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Who is going to win the European Elections? Iain Dale brings you all the results and analysis live on LBC from 10pm on Sunday night.
The United Kingdom is voting to elect MEPs, despite having voted for Brexit. Nigel Farage then launched The Brexit Party, which has been topping the opinion polls, while the Conservatives have slumped to their lowest levels for years.
Find out how they get on right here.
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May 27, 2019




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Comments 252
anthony lehaRT
anthony lehaRT 4 days ago
ShariaFreeUK 2 months ago
We will take back our borders? She signed the migration pact.
Nicholas Timperio
Nicholas Timperio 2 months ago
The scourge of socialism that crushes freedom and individual rights must be defeated.
Darth Bornvisate
Darth Bornvisate 5 months ago
Video Hello Start on 2:31.
Dr Peter thompson
Dr Peter thompson 6 months ago
got my banquet of delicious different foods ready to listen again for 6 hours! "Rock-on!
jay cole
jay cole 8 months ago
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jon stiles
jon stiles 9 months ago
02hrs.40sec onwards.. Probably the most far reaching comments of the night, from the sexy and funny Labour gal. She's lovely. She said was outnumbered on the panel by Brexiteers. This must be the FIRST time since the 2016 referendum this has occurred from the mainstream media....no, I am not joking....i know every media outlet has their own criteria of diversity agenda, but Politics Live, Question Time, Channel 4 news, ITN on ITV, SkyNews with Boulton, etc, any news item you care to mention or punditry has predominantly focused on Remain voting panelists outnumbering bias, or sometimes equal to Leave voters. Usually, if genuinely Leave voters (as opposed to Remain voters that say they "accept" the referendum result) get a say, try are interrupted by the interviewer or don't get equal time.. Having said all this, fair play to lbc....they tried to address the bias later on in the show, and after all the dust has settled, presented a very good on the night show compared to bbc. Well done!
Kristi Evans
Kristi Evans 9 months ago
And the BREXIT party is six weeks old. The result is nothing short of astonishing. These commentators are either stupid or irretrievably corrupt.
Kristi Evans
Kristi Evans 9 months ago
This is utter, complete dross.
Kristi Evans
Kristi Evans 9 months ago
Remainers have all media. What does this woman mean “fight back”? Ridiculous. OF COURSE Remainers will vote in MEP elections in greater numbers than BREXITEERS. UK is **supposed** to be out Oct. 31!!! I can’t believe LBC is tolerating this unadulterated propaganda spin, without comment or challenge. Ridiculous.
Kristi Evans
Kristi Evans 9 months ago
By the way, climate change is a scam designed to consolidate power, globally, and tax middle classes into nonexistence. Several scientists got caught - once again - falsifying sea levels. Moreover, the poles are shifting. The Canadian Arctic is warming, correspondingly, Greenland and Siberia are setting records for cold temperatures and massive glacier growth. Spare us.
michael szprinc
michael szprinc 9 months ago
Glen Quinn
Glen Quinn 9 months ago
Leave on WTO rules wher is the problem ant the Toney curing the brexiteer of every time no,one knowes what the torys and liebour have plan for the cuntry apart from staying in the EU and doing what thay tell them to do
Adulf muffin
Adulf muffin 9 months ago
Stand up for your people cause outher then that your a footstool for someone else
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 9 months ago
Bring back the Great warrior Sir Winston Churchill.
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 9 months ago
Love Nigel and the true British people i was born here in the States in 1953 and remember the English invasion The Beatles Mick Jagger and all the great music you guys brought if it wasn't for you Bloody British thier would be no US. I remember watching World of Wars and Churchill you giys wouldn't surrender to the Nazi's God Bless you Brave Proud People Hey Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson love him now send the Muslims to Mother Merkel she loves them make England like it was in the 50s and 60s also loved Benny Hill and the Bean love you guys.
Bruce Schweyer
Bruce Schweyer 9 months ago
Now then, how is the globalist neo-fascist elitist press going to spin this one?
Ann Wood lumb
Ann Wood lumb 9 months ago
We left 29 March by law😡😡😡😡😡
john douglas
john douglas 9 months ago
Right , Brexit is dead . Better figure out how to beat Comrade Corbyn
Samuel De Jesus
Samuel De Jesus 9 months ago
Kevin Reed
Kevin Reed 9 months ago
Tobias Elwood is just another public schoolboy remoaner and is the reason why people are flocking from the Tories !
Joy Synmonds
Joy Synmonds 9 months ago
Shifty looking Campbell Thought Elmwood was a good person but deffo a remainer - biased. Farage, yes he topped everyone. UKIP zero.
fin 9 months ago
MPs gave the decision to the ppl and said it was OUR decision, this ref wasnt a GE, it was a REf, they had one vote like us.
David Harrington
David Harrington 9 months ago
How can Ed Davey be knighted and Farage not? beats the hell out of me
fin 9 months ago
5;54 seems the remainer LOSERS had this excuse pr planned that more ppl voted for remain, which one they LOST =BP won, 2, not all greens/snpers are remainers and both con/lab stood on leave manifestos = HARD LUCK FEMI
fin 9 months ago
The VOTERS can be forced into a EU army because ANY CON/LAB Pro EU MP like BLIAR would never VETO it, we have been signed into many treaties without our say.
David Harrington
David Harrington 9 months ago
The return of Femi the moron
fin 9 months ago
Poor little FEMI calls out GUY for telling the truth about what the EU are pushing for = A EU ARMY/SUPERSTATE
fin 9 months ago
1;59 yet another remoaner that if they had won wouldnt have included the leave vote or acknowledged it, so why should we?
Dean 9 months ago
I advocate a Fexit, and send Femi to Mars.
fin 9 months ago
Ahh Chukka has failed not wanted he is trying to slime into the lib party
Joy Synmonds
Joy Synmonds 9 months ago
We dont need his sirt for sure. Biased.
fin 9 months ago
LIBS wont touch the CUK MPs, they are cursed DEMOCRACY AVOIDERS
fin 9 months ago
BP will take ALL CON voters and 5m labour voters = GE WINNERS, lab/libs/greens/plaid will be split, deliver WTO or Farage will be PM.
fin 9 months ago
NOT ALL SNP/GREEN voters are remainers chukka...........................FACT
fin 9 months ago
1;12 if remain would have won would the remainers had listened to the leave side?? = NOPE= remainer posh HYPOCITE
fin 9 months ago
Labour elected Brown in the same way too AC, lol
Andy Rightbot
Andy Rightbot 9 months ago
The level of denial over how badly the main two parties did is immense
fin 9 months ago
So the con/lab dont really have manifestos as they lie, Corbyns about to do it again, he now wants a 2nd ref= LIARS = POPULISTS??
fin 9 months ago
Campbell looks very FLUSHED for some reason, lol
fin 9 months ago
Tobias Elwood keeps moaning the BP have no policies or mandate, well neither do the TORIES as they LIE and break them.
Joy Synmonds
Joy Synmonds 9 months ago
And all his fellow Tories are the same.
JP OHare
JP OHare 9 months ago
Nigel Farage's new Brexit Party had only being 6 weeks old, yet he manage to Rally people to support Brexit from labour and Tories and has many Candidates that had being elected in European Election WOW a clear winner
mary ruth
mary ruth 9 months ago
i pity this woman who kept saying we are so divided,woman do you know the meaning of MAJORITY WINS eh
Ralph Turner
Ralph Turner 9 months ago
Darren Kiggins
Darren Kiggins 9 months ago
Please dont forget more people voted for remain parties rather than Brexit party. Lets find out what the Brexit party manifesto is, we have heard nothing but Brexit, but what than? Buyers beware.
truk raog
truk raog 9 months ago
Love British politics anything British English or whatever you guys like to call yourselves all the best from Sonny Gilbert Arizona
flyerh flyerh
flyerh flyerh 9 months ago
You can't say everyone who voted for parties that support remain are remainers. These parties would have received votes from people who support these parties even if we never had a referendum, as they did in past EU elections.There is no way of knowing what percentage used these parties as remain platforms or voted because they just support the parties.However, the Brexit party had only one reason to vote for them.
nicolee tran
nicolee tran 9 months ago
How ,any people understand or whatever people talk and me weird
nicolee tran
nicolee tran 9 months ago
This weird
Tom Hermens
Tom Hermens 9 months ago
Campbell you had your vote. NO more lying cheating etc. Find a job with your mate. Farage is a straight down to earth honest winner.
parabot2 9 months ago
The VOTE WAS LEAVE , Now we have attempts to override that democratic vote ( No rule of law exists ) the peoples voice has been destroyed .
JC mill
JC mill 9 months ago
The people have spoken ONCE AGAIN when are the people in westminister going to listen😂
john m
john m 9 months ago
They are socialists and they believe they know what is for your own good. They aren't interested in listening to you.
Eileen de Lapp
Eileen de Lapp 9 months ago
Australia isn't in the EU and yet we survive! People are scared of change but it's usually a good thing in my opinion!
Eileen de Lapp
Eileen de Lapp 9 months ago
The only thing that will stop the rage in the UK is a WTO Brexit..............Nothing will happen until you deliver what you promised!
Adrien Wong
Adrien Wong 9 months ago
OMG. Laila you can just shut up
British humour
British humour 9 months ago
I told you Farage would wipe the floor with them all, and he did. An astonishing victory. 👍🇬🇧
Adrien Wong
Adrien Wong 9 months ago
How stupid those remainders. You need to get to WTO 1st and then to be allow to negotiate trade deals with any other country. Trading with EU should comply with eu regulation but eu union should keep thier nose out when the UK trading with other countries
Monty Baby
Monty Baby 9 months ago
A lot of Labour and cons are going to to be unemployed after the British elections by the look of things
Ian Mansfield
Ian Mansfield 9 months ago
5:16:20 Femi completely contradicts himself over what he said 2 minutes or so earlier. He rants so much he forgets his own arguments LOL
Blither box
Blither box 9 months ago
Splashing in the swamp and hoping for change. Sheep are so stupid. They think they have souls.
Simon Clare
Simon Clare 9 months ago
this conservative lecturing others on what they should or should not be doing after the dishonest lash up of his party that has caused international embarrassment and betrayed the people of this country, what a plonker
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