El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - Movie Review

Jeremy Jahns
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After the events of Breaking Bad...what happened to Jessie Pinkman? This movie answers the question of Breaking Bad's loose thread. Here's my review of EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE!
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Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Lil Mint
Lil Mint Day ago
The movie was really good
BazookaHDZ 6 days ago
I agree they should made a few episodes of this but it was good
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 6 days ago
Todd should've done some METHod acting to lose some weight
Shree Nation
Shree Nation 8 days ago
Some scenes could've been cut way shorter and some stakes could've been set higher. Still, so happy to see even a slice of BB after so long.
Alex Olivares
Alex Olivares 9 days ago
todd got fat asf lol
javaan smith
javaan smith 10 days ago
Jessie is a bitch God
isnr - Stagramlefrbb
i think jessi needed to be actor in breaking bad because he nail it
Leli Dawi
Leli Dawi 13 days ago
Am I the only one that couldn't stand the flashbacks where everyone looked so much older (and more fat too)? Somtetimes they even cut back to the second season of Breaking Bad, which was ten years ago, and it SHOWS. Aroon Paul just looks way too old, he's in his 40's' now, and I'm suppose to buy that he's 25. Kind of ruined the movie for me personally.
Badin Cummings
Badin Cummings 21 day ago
Vince Gilligan doesn’t have much of a hand in BCS! It’s run by Peter Gould. Don’t mean to be a smartass but wanna give credit where it’s due. Also shoutout to every writer, director, cast and crew member.
Badin Cummings
Badin Cummings 21 day ago
Actually, I just learned Gilligan is credited as a cocreator. However I have heard him say that Gould is the mastermind behind BCS. In any case, the show is crafted by more people than just Gilligan, as is breaking bad.
Brendan Berney
Brendan Berney 23 days ago
This is gonna be an unpopular opinion and definitely won't speak to the masses, but I thought that the movie was dry and boring and longer than it needed to be. Scenes drag on for way too long, Walt makes a pointless appearance for the sake of having Bryan Cranston in the casting listing. The movie is meant to provide closure for Jesse's arc of the story, which it does in a sense by showing the aftermath of the last episode of Breaking Bad, but it's very poorly executed. Honestly the two hour runtime could be cut down to 30 minutes if you cut out all the bullshit. The ending is abrupt and unsatisfying with the conversation with Jane. I found myself always waiting for the action to kick in, in the movie was over before that moment ever came.
Papa Locoo
Papa Locoo 24 days ago
I hate Breaking bad after this movie!!! JESSIE is just a weak link pussy boy that's all he is and he screwed walter over and couldn't handle the drama
DWRWC 24 days ago
A happy ending for the perennial fuck up.
Nate DS
Nate DS 24 days ago
Now we need a huel movie
elwrongo 27 days ago
you sound like you're on meth...oh ok
Darren A
Darren A 27 days ago
who seriously watched better call saul, that seems long asf
Darren A
Darren A 27 days ago
felt weird watching it knowing he snitch on one of his loyal partners
shot gun
shot gun 29 days ago
Don't use squarespace. Their customer service is beyond bad and if There's a billing issue, you need to contact to them in order resolve it. Basically, "contact us for a refund" which never leads anywhere!
Honestly Jeremy, you know Better Call Saul is Peter Gould's show right? People always applaud Vince Gilligan (as they should!) but credit where credit is due, Vince hasn't been involved (or involved much) in BCS since season 3, so right now is Gould's show, and it's an amazing show but we have to give credit where credit is due (and Gilligan says this himself: it's Gould's show)
justin hunt
justin hunt Month ago
Breaking bad greatest show ever
De4thstroke32 Month ago
I watched Breaking Bad for the first time ever and then I watched the movie right after, so I was already ready to see this movie, and I’m planning on becoming a film maker one day and throughout the show and movie, I was taking notes, writing things down, and taking mental notes. The acting is amazing, the cinematography is amazing, the series was close to flawless, the movie is fucking beautiful, and I loved every second of both.
Walter Robinson
Walter Robinson Month ago
Todd in this is so similar to Jesse Plemons character in Game Night... that bloody snow globe 😂
Ankit kukreti
Ankit kukreti Month ago
This movie was like collecting ashes after fire.
Chris YT
Chris YT Month ago
Honestly , I’m so disappointed with the movie . I really wanted to see how walts family was Doing , what is Marie up to ? did they receive the money ? Half of it was un-needed content of what happened in the past with useless meaning . Just like another Netflix movie . Ass. Loved the series , hated the movie
The Rue Morgue
The Rue Morgue Month ago
Yo, it's Jesse's film. He needed closure. Walt's family got closure in the last episode and Marie will get closure when they find Hank's body. Cutting to them did not need to happen.
T p
T p Month ago
I liked how they showed Todd's control over Jessie, just out of fear. Brutal.
Patrik Vrba
Patrik Vrba 2 months ago
aren't you that cartel member jesse shot
i am nobody
i am nobody 2 months ago
are we not gonna talk how todd (a.k.a poor man's matt damon) got fat???????
Matt Jagger
Matt Jagger 2 months ago
You should review better call saul
Chris J.P. Black
Chris J.P. Black 2 months ago
Breaking Bad was a cool TV show. El Camino gave Jesse Pinkman a love interest. Too mushy...
Chris J.P. Black
Chris J.P. Black 2 months ago
Please don't sing opera!
Micah Heard
Micah Heard 2 months ago
That shootout was definitely forced and I almost felt like I got a long episode rather than a movie.
Vishal Desour
Vishal Desour 2 months ago
I didn't like that it was 6 years later. Jessie was noticeably older and heavier. Everyone looked older. Only Skinny Pete looked the same. Movie itself was a good movie. Would have been better as a 6 episode story, I agree. Would have been nice to see what happened with Badger and Skinny. But it was still good. Just a little late and therefore visually upsetting. Would have been better as a 6 years later story. How Jessie has been running from the cops for 6 years and finally escapes to Alaska... Also, a very strange place to choose!!
Michael Steven Martin
Please. Take. A. Breath.
whoopthereitis 3 months ago
I wonder why neither Stuckmann nor Jeremy ever review better call Saul. It’s a phenomenal show right up there with breaking bad.
One Buffalo
One Buffalo 3 months ago
the movie is great but only works as an epilogue. It cant stand alone. theres too much context that you'd be lost with if you hadnt seen the show. It brings in all the old characters who WE know, but if you hadnt seen the show it be like "... okay so who's that guy... okay and who's that girl.. okay and who's...."
ADITHYA MENON 3 months ago
They better make a movie on what happened to Huell
Gedaliah Lieberman
Gedaliah Lieberman 3 months ago
Will you do a review of better call Saul seasons 1-4?
yellow bat
yellow bat 3 months ago
Yeah I need a skinny pete spin off like right fucking now
Caleb Mitchell
Caleb Mitchell 3 months ago
It was perfect, if you disagree I feel sorry for you
Brian Stegemann
Brian Stegemann 3 months ago
TheVerucAssault 3 months ago
I think I would have liked it more watching it immediately after finishing Breaking Bad. I watched this because I felt obligated. I feel after so much time it was unnecessary. i don't know why but I really just didn't care for it. To sum it up in one word: pointless.
Agent 99
Agent 99 3 months ago
Thrilled he got away. He was only one deserving to get away. Sorry- re-watched it because the new season of BCS. I think it said enough. There were too many unanswered questions left over when Breaking Bad and did this was needed and now it's finally complete. I thought it was great. I can say in my head, it's finally over.
Elliot Markwardt
Elliot Markwardt 3 months ago
All of this could have been assumed. So unnecessary
Emma Harrop
Emma Harrop 3 months ago
Just watched it after watching all of Breaking bad again to remind myself of everything that happened and I was so fucking disappointed. HOW this was created by the same people that created Breaking Bad is completely beyond me. Felt completely rushed, some of the music was borderline cheesy and it didn't make sense how Todd had gained so much weight???
Kraflyn 3 months ago
"But first we have a review to do". No shit?
David Mercado
David Mercado 4 months ago
Felt completely satisfied with that ending! It put to bed the argument of Walter possibly being alive. Also it gave me a conclusion to the breaking bad series.
Alex Landry
Alex Landry 4 months ago
no one is talking about how fat todd got and the flashbacks hes fat...kinda makes the hangout day even worse
Traveler _09
Traveler _09 4 months ago
Why was the car bugged?
CSMALL 4 months ago
Did you catch the 'Twisters' reference? Twisters was the restaurant that posed as Los Pollos Hermanos where they filmed scenes at the restaurant. In El Camino they don't show Los Pollos Hermanos but they show Twisters
ramrodnj 4 months ago
Robert forester died the day it was released. Also everyone was clearly fatter 6 years later for their rolls it’s kinda hard to ignore but it was a good movie with closure
Timothy Moore
Timothy Moore 4 months ago
You lost me with that mom porn reference..
Traveler _09
Traveler _09 4 months ago
My only question... why was Todd’s cut of the money so low? They stole around 60 millions from Mr White and they cooked meth for about 6 months. And Todd only have about 1 million hidden in his house?
test test
test test 4 months ago
It's shot well, I agree, but aside from that, I would rather watch any episode from Breaking Bad (or from Better Call Saul for that matter) instead of watching this movie. I'm a huge Breaking Bad fan, and that's exactly the reason why I thought this movie is way below average when it comes to the Breaking Bad universe. A good way to think about how good a movie is is to imagine how that movie would have been if the main character would have been played by any other actor, or if there wasn't (in this case) an enormous back-story. This would have been a B movie at best if it would have taken place in any other universe than Breaking Bad. Log story short, I'm disappointed at best.
Zap 4 months ago
El Camino is a good movie but look at todd
Marvellizor 99
Marvellizor 99 4 months ago
5% of the comments : Random thoughts 15% of the comments : This movie felt like a longer episode of BB 80% of the comments : Thicc Todd
Ameen Nafti
Ameen Nafti 4 months ago
I seriously love that it feels like I’m watching 3 extra episodes put together, I cried at the end, Jesse’s life through the show sucked he had it bad, but in the end he probably had the best ending. Right on bitch !
OWL 5 months ago
I loved it. Good close.
Patrick John
Patrick John 5 months ago
It was the best ending we could ask for. It felt like a two hour long episode of Breaking Bad. The show focused on Walt but Jesse became the secondary lead as things progressed. I thought it was a fitting send off for Jesse.
luis Macara
luis Macara 5 months ago
It just felt unnecessary. After all this time I don't think we needed to see Jesse runaway.
Aysar Aburrub
Aysar Aburrub 5 months ago
the movie was ok, but it really wasnt necessary. I dont feel like it added much to the story. The story was already complete.
Roosver whothehellcares
After watching both Granite State and El Camino, Jesse’s captivity under Todd reminded me a lot of Theon Greyjoy’s captivity under Ramsay Snow. I know there were a lot of differences but I just kept thinking back to the Reek phase watching Jesse’s flashbacks
Draxx Them Sklounst
Draxx Them Sklounst 6 months ago
Was anybody else afraid that when Todd said "we're all alone". That he was gonna rape Jesse at some point?
Darth Magnusei
Darth Magnusei 6 months ago
Please Feds got Heisenberg locked up in a deep dark hole til he talks, plus the cops got there like what less than 2 minutes, yup saying he's dead just to blow your minds later....bet!
Ireland EVR
Ireland EVR 6 months ago
His performance is golden globe and SAG worthy in my opinion. The flashbacks with Mike, Walt and especially Jane were a plus. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and the ending was great since Jesse suffered so much during the Breaking Bad series.
SpyengoEen 6 months ago
Skinny Pete, the friend we all want but don't deserve.
D Mer
D Mer 6 months ago
MasterStepz9 •
MasterStepz9 • 6 months ago
By the end of this movie, I legit had a smile on my face. This movie gave me closure and I was satisfied because there was nothing more to tell.
Gabriel Couto
Gabriel Couto 6 months ago
After binge watching BB with my gf just so we could watch this movie... The movie sucks. It really is two extra BB epilogue episodes... Where they the starring characters for the episodes (Jesse and Todd) feel somewhat different from the rest of the series(and I'm not talking about age and weight). The trailers made it seem so much more. We are disappointed.
Danny Schoe
Danny Schoe 6 months ago
I liked the movie... but to me to many bouncing back and fourth storyline.. but arron Paul should be nominated for oscar if Netflix can get those
yeah 6 months ago
I wish the movie was a theatrical release so Aaron Paul could get the Oscar nomination he deserves
ᚱᛇᛗᛁᛗ ᛒᛁᚾ ᛇᛉᛇᛗ
for me the movie just ended very quickly, i wanted more to it.... nevertheless it was great
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 6 months ago
The movie was alright, at best. There was zero need for this, and it seemed like lazy fan service. I think it would have been better if it was shot as a frantic get away, and thriller, instead of what they gave us. Sometimes mystery to a story is good, and let's people come up with their own conclusions.
Anika Sherick
Anika Sherick 6 months ago
Jesse was my absolute favorite character in Breaking Bad and it was really nice to see what happened to him after. I was fine with the "he got out" ending the show had but I didn't realize how bad I needed this movie to really see "fuck yes, he's out."
D-Skull Gaming
D-Skull Gaming 6 months ago
Skinny pete is the real MVP
Markus Zussner
Markus Zussner 6 months ago
Skinny Pete was always one of my favourite minor characters in BB. In El CAMINO. He just cracked me up. The computer game dialogue? Precious! And also, you know who your friends are.
James C
James C 6 months ago
What’s everyone’s favorite quote from breaking bad.... mine: “YEAH BITCH! MAGNETS!”
Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett 6 months ago
Was not impressed. Too little, too late
pourri DeRedbeird
pourri DeRedbeird 6 months ago
are you Italian mate?
Enigma Unresolved
Enigma Unresolved 6 months ago
It was a good movie but could have been better. I felt the final act didn't feel like a final act.
DawnOfTheOzz 6 months ago
El Camino gave us something that Breaking Bad never really had; a happy ending. No one got out clean or happy at the end of that show. Everyone was worse off when they started, but here we at least got something nice for once. No bullshit, no fake out, just a simple-ish happy ending for Jesse.
|Jake|C| 6 months ago
Sponsorship before the rating... not a fan.
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