Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter

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Spinning magnets near copper sheets create levitation!
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Special thanks to Hyperloop One for showing me around.
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Nathan Hansen, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Perry cl, Bryan Baker
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Filmed by Raquel Nuno, Edited by Trevor Carlee
Obviously this "quadcopter" is a demonstration device, showing how moving magnets over a conducting surface can generate levitation. It has not been optimized to minimize losses or be an efficient mode of transport. I still think it's pretty cool. I'm used to seeing light things levitated by induced currents but not a 100+ lb machine.
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Comments 100
SmarterEveryDay 2 years ago
FANTASTIC video Derek. I'll teeet it in a second. It make me realize that wouldn't there be a type of magnetic terminal velocity for hypoerloop because of Lenz's law?
SpeedyTaco 11 days ago
Drunk comment?
Calen Crawford
Calen Crawford 2 months ago
FINALLY....This is how you make UFOs.
thevancouverguy 3 months ago
+Sayon Palit It wouldnt. The reasons for 'rods from god' weapons never being built or used is because of the cost of putting super heavy objects (like tungsten rods) in orbit would be prohibitively high. The speed is determined by gravity and orbit height. There is no terminal velocity related at all.
jamesgjt 2 days ago
aliens will laugh @ us
smiley 3 days ago
That's real cool and all but what effect will these strong magnetic fields do to people.
Andre Boss
Andre Boss 4 days ago
Жаль что долго так летать не получится, медная пластина расплавит стол.
Юрий Романов
Это хорошо что летает. Но над медяшкой, а над землёй, над асфальтом, водой. Вот это было бы отлично.
Razvan Atlonix
Razvan Atlonix 4 days ago
inventia exista 10 metri
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 5 days ago
That would be pretty sweet if you didn't have to lay copper attracts circling the earth in every direction! LOL
cyborg_165 HDO
cyborg_165 HDO 5 days ago
Bahamatra weapons shaft
cyborg_165 HDO
cyborg_165 HDO 5 days ago
Ufo thec start ups
Steve W
Steve W 6 days ago
Just press up up down down... Wrong decade sorry
J N 5 days ago
left right left right select start?
Tom Janko
Tom Janko 6 days ago
great, move on into the future
William Parrilla
William Parrilla 6 days ago
They have single handed figured out the UFO phenomenon.
cgtalk !
cgtalk ! 6 days ago
Now we got to figure out how to make it work over soil.
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight 6 days ago
this is what tesla did. but his work was destroyed...killed off and credit given to that fraud einstein. nothing is new under the sun stupid sheeps
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight 6 days ago
so wheres the gravity
Fabio B
Fabio B 7 days ago
If you needed any more proof, hyperloop developers use goddamn imperial units. Also musk is a massive capitalist. Eat him with roasted potatoes and fried onion
Research and Build
Aluminum would seem to work better. More condictive and would conduct heat away better
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 7 days ago
So we need copper tracks and a nuclear reactor to have automatic flying cars
Aurtisan Miner
Aurtisan Miner 7 days ago
That halbach array reminds me of how a yagi antenna works.
Elias Elias 1990
Elias Elias 1990 8 days ago
so they build the pyramids🤔
Edward Jade
Edward Jade 8 days ago
Leo Pitre
Leo Pitre 8 days ago
Electromagnetic levitation has been around forever, this nothing new at all.
Валерий Шпурик
Angelo Stevens
Angelo Stevens 8 days ago
Hyperloop One? LOL. Is that con job still around?
Martin W
Martin W 7 days ago
+Angelo Stevens "All that proves is that people who are paid to say/believe an idea is viable, say its viable." Err... really? Black & Veatch, INDEPENDENTLY assessed the sustainability, and financial feasibility of implementing the project... "The cost of the futuristic Hyperloop One transport system could be MORE VIABLE THAN OTHER HIGH SPEED OPTIONS, according to an INDEPENDENT study." "It found that up to $410m (£317m) per year could be saved as a result of the faster travel speeds and less time spent on the road as well as a $91m (£70m) windfall from a reduction in road accidents." www.compelo.com/virgin-hyperloop-commercially-viable/
Martin W
Martin W 7 days ago
+Angelo Stevens "Some non-working scale model of a train" Very significant investment an numerous nations involved. I'm not going to list them all, it would take too long, but there are currently 35 routes planned, many of them with agreements signed with the nations governments concerned.
Martin W
Martin W 7 days ago
+Angelo Stevens "All these operations are low budget." Yeah that's hilarious. Virgin Hyperloop One has had a quarter of a billion dollars invested in it. HTT, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, have also significant funding in place. Then we need to add the investments received by all of the other companies developing the same technology. Namely... Virgin Hyperloop One Hyperloop Transportation Technologies TransPod DGWHyperloop Arrivo Hardt Global Mobility Hyper Chariot Zeleros Hyper Poland
Martin W
Martin W 7 days ago
+Angelo Stevens "He's a chemist and a physicist but he's just a RUvidr? If you can't even help but to contradict yourself so obviously, I find it amazing you think you've got a grasp of anything technical. " Yeah you are just trolling now. You have taken that out of context. RELATIVE to the expertise required... he is just a RUvidr. Chemists, whether they have also studied physics or not (no qualifications stated, just one of his fields) ARE NOT ENGINEERS. I also have a physics qualification (although never worked in the field) and I do not regard myself as a physicist, and most certainly not an engineer lol. In regard to the topic of conversation, the hyperloop, he has, LIKE YOU zero qualifications in engineering. Thus, relatively, he is just a RUvidr. "And I'd think someone who has worked as a physicist knows something about the physics involved. " There is no mention of his qualifications in regard to physics, it's just mentioned as "one of his fields". But no, if we need a physicist we employ a physicist. If we need an engineer we employ an engineer. There would be no need for engineers if physics alone was all that was required. Engineers specialise in this field, they have far more expertise in that respect than physicists. "And anyone with basic math skills can run the numbers and see it doesn't add up economically." LOL! You mean like NASA Godard Research facility who did run the numbers and deemed it feasible technically. Not to mention 15 risk assessments that deemed it a viable investment. both technically and financially.
Martin W
Martin W 7 days ago
+Angelo Stevens I'm wasting my time with you. Like most sensible people I'll believe NASA rather than a dick head on RUvid.
Bruno Pernar
Bruno Pernar 8 days ago
This reminds me of some kind of cnc drill Because it can lift some heavy weight things such as big drill and its still easy to control where it goes,
Stanley Plock
Stanley Plock 8 days ago
How much energy (Watts) are needed to lift it?
Backwards 9 days ago
If we build cities with copper roads we could reclaim the heat possibly
Nairolf Nacruc
Nairolf Nacruc 9 days ago
Someone finally applied it, hope to see it evolve in my lifetime. Great job!
C0nTrol 9 days ago
i only imagine razer loking at this and thinking "man, that april fools prank was a good idea"
hasan kharfan
hasan kharfan 10 days ago
4:55 is this guy from the 15th century ? Or is he literally living in a cave?
Cashy 1
Cashy 1 9 days ago
i think he meant using something with the simplicity of a car but the speed of a plane...
steve00353 10 days ago
A great video for 4 year olds to play with magnets,, duh::::
Geo CrusherGaming
Geo CrusherGaming 10 days ago
Copper roads plz
drew paps
drew paps 10 days ago
Isnt there schematics of ufos using a sphere in the center with magnets in different angles
Cashy 1
Cashy 1 9 days ago
nope, just checked
Jimmy .L
Jimmy .L 11 days ago
This will never work, you would have people digging up the roads to sell the copper for scrap.
Ufo Alien Austrian News Wahrheit und Dokumente
Why just above copper or alu? And its getting very hot where the magneticfield meets the plate.It would be so great to do that on mid air.
Wingsuiter 11 days ago
How about the power of flight; that's levitation, HOMES!
Mad Wlad
Mad Wlad 11 days ago
Copper solar freaking roadways!
Ethan French
Ethan French 7 days ago
And with solar panels so it pays for itself
Ethan French
Ethan French 7 days ago
John Ming
John Ming 12 days ago
Completely pointless research. Old technology. Good video for students though
Astro_Alphard 12 days ago
I screwed around with this in middle school a bunch of guys and I thought it would be funny to sping magnets on a motor to use as a method of power transmission, never thought of using it this way even after learning about the moving a magnetic field thing in high school
Paul Rivera
Paul Rivera 13 days ago
Beginning of flying transportation. Try doing that with a high powered and a regular house fan to see if it won't be so hot. Try making it fly higher.
Mari577 14 days ago
mahesh kumar
mahesh kumar 14 days ago
it could become new type of transformation
leo2tv 15 days ago
Funny but it's fake, because the aluminium can't be magnetized too easy, in fact a magnetic field will cross trough it and the aluminium will not be attracted or repulsed. And the permanent magnets will last some minuts before the effort disrupts the magnet atoms and changes the magnetic alignment then the magnets will stop working.
leo2tv 12 days ago
+Nathan B You have said that, you can read your own previous words in your comments. Anyway it won't work in the way you think. The magnetic field is not like a water flow, that is not the right mode to control it. Read about magnetic, diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials (tvere you will find special alloys that really absorb or change the magnetic field direction); also check the maxwell laws, farady, etc.
Nathan B
Nathan B 12 days ago
leo2tv In no way did I say the Aluminum would control the field. If Aluminum is takes more magnetism to affect it, you have more adjustment for what occurs.
leo2tv 12 days ago
+Nathan B One thing is the theory, another thing is the reality. Repeat the experiment for yourself. I work in that area and is not going to work in the way that they have showed. The tiny magnetic field of the Al is like 1, and the magnetic force is going to go trought it. The Al is not to control the magnetic field, maybe the Bismutum if they chane the orientation.... I wish it was real... But is not. You can read the wiki en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paramagnetism
Nathan B
Nathan B 12 days ago
leo2tv aluminum IS paramagnetic, and its light magnetism can be used to control the strength of the magnet's force at a much finer tune. So no, it's not fake.
leo2tv 13 days ago
+Nathan B Check the minute 2:00
Full-time POG
Full-time POG 15 days ago
*How much does this guy weigh??*
Jason Bowen
Jason Bowen 15 days ago
Ok, so can it be lightened up by using coils and a controller to cause the field to rotate instead of permanent magnets on motors?
Bady89 16 days ago
He lift it, and then he know 105 Pounds, human scale lol.
Selvin Henrriquez
Selvin Henrriquez 16 days ago
Aidan Zufolo
Aidan Zufolo 16 days ago
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Danny R
Danny R 16 days ago
Folks, America is so far behind. We need growth like China for twenty years to catch up. Not only that, we need to fix our education system and that ain't happening.
Logan Angellotti
Logan Angellotti 16 days ago
Fellas, we can now make WipEout a reality
LuCky 16 days ago
someday maybe
Hugo Farias
Hugo Farias 16 days ago
Are you even hear about the radionic pyramid by joe parr?in joe parr experiments the pyramid become heightless n floating duo the strong electromagnetic field formed in the top of the pyramid,i believe who this experiment potencialy generates gravitacional propulsion,werever,conversion of eletromagnetic energy in gravitacional energy.
Cameron Brian William Lord
You should look into the theory behind "The Podkletnov device" It actually does convert electrical potential into physical force in the form of a "force beam" that seems to have nothing to do with gravity oddly enough... fact is we don't really know what it is.
Without the copper plate underneath it its just a heavy piece of metal
+Divad Ignawm idk i just dont find this in any way innovative
Divad Ignawm
Divad Ignawm 11 days ago
what's your problem?
Mannen the Mythe
Mannen the Mythe 17 days ago
Couldnt you use the heat created to generate energy and therefore get free energy from public transport
Nirv 16 days ago
Mannen the Mythe They put power into it in the first place
Marcelo Huertas
Marcelo Huertas 22 days ago
Wow 👏 👏 👏
2picas 1chu
2picas 1chu 23 days ago
I couldn't imagine wasting my life by working for a hyperloop company.
maks tushino
maks tushino 25 days ago
Тоже самое показывал Джон Серл.
maks tushino
maks tushino 25 days ago
Похоже что очень скоро появится антигравитация, так как человечество догадается вращать магнитное поле на постоянных магнитах, и откроют новый способ передвижения. В нашем мире все основано на вращении.
Stuff Buttz
Stuff Buttz 28 days ago
So that's how the pyramids were made
JDRCNetwork 28 days ago
magnet cheat code
Taylor Davison
Taylor Davison 28 days ago
Has anyone else noticed that there was a copper plate underneath the machine?
ThatGuyAgain42 29 days ago
My physics teacher thinks you're hot
72 71 62 91 62
72 71 62 91 62 29 days ago
It's a GTA V cheat code
raintz randmaa
raintz randmaa Month ago
2:49 Halbach Array? Up, left, down, right? WASD?
-IOI- Month ago
So 2 of these arrays back to back with shielding in between is essentially a monopole? What about if the magnets where rings of different diameter but fit together to form a disk and put 2 of these disks back to back with shielding in between again.
Omar142118 Month ago
So what is different from maglev used on trains. You still need the copper plate to levitate the engine. If you can levitate the contraption on regular soil the yes you have created a antigravity apparatus.
Max Garcia
Max Garcia Month ago
Perfect... Now we need to make all the copper roads LOL
Max Garcia
Max Garcia 11 days ago
+buckminster fullerene It will never have the same effect ... The density of the plate is proportional to the weight effect ... (Same effect inside the copper tube and its effect due to thickness of the tube)
Ufo Alien Austrian News Wahrheit und Dokumente
Well we got a green city.Haha...And a very hot one too.Haha. BRING ME THE EGGS PLEASE.
buckminster fullerene
Max Garcia copper powder could added to the bitumen
wiffleduster Month ago
What is the point of this we all know that the world is not coded in copper so this has no point in the actual world
Johnny Aingel
Johnny Aingel Month ago
Very nice thank you for sharing
The REAL Dimmestimp
You know RUvid screwed up when they put a two year old video in my recommendations.
Askejm Month ago
Universe.exe has stopped working
MIDY SynthésMusics
la véritable lévitation ne fonctionnera pas avec ce genre de principes,il ne faut aucunes bases sous l'objet à faire léviter pour que cet objet puisse se déplacer là où bon lui semble...
kiel kaiser
kiel kaiser Month ago
awesome, i was amazed by magnets since child
Er ic
Er ic Month ago
Rompió el techo
Look like a rip tide...
ALATIR Month ago
А ведь они почти на правильном пути. Только диски не так разместили и им трёх хватило бы, что бы делать как НЛО.
Ender[REDACTED] Month ago
We did this for our science exhibition! =}
Mano Ranjan
Mano Ranjan Month ago
They can us a coil and ac current with high frequency rather than motor with power full magnet
Divad Ignawm
Divad Ignawm 11 days ago
lol, power full?
Ancient theorist say- you have contact with aliens
FurryEskimo Month ago
Doesn't anyone here remember the 2015, Back to the Future levitating skateboards? They were basically fake because they would only float on special surfaces and used a Lot of power!
austin1839 Month ago
The heating effect is called Magnetic Induction which is what makes Induction Cooktops work.
perry lc
perry lc Month ago
Now cover the earth with copper sheets.
piczasso Month ago
Anybody already checked how this gives cancer to men's balls ?
Hemp Billy
Hemp Billy Month ago
How many rpm?
bullsballs Month ago
add some brushes and you could clean the floor...
A Idea...convert the temperature in energy...or in colder! If a Idea for the ificiency!
Welly L Hakim
Welly L Hakim Month ago
this is brilliant👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
mohan krishna rao
UFO concept revealed
gothicman03 Month ago
"Oh we can't create flying cars" THE HELL YOU CAN'T!
Roger Roberts
Roger Roberts Month ago
But you couldn't produce copper roads...
chris clemmey
chris clemmey Month ago
If only the surface of the earth was made of copper...
QuantumBullet Month ago
But one needs a special ground to move.
TheRangeControl Month ago
how much weight can it lift and how much power does it require?
dope blast
dope blast Month ago
Concepto de Tesla ..
Haris Noushahi
Haris Noushahi Month ago
Area 51 is looking for this guy :P
Martin Polo
Martin Polo Month ago
Its copper sheet vs magnet thing
Robert Gregg
Robert Gregg Month ago
Anti gravity
Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen Month ago
Okay, but... Will it deliver me a burrito?
Pee Hole
Pee Hole Month ago
So this is how the foundation makes 106's containment chamber.
Cole Urquhart
Cole Urquhart Month ago
It wastes energy. It don't create energy for itself to operate. When it does and it can, the copper won't get hot but will be true zero on the temperature also will create a vacuum of space inside atmosphere and vise versa. There is only one universal geometric design that can and I'm not telling anyone what it is. In my opinion we don't deserve it. If by chance someone stumbles on it then I guess the powers that be want it so.
JohnnyOmm Month ago
thats how you levitate. you build up (charge) your bodies microcosmic orbit building yin energy. negative magnetic currents make u levitate
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