Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter

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Spinning magnets near copper sheets create levitation!
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Filmed by Raquel Nuno, Edited by Trevor Carlee
Obviously this "quadcopter" is a demonstration device, showing how moving magnets over a conducting surface can generate levitation. It has not been optimized to minimize losses or be an efficient mode of transport. I still think it's pretty cool. I'm used to seeing light things levitated by induced currents but not a 100+ lb machine.
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30 янв 2017




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SmarterEveryDay 2 года назад
FANTASTIC video Derek. I'll teeet it in a second. It make me realize that wouldn't there be a type of magnetic terminal velocity for hypoerloop because of Lenz's law?
Calen Crawford
Calen Crawford 8 дней назад
FINALLY....This is how you make UFOs.
thevancouverguy Месяц назад
+Sayon Palit It wouldnt. The reasons for 'rods from god' weapons never being built or used is because of the cost of putting super heavy objects (like tungsten rods) in orbit would be prohibitively high. The speed is determined by gravity and orbit height. There is no terminal velocity related at all.
Wayne Bryan
Wayne Bryan 2 месяца назад
+hammerpark Cant stand plesiosaurs...
Nooby Noob
Nooby Noob 5 месяцев назад
SmarterEveryDay tweet*
miss misanthropist
miss misanthropist 10 часов назад
theres all these floating things that would be great for making hoverboards but the thing is all of them need magnets
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson День назад
Can you make something levitate without radiation? Besides sound.
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson День назад
What would happen if you combined perpetual motion and levitation?
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir 2 дня назад
it only works over a sheet of copper
Jade Bishop
Jade Bishop День назад
Trains only work over a weird construction made up of rebar and iron and crap, that has to be held down with ties and can still only go in one direction. This arguably works in *more* scenarios.
DELEON 2 дня назад
Wow amazing lol stupid contraption, take the copper plate away to impress me bud
DELEON День назад
+Jade Bishop What im saying is elecromagnetic force isn't new or impressive ,i was doing these experiments 40years ago , So where is the quad flying ? have you got a video , thanks
Jade Bishop
Jade Bishop День назад
Imagine telling Richard Trevithick, "Wow amazing lol stupid contraption, take the railway away to impress me bud."
daniwalker77 2 дня назад
Muy bueno para enseñanza pero nada practico
Richard Mahoney
Richard Mahoney 2 дня назад
And it doesnt get any higher than 1 inch
mason freeman
mason freeman 3 дня назад
Incredible research thank you for sharing
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR 5 дней назад
Something tells me that some portions of this video are going to show up in future Thunderf00t videos.
Defiant-Knives LLC
Defiant-Knives LLC 5 дней назад
Someone lube that thing ......
Tex Tech
Tex Tech 6 дней назад
Okay so we cover the planet in copper so these devices can go everywhere a gas machine can go. Yeah, that's not a lot of copper. And the copper gets hot. So a highway of copper that gets hot as these machines go over. Uh, does the term, "man made global warming" ring a bell?
Gary Rose
Gary Rose 6 дней назад
yea well it can't leave the copper plate so what good is it?
Want To Know
Want To Know 7 дней назад
If it is all about spin to fly, then why not just using the ordinary drone technology?
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR 5 дней назад
That's because is not about the spin to fly, it's about the using the magnetic fields to levitate.
Nathan EverLast
Nathan EverLast 7 дней назад
The coral castle device is a negetive ion generator, feed these negetive ions to a limestone quartz filled block and you change its mass density and levitate it..
grandpa grows
grandpa grows 8 дней назад
An electrictro magnetic engine was developed and constructed in England 10 years ago, but the Government confiscated the blue prints and prototypes. DO NOT PATTON THIS, YOU WILL LOOSE THE RIGHTS FOR DEVELOPMENT.
IAM Louie Del Rey
IAM Louie Del Rey 9 дней назад
I have a cape that works with the earth's magnetic resistance... I use it on the weekends
DJAndomor 9 дней назад
I discover how to fly in open area using similar idea but no magnet/metal background
Edabada 9 дней назад
I'm interested
Carazy123 10 дней назад
Bruh I’m only 10 pounds heavier than this thing and I’m nearly an adult... Feels bad man
Accumulator1 10 дней назад
Wonder if this type of electromagnetic radiation is a human health hazard.
89 Alpha
89 Alpha 10 дней назад
Who wants to vote for copper highways so we can travel on hover boards to work say "I"
Aren't I Adorable
Aren't I Adorable 11 дней назад
Now why would some knucklehead thumbs down a video like this...for what purpose?
Carazy123 10 дней назад
Jami Newman
Jami Newman 12 дней назад
try using stacked plates with sectioned geometric paterns between each plate with each section wired outside the plates section into one -E terminal battery the plates will create A repulsive field on the opposites side of the - E plates and are mainly used in static photon deflection system. the copper scrolls are the first demo stack of a working photon star ship shield
yobeefjerky 12 дней назад
Be warned all ye enter here, the comments are 90% cancer.
unguidedone 13 дней назад
why would this be a "quad copter" if in no way its getting lift from a pressure difference in air? this is just so dumb.... with the magnets spinning its just producing induction and is no way a helicopter you just needed a catch phrase people could understand like "quad copter"
Archer C
Archer C 13 дней назад
Perhaps a different magnet in a different configuration can use the earth as its base and not a copper sheet?
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR 5 дней назад
Living Awesome
Living Awesome 13 дней назад
Ooh! A whole centimeter! The ancient Egyptians managed to make power out of the pyramids, this is a child's toy to them.
Jake Cruickshank
Jake Cruickshank 13 дней назад
Living Awesome cmon man, we have some catching up to do 😂
Jean-David Claveau
Jean-David Claveau 14 дней назад
Gonna need copper roads for our levitating cars
Martin D A
Martin D A 14 дней назад
Hyperloop: Someone maybe can tell me how they will maintain a near vacuum in a tube stretching across a continent? What sort of material would be used for the tube? Concorde was 202 feet (66m) long whilst on the runway but at altitude and flying at mach 2 it stretched by two or three inches (50-75mm) and this had to be allowed for in the fuselage to keep the stressed skin pressurised. This was difficult in a 66 metre tube - How about a 600km tube? With a much greater differential pressure. Sounds like a truly dumb idea to me. I am in South London and laying beneath me are the ghostly remains of the Atmospheric Railway - an attempt to build a hyperloop by the Victorians. The low pressure was kept by leather seals which hugged the carriages. They were eaten by rats. The steam engines couldn't supply the power to move enough air and the whole thing was closed fairly soon after opening.
yobeefjerky 12 дней назад
Not saying anything about the Hyperloop, but I believe we've advanced a bit over the past several centuries.
lifelongpilot 14 дней назад
00:08 yeah, be nice to it haha
Adrian Engineers
Adrian Engineers 15 дней назад
0ooTheMAXXoo0 16 дней назад
what uses more energy, linear AC magnets or motors spinning permanent magnets?
Captain Greenhat
Captain Greenhat 16 дней назад
That's hardly a quad copter and for magnetic levitation that was stupid loud. Why have it be so heavy? I can maybe see use on a factory floor but the device weight and em current produced heat.
Captain Greenhat
Captain Greenhat 16 дней назад
+0ooTheMAXXoo0 right and thus completely unnecessary. What I'm saying is why build the thing. There are no practical uses due to the drawbacks such as weight, heat, energy usage, sound, and specific surfaces needed to it to work. Also, it's a bug stretch to call it a quad copter. More like a magnetic hovercraft than anything. In fact it shares many similarities but with extra drawbacks a hovercraft doesn't have.
0ooTheMAXXoo0 16 дней назад
Permanent magnets weigh quite a bit and so do electric motors to spin those magnets.
Russell Wen
Russell Wen 17 дней назад
Graphite version?
Renewable Biodiversity
Renewable Biodiversity 17 дней назад
Hendo hover board.. good old eddie current effect =)
Alucard Pawpad
Alucard Pawpad 17 дней назад
Your video's been stolen ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-U70nrM_E2T8.html :C
pierre pouget
pierre pouget 20 дней назад
if anybody is interested here,that's the way ufos function, polarising to and against (anding) through magnetic field; in the mid current position, you stay in the stationarry position,just hoovering;
0ooTheMAXXoo0 16 дней назад
What are they pushing against? In this video there was a massive copper plate.
mihai 123
mihai 123 20 дней назад
what is the point of this?
0ooTheMAXXoo0 16 дней назад
To teach people about science...
vic button
vic button 21 день назад
That book looks so real it must be fake!
Yuriy Pyrih
Yuriy Pyrih 21 день назад
In most countries to get from one city to another across the country it takes less than a day anyway.
sriharinath reddy
sriharinath reddy 22 дня назад
Can you give me your email id please I want to talk about my experiment and required some help from you
Dylan Milne
Dylan Milne 22 дня назад
Can someone answer this please? Is the Magnetic field induced by the opposing magnet as an attraction force but then lags as the rotation of magnets becomes faster thus making it repulsive to the magnet it has lagged to? Or is the Magnetic field induced by the opposing magnet simply as a repulsive force? I've found conflicting explanations online.....................................
Mr Irrelevant
Mr Irrelevant 22 дня назад
I don't need another life time to go form one city to another city in one day. 4:42
Valentin Anastase
Valentin Anastase 16 дней назад
Agree, that was bad xD
Trevor Graham Welch
Trevor Graham Welch 23 дня назад
Aliens use matter anti matter reactors and element 115 . Listen to Bob Lazar Full Interview. He worked at S/4 Papoose Dry Lake Bed Nevada
Trevor Graham Welch
Trevor Graham Welch 23 дня назад
It’s Not Anti Gravity . But it would never work in a practical sense without its own power source and the ability to fly around .
Chris Roxby
Chris Roxby 23 дня назад
But has anyone tried up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right?
Pinoy Heartbeat
Pinoy Heartbeat 24 дня назад
I'm sure Nikola Tesla knew this.
Sarah Weals
Sarah Weals 24 дня назад
Mini ufo
shakmanbra 24 дня назад
Searl Effect Generator!
MIDY SynthésMusics
MIDY SynthésMusics 24 дня назад
la vraie lévitation sera celle qui pourra soulever et déplacer un objet sans plateforme et support en dessous de l'objet...
JB Money
JB Money 24 дня назад
Getting closer to making our own Alien crafts
pauljs75 25 дней назад
Instead of physically rotating a bunch of magnets, couldn't they just use an array of coils energized in sequence to produce the same fields? (Think along the lines of induction motors.) A couple sets of transistors in parallel (to handle the current) to switch each coil, and then you have something solid-state with no moving parts. Now just make that copper plate into an inverted V shape, and bank each pair of magnets and it should self-center to make a working track of inverted-V sections. Still this system isn't that efficient if anything has to hover in place without moving, too much of that energy is wasted as heat from the resistance of the eddy current.
Michael 26 дней назад
great stuff. loving the magnets, always been a fan experimental magnetic lev. do we as humans have any theories on doing this without the use of copper (as in the rail) and without so much electric power to power up these motors. i understand the motors are pretty thirsty motors due the the magnetic resistance. and due to the weight the machine can carry, isnt this a prime candidate for the hydrogen fueled engine to produce the electricity required for lift and motion? it would not surprise me if the hydrogen hybrid engine is most suited for this application. same weight as batteries that would be needed for a few hours of power, but with no refilling or charging. and being friction-less (almost), the weight issue is then not a big issue such as friction transport (ie the wheel) ...its a no brainer and a win win.
Dario Cangialosi
Dario Cangialosi 26 дней назад
heat by "microwaves"
Darius Meads
Darius Meads 26 дней назад
Years later oil becomes uncommon and the roadways are layered to create electro magnetic transport systems. But for now everybody thinks this is not A good enough idea....
Rin _
Rin _ 27 дней назад
Can you pick up the copper plate while it’s levitating?
Gary Donnison
Gary Donnison 27 дней назад
Easy over the copper plate take that away and you have a fancy paper weight
Brendan Blayney
Brendan Blayney 25 дней назад
Took the words out of my mouth... is the copper plate needed I wonder....🤔
Shahriar Shahriary
Shahriar Shahriary 28 дней назад
With KESHE technology you can do much better than this, with no magnet. .....
Jack Jammen
Jack Jammen 28 дней назад
Flying Saucers seem more plausible.
Wiz Dgames
Wiz Dgames 28 дней назад
why dont they make a levitating car with that kind of stuff
tuan truong
tuan truong 28 дней назад
Tui biết các bạn đã tạo được công nghệ u việt nhưng làm ơn đừng phá bỏ quy luật thời gian vì điều đó sẽ đảo lộn tất cả mọi thứ ở hiện tại nó rất huy hiểm cho nhân loại toàn cầu hãy si xét vấn đề này
Grant Short
Grant Short 28 дней назад
What about electricity being induced??
8472 the weak will perish
8472 the weak will perish 28 дней назад
Nothing new!
MrAaronvee 28 дней назад
Indeed: this effect was pointed out by Maxwell in the middle of the nineteenth century, and he provided one of the most beautiful 'thought experiments' - ever - in order to explain it. Why are these people getting so excited about Victorian ideas? They must be electrical engineers (always the most intellectually challenged of engineers).
Dixon 29 дней назад
stupid people trying to be smart...
Paul Wedlock
Paul Wedlock 29 дней назад
Magnetic repulsion.
Ianmolten Pandaria
Ianmolten Pandaria Месяц назад
Tony A. Vollenberg
Tony A. Vollenberg Месяц назад
That's why large magnets are very expensive so the average man build leviathan motors...???
Emmett Dixson
Emmett Dixson Месяц назад
You should measure the current from the copper plate. Heat is the result of work being performed due to magnetic flux; power
Secret Lee
Secret Lee Месяц назад
I don't care about electro-whatever, I just want 100mpg out of my pickup, can you do that ? The only thing that matters!
Blinder Месяц назад
its nice to see something what i imagine all the live i know about UFOs in the work :)
Girish Patel
Girish Patel Месяц назад
Great use of Ed current 😏
nrokpop Месяц назад
You know there should be a bubbling wave current that can solve that motor without the copper plate i believe that the magnetic wave formed into small bubbles consistently can repel the air anybody ever tested the theory
thevancouverguy Месяц назад
Whats with the click bait title. It made it sound like this was some quad copter that they some how figured out how to get fly using just electromagnetism (which ya, i thought was odd such a video would exist, since pretty sure that doesnt work, despite all the people who used to think UFOs some how operated using the earths magnetic field). This video has nothing to do with quadcopters or flying machines of any time.
Suryansh Patel
Suryansh Patel Месяц назад
The tech I need to lift my weight
pearlwhitebuffalo Месяц назад
You need to put the Copper as part of machine/Haunebu Check out (The great flood for the attentively challenged) for references.
Evan Feng
Evan Feng Месяц назад
So is it frictionless?
Ryan Mountford
Ryan Mountford Месяц назад
And... We are still 100 years from nazi technologies
rick lulu
rick lulu Месяц назад
Try putting propellers under 4 small motors, that works better
Eugénio Montês
Eugénio Montês Месяц назад
the knowledge is in the crop circles
Eugénio Montês
Eugénio Montês Месяц назад
+Dwayne T like Tesla's legacy only in a few decades people will give attention to that subject I'm just an ordinary guy and like a few of us I've connected the dots more will do it with time
Dwayne T
Dwayne T Месяц назад
Exactly...man your the first person ive come across that sees it too
Éxito Beatriz Savid
Éxito Beatriz Savid Месяц назад
Genial...! Descubrieron una tecnología que hace 2 mil billones que está sobre la tierra fascinante... No, es mentira... Su pedazo de chatarra solo se eleva 1 pulgada y pesa 105 kilogramos? De verdad debe ser una broma... Porque no mejor se ponen a fabricar cepillos de dientes? Porque lo de la levitación electromagnética no les da... 😂
eye Месяц назад
Elite are hiding technology and free energy
Michael Forkert
Michael Forkert 19 дней назад
Free energy is all around us. The only suckers who pay for it are human beings, who are being bamboozled by the elites to work from them as brainwashed slaves.
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis Месяц назад
Yeh....but what good is this if you NEED a copper plate in order for it to work? This has no practical application so whilst this is a cool school project I fail to see the benefit. I’m fully prepared for that assumption to be proven wrong if anyone wants to go for it. Bare in mind, I’m not disputing that this is cool, just not useful.
Mat qui
Mat qui Месяц назад
Jason B
Jason B Месяц назад
That was awesome
TrustMeImAScientist1 Месяц назад
Cool, now make it practical.
Dominus Fons
Dominus Fons Месяц назад
Same properties as the spinning body of an UFO but against earth’s magnetic field
manuel kyriakakis
manuel kyriakakis Месяц назад
The copper didn't help?
Vin Commons
Vin Commons Месяц назад
It's on a brass plate.
Vin Commons
Vin Commons Месяц назад
Oh copper
Bill Adams
Bill Adams Месяц назад
Railways would be smoother and use less energy....glide!
Martin Trapper
Martin Trapper Месяц назад
This will be commonplace in the future.
Near Void
Near Void Месяц назад
So, nowhere near flying cars. We need to make this tech compact
Littlewhitebutterflies Месяц назад
Gotta pair this up with some superconductive materials instead of copper....I'd love to see that
Jack Albright
Jack Albright Месяц назад
So… When can I expect my flying car?
Jeff Cotton
Jeff Cotton Месяц назад
It should be developed to make levitating cargo, freight & passenger barges, ships & planes. Gyro power could also be more developed to provide thrust & propulsion along with non liquid fuel energy source engines. There is a very large market for them now as planes, trains & trucks can not keep up with current demands of freight shipments & more people would travel much more if they could. As the current level of productions are not anywhere near where they are needed to be, should be or could be worldwide!!! As this now needed development is the catalyst that has the ability to greatly multiply world trade & productions, and greatly improve travel times & shipping to lower than 1/2 to 1/3rd of current levels.
zippy Месяц назад
What good is it if you have to put copper anywhere you want to use it?
Greg Kirby
Greg Kirby Месяц назад
problem you need sheets of metal on the surfaces for that to work
nathaniel cooke
nathaniel cooke Месяц назад
There is a difference between levitation and hovering...
Iancov m
Iancov m Месяц назад
a waste. Using the copper makes it such a waste
Reginald Boyd
Reginald Boyd Месяц назад
Thank for the clear explanation of the phenomena.
Zachary tessier
Zachary tessier Месяц назад
hey, what about if you used Bismuth with the copper plating. ??? or mabe cobalt based NEODYMIUM magnets ,
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