Riley
M Watts- Riley 3 months ago
I love Ellen's hair in this. It's nice and soft looking. M. IL.
geek world
geek world 3 months ago
Too bad Jimmy didn’t punch you in the face
nekopii 3 months ago
It's so weird seeing Ellen guesting in a talk show.
Ryan Danao
Ryan Danao 4 months ago
Who understimate?
kwikson ne ze
kwikson ne ze 4 months ago
Who is hosting here boi?
Isidro Maldonado
Isidro Maldonado 4 months ago
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Vicky Noneya
Vicky Noneya 4 months ago
Its cute how he immediately invites himself into a therapy session with 4 women in the audience using them as the couch lol.
Theza Vinansyah
Theza Vinansyah 4 months ago
Mantap nih video 🇮🇩 ruvid.net/video/video-1OzvgSalHqE.html
Moisés Ibáñez
Moisés Ibáñez 4 months ago
Put spanish subtitles
Aman Choudhary
Aman Choudhary 4 months ago
Ellen DeGeneres is awesome
ROHIT P 4 months ago
Overacting Jimmy Fallon
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