EGG DROP - Caretaker vs William Osman

William Osman
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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments 100
William Osman
William Osman 25 days ago
This video was filmed like 1.5 years ago but I never posted it because some of yall kept complaining about too many egg drop videos.
John Freddy Orozco Gonzalez
@William Osman how many camera men have died for your videos William.
Kreative Point
@William Osman I scrolled like 5 min to get here.
William Osman
@A Cat in VR thanks for reminding me
A Cat in VR
A Cat in VR Day ago
Is it gonna go into the playlist?
Trevor Speer
Trevor Speer 2 days ago
Hey WILL, stop posting so many egg drop videos!
gamer_pizza983 6 hours ago
ok i was googling milk and forgot to erase it and put in egg drop and found something on urban diconary called milk egg do not google it no matter what
Christopher 8 hours ago
Damn bro you didnt have to give her a black eye.
Sunshine Seamstress
Sunshine Seamstress 23 hours ago
The egg didn’t break because the shape of a chicken egg is made to withstand the pressure of being laid.
moonboogie N8
moonboogie N8 2 days ago
"Asians never experience male pattern baldness, so shut up before you make me angry." - *Mao Zedong*
Domas Šiaudvytis
Imagine living in an apartment and this guy moves in next door. I'm surprised he's still allowed to get a lease.
SkyDiggityDive 2 days ago
get doug demuro to drop an egg
Mr Trashy
Mr Trashy 2 days ago
Why caretakers eye is kinda beated?
Stephani Moss
Stephani Moss 3 days ago
Will: talking Caretaker: repeatedly squeaking toy ❤️
LlamaWaffles555 3 days ago
The hat play was pretty genuis tho
James Richards
James Richards 3 days ago
She's pretty. Not trying to be mean.
Name Jeff
Name Jeff 3 days ago
Supermega or Gus and Eddy would be a blast
Shern bernski
Shern bernski 4 days ago
I liked the cynicism of caretaker saying put on the hat
Guy In A Room
Guy In A Room 4 days ago
Isn't it odd to refer to keep referring to her as caretaker? Just use her name Jesus christ this is weird
Quioder 4 days ago
I wish from the bottom of my heart that BDG could participate in one of those egg drop challenges
Issenthevampire 5 days ago
Caretakers actual chaotic energy in this episode and everyone is like "wow she deals with his bullshit" dude the look in Williams eyes as she bullies him makes me wonder if we should be complimenting william on dealing with her bullshit xD
juan pablo
juan pablo 5 days ago
I literally shed a tear because of how cute and perfect as a couple they are and it made me sad how I'll never probably find someone like that for me as well
Stuie Malan
Stuie Malan 5 days ago
I love the amount of Caretaker in this video. She's by far my favorite part of Mr. William Osman's RUvid channel.
TheRareClock 6 days ago
Domestic violence?
FreedomYorkshire 6 days ago
Word has it that Willian had to give her a black eye to get her partake in the egg drop challenge 😉..... love you guys really 😉
AJ Dexter
AJ Dexter 6 days ago
$ store is like 80p for us 🤯🤯
Hopeless Soul
Hopeless Soul 6 days ago
Legless lizards exist and they're not snakes
Emerald Knight
Emerald Knight 7 days ago
Use marshmallow cream its a mess to dig out but it works every time
coledb 7 days ago
she sounds exactly like Zooey Deschanel
Aluminum 7 days ago
Buttered side down collab when.
Jonas Herrmann
Jonas Herrmann 7 days ago
Its been years and i still hear caretaker as scarlett johanson
SmolFruitGaming 8 days ago
with that head of hair, you know my man is hooked up with keeps.
HappyPebble 8 days ago
7:17 "friend"
MrNightpwner 8 days ago
It's exactly like when a regular person dates a RUvidr.
WarriorDragon_VX _
Mehr Nisa
Mehr Nisa 8 days ago
do it whith pat and jen from PopularMMOs
Dragon Fiesta
Dragon Fiesta 8 days ago
I had a watery eye and surgery to drill the nose drainage hole out and a weird stint put in and when I sneezed it out of my newly open eye drain hole and removed the stint myself the doctor literally walked out on me and said he was no responsible for me any more.... yay VA medical care
Eevium Z
Eevium Z 8 days ago
omg when she squeaked the skunk toy my ferret snapped awake and was so confused and focused on finding the source of the squeak 🤣
Thaddius HS
Thaddius HS 9 days ago
More egg drops!
KINGSLAYER 9 days ago
That shiner is rough. Like I ran into a door before work rough. 😬
ramen lover24
ramen lover24 9 days ago
did she said a her friend tossed a snake at her
dchall8 9 days ago
Caretaker fell for the old squeeze-an-egg-in-your-hand-to-break-it-challenge fail. Read up on physics.
TeamWake-N-Bake 9 days ago
Pepe le eggpew there i named her contraption 🤣
juice box
juice box 9 days ago
5:14 same thing happened to me
Portia laverty
Portia laverty 10 days ago
William you should do a egg drop with science Bob.
H Mulford
H Mulford 11 days ago
I can't believe you brought back the classic "Finding Twitter Questions" segment from Lunchtime with Smosh.
Elli Giuseppe Averilla
Heh I wish caretaker would be featured in more of your videos ~(つˆДˆ)つ。☆
Halo Memes
Halo Memes 11 days ago
How’s the chicken nugget in the back of the car
i want markrober to compete with u again let's if he losses or not
Mitebcool 11 days ago
I was fixin' to meme on that shiner until I heard four simple words. BONE-SPURS, TEAR-DUCTS. Sweet George in the Sky that's some insane shit.
Kai OwO
Kai OwO 12 days ago
Bruh why do Asians have it so good with there looks
Solis XVII
Solis XVII 12 days ago
I find it ironic that William Osman has great hair, (very fluffy lol) and he's doing an ad for anti-balding
E 12 days ago
This whole I'm a man child and cannot take care of myself thing is getting really old.
MLDonut 13 days ago
Is that you in the halo top ad?
Geran Benson
Geran Benson 13 days ago
For a second I thought the hat idea was brilliant... and then I remembered physics
Whistler Dan
Whistler Dan 13 days ago
After defeating an ex NASA engineer and the US military we face the final boss: Caretaker
Devcat27 Jogfastman
Haha you physically can’t break an egg by squeezing it on all sides foolish caretaker.
MaximumDestroyer 13 days ago
I only followed for the multiple egg drop videos lmao
Bambaclaaart 14 days ago
She should have called it the kaplunk skunk 🦨
Rustythebob 14 days ago
Mango 14 days ago
Its David
Its David 14 days ago
i love egg drops but this one was so amazing!!!
John Neshiem
John Neshiem 14 days ago
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Maida Osman
Maida Osman 14 days ago
Hi I saw your channel we have the same last name haha
Black Dragon
Black Dragon 15 days ago
Guys, I think they're a couple
Teppi Zuppo
Teppi Zuppo 15 days ago
H3H3 for egg drop please
Kidd Gamer
Kidd Gamer 15 days ago
Now. Where have I seen this guy? It's the 1st time I see this youtube channel. But that face. I swear. Vine maybe. ..I'm very confused
Kerbal Engineering Systems
I want to see Tory Bruno go against you in the egg drop
Mezrah Masada
Mezrah Masada 15 days ago
Someone humor me. If she mostly emptied the cat food, then placed the egg in the skunk like a hammock, then taped it to hang suspended IN the cat food (it can tip, doesn’t matter). The cat food would take all the fall damage and the egg would be cushioned
aola wili
aola wili 15 days ago
Do you still have the fork from your old house?
bigg jiggins
bigg jiggins 16 days ago
I've never understood if she was his partner or actually legit just a caretaker
aola wili
aola wili 15 days ago
Has anyone ever told caretaker that she looks like Elisabeth Moss?
Donbone smith
Donbone smith 16 days ago
gus and eddy
jasper millman
jasper millman 16 days ago
Caretaker looks like uma Thurman
Colt Nichols
Colt Nichols 16 days ago
Is that the knife from Michael's decorating video?
Neil du Toit
Neil du Toit 16 days ago
wear masks!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 16 days ago
I ship William and Caretaker as a happy couple is that allowed
Brogan McNamara
Brogan McNamara 16 days ago
Make a yard sprinkler that senses people on the sidewalk and sprays them
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 16 days ago
by caretaker, i thought you meant the "dementia" and "everywhere at the end of time" kind.
NME 16 days ago
lol she looks like anne marie
Sal Dragg
Sal Dragg 17 days ago
caretaker is a furry confirmed
ApoloMelvin 17 days ago
what happened to jimmy neutron's chicken nugget.
Queezy Juice
Queezy Juice 17 days ago
Who will! Show us how you made the ice cream launcher!!!
Jon Kirk
Jon Kirk 17 days ago
Thanks for triggering my dog with the squeaky toy
ismi 17 days ago
That alarm gave me PTSD
ismi 17 days ago
@dolita windo what cat shirt
dolita windo
dolita windo 17 days ago
Dudeeee I have the same cat shirt! Lol! That’s sick man!
juice box
juice box 17 days ago
why do you look like you're crying in the thumbnail
dolita windo
dolita windo 17 days ago
no masks in the grocerystore?
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 17 days ago
honestly? more caretaker. She brings an aura of dignity to your videos.
DanielaMarie123 17 days ago
Has anyone ever told caretaker that she looks like Elisabeth Moss?
Got_Salt 17 days ago
Do you still have the fork from your old house?
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 17 days ago
Imagine being legphobic. Truly disgusting.
dragonadeRBJJG 18 days ago
Will check for the chicken nugget
Henry Mcelligott
Henry Mcelligott 18 days ago
You should make a roomba from the parts of a roomba
cash h.
cash h. 18 days ago
Do carp tank
The Plight of Man XV
by caretaker, i thought you meant the "dementia" and "everywhere at the end of time" kind.
G B 18 days ago
I ship William and Caretaker as a happy couple is that allowed
Blitz_ 18 days ago
video idea - make a foot long sandwhich that looks like bts
Holey Cheeze McCheddar
you should make a hot wheels shotgun and/or a nuclear cross-continental ballistic missile.
Kevin Dolfing
Kevin Dolfing 18 days ago
9:20 it's actually basicly to break an egg by squeezing
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 18 days ago
This is the only Big Willy egg drop video I have watched because I'm addicted to how contrary yet exactly the same William and Caretaker's energies are
Stefan Müller
Stefan Müller 18 days ago
no masks in the grocerystore?
CMelonGarage 18 days ago
Dudeeee I have the same cat shirt! Lol! That’s sick man!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 18 days ago
Beach&BoardFan 18 days ago
Inflation has ruined the egg drop challenge! Gunna have to double the budget...
willow violet
willow violet 18 days ago
become a femboy on hrt if you wanna keep ur hair lel
SS 247
SS 247 18 days ago
Imagine being legphobic. Truly disgusting.
Henry Mcelligott
Henry Mcelligott 19 days ago
Make a robot only using parts from a roomba or something
Karmaotic 19 days ago
Remember that time he won against the us navy?
Inder 19 days ago
A hard boiled egg you can squeeze but a non boild eg is lick unable to squeeze like this
Cousari 19 days ago
I always forget how much I love your videos lmao
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 19 days ago
honestly? more caretaker. She brings an aura of dignity to your videos.
MunkeyNutzMcGraw 19 days ago
Build a little rc vehicle that hunts down Michael Reeves and shocks him everytime it see's him
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