Eldest Souls - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Eldest Souls is available now on Nintendo Switch! www.nintendo.com/games/detail...

Fast-paced and brutally challenging, Eldest Souls is a unique Boss-Rush souls-like experience. In a final act of vengeance, the Old Gods have unleashed a great Desolation upon the world. Mankind's only hope lies with a lone warrior… and his greatsword of the purest Obsydian.

- Battle your way through a series of uniquely challenging Boss-Rush combat encounters.
- Discover a cast of intriguing NPCs and questlines as you explore the ancient Citadel.
- Unearth the mystery of the Old Gods, before total devastation befalls the World.
- Bask in the glorious pixel-perfect graphic style, dripping in gorgeous attention-to-detail.
- Your Build. Your Rules. Customize your own combat style from a multitude of ability combinations.

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Jul 29, 2021




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Comments 299
GB3 _
GB3 _ 18 days ago
Reminds me of "furi". It was underrated and have been forgotten too early.
Mister Rhombus
Mister Rhombus Month ago
Can’t wait for the sequel, Darkest Ring!
Tony Tran
Tony Tran Month ago
Reminds me of Wizards of legend Similar flow to it
Yo!Hannes Month ago
I mean not bad for a 2D Souls game. I'd buy it
Chris Fowler
Chris Fowler Month ago
Comment section of losers
Dolus Vulpes
Dolus Vulpes Month ago
Child: Mom, can I have Elden Ring? Mom: We have Elden Ring at home Elden Ring at Home:
6SamChat9 Month ago
So if elder scrolls and Dark souls had a baby it will be this
SilentGaming Month ago
Eldest Souls I Sabrina Eldest Souls II Dodgerfool Eldest Souls III Marrowwound Eldest Souls IV Obsidian Eldest Souls V Skiram. Eldest Souls VI [comment below]
JustSomeGuy Month ago
The art style looks pretty solid, ngl.
Maybe 3111
Maybe 3111 Month ago
Can’t wait for the prequel, Younger Souls
D m
D m Month ago
Bad game
Vault Boy
Vault Boy Month ago
Can't wait for Fallborne & Eldenfield titles... 🤤
Smiles Edgeworth
Oh cool, Indiemaus released a new video...
SwitchUp Month ago
Prequel to Ever Elden Eldest Souls Darkness-est
Logan King
Logan King Month ago
I'm just gonna call mine "soul"
Logan King
Logan King Month ago
elden ring's souls?
John Hogan
John Hogan Month ago
I remember one time like 10 years ago that I walked into a GameStop and asked if they had any games like Dark Souls. They did not. Games with names like ‘Eldest Souls’ make me wish we could go back
chris Month ago
Peppepizza Month ago
Italian pride 💚🤍❤️
Absolute Trash
Absolute Trash Month ago
I love how "Souls" is just a genre now, you know when you see that in a title it's gunna be brutally unforgiving, this reminds me of Hyper-Light Drifter except slower
Dovahkiin Month ago
i thought it said elder scrolls
DBFZATO-1 Month ago
Looks cool but why is just copy souls gone to far? The plot is very from soft, and the name wow original lol
Stephen C
Stephen C Month ago
Wow, it is out!
UndeadCollector Month ago
I think at this point, every dark fantasy Game will be called "Soul like". (or anything with "Soul" in the Name) But yeah... for a Soul like game, there's the part missing of "dying and losing exp/souls or progress" and if you only fight with a Great Sword, it reminds me more of "Berserk" playing a Pixel Version of Guts.
Neo Y.
Neo Y. Month ago
Officially tired of souls-likes… and by the name of this game, so are developers
Silentroom Month ago
Hades Dark Souls?
XSportSeeker Month ago
Eldest Souls? I was looking for Soulful Elders..
Dare Month ago
I love Elder Scrolls. Frodo is my favorite character all-time. Can't wait to buy purchase.
israelyrex Month ago
looks pretty great but I would like it to have a more original name lol
C B Month ago
In a world where Diablo 2 Resurrected is coming out, where there is Dark Souls and Musou/Warriors in a dozen variations each... I know I will never play this.
Uncario Month ago
Dang looking good
Shin Han
Shin Han Month ago
After seeing this I want to cancel my Oled pre order.
KJ Centeno
KJ Centeno Month ago
Pixel Dark Souls I'm down.
Kreepe Month ago
Dark souls and elder scrolls
AnaxErik4ever Month ago
Reminds me of Jotun, in addition to Elder Scrolls, Celeste, and a bit of Child of Light. Kali: An Ancient Epic appeals more to me, but this looks like a great game too.
MisterDrgn Month ago
More Hyperlight Drifter
Potato Patato
Potato Patato Month ago
If I ever make a souls-like, I'm calling it "Soul's Souls."
Magets Alive
Magets Alive Month ago
@Potato Patato Possibly! Or maybe you're too close to a leatherworking factory.
Potato Patato
Potato Patato Month ago
@Magets Alive | Do I smell Game Of The Year??
Magets Alive
Magets Alive Month ago
Name it Sole's Souls, so you can make all your characters and/or weapons shoes. Edit: Or you could call it Soul's Soles, and it could be a Dark Souls-esque game about a ghost collecting mystical shoes to save the undead.
Potato Patato
Potato Patato Month ago
@Rowe Magnon | Ok, that one deserves consideration, too.
Rowe Magnon
Rowe Magnon Month ago
Ashlin Grey
Ashlin Grey Month ago
You've heard of Elder Scrolls now get ready for...
Spongebob squarepants
Este en una de mi
KroCal Games
KroCal Games Month ago
In my peripheral vision, the thumbnail looks like DMC5
Sam Hintz
Sam Hintz Month ago
Reminds me of a game, can’t think of which one.
Sebastian Knight
Wizard of Legend
Mr La
Mr La Month ago
This game is hard. Can’t pass the 3rd boss and I’ve died 100+ times already.
FBI Month ago
Minecraft players: "Obsidian sword?! *Impossible!"*
Wraffle Month ago
This video thumbnail has attack on titan font
Now all we need is Death's Door and it will be peachy
Randy Morel
Randy Morel Month ago
This is probably the closest thing we'll be getting to a Dark Souls 4.
Luis Villalobos
Luis Villalobos Month ago
Not elden ring, the game that's made by fromsoft, directed by Miyazaki, and literally looks exactly like dark souls but with a horse? This top down game made by an indie studio is gonna be closer than that?
C l o u d
C l o u d Month ago
guts looks different
Thos did
Thos did Month ago
the narrator sounds like the administrator from tf2
Thos did
Thos did Month ago
I really thought that said elder scrolls for a second.
GooTheMighty Month ago
Oh yeah, Iron Pineapple covered this one briefly a while back.
SummonTheNight Month ago
Ah, so this is that Elden Souls game I have heard hyped for so long. Seems decent.
HeroC14 Month ago
My grandpa remembers this old souls game.
gruedr Month ago
ayyy this looks nice
Just Cards
Just Cards Month ago
So it’s older than The Elder Scrolls?
Aidan D'souza
Aidan D'souza Month ago
Though read it as elder scrolls
JoeliRavioli Month ago
This game is going to be in one of 3 camps. Great looking game that doesn’t play as good as it should, an amazing Gem that not enough people will play, or a game that will just get continued hate because of its clear cut inspirations.
colton421 Month ago
I was thinking about Elden Ring and Dark Souls when I saw the title
Fco Gza
Fco Gza Month ago
Is this multiplayer?
nicksmi56 Month ago
Saw a gameplay video that seemed really cool! Definitely gonna pick this up at some point!
Xenysys Month ago
This resembles Hyper Light Drifter a little TOO much for comfort.
John Delanie
John Delanie Month ago
Hey this game kinda looks like Dar-
linkgannon Month ago
"Acquire new powers beyond mortal comprehension..." So they decided to go with a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 leveling / ability system then?
Plush maker fan
Plush maker fan Month ago
We need dimon and pearl trailers.
DeltaARO Month ago
No we don't. The game releases in November. That's when we get the release trailer.
Terrako - The Funniest Zelda Videos
It go to me Wish list
youngmostafa Month ago
Is this a rouge like. Looks interesting
Sephiroth Month ago
This is a Nintendo version of The Elder Scrolls. lol
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Month ago
Lazy graphics
Perfecto Gaming
Perfecto Gaming Month ago
ebvethron Month ago
Indeimaus won't need to change the title, he'll still find a way
Silvia valle Valle
Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope 2022
Andrew Enserro
Andrew Enserro Month ago
Will you be show off the download video for this month tomorrow?
notalive_zombie Month ago
Oh good another game people will complain need an easy mode!
Chad Ackerman
Chad Ackerman Month ago
If only I didn’t have 100 other games I need to finish first :-(
SK yg
SK yg Month ago
Looks great
Mint Month ago
Broke: Hyper light drifter Woke: Titan Souls 2
Noah 1525
Noah 1525 Month ago
Nerf pyra/mythra
Secret Anima
Secret Anima Month ago
I thought this was an Indeimaus video
karnovrpg Month ago
Okay, we're really running out of names for Souls-like games.
MisterDrgn Month ago
Does every game with dark fantasy elements have to be a Souls-like?
Gabriel Karapondo
That was just cleric beast at the end lmao
Zain Mushtaq
Zain Mushtaq Month ago
Reminds me of 'Wizard of Legend'
H P Alpha
H P Alpha Month ago
looks very similar to Hyper Light Drifter, maybe check it out
Aegislash Excalibur
It's a boss rush
Marcelo Month ago
This is really coming out I’m so happy
Garenas Month ago
Elder Ring?
Lamo Flamo
Lamo Flamo Month ago
Colzati Month ago
Man I read the notification as “Elden Souls” and my soulsborne brain went HUH!? 😔
Whoever titled this is an idiot. The game doesn't look that bad, but the title does it no favors.
T B Month ago
Is this the sequel to Titan Souls?
Kabeloaso Month ago
Game of tg cid aka ORLANDEU from FF tactics
Lifespan of a Fry
Aris Ramos
Aris Ramos Month ago
I feel like I've seen this type of games a thousand times already 😒
Aris Ramos
Aris Ramos Month ago
@Prawira Agung Adhinegara 😂😂😂
Prawira Agung Adhinegara
how dare u play dis gaem or dieieieiie
Integrated Silver
Finally, after waiting so long!
The Flat Earth Society
I kinda read elder scrolls lmao
Raxmax Month ago
Bro, neeed
Adam weather fan and wwe
Nice video nintendo
SnowconeGames Month ago
Elden Ring? No. Dark Souls? No. Elder Scrolls. No. Elder Souls. No, wait actually, Yes.
Tasty Dingo
Tasty Dingo Month ago
The title is a mashup of Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls, the gameplay looks like Hyperlight Drifter. Man, this sure is an original idea.
I don't think the gameplay looks standout enough. You can get a similar gameplay experience with Hyperlight Drifter or Hades. I'd have preferred something like an actual proper 2D Dark Souls.
derek221122 Month ago
Make it physical
St Ern
St Ern Month ago
Why so many soul's game's ?? 🤔 I dont like that type code 😟
GREG NULL Month ago
i ate a sandwich
Samus Saran
Samus Saran Month ago
Next Game must be "The Soul of Zelda" 😅 Souls Game there, Souls Game here, give us Dark Souls 2&3 on Switch already :)
colton421 Month ago
I can’t even find a physical copy of Dark Souls Remastered for the Switch that’s a decent price lmao
rover Month ago
This looks legitimately good
Patinho Month ago
Elder scrolls?