Ella Mai - Not Another Love Song (Official Music Video)

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I don’t wanna mess this up
Could it be too much to say I’m in
Deep end
Swimming in my feelings
I been here before
But it feels like I’m drowning
In my overthinking
Tell me am I foolish to think you’d meet me here
Oh ah oh ha
I wanna do this again
Oh ah oh ha
Going down
‘Cause I know that it’s you
I see in my dreams
Going down
Let me drown
Over you
Living in my dream
(in my dreams)
I love the way you do it
Don’t stop, don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me
I love the way you do it
Don’t stop, don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me
I don’t wanna mess this up
Could it be too much
To say I’m in
I just wanna know wassup
Do you feel it
‘Cause I think I’m in
I’m finna take my time
My mind
My rules
This ain’t no crime
Making love to you
Though you ain’t said it’s mine
I have a hard time waiting for you babe
Like ooo boy
You boy
Got me where you want
Just gotta say and it’s on
It’s like
Oo boy
Do you know you got me like
Where do you go when you’re alone?
Oh haaa
Oh ah oh ha
I wanna do this again
Oh ah oh ha
Going down
‘Cause I know that it’s you
I see in my dreams
Going down
Let me drown
Over you
Living in my dream
(In my dreams)
I love the way you do it
Don’t stop, don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me
I love it
I love the way you do it
Don’t stop, don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me
I don’t wanna mess this up
Could it be too much
To say I’m in
I just wanna know wassup
Do you feel it
‘Cause I think I’m in
I guess it’s all in my head
Until you let my body know
‘Cause everyone ain’t you babe
Want nobody but you babe
So tell me whatcha gone do babe
Not another love song
#EllaMai #NotAnotherLoveSong #NALS
Music video by Ella Mai performing Not Another Love Song. © 2020 10 Summers Records, LLC


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Oct 20, 2020




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Comments 100
natashachange67 12 minutes ago
Kayla Balcom
Kayla Balcom 58 minutes ago
lovvveee Ella mai 😍💋
marvin smith
marvin smith 2 hours ago
They got her on the Aaliyah thing
The Trend
The Trend 3 hours ago
Who's here from Ella Mai?
Palesa masha
Palesa masha 3 hours ago
chaz84 6 hours ago
Okay with that little bit of Aaliyah one in a million one on one smooth rockin near the end...🔥🔥
Morris Branch
Morris Branch 8 hours ago
Ella Mai or Cassie should play Aaliyah in a biography of her!! Who agrees??
TruSkyBlue7887 10 hours ago
What an amazing song! Pure 90’s RnB feeling, we need more like this to the 1k haters you haven’t got a clue what brilliant music is! This song will be a timeless classic!
Don-Ke Billinsley
Don-Ke Billinsley 11 hours ago
Tru example of not a 1 hit wonder and I'm 100% man.
Effienion Sanders
Effienion Sanders 12 hours ago
Why am I just hearing this now omfg I love this song
Sam Monteiro
Sam Monteiro 12 hours ago
Simply Dope !!!! Beautiful Human 🙏🏾🥰
So Unique
So Unique 14 hours ago
Singing about a cheating NBA player baby daddy giving random chicks diseases 😂😂😂 I can't take this era of entertainers serious. All the tea is on Lipstick Alley chile 😎🍵
Minnie Jones
Minnie Jones 17 hours ago
Love this song.
S Lewis
S Lewis 17 hours ago
She know she can sannnngggg bout ❤️
James Tate
James Tate 19 hours ago
Love is beautiful King James 3
New video ruvid.net/video/video-YIkxdjlgFDk.html
Ekenna Hutchinson
Ekenna Hutchinson 21 hour ago
She is fabulous
King George
King George 23 hours ago
Again Ella mai has out done herself. She reminds me of Aliyah that’s probably why I like her. That production ain’t 1/2 bad either
Torrie Dennis
Beautiful song pretty lady❤. I love your voice. Jam!🔥🔥🔥
Angelo Robinson
I love you ella
Jen Adams
Jen Adams Day ago
Jii-El Day ago
Does anyone know what the sample used for this song was? this beat is such a "Bryson Tiller" esque beat i gotta know
Kevonne Chase
I would gladly listen to the background vocals on this as an instrumental, the layering is so smooth 🙏🏽
black god
black god Day ago
Yes baby girl lovely chill vibe with your boo 80s baby over here 🔥keep them chill layed back vibes coming young queen raw 💙💜🥂
Kayla Burcie
Kayla Burcie Day ago
I've been looking for this song
She killed this!!🔥❤️🔥🥊
Loving this song
Walker Hodge
Walker Hodge Day ago
Should Make A Song With Jhene Aiko.
Chela Rowe
Chela Rowe Day ago
I love this song it makes me happy and I’ve listened to it sooooo much❤️❤️
brenden plays roblox
aaliyah had a dream before her plane went down ..think about it...4 page letter video😉 aaliyah is still influencing hard#!
brenden plays roblox
boy I got 2 tell ya.. this is the Ahhh# most assuredly more addictive than the newest narc...uh
Mina Atef
Mina Atef Day ago
ممكن تشتركوا فى قناتى بعد اذنكم ❤️ ruvid.net/show-UCMFBs7-L5a-S-OBXlMHEk2Q
Alanna Gibbons
Yall know this whole song a vibe & its just like so dope 🔥🔥🔥 its a hit! 🧢❌ everybody can vibe to this!
Tarquek Garner
The next aaliyah
Tarquek Garner
Love her😍
Cory Majette
Cory Majette 2 days ago
I want her to become the female Breezy...an album every year and unlimited features.
Brianna Williams
Brianna Williams 2 days ago
Love this songggg ❤️❤️❤️
Sasha Alexia
Sasha Alexia 2 days ago
This song is such a vibe! I need the album, Sis! 😩
keona roberson
keona roberson 2 days ago
Love this song
Nyesh Cash
Nyesh Cash 2 days ago
am i the only catching aaliyah one in a million , 4 page letter ( fire dance scene ) , rock the boat vibes
Lil_King Hardcore
Nika Price
Nika Price 2 days ago
This reminds me of aaliyah and i love ELLA MAI this my shit
LOLA M. 2 days ago
Loving ths here😘💖👑❣️👍🏾👏🏾
princesssk 2 days ago
I love how she’s so effortlessly able to be sexy without being explicit
keon nelson
keon nelson 2 days ago
My wifey
Markia Jones
Markia Jones 2 days ago
I love you
Lewis Anker
Lewis Anker 3 days ago
Ty Life
Ty Life 3 days ago
Please remix this with Bryson Tiller😭❤️
Monique williams
Monique williams 3 days ago
I 💘 ella mae I 💘 this song by her she is fully dress perfectly 😍 done quenn she remind me of Our angle Aaliyah
Priam Stroll
Priam Stroll 3 days ago
Do you realise this is a masterpiece? ..👍 ... I love watching these in the morning just to have a nice start of the day! when you have time check #EvyMusicAndLifestyle also, thank you!
Katie Sharp
Katie Sharp 3 days ago
I would like to her a track with her and h.e.r
Jéssika Libório
I love it 💛
Robin Keller
Robin Keller 3 days ago
That's a hit 🎼🎤❤
Erica Stewart
Erica Stewart 3 days ago
Love her music 🎶😍. Another hit
Kimorah London
Kimorah London 3 days ago
Nawl see don’t touch my face lm slapping you silly
Jazzy S
Jazzy S 3 days ago
Ok kkkkkkkkkk I love you Ella❤️❤️
original rose
original rose 3 days ago
it’s everything about this song for me 🥺😍
Flexn TV
Flexn TV 3 days ago
New ruvid.net/video/video-eONYi7Npot4.html
J U U ETERNAL 3 days ago
shawn savary
shawn savary 4 days ago
Beautiful song 🙏🏾
Alive On Life
Alive On Life 4 days ago
This song made me tear up on my way to work this morning love you girl thanks for the vibe
SnEakY Productionz
Don’t let Jacqueese hear this 💀
Yvonne Bishi
Yvonne Bishi 4 days ago
Another hit! Ella Mae....
Do se
Do se 4 days ago
The women are keeping R&B alive 🙌🏽
Hollagrl0999 4 days ago
This song and the “Monster Cover by Clover Cage” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...
Joey Robles
Joey Robles 4 days ago
Ain't that a bitch when you're pretty enough to be famous but not pretty enough to be Illuminati famous 🤷‍♂️
Joel Alvarez
Joel Alvarez 4 days ago
She's flawless gents.
Renicia Oliver
Renicia Oliver 4 days ago
I love the fact that I’m getting J Cole &’ Rihanna music video type vibes . If that makes sense . 😍😍
Charles Roberts
Charles Roberts 4 days ago
Charles Roberts
Charles Roberts 4 days ago
SS29STMOB 4 days ago
Girl 365
Girl 365 4 days ago
VISIT AND JOINED!!! tinyurl.com/girlbestmoment Make your best moment in your day. Thanks and have fun😙
ProdByPriest 4 days ago
Is this Our new Aaliyah reincarnation?
clarissa casey
clarissa casey 5 days ago
On repeat 🔃
Avi Yanna
Avi Yanna 5 days ago
Christopher Hammett
My SONGGG🔥❤🔥❤🔥
Latrice B
Latrice B 5 days ago
I like how she move women take notice fully dressed no ass out ain't let the industry change who she is she came out the way she still is ADMIRE stick to who you are and not who they want you to be and I understand that's who some ppl are im cool with that this just to the ones who don't know who they are today
Lua 5 days ago
FrnnkEducation 5 days ago
How could this have 2.6million views when I've listened to it 3 million times 😒 🤔
laurel220 5 days ago
New fan here!!! Addicted to this song...
Kameron Chatman
Kameron Chatman 5 days ago
Man she got me believing in slow jams again with this!!!
WanderLustJules 5 days ago
there is just an infinite amount of dopeness in this song.. . the beat, the singing, the look, the dancing... @Ela Mai - You did it UP ! Love love love this, keep making amazing music ! xoxo
I sweat there is a discord notification sound in this video.
Avi Yanna
Avi Yanna 5 days ago
indigo boy
indigo boy 5 days ago
get chris brown on this rii now he will kill this for sure
Rell Bishop
Rell Bishop 5 days ago
H.E.R. ,Ella Mai, & Queen Naja on tour...... I'D BE THERE TO WITNESS THAT EPIC SHIT!!
Will Sanders III
Will Sanders III 5 days ago
Who produced this
Active 951
Active 951 5 days ago
Mustard and Ella are this generations Timbo and Aaliyah 🙏🏽 how we felt about them, their fans feel about them.
Dee Dymondz
Dee Dymondz 6 days ago
Day one fan❤️❤️❤️❤️
Awwweeeeeesssssoooommmeee :)
Shanta Jones
Shanta Jones 6 days ago
She does it for me all the time ‼️💖
April Davis
April Davis 6 days ago
I played this song over and over. I love how this song do it for me ...........
emnet tekle
emnet tekle 6 days ago
ellamai from uk and came to usa and took over the rnb scene she no doubt the best women singer so real and so natureal wich is hard to be in 2020 much love keep goin girl
Safiya Henry
Safiya Henry 6 days ago
I live for her music
Sariah Pretty gal?
she reminds me a lot of aaliyah she has an effortles swag and voice.
Slim 6 days ago
Ella and Giveon 🔥 ik they ganna make some heat fr fr
nolan powers
nolan powers 6 days ago
what if we chase love for the same reason that junkies chase a high. I think it’s time to stop acting like we can not understand addiction if we are willing to follow a “drowning” path we know is going to end in destruction.
AfricaN FuFu
AfricaN FuFu 6 days ago
Kylita 6 days ago
Rae Henderson
Rae Henderson 6 days ago
Simply beautiful
Precious Pointer
Precious Pointer 6 days ago
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