Elders React To Seeing Their Black And White Photos In Color For The First Time

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Elders React To Seeing Their Black And White Photos In Color For The First Time. Original links below.
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Elders react to seeing their black and white photos in color for the
first time. Watch to see their reactions.
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Elders React To Seeing Their Black And White Photos
In Color For The First Time


Published on


Jun 17, 2019




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FBE 5 months ago
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Cass yin
Cass yin 4 months ago
Alexander the Doorman
stink up
stink up 5 months ago
Eklavya Chopra
Eklavya Chopra 5 months ago
react to THE SCORE "miracle" react to alan walker
Kaizer Salazar
Kaizer Salazar 5 months ago
React to Joker teaser trailer! Please
Jesus Renteria
Jesus Renteria 4 months ago
Elders react to Madonna album -Madame X !!
Yoda 4 months ago
*sends in his world war 2 pictures*
Haruya 4 months ago
yikes I could color b/w pictures better in middle school than whoever did some of these like....wow... not even gonna finish the video
B L 4 months ago
That's so poorly done lol, I expect better from this channel
Maimana Eljak
Maimana Eljak 4 months ago
omg the first woman : i am the only one a life.
Passion Fire
Passion Fire 4 months ago
Montevideo! I never knew she was from Uruguay, so is my mom, I've had the privilege to visit as well and see my relatives.
washington alvarez
washington alvarez 4 months ago
que me estas contando que hay una yorugua
quiker yea
quiker yea 4 months ago
The fact that bts army did this first just to do some research for bts album tears LOL
quiker yea
quiker yea 4 months ago
idk wut 2 do
idk wut 2 do 4 months ago
Elders react to escape the night
Elissandrea/Edna Cruz/Sierra
Love this, I lost many of my pictures on a storm 🥺
SingingGinge 4 months ago
Yikes! I’m sorry to say but this didn’t turn out well. Probably didn’t think they would remember discrete details like colours but guessing hair and dress colours was a bad idea. You could see on their faces that it wasn’t the same memory and the effect of making more memorable was lost.
A.Blinkin 4 months ago
You really need to hire a better colorist, some of these look like they just clicked the paint bucket tool on a color layer and called it a day.
Ted Flores
Ted Flores 4 months ago
I thought that's what they did. :\
Yubi K.
Yubi K. 4 months ago
Enclair 4 months ago
The other old woman has sooooo much culture in her photos And she looks like my aunt when she was young
hippopajamas 4 months ago
This was a doomed idea from the start, oof. Big oof.
Nikhil Tari
Nikhil Tari 4 months ago
You see, how the elder said she was in 'LOVE' at 9:56
April Tongcua
April Tongcua 4 months ago
In Every picture has many stories attached to it. Happy and Sad memories
Destiny Barrow
Destiny Barrow 4 months ago
"And im the only one whos alive"I STAN
Gamer_Shrimp 88
Gamer_Shrimp 88 4 months ago
aww so sweet😍
Tomás Azeiteiro
Tomás Azeiteiro 4 months ago
Do more of elders react please. I love their stories
Zînx 4 months ago
Please react to NF - When I Grow Up
Lawrence C
Lawrence C 4 months ago
Vera's photos are really nice. And she's obviously emotional but she's not going to cry.
rae baes
rae baes 4 months ago
Please let the elders react to Lady Gaga’s Joanne album! ❤️
Melvin Dimas
Melvin Dimas 4 months ago
rae baes
rae baes 4 months ago
Please let the elders react to Lady Gaga’s Joanne album! ❤️
rae baes
rae baes 4 months ago
Please let the elders react to Lady Gaga’s Joanne album! ❤️
George Campbell
George Campbell 4 months ago
Elders react to bray wyatt's new wwe gimmick promos
john slina
john slina 4 months ago
Elders react to trippie redd please made that one
Adrian Vallejo
Adrian Vallejo 4 months ago
Can we have the elders react to Being as an ocean???????
Roge Sabe
Roge Sabe 4 months ago
2:41 ARGENTINA PAPA🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷!!!!!!!!
Facu Αβρέου
Facu Αβρέου 4 months ago
Arriba argentina!! pense que era el unico
Sean Todd
Sean Todd 4 months ago
You should do elders react to lil mosey! Please like so they see
alyssaesprz12 4 months ago
I love to hear their stories!!!
Robert 4 months ago
Lloyd you and me are from the same place.... Westchester represent!!
FeroxCinereoLupus 4 months ago
To everyone complaining about the colors not being right, it was supposed to be a S U R P R I S E!!!!!! They took their best guess. It was a nice gesture. I don’t think it was meant to be insulting to their memories. Geez y’all need to chiiiiilll
Anabelle Wallflower
Anabelle Wallflower 4 months ago
👎 they are told to REACT to the pictures. Otherwise there would be no content. Let them feel how they feel about the way people changed their memories
Static JayAre
Static JayAre 4 months ago
Elders should react to NF
Mari Nela
Mari Nela 4 months ago
I wish you would consult them first before you colorize the pics. Its frustrating when you dont get the colors right.
Georgi Mihailov
Georgi Mihailov 4 months ago
Real BKNY 4 months ago
Have elders react to Blueface
Brody Reyes
Brody Reyes 4 months ago
Elders react to sports
XxKeeganpro 1
XxKeeganpro 1 4 months ago
Elders react to muse
jenni uwu
jenni uwu 4 months ago
“and i’m the only one alive” i’m going to hell for laughing
Thato Mokoena
Thato Mokoena 4 months ago
"I'm the only one who's alive" man that got dark so fast
OmarRP 4 months ago
Ya, she won
aneesa 4 months ago
this was wholesome but the colourisation weren’t always so accurate 😬
Falling Expectations
ralu umm.. I’m a graphic designer so... yeah
ralu 4 months ago
@Falling Expectations If it's that easy, try it yourself. I don't think you even know how to open the program.
Falling Expectations
Marcello Otero didn’t seem like they tried much.
Marcello Otero
Marcello Otero 4 months ago
aneesa it’s kinda impossible to get the perfect colors
Wysper 4 months ago
Oof, when Vera said she was the only one still alive. It's so sad to think about your family dying and being the only one around.
OmarRP 4 months ago
She won
Wysper 4 months ago
@Ten13Grl Man that's so sad :c
Ten13Grl 4 months ago
My great aunt was the oldest of six children and she outlived them all. She passed away a few months after my grandmother (the youngest of the six, and her only sister) passed. I can't even imagine outliving my younger brother who I helped raise, just like my great aunt did with her younger siblings.
Pewdiepies dad
Pewdiepies dad 4 months ago
Elders react to AJ tracey
Azuer nobody
Azuer nobody 4 months ago
Sam Linscott Thats so random i love it 😂😂😂😂
Tessa Coleman
Tessa Coleman 4 months ago
0:30 😂😂
THE HURRICANE 4 months ago
Do generations react to liluzivert
Mc_killer1 4 months ago
Cass yin
Cass yin 4 months ago
Arielle Bronstein
Arielle Bronstein 4 months ago
Oooo yeah!
Phong Tran
Phong Tran 4 months ago
Elder react to Joji music pls
Spicy Elevators
Spicy Elevators 4 months ago
R.I.P. Libby she was taken off life support last night following a car accident. You will be missed. 😭😭
Hot Take, Babe
Hot Take, Babe 4 months ago
She just tweeted as of June 29, 2019. This comment is untrue. She is alive and well. Shame on you!
Spicy Elevators ...what?
Remo Gen
Remo Gen 4 months ago
Couldn’t find anything to corroborate this?
finns bitch
finns bitch 4 months ago
Spicy Elevators excuse me
Brody Reyes
Brody Reyes 4 months ago
Spicy Elevators WHAT?!?!?!? no
Dan Walas
Dan Walas 4 months ago
Wholesome ♡
justINSANEgaming 4 months ago
Elders react to Joyner Lucas
CurryKingWurst 4 months ago
Sorry, those colourizations are really bad.
CurryKingWurst 4 months ago
@Amazing Appendages True. I actually had a professional colourize a family photo of my great-great-great-grandparents earlier this year and the result looks so much more alive than anything in this video did.
Amazing Appendages
Amazing Appendages 4 months ago
They just didn’t try hard enough. It looks like they just put a flesh color overlay and called it a day. SMH take a look at 6:01
αιοε SSB
αιοε SSB 4 months ago
Sorry, technology hasn’t reached its peak yet.
Galactic Kyro
Galactic Kyro 4 months ago
mikka Guevara
mikka Guevara 4 months ago
1:23 ay yo I’m from the phillipines
mikka Guevara
mikka Guevara 4 months ago
@• m i s t i c • #PhilliphineSqaud
• m i s t i c •
• m i s t i c • 4 months ago
mikka Guevara same
꧁boqak g꧂
꧁boqak g꧂ 4 months ago
@Daniel Chang sml
Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang 4 months ago
Thanks for letting me know, tonight I will finally be able to sleep. Btw I bought 6 eggs at the supermarket yesterday, I’m going to make an omelette for breakfast tomorrow morning.
Maria W
Maria W 4 months ago
I colorized a photo of my grandmother from when she was six and gave it to her when she turned 80. She was really happy about it. It wasn't perfect but still nice.
Ryvo PolarSolar
Ryvo PolarSolar 4 months ago
Elders react to Freddie Mercury - Time waits for no one
fernie9899 4 months ago
Elders react to Nirvana
KurtTM 4 months ago
María Florencia Putelli
To Vera: you must return to Bariloche!! It's still super beautiful!!
/ krystal /
/ krystal / 4 months ago
Elders react to jhene aiko !!!
Homles Trump
Homles Trump 4 months ago
That’s meaningful
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