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This physics video tutorial explains the concept of basic electricity and electric current. It explains how DC circuits work and how to calculate voltage, current, and electrical resistance using Ohm's law. In addition, it shows you how to calculate the electric charge and the number of electrons flowing through a wire at any given point. In addition, it has a few examples and practice problems on electric power, cost of electricity in Kwh and other stuff as well. It provides visual drawings, equations, and formulas as well as the units of common variables that you'll encounter when dealing with electricity. It discusses the difference between conventional current and electron flow. The unit of electric current is the ampere or amps for short. The unit for resistance is ohms and for voltage is volts. 1A is 1C/s or 1 coulomb per second. Electric current is the rate of electric charge flow. Charge represents the quantity of electrons in the case of metal conductors. The unit of power is the watt which is 1 Joule per second. Power is the rate at which energy is transferred. Equations used include V=IR, P=VI, and Q=It.

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Lakshan Chamod
Lakshan Chamod 15 days ago
Tell me:: please Device name you writing📝📝✍
Connor MacDonald
Connor MacDonald 21 day ago
AnYoNe HeRe FrOm 2020
Nabaraj Baral
Nabaraj Baral Month ago
If 360 coulomb charge flows a conductor in 3 minutes, calculate the current flowing through a circuit.
Aref rdeni
Aref rdeni Month ago
Sysi queen
Sysi queen Month ago
Finally i understood this lesson🙂
Marie TV
Marie TV 2 months ago
José Daniel
José Daniel 2 months ago
There are several factors in learning circuits. One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Gregs Electro Blog (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the best course that I've heard of. look at this interesting resource.
Marlin Boss
Marlin Boss 2 months ago
joker sir
joker sir 2 months ago
Why p=vi
Roberto Orozco
Roberto Orozco 2 months ago
Can you help me with a problem?
TimBerry 3 months ago
I'm an old engineer who hasn't had the need for this stuff for years due to the kind of assignments and opportunities that were offered to me out of school. Now I'm refreshing my old self. It's so weird to see stuff that I learned 20 years ago just pop back with a little nudge from these videos. A great way to learn or relearn.
alaparthi abi vin
alaparthi abi vin 3 months ago
This video basically covered 2 chapters in my textbook! Damn helpful and thankful 🙌👏🙏
JK .DEVIL 4 months ago
My god i have a test tomorrow 😂😂😩😩
Cemre •.•
Cemre •.• 4 months ago
I’m in grade 8 so we haven’t had this stuff yet! So I’m just LEARNIN yk! That moment when u wanna become an astrophysicist LMAO my teacher’s shook
jairus hasta
jairus hasta 4 months ago
this is so much better than reading my text -_-
MH MAHMUD 4 months ago
Otaku Girl
Otaku Girl 5 months ago
Umm he sounds handsome lol
Ayam Goreng
Ayam Goreng 5 months ago
Thankyou sir, because of you, I got an A in this topical test 😇👍
velan vs
velan vs 5 months ago
very good
Dipesh Maisuriya
Dipesh Maisuriya 5 months ago
ali morse
ali morse 5 months ago
How v=IR? Because if v=IR so resistance will directly related with v and you said that the voltage inversaly related with R .I hope to clear that point for me and thank you for this amazing explain
John Price
John Price 2 months ago
ali morse he said current is inversely related to R not voltage... (3 months ago oof)
Yaw Coleman
Yaw Coleman 5 months ago
Can someone please explain to me why 0.11$ is the cost of 1KWh but 0.14$ is the cost of one month Anyway I like his lessons
L75RD 5 months ago
Use triangles when using equations, a lot easier
Nixon Jose
Nixon Jose 6 months ago
Why are you using calculator
Diomente Anthony
Diomente Anthony 6 months ago
Thank you so much
reem alaa
reem alaa 6 months ago
gonna pray for you... such a life saver
Alice Watson
Alice Watson 7 months ago
You really save me dude. Thank you so much
Nicholas Asamoah
Nicholas Asamoah 7 months ago
Super handy. Thanks
Bestwin 7 months ago
Nice but why is ur voice soo dul😓
Wertof 72
Wertof 72 8 months ago
anyone here for the regents on tuesday
LEE JIA JE - 8 months ago
Are you Thanos?
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i will buy a mobile phone to you
Raghe Abdinasir
Raghe Abdinasir 8 months ago
Thank you so much but there is another formula VOlTGE square/RESISTANCE
Taurus Capricorn
Taurus Capricorn 8 months ago
8:11 why is that a milliwatt? you didnt even use the 36mA
Taurus Capricorn
Taurus Capricorn 8 months ago
6:18 isn't that supposed to be a negative?
Abir plays stuff
Abir plays stuff 3 months ago
Yeah but when counting numbers of things such as electron the number is always positive
sharon 8 months ago
Exams in a few hours Thanks man
Zoe Karafoti
Zoe Karafoti 8 months ago
I think im dumb
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Joy Bhungane
Joy Bhungane 9 months ago
Is this grade 10
Noor Huma
Noor Huma 9 months ago
WhoistheJC? 4 months ago
Great videos... keep up the good work
Wedu Mereyotlhe
Wedu Mereyotlhe 9 months ago
I have an exam in a few hours😩
Wedu Mereyotlhe
Wedu Mereyotlhe 9 months ago
@Mr. Rippovich sorry to hear that
Wedu Mereyotlhe
Wedu Mereyotlhe 9 months ago
@Mr. Rippovich I passed it.
DDrummer 10 months ago
*I love engineering.*
Gumbo here
Gumbo here 11 months ago
have a test tmmrw :)
Abeer Sethia
Abeer Sethia 11 months ago
Lifesaver 👍🏻
Alex M.
Alex M. 11 months ago
Thank you very much kind sir.
Z-Gaming 11 months ago
Jamal Jabril
Jamal Jabril 11 months ago
Wow this actually really helped!
Roni Acker
Roni Acker 11 months ago
About 24 hr per day. :-)
w.f 11 months ago
That's was helpful thank you 🌼 شكرا
معرب الجدين
معرب الجدين 11 months ago
@w.f some teachers have the knowledge but they can not deliver it in the right way.
w.f 11 months ago
@معرب الجدين yes, the same thing I feel it 😂💔
معرب الجدين
معرب الجدين 11 months ago
He really explains much better than my university's lecturers
Greenapple sauce101
Greenapple sauce101 11 months ago
Dude when I become rich I’m gonna make you a millionaire u saved me too much
Anmol Daiwajna
Anmol Daiwajna 4 months ago
ull be rich in ur dreams! JK ur gonna be a billionaire instead
Nas 11 months ago
thank youu
Shivam Soni
Shivam Soni Year ago
Very helpful... appreciated dude....✌️
Daniella Valenzuela
Thanks! This is very helpful! :)
Gamingwith KENT
What would happen if there were onlybprotons and newtons and no electrons?
WhoistheJC? 4 months ago
If there were only protons and neutrons there would be no chemistry, no molecules, no chance of life. Matter would never clump together.
Sandhya k krish
thanks a lot dude ..Its the first and last test of 8th grade..we have never had a test in physics and the first time we have I don't wanna fail..and you teach sooo damn well...btw you know the physics teacher sucks
Nabi Bux
Nabi Bux 9 months ago
Mohamed Faisal
who knows dear Ryan from Nigaheega would only understand this part 4:33
Mohammed Alshammari
You’re A MAN 💪🏼
Amir Mirzababapour
Tnx man. It was simple the way you explained it. Keep on the good work cause I really appreciate it.
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