Electricity: Crash Course History of Science #27

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The study of electricity goes all the way back to antiquity. But, by the time electricity started to become more well known, a few familiar names started to appear. Edison, Galvani, and a few others really changed the way the world worked.
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Nov 5, 2018




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Comments 430
Bo Oskar
Bo Oskar Day ago
This video fails to explain just how tremendous Orsted's discovery of electromagnetism was. This is perhaps the most important discovery of mankind. It also fails to explain how fast everything developed once the science community found out about Orsted's discovery. It didn't for instance take even a year after Orsted's published his findings that Ampere published his "Ampere's law" or Faraday his electric motor. Orsted is the true hero here.
Mr Croob
Mr Croob 10 days ago
Pretty sure there wasnt the shock to life part in the original story of Frankenstein
oliver kvin
oliver kvin 12 days ago
Jkl Asd
Jkl Asd 13 days ago
Please, never forget about Nikola Tesla who already invented the modern technology of it at his age, and they didn't let him to provide it to the people for free!
John Melancon
John Melancon 14 days ago
He dodges every priest involved in electricity. He dodges priests in almost every video. It’s sad.
DGD Alt Month ago
6:25 I suppose that means my friends in DM's respect me when they type my name with a lower case letter. I've learned even more that this video intended to provide, i guess. Thanks.
Abrar Faiyaz
Abrar Faiyaz Month ago
11:42 > next time thermodynamics
No Name.
No Name. Month ago
As almost every single comment here, I'm mad you didn't mention Nikola Tesla !
Andrzej 2 months ago
Ugly echo :(
GriefsChicken 2 months ago
Edison who?
Luckwin Varghese
Luckwin Varghese 3 months ago
At 5:10, loops in diagrams need editing.
Saad Aljohani
Saad Aljohani 3 months ago
why can't you present a video about robotics PLZ
TheOozeMan 4 months ago
Aspiah Macaurog
Aspiah Macaurog 4 months ago
Basically, electricity is one of the most important factor in running out an industry together with the development of economy. Actually due to the hard works and determinations of our inventors, electricity were develop little by little until electricity develop. It was actually Thomas Alva Edison who give a good idea of electricity in which resulted to the growth of industry, and economy of our country. And of course electricity gives life all over the world. I can't really imagine a life without electricity especially nowadays. Sir Thomas help us to see people clearly in the night.
Diego Lopes
Diego Lopes 4 months ago
Shame on you!!! No Tesla. Unbelievable. When we turn a light, we activate 27 patents of him. The true hero comparing to Edson.
Linda Vilma Ole
Linda Vilma Ole 5 months ago
The guys who worked on the discovery of electricity and how could it be used has finally electrified the world! I have just realized that the knowledge I have been sharing belongs to the 'pre-idustrialized' times...
Arjhon Marquez
Arjhon Marquez 3 months ago
In this video it reminds me kn my childhood days because I'm confused about electricity .How much electricity is important in our lives. Being a universal energy resource, electricity is obtained from methods such as solar power, hydropower, wind power, and natural gas. All devices which facilitate our life and impact a big portion of our life require electricity.
Mark Ray Parcutilo
Mark Ray Parcutilo 3 months ago
The discovery of electricity is a breakthrough in the field of science because as we can see now on our modern world, electricity is one of the fundamental ways in order to to do easily jobs in our daily lives. I cannot believe that the first electricity produced was not yet explained. After that it was Ampere who do the mathematics to be able to explain it. I was amazed with this 3 scientist named Volta, Ampere and Ohm which did a great job on their discoveries. Until now the discoveries of the early scientist about electricity made our world transform to a better one.
Electricity is indeed a great invention that shaped and changed the human living for the things that were invented made the life of the people easier and more comfortable. Base on my observation electricity started when people saw and was curious about lightning. (just an educated guess. Hahaha)
zohaira macapanton
zohaira macapanton 4 months ago
First of all knowing that humans believed that thunders or lightning are produced because a couple cloud is producing a baby making me think of how ignorant humans are before. Well, the discovery of electricity made a lot of work to us humans such as torturing frogs, flying kites using magnetism but after all of it, here we are having a bright life and having no struggle during night time to study since there's electricity except if there's a brownout. Thanks especially to thomas Edison for inventing the light bulb making people to see the convenience of electricity. Sorry for the frogs and frakenstien for the electric shocks😂
NAIPAH MAMAO 4 months ago
An another techne of Science: electricity. Just like in thermodynamics, we may say that the studies that were involved here were quiet simple however, these lead to greatest inventions of all time. The process always starts from something that is so basic such as Hauksbee’s first electrical generator through spinning a glass globe and Ben Franklin’s “flying kite electrical generator” to something that is more complicated such as Galvani’s animal electricity and Galvani inspired book “Dr. Frankenstein,” the invention of first battery, the Orsted’s Law, ampere of Andre Marie Ampere, and to the great Electromagnetic Induction of Michael Faraday, where we now generate our electrical energy for our everyday living. No matter how simple or complicated the process is, it always lead to the greater use of what we have or what we get from the observation and experiments the great scientists have done.
New Ish
New Ish 5 months ago
The first example was actually created by a Slave!!
Cyber Sub
Cyber Sub 5 months ago
This vid is riddled with shame and needs to be deleted. now. delete it now. do it. do it. do it now. DO IT NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!
B Dixon
B Dixon 5 months ago
Why is Nikola Tesla intentionally not mentioned?
Tom McMorrow
Tom McMorrow 5 months ago
"Lightning was the powerful release of energy caused by two clouds who are in love and make a cloud baby" All...hail?
Erika Masala Nilsfred
So many puns here that aren't even acknowledged. ... who first saw the _potential_ ... ... [bringing electric light to New York] was _blindingly_ amazing ... ... utterly _transform_ the world ...
DangerOne 7 months ago
New Jersey!!!! (shakes fist)
Please subscribe
Please subscribe 8 months ago
Darwin contributed nothing to biology.
Kenan Rai
Kenan Rai 8 months ago
when you talk about the history of electricity, you are supposed to start every sentence literally with "Tesla". What a shame.
Bill Boyd
Bill Boyd 8 months ago
They sold 2 electric chairs to the Royal family of Ethiopia, which had no electrical generators at the time. They were used as thrones! Thanks QI
KayLow 8 months ago
No Nikola Tesla :'(
Simon Ramos
Simon Ramos 8 months ago
if he admits that reality as we know it is Tesla-based they will turn off his electricity and cut his jp morgan funding... 😂 lolol but at least he got everything else correct on how they made it possible to monetize natural forces such as niagra falls into power into a capitalism empire... DERP
ejames80 9 months ago
What?? You are not mentioning Tesla? What kind of scientist do you exactly are??? Who is funding your video, something tells me is not patreon.
Brian Hutzell
Brian Hutzell 9 months ago
TALES of TESLA are at LEAST a STEAL on the SLATE! I’m not sure what that means but the anagrams are fun.
DrunkRabbi 10 months ago
How can you leave out Tesla? somebody didn’t finish their homework
Sunjay Hauntingston
Sunjay Hauntingston 10 months ago
i got chiiillls they're multiplyin' and i'm loooooosing control
Emery Paine
Emery Paine 10 months ago
Congratulations, you're now a standard unit?
Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis Year ago
Yeah!!! Where's Tesla???
Ricardo AN
Ricardo AN Year ago
I've watched 27 episodes IN ORDER just to get to hear you sneak peeking about Nikola Tesla and what did you do? eh?! You completely undermined him! Come on, Green. I expected better from you. Disappointed u.u
Neema Paxima
Neema Paxima Year ago
Crash Course American Propaganda
jackson baker
jackson baker Year ago
Edison STOLE inventions, and their credit from other inventors, HANG 'IM FROM THE YARD THAR!!
jackson baker
jackson baker Year ago
Caterfree10 Year ago
Tesla >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Edison. You can’t change my mind. :p
Jalil Khan
Jalil Khan Year ago
WTF... Where is Nikola Tesla?
Oscar Ruiz
Oscar Ruiz Year ago
Edison sucks
Yisrael Katz
Yisrael Katz Year ago
I was taught that, depressing as it is, it's more likely thatvFranklin's kite in a hurricane experiment was merely a thought experiment, and he (probably) didn't do it.
oldcowbb Year ago
oh god, Tesla fanboys are so annoying
Tom Patterson
Tom Patterson Year ago
edison was an engineer, not a scientist
Kevin Krummel
Kevin Krummel Year ago
Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, Dr. Frankenstein, in Shelly's novel, used strictly chemistry to bring what would become his monster to life, *not* in any capacity electricity. Reanimating him via high voltage is a ubiquitous and consistent Hollywood fiction...applied to a work of fiction. Mildly disappointed in this mistake, but interested to know if it could be considered an instance of the Mandela Effect...
Jesse Phillips
Love how hank is trying not to laugh when he says "Newington Butts London".
Alex Stepanek
Alex Stepanek Year ago
I expected far more about Tesla being a faithful follower of this channel, very disappointed at yet another oversight of this great man. Edison is overrated, and if it wasn't for Tesla who went bankrupt thanks to Edison the electrical grid we have today wouldn't even be possible. You mention Edison with all the greats yet he stole ideas, forged tales to promote DC not AC, and maybe helped gain momentum in electricity, but had the worst ideas when it came to networks. Should be recognition of Tesla in the future.
Neil Rieck
Neil Rieck Year ago
AT time 5:09 you show two drawings of a pair of wires. The red arrows are going the wrong way on wire I2 in second (right hand) drawing
arnel salceski
no mention of the greatest Tesla.
Entdecker Year ago
This is a poor digest of wikipedia articles. 1) No one knew that lightning was 'energy', or even the same kind of thing as static in Antiquity. In general, electrical phenomena like static was widely considered a 'fluid' into the 19th century. 2) Many of the 'parlor tricks', like Stephen Gray's, served two purposes: to entertain, and to show something experimentally, i.e., that the human body is a good conductor. 3) Hauksbee didn't discover that spinning a glass sphere generated static. He built the device because he already knew it would work. People had been making tables of materials ordered by how much static they generated from friction since at least Gilbert's time. Glass was high on the list. It was actually a suggestion of Newton's to replace the sulphur sphere of von Guericke for better results. 4) The 'electrostatic generator' was not known as an 'electrical generator' because electricity itself was not a unified concept yet. 5) Benjamin Franklin and his circle were extremely prolific and DID CONTRIBUTE EPISTEMICALLY to the history of electricity. For one, he showed that both lightning and static could charge a leyden jar and perform the same experiments, meaning (to him and most others) that lightning and static had an underlying similarity. Joseph Priestley called this the greatest discovery since Newton's law of universal gravitation. 6) Galvani did not himself demonstrate the existence of 'animal electricity', which was part of the controversy with Volta. His more convincing proof appeared in an appendix to his last work in which he showed that you could get the legs to twitch without using metal connections. These experiments were popularized by his nephew, Aldini, after his death. 7) Galvani did not 'inspire Volta to push his work on nerves furthur'. Volta was not convinced of the existence of animal electricity. He thought the leg twitches were the result of using different metal connections. He invented the voltaic pile to prove this effect and disprove the existence of animal electricity. 8) Volta did not invent the first practical method of generating electricity. You already mentioned electrostatic generators. 9) The voltaic pile is not the first 'battery'. The term 'battery' was coined by Franklin to refer to a series of Leyden jars. They could store large quantities of charge. They just could not give you a continuous current. 10) Understanding the voltaic pile does not require knowledge that electricity and magnetism are related. It is a chemical effect. At Volta's time, it appeared that there were multiple kinds of electricity: static, lightning (though Franklin unified this), animal, and chemical. Magnetism and light were on the list, but only by remote analogy. 11) Faraday did not simply 'get to work inventing electromagnetic motors'. In fact, his famous electromagnetic motor was actually an experimental setup to prove the convertibility of magnetism and chemical electricity. He performed many experiments with different kinds of electricity to show they all produced the same effects, thus 'unifying' the pantheon. I don't have the energy to go through the rest. All-in-all, your history is extremely whiggish and poorly researched.
eldersprig Year ago
Frankenstein's reanimated corpse is the work of alchemy not electricity. Read the book.
Dovi Feldman
Dovi Feldman Year ago
Common Hank you couldn't even just say the words "Nikola Tesla"?? I was sitting on the edge of my seat anticipating it and the video just ended. Like that. You were so close to saying it butt you just didn't. It makes me upset
Rita Cardoso
Rita Cardoso Year ago
Edison stepped over Tesla :( please give Tesla the space he deserves. And since this is History of Science, context is important. Please also include how Edison is guilty for making us pay for electricity while Tesla was a cutie pie who wanted power to the people.
george dejeu
george dejeu Year ago
Electricity and no Tesla? Wtf
K.S. Khunkhao
K.S. Khunkhao Year ago
Q: How to kill someone who is already dead? A: Never mention their name when you're suppose to.
Fredrik Dunge
Fredrik Dunge Year ago
I love that you dind't mention Tesla, because Tesla is a footnote in scientific history, a practitioner of Technae not science if anyone.
Eatmyass Year ago
Tesla sucks
Ganjalf The Green
Elon Musk discovered the AC current
Abram Thiessen
Who cares about Tesla, I want to know why he missed Oliver Heaviside who simplified Maxwell's equations, introduced complex numbers to electrical circuit analysis, started using the frequency domain for solving differential equations, predicted the existence of the ionosphere, and did all this from outside the scientific establishment being largely self-taught. Or Hertz who tested Maxwell's claims of electromagnetic waves and invented the antenna, founding radio communication. Oh I know, because the video is less than 13 minutes long.
Shane Lackey
Shane Lackey Year ago
And the ghost of Tesla Laughed and Laughed . 😂😂😂
Ricardo Viera
Ricardo Viera Year ago
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