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In this holiday installment of the podcast, the crew drinks eggnog, answers audience questions, and decides who would play each of them in a movie.

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Comments 80
Amando Balbuena
Amando Balbuena 2 months ago
I can't...i've never seen any of you until now....but....back to podcast.
swaggz 2 months ago
538 media blackout at its finest. vote Yang2020 or stay home
Sovan Son
Sovan Son 2 months ago
Sound like a bunch clowns try mounting a donkey. A lot of noises and ##just that
Some more, somewhere
If they do such a crap job answering the first question of the show, when recent events offer EASY INSIGHT to begin the discussion, WhY Should that Company's Polls Be Considered Accurate? Isn't that what POLLING is about? Recent Opinion?
Some more, somewhere
This is so damned depressing. It's so painfully obvious, that these hosts are avoiding Yang as a topic. The skirt around the question of media coverage on POC candidates, totally ignores RECENT events. This is Asinine, biased and guarantees reputation damage among aware audience members. I was a prospective target audience hoping to hear quality content, now I'm certain not to regard anything sourced from this podcast as legitimate or accurate. I listen to CNN and FOX just to contrast their news segments, and this is the same kind of dishonesty I find on those stations.
Jeremy Marple
Jeremy Marple 2 months ago
Where’s Andrew yang?
Michael Harwood
Michael Harwood 2 months ago
What unique obstacles do candidates of color face in the media coverage? Hmm, they get completely ignored from coverage even when the topic is about people of color. How has @fivethirtyeight played into those blind spots and how can these problems be mitigated in the future? What blindspots? We dont see our blind spots...... or Asians. The use of the word novelty to describe POC in politics is fitting for this panel. This is why diversity is important. Otherwise you have an embarrassing response to a good question like this.
Michael Harwood
Michael Harwood 2 months ago
#yang2020 #yanggang yang2020.com
maccajoe 2 months ago
How fucking cringe is this podcast? Talk about wrong doings in the DNC and the media and you completly dodge Yang? Is this intentional or are you just ignorant? I persoanlly dont know which is worse as this is your fucking job and to be this ignorant on something thats so blatant and front and center. On the other hand being a paid shill is just as gross but LESS surprising as its the status quo. Serious question, what is wrong with you people? "Data driven news" LuL.
Joseph Chan
Joseph Chan 3 months ago
Totally blind #YangMediaBlackout
Daniel Lai
Daniel Lai 3 months ago
Explain to your viewers why no mention of Andrew Yang AT ALL, he is the only POC on the last debate stage. Can anyone trust you guys can be objective on anything even fact are right on your face when you watch the debate? Everyone saw the fact except you guys. You guys should feel ashamed even mention the word "Data". Your nose should grow an inch longer whenever "Data: or "Analysis" coming from your mouth. Shame on 538!!!
Shingblad 3 months ago
Just here to give you the gift of a dislike for the new year, courtesy of me and everyone in #YangGang. ... Not subbing to your anti-American trashcast. Good luck in the future, though.
Kevin Tao
Kevin Tao 3 months ago
I used to love FiveThirtyEight and I used to nerd out about every podcast and read every article. But for Five Thirty Eight to completely ignore Andrew Yang's historic and inspiring insurgent candidacy is highly disappointing. The data shows that Andrew Yang is the person most likely to beat Donald Trump. medium.com/@benamy.yashar/a-data-scientists-take-on-electability-and-the-democratic-candidates-77426ea3f97? As a person of color, I feel personally attacked. I've deleted and unsubscribed from FiveThirtyEight and I'm happier for it.
threepic 3 months ago
So Andrew Yang he is a person of color! Not a mention! You people suck!
J R 3 months ago
Honest question. Do you all think Asians don’t count as POC? If you do, then why are you not discussing the diminishing of Andrew Yang’s campaign by the media?
Stars’n’Moon 3 months ago
I waited and waited but nope no mention of Andrew Yang. I dont get it. I thought this was data based...
Keelia Silvis
Keelia Silvis 3 months ago
The cast constantly mentioning the set and then Galen saying he was dressed as a Christmas Tree finally got me to RUvid. So glad to be here! This is going to be the way I consume the podcast from now on.
Pino San
Pino San 3 months ago
538 straight BIAS you totally ignore the facts that Yang has been completely ignored by the media even though he has surpassed seating senators and Mayors during this campaign. You are a bunch of "Basuras"!
Noon moon
Noon moon 3 months ago
If you recognize the lack of diversity why aren't yall the leaders to change that instead stay the same amount %70 . Like everyone else (supposedly) besides this cast Is all white. This already naturally skewed to one opinion... maybe have someone of color on your panel. Why yall team is not 70/30 ratio?
Noon moon
Noon moon 3 months ago
Donald Glover/Childish Gambinbo endorsed Andrew Yang. Let me sum this video up for you in one song. Childish Gambino-This is America
W. R. Hale, Information Engineer
Intersectionality: Definitively, it is a theoretical framework for understanding how aspects of one's social and political identities (e.g., gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc.) might combine to create unique modes of discrimination. As someone who values your (collective) thought leadership across a wide spectrum, I am sadly disappointed that you (collectively) are tone death to your racially implicit bias. Please continue to (inclusively) broaden the intersectionality of your thought leadership; thus; inhibiting (to the extent possible) your parochial (racially implicit bias) concerning your social, political identities on race and gender. (Hancock, Ange-Marie (June 2007). "Intersectionality as a normative and empirical paradigm". Politics & Gender. 3 (2): 248-254. ; "Kimberlé Crenshaw on Intersectionality, More than Two Decades Later". Archived from the original on 23 February 2019. Retrieved 9 March 2019.
Sandy Bayes
Sandy Bayes 3 months ago
Harris has dropped out! Why spend time on her???
Sandy Bayes
Sandy Bayes 3 months ago
Where is Andrew Yang? It’s way too early in the election cycle for you to show so much bias to the candidates who are not in the top 4. Why not the top 5 or 6? Do you not like Asians?
Kyrex 3 months ago
The next time a candidate of color faces obstacles in media coverage I'll just link them this video.
Bane-13x 3 months ago
way to be shit, you people suck, there are more colors than black or white. you are worse than mainstream media because you are pretending than you are better.
A B 3 months ago
You should ask that Andrew Yang guy about unique challenges candidates of color might be facing. They actually asked him a similar question on the debate stage. I'm not exactly sure why they asked him of all people though. I think it might have had something to do with the fact that he was the only candidate of color up there...anyways, love to hear more about Kamala, Castro, and Booker!
Erica L
Erica L 3 months ago
My God! One of Andrew Yang’s debate question and his best response of the night was about being the lone person color on the debate stage. How do reporters who claim to follow politics not bring that up. It happened two weeks ago. Booker, Harris and Castro who weren’t at the debates were mentioned but not Yang.
Erica L
Erica L 3 months ago
ABC or Disney must hate Andrew Yang. The question was tailored to get an Andrew Yang response and yet everyone one of them was doing their damnedest to not bring his name up. Can someone please find or leak that memo that proves the real coordinating Yang Media Black out.
P Moon
P Moon 3 months ago
Yang.. where’s yang... Fuk 538
Ryan Kang
Ryan Kang 3 months ago
Good to know you think people of color excelling is a "Novelty". How do you get a question about colored candidates and not even mention Yang? More importantly, how do you not mention Yang Media Blackout when respo ding to this question?
L J 3 months ago
Was waiting for you to talk about Yang but I guess you forgot that as an Asian American he is also a person of color.
H S 3 months ago
No mention of Andrew Yang? Verrry interesting
Raymond C
Raymond C 3 months ago
Jon 3 months ago
Are you guys bias against Asians? WTF?!
Ann 3 months ago
Do you not consider Asian Americans people of color? Or did you just forget about Andrew Yang? Or both, since the first Democratic Asian American Presidential Candidate was glaringly left out of your conversation about candidates of color.
Gavolav 3 months ago
R J 3 months ago
No mention of the only candidate of color left. Racist white liberals...
Minh Tran
Minh Tran 3 months ago
Implicit bias vs asian Americans run deep. The FIRST EVER asian American man to be running as a democrat, and the only POC on the last debate stage... how could you guys miss this???
Richard Kwong
Richard Kwong 3 months ago
Very disappointed that you didn't bring up the only person of color on last debate, Andrew Yang. Instead you all rambled about Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Julian Castro. Total blackout on the only Asian candidate. I expected this type of behavior from MSM, but you all are doing the same. WTF. I think your organization needs to be more ethnically diverse. Too mono-ethnic.
Jon Claerbout
Jon Claerbout 3 months ago
Yang, Yang, where is he?
Antonio Cesar Hansson Monte Pegado
What is going on, I thought 538 is all about the data and representing, but no mention about Andrew Yang, WTF! The USA finally gets a candidate for the people and what do they do, make it hard on themselves to get him elected. Wake up 538, wake up America, Andrew Yang is the best thing for you and the rest of the world. I wish we could have him here in the UK!!
Richard Kwong
Richard Kwong 3 months ago
If any country wants to have Yang as Prez, I'll move there! C'mon Canada!!!
Caalee Dilley
Caalee Dilley 3 months ago
Way to NOT MENTION "ANDREW YANG FOR 2020!" You talk about equal coverage and yet you failed to mention the FIRST ASIAN to ever run for president! Way to be part of the media blackout on not mentioning Andrew Yang! #YANG2020 #HUMANITYFIRST 🧢☂️
soju81 3 months ago
Hey FiveThirtyEight, I have lost respect for you. You omitted Andrew Yang again. He was the ONLY candidate of color at the December debate. After looking at your site, only about 3 or 4 people of color work for you. You are less diverse than FOX!!!! I think you guys have an unconscious bias against Asians. We are not the invisible model minority.
Penny Brandon
Penny Brandon 3 months ago
Yang2020 unsubscribing.
Ari Bennett
Ari Bennett 3 months ago
How do you not even mention Andrew Yang when you are talking about candidates of color and media coverage? He was the only person of color in the last debate and he has been under covered by the media, but you choose to focus on someone who has dropped out of the race and someone who is polling at 1-2%. It is difficult to tell if they are actively excluding him from the conversation or if the bias runs that deep.
Richard Kwong
Richard Kwong 3 months ago
PUA Guy 3 months ago
The title should be: 538 refuses to acknowledge Yang, exposing there biases
PUA Guy 2 months ago
@Nick DuBois yeah thats right, bow down to the corporate elites you swine, Yang has already accomplished spreading the word of IA and Universal Basic Income into America's political discussion, you are too late 😏👋
Nick DuBois
Nick DuBois 2 months ago
PUA Guy I think Andrew Yang is a nice guy with good intentions, but his candidacy is a nothing-burger. He has zero chance to win the nomination, and they’re right to ignore him.
Joshua B
Joshua B 3 months ago
How can you ask these questions with no poc on the panel to discuss with you? Next->>
Julio Macias
Julio Macias 3 months ago
#538subconsciousRacism they talked for over 44 mins and not once did they mention the name #AndrewYang
Joshua B
Joshua B 3 months ago
Skapo 3 months ago
On the off chance you aren't familiar with the Yang media blackout, Andrew Yang has been actively ignored to an extreme extent in utterly blatant ways. For instance being left off of "top performer" graphics repeatedly in lieu of MUCH lower polling candidates like Julian Castro. Also, do some more due diligence on ranked choice voting. You clearly don't understand how it would affect the election in general. Outside of getting corporate money out of politics that would be one the next most powerful ways you could empower voters to vote their conscience rather than just who they think is the "most electable".
Ed 3 months ago
Not surprised by the Yang blackout. 538 completely muffed the predictions for the last election. And I hear they're still predicting Dewey to defeat Truman.
Richard Kwong
Richard Kwong 3 months ago
They think Dewey did win.
Jian Wang
Jian Wang 3 months ago
Hey 538, you are either unconsciously biased or intentionally discriminating when it comes to candidates of color, but how can you ignore the only candidate of color on the last debate stage Andrew Yang, who has been painfully shunned by mainstream media, especially MSNBC???? Are you telling us you are NO DIFFERENT from them? #YangBlackoutOn538
Go-go 63
Go-go 63 3 months ago
Hhmmm... Where is your coverage of the Yang Media Blackout where he was intentionally left off graphics and coverage over 13 times? You are no better. WOW. 3 white kids discussing media coverage of non whites and omitting yet again, Mr. Yang.
Duncan Darnell
Duncan Darnell 3 months ago
Go-go 63 It’s still fucked up and there’s not much more we can do
Go-go 63
Go-go 63 3 months ago
@Duncan Darnell thank you for the correction.
Duncan Darnell
Duncan Darnell 3 months ago
Go-go 63 This isn’t NPR. This is 538, owned by ESPN which is owned by Disney
Dumb Done
Dumb Done 3 months ago
larimer 3 months ago
FrostByte 3 months ago
Hey 538, where's Andrew Yang?
Richard Kwong
Richard Kwong 3 months ago
Maybe they think Yang is running for Prez of China. 538 is part of MSM now?
Mad Rooky
Mad Rooky 3 months ago
#Yang2020 Just mention it here because they do a good job to "black" him out like others. The canditate with the by far biggest online support and constantly growing support from all kind of people. Many still dont even know him because he is not a politician and is only financed by the crowd. That means no fair media coverage which translates directly to the "official polls". But if you dig in the numbers and how it works you will see that the numbers in the polls are wrong. Lets not talk about color, lets talk about policies. Lets talk about the future! Get more info on yang2020.com or just search on YT for countless hours of good podcasts and interviews.
Richard Kwong
Richard Kwong 3 months ago
Andrew Yang is a unique candidate, total grass root, no corporate money. That alone should get some attention, but just totally ignored. MSM, and now 538, find other less thoughtful candidates as better talking points. He has brought to the forefront ubi, m4a, democracy dollars, human centered capitalism, etc., that no one talked about in the early primary discussions. Now other candidates are copying him, but MSM gives him no credit as the originator. What does it take to get your attention?
Khurt Khave
Khurt Khave 3 months ago
Discussing Democratic candidates of color yet no mention of Andrew Yang; the only person of color on the last Democratic debate stage. Institutional racism at its finest. #FiveThirtyEightisRACIST #yanggang
woodfirepower 3 months ago
woodfirepower 2 months ago
@snoflake yes. The trick is to grow Yang's support fast, in Iowa, NH, SC, and NV. If he does well in those states then people will look into who he is and with that, yang will win. Phone bank for yang
snoflake 2 months ago
The ”media blackout”, the ”internet’s favorite candidate” and high grassroots fundraising are reminiscent of Ron Paul's campaign.
Richard Kwong
Richard Kwong 3 months ago
They are not well informed, even though it's their vocation.
Gojilla 3 months ago
EliteBlackSash 3 months ago
Q: “What are the unique issues facing candidates of color in media coverage” A: *Proceeds to ignore the candidate, Andrew Yang, who has been purposely ignored, left out of coverage, left off of infographics in favor of candidates polling and fundraising far lower than him, and even been outright denied as a person of color - who actually had to mount an online campaign just to get MSNBC to admit to “significant errors”.*
Richard Kwong
Richard Kwong 3 months ago
They think Yang is white.
Jonathan Cruz69
Jonathan Cruz69 3 months ago
This is fucking shit. Yang2020
James Brown
James Brown 3 months ago
💔False...Joe Biden Is Not Leftist Not Progressive...Biden's 1994 Racists Crime Bill Is Very Republican AkA Conservative... Enough Said...💔
kmmaloney1 3 months ago
June Diane Raphael for Claire hands down
A F 3 months ago
So much potential Haris destroyed by trying to act like a progressive instead of providing a strong neoliberal candidate, she could have done much better that Pete
Levi Tillemann
Levi Tillemann 3 months ago
After the disaster of Donald Trump, the flippancy with which some push someone like Stacey Abrams who has never served as anything more than a state rep as VICE PRESIDENT boggles the mind. Let's get this straight: Mayor Pete is not qualified to be president; Stacey Abrams is not qualified to be Vice President. End of story.
Mason G.
Mason G. 3 months ago
This is my first time seeing any of you guys. I had such a different idea of what to expect!
Maje Brennan
Maje Brennan 3 months ago
Buttigieg and Abrams.
Eddie Caplan
Eddie Caplan 3 months ago
Endorsements help energize the volunteers
Luis Black
Luis Black 3 months ago
I like Radiohead and I know who the VP is. Hahahaha! Clare is hilarious.
ClansmanPR 3 months ago
Because of the way they speak, I’d say the actress who play Shiv on Succession could play Claire.
ClansmanPR 3 months ago
I know she’s Australian. It’s the accent on the show.
007kingifrit 3 months ago
did a single one of the colored candidates run because they had a reason other than their skin color? no. so of course people were talking about that its all they had going for them
Go-go 63
Go-go 63 3 months ago
Yang has over 100 policies on his page. Look them up. Ideas are stronger than skin tone.
Dean Hewitt
Dean Hewitt 3 months ago
Booker has a very interesting history and I was a big fan at the start of the cycle. He could have filled the Buttigiege niche, but he crashed instead.
Weslay 3 months ago
I’ve been listening to the podcast forever. When they mentioned RUvid I came straight here. It’s so strange to see them on video! I guess I had an idea of what they looked like in my head. To see them is so crazy to me, idk why 😂 Keep up the good work! I recommend your podcast to all my political friends.
Robert Reedy
Robert Reedy 3 months ago
I don't necessarily believe endorsements generate support for a specific candidate, but it's usually a sign that party loyalists are getting behind a certain candidate. An endorsement will only go to a candidate who's views reflect those of their constituents, so you're probably not going to see Doug Jones back a far-left candidate. There have been studies that show local newspaper endorsements *can* sway votes in local elections, but I'm not sure how that translates to a national scale with party leader endorsements.
Scott Marshall
Scott Marshall 3 months ago
I think more ppl would watch this if 538 put this out sooner. By the time I see this I have already listened to the podcast. Just set up one camera so that you don't have to edit anything.
Erica L
Erica L 3 months ago
@Scott Marshall, if they put this out sooner. They’ll just got majority comments on why they forgot to mention Andrew Yang in regards to a candidate of color not getting fair media treatment, sooner. There’s no comment section on podcast.
lel 3 months ago
Tbh if you want us to watch on youtube (I literally only came here to say this) I think you shouldn't cut content from the youtube one. Like ive seen a bunch of comments about this but I noticed it the most in the "primary according to the early states" episode where I noticed entire chunks of banter got cut bc I started listening to it but then saw the video was out and switched over. I'm not watching them now because I feel like I'm missing something gnarly.
Jakob S
Jakob S 3 months ago
Switched from podcast app to here just for this episode. Merry Christmas!
Charlies_Angels 3 months ago
Omg, I did the same thing! Been listening for over two years now and never even knew what they look like! Lol 😂! Love this podcast!!
SixFingeredAmish 3 months ago
Nate should be played by Paul Giamatti Alan Ruck can play any other 538 editor and it'd work
SixFingeredAmish 3 months ago
"I think young Al Gore was hot"
Cat Ward
Cat Ward 3 months ago
Buttigieg/Duckworth would ROCK. I think she helps with the rust belt hardcore. Is Buttigieg/Rice too brainy?
007kingifrit 3 months ago
@Cat Ward not a monolith is a cop out argument to avoid responding to the point and her rank in the army has nothing to do with her policies, i work with dozens of LTC they are like butter to me and they come from all walks, mostly pro 2a but not all
Cat Ward
Cat Ward 3 months ago
@007kingifrit Duckworth retired a Lt. Col. from the army where she served over 20 years and has a Purple Heart. You are probably not going to talk her out of the second ammendment. Also, I doubt black voters are a monolith. I don't know any who are concerned about the sexuality of others.
007kingifrit 3 months ago
blacks hate the gays so he isn't getting elected and duckworth.....doesn't she hate guns? yea that's going over well in the rust belt
Tim Groenendaal
Tim Groenendaal 3 months ago
Sanders/AOC. Dems need to stop with nonsense about the centre. Double down on the left.
007kingifrit 3 months ago
this is the dumbest comment on here. democrats lose when they go far left
007kingifrit 3 months ago
@Cat Ward oh yea THAT'S her biggest problem.....
bumdog 3 months ago
Good luck with that. The world has shown what happens with that
Tim Groenendaal
Tim Groenendaal 3 months ago
@Cat Ward disaster!. That rule clearly needs to be changed.
Cat Ward
Cat Ward 3 months ago
AOC is constitutionly too young. Have to be 35.
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