EGG DROP - Mark Rober vs William Osman

William Osman
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William Osman absolutely destroys Mark Rober in the egg drop experiment.
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Jul 25, 2019




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Comments 100
engineer gaming
engineer gaming 12 hours ago
mark rober to william osman is like paul rudd to ryan reynolds.
ripstiker licker
ripstiker licker 14 hours ago
okay but remember when Cece stuffed the egg into a jar of peanut butter and won the science fair
why would they waste those Pringles
The Foskers
The Foskers Day ago
Listen to Marks voice in the slowest playback speed at 4.59
Traci Burgess
Traci Burgess 2 days ago
I love the intro it was so funny
Nathaniel Torbett
Well, we saw what happened and you were definitely not both winners. There can be only one!
JuccyFN 2 days ago
“Mark is almost pass 1 million Subscribers, go help him out” Me going to sub: 13.8 million Subscribers...
iliyas awal
iliyas awal 3 days ago
'almost at a million subs" Marks's current subscriber count: 13.8 Million
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy 6 days ago
Considering Mark was (sorta in part) responsible for landing a rover on another freakin planet, I’d be terribly disappointed if he couldn’t successfully land an egg on William’s driveway from one story up.
It’s M3
It’s M3 6 days ago
Buy a knee brace for the longest receipt
Yolosoogie 7 days ago
mark rober went from mars rover rocket science engineer from nasa to throwing eggs with cvs receipts
Jerry Harkins
Jerry Harkins 7 days ago
Why was mark’s armpit censored??
Omi PoopE
MustangGT35R 9 days ago
This video made me buy a can of Pringles, you should get them as a sponsor lol
Stuffed Crust
Stuffed Crust 9 days ago
What's jaiden doing here
Jared Chiu
Jared Chiu 10 days ago
Original Pringles is too bland?! Hey fuck you man
Josee Dunlop
Josee Dunlop 10 days ago
We did this in my aerospace class but we had to use completely organic materials, the vessel had to be reusable, and you had to be able to remove or put the egg in without destroying your vessel.
Nebroc Moss
Nebroc Moss 10 days ago
Why was marks armpit censored at the end
gfixler 10 days ago
William: You're almost past a million subscribers. Me: **checks Mark's channel** Mark's Channel: *13.8M Subscribers*
Jake Knox
Jake Knox 11 days ago
1 year ago: "Mark Rober, up and comer, almost pass one mil" Now: 13 mil
MGXY 11 days ago
Mark Rober
Marco Gimenez
Marco Gimenez 11 days ago
I'm confused. Date: July 25, 2019 William Osman: Mark Rober almost has 1 mil subs.
Jasper Nolan
Jasper Nolan 7 hours ago
Dave 12 days ago
mark rober
Judith Borelli
Judith Borelli 12 days ago
mark rober
Maks Makuc
Maks Makuc 12 days ago
for yung children and youtubers
Ari Lee
Ari Lee 13 days ago
If you walk on the roof in the day you reck the shingles.
regiee 13 days ago
Mark Rober
ICantSpellIcup 13 days ago
mark rober
noob gamer
noob gamer 13 days ago
I can’t believe that he is a egg dropping channel now
Markus Kvalem
Markus Kvalem 13 days ago
Mark Rober
Wumbo52 13 days ago
mark rober
Ido Haron
Ido Haron 14 days ago
Mark Rober
Amazon Dishwasher
Amazon Dishwasher 14 days ago
Mark Rober
Razek 14 days ago
Mark Rober
weewoo 14 days ago
mark rober
That Guy
That Guy 14 days ago
Mark Rober
Severson 14 days ago
mark rober
YAY123 _
YAY123 _ 14 days ago
Mark Rober
Charles Lee
Charles Lee 15 days ago
Mark and William, the two most likeable RUvidrs ever
Epic Pen Showcases too
Mark Rober
̇ 15 days ago
Mark Rober
Visoe 15 days ago
Mark Rober
PJ Scudder
PJ Scudder 15 days ago
Mark Rober
Maya The Akita
Maya The Akita 15 days ago
Was this a joke about needing subs he has 13.7 mil now lmfao
Cristiano Dyson
Cristiano Dyson 15 days ago
marc rober: Im thinking resourceful also mark rober: puts 40 metres of tape on a fucking egg
семь десять
Get mrbeast to an egg drop challenge with you
Addapp 16 days ago
Im happy the nasa engineer won
Apfel Kuchen
Apfel Kuchen 16 days ago
I keep coming back to this video every once in a while. Just great :D my favorite part is 8:20
ScaryPotato 16 days ago
Then mark almost had 1 million subs now he has 13 million subs
𝘜𝘯𝘤𝘭𝘦 𝘐𝘳𝘰𝘩
Cover it with flex tape
Sara 17 days ago
Mark bought my favorite chapstick that's been discontinued, I'm horribly depressed now
Fancy Pokémon
Fancy Pokémon 17 days ago
Mark and willam look like brothers
A wild weeb appeared
9:26 marks armpit was censored
Xander Willingham
Xander Willingham 18 days ago
William should have spun the Pringles can so it would land upright
Colm Freeman Smyth
Colm Freeman Smyth 18 days ago
Did anyone think when mark took out the lip balm he was gonna go into a mad explanation about how lip balm makes eggs bouncy
Noodle Kaboodle
Noodle Kaboodle 18 days ago
Mark Rober, space engineer... Almost breaks egg before the drop even happens 😂😂😂 Nice too know we're all mortal 😂
Eric Shao
Eric Shao 18 days ago
Why in one of your egg drop videos you made mark look so bad I watched that video and it worked
MIND CRAFT 18 days ago
😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁Amazing video .I love it.😛😛😛😛 If u like the comment plz watch my videos and like😍😍🤩🤩🤩 In return ill sub anyonebwhonlikes my videos💔💔💔💔💔💔💔They arent so boring too
king Void
king Void 19 days ago
August Pepper
August Pepper 19 days ago
He looks like if Jesse pink man got a science degree
The Tech Guy
The Tech Guy 19 days ago
2:34 close your eyes
Isabella Teeple
Isabella Teeple 20 days ago
I think we all knew at the beginning who was going to win.
Kikithegreen 21 day ago
Honestly, what did you expect going up agains Mark rober?
RogueSoul 22 days ago
And now mark rober has 11million more subscribers than you
billy bob
billy bob 23 days ago
I desperately need a gif of mark saying “yeah!”
Liam Bracken
Liam Bracken 22 hours ago
Who’s gonna tell him?
Joana Myers
Joana Myers Day ago
Yeah! Science!
Marko Bogdanović
FitchFast 13 days ago
guys its pronounced yiff
Coolyoself 13 days ago
Gif and for those who think it is jif thanks jod for making the idiots that think it’s jif
Calvin & Hobbies
Calvin & Hobbies 25 days ago
This is a Pringles can with Pringles chips. *You don't say...*
m k
m k 25 days ago
In what world would Mark Rober say yeetmaster XD
Firebolt 67 Educates
Rule #1 when doing the egg drop competition: Make sure you don't have an opponent who's name is Mark Rober.
olga roque
olga roque 27 days ago
When the egg lords start a fight
CarrotyLemons 27 days ago
Flashback to the time when William had more subs
Sawyer Raddigan
Sawyer Raddigan 27 days ago
h didnt swallow it -_-
GOLDENWarrior 28 days ago
Mark is a scientist and nasa idk and William is a huge nerd or a ginius so they probably win
Bronzer Apollo
Bronzer Apollo 28 days ago
I would’ve made the parachutes out of the bags lol
Bronzer Apollo
Bronzer Apollo 28 days ago
I know Mark did but the other guy didn’t
TheMysticalDude 29 days ago
Rhin0VET25 29 days ago
Did anybody else notice mark rober mention Michael reeves when talking about the cvs receipt 2:22
Fam Funk
Fam Funk 29 days ago
You like gaming videos well then your 🤯 will be blown. I post almost every week. You will leave one of my vids like 😱😱😱😱. Plz consider subscribing. I am trying to get to 100 subs.
Emily F
Emily F 29 days ago
Did anyone else notice Mark did a boy scout salute?
Zesty Mars1579
Zesty Mars1579 29 days ago
At 2:22 mark mentions micheal reeves I never thought these guys would be in the same videos
Mark : *tapes egg* ROVER
Toxic Coffin
Toxic Coffin Month ago
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
Mastermocha844 Month ago
Man I wish this got recommended when I had to do my egg drop I did mine last minute and I didn’t do so well
Mariah Schlosser
deja vu
Silje Morse
Silje Morse Month ago
you lucky ducks get instant access to anything. i have to fly or boat at least 35 miles to even get McDonalds.
Yaimem MC
Yaimem MC Month ago
2:13 Americans will use anything to measure stuff but the metric system
Doyoumine Month ago
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Dipper Olivier
Dipper Olivier Month ago
What girls think we compare What we actually compare cvs recites
Nedas Piličiauskas
Lets give you boost now haha
Phoenix P
Phoenix P Month ago
Just use toilet paper
SugaristSnake0 Month ago
“And then Michael is like half a cvs receipt?” That hurt
Angel Guerrero
Angel Guerrero Month ago
The armpit censor was comedy
Olivier Bureau
Olivier Bureau Month ago
William 2 millions subs : yeah mark just passed 1 million subs so let's give him a boost .... " Me clicking on the link to realize mark has now 13 million subs " ...
JettKD Month ago
2:21 shots fired.
YeetMaster2000 Month ago
NoobForSoup Month ago
These two have some great chemistry between them.
Valerie Month ago
When they made this video, they said that Mark was almost at 1 million subscribers and now he has like 13 million 😂
Chris Shearer
Chris Shearer Month ago
Mark Rober Mar Ro er Mars Rover Not a coincidence.
zak salim
zak salim Month ago
It's crazy how mark gained over 11 million subs in a yea
Vallari Ashar
Vallari Ashar Month ago
Americans will use anything to measure but won't use THE GODDAMN METRIC SYSTEM!!!
Salted Moon
Salted Moon Month ago
I love how they are comparing the lengths of their cvs receipts
Akash Kumar K
Akash Kumar K Month ago
Funny how Mark nw has 13.5 million subs while the guy who boosted him still has only 2.
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