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Sue is not a big fan of DIY phone accessories. Sam, on the other, hand can't live without these novelties. So every once in a while Sue comes up with a new design for him. But now she finally found the phone case crafts that even she enjoys! This video compilation combines two awesome videos with edible phone cases and stress relief phone cases. Enjoy and don't eat it all!

0:50 - edible phone case with Nutella and breadsticks
Attach an elastic band to your phone and make loops using hot glue. Put a sticker with Nutella logo on top of a tiny container (from a spice, for example). Insert breadsticks into the loops, fill the container with Nutella or jam and glue it to the case too. There, you got yourself an edible phone case TO GO!
2:51 - weird phone case with real Coke
Yep. It involves a small balloon filled with soda and hidden inside of a teeny tiny Coca Cola bottle. And there is a straw! It's only good for a few sips but imagine everybody's shock!!!
4:33 - funny phone case DIY with popcorn
The simplest phone hack there is. Glue a popcorn box to the phone case and fill it with your favorite popcorn! Great for sneaking your own popcorn into movies!
5:24 - prank phone case with a mini basket of real strawberries
It's exactly what it sounds like. First, you make the cutest little basket on the back of your phone case and then fill it with strawberries or any other yummy berries of your choice! It's a bit fragile but what you gonna do.
7:52 - cute DIY phone case with Fruit Loops, icing, and sprinkles
Use liquid sugar paste or honey to glue the fruit loops to the case, add icing, sprinkles, and enjoy the ultimate phone breakfast!
9:12 - how to make a phone case from sugar paste
11:36 - Chupa Chups candy phone holder
12:57 - strawberry jam phone holder
17:03 - stress relieving phone case with a fried egg
18:39 - how to relieve stress with your new phone case made of straws filled with liquid
20:27 - how to make DIY popsocket for your phone which is also a slime holder
22:19 - how to be a mermaid with an anti-stress mermaid phone holder
24:12 - phone case with squishies for stress relief
This video has English subtitles for your convenience!
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SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science
Which phone case do you want to make now, guys?📱 Let me know in the comments!
Denise Quin
Denise Quin 2 days ago
I love candy🍭
919ali9936 15 days ago
Tim Breece
Tim Breece 20 days ago
the one with strawberrys
Saifa Izzura Hamzah
SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science Talk collect floor chocolate phone
Saifa Izzura Hamzah
Retal and jory ,
azaa azaa
azaa azaa 40 minutes ago
Please read my comments sue and sam.
azaa azaa
azaa azaa 42 minutes ago
My name is aiza and do you no I am 7 years old and I am grade 2 in school
azaa azaa
azaa azaa 44 minutes ago
Com down sue and sam
azaa azaa
azaa azaa 47 minutes ago
I love all of your phone cases
azaa azaa
azaa azaa 49 minutes ago
I love candy's like you sue sam
Cucu Karneli
Cucu Karneli 5 hours ago
my fav is the strawberrys and chupa chups🍓🍭
Cucu Karneli
Cucu Karneli 5 hours ago
i love candy's❤💕
Abraham Goze Jr.
Abraham Goze Jr. 7 hours ago
I love candies and this is his daughter
Diya Thomas
Diya Thomas 11 hours ago
roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet but not as sweet as sue
Diya Thomas
Diya Thomas 11 hours ago
i love candies tooo! I love u guys😉😁😇
ALYA_KASIM01 Day ago
Uhh the second one kinda sounds like not u what what?
Mahmood khan
Mahmood khan 2 days ago
I love sam and he is sweetest slime
Helena Ng
Helena Ng 2 days ago
I love candy too
Jeni Ahmed
Jeni Ahmed 2 days ago
I love candies sooooo much 😍🍭🍬
Trilok Chand
Trilok Chand 2 days ago
I want to try the nuttalla one
Marta Kučinić
Marta Kučinić 3 days ago
I Lav Candiz
Waleed Alzuabi
Waleed Alzuabi 4 days ago
I love candy’s
Anklin Potenciano
I would love to have a unicorn marshmallow case because its pretty cute and they are edible
Dymples Silva
Dymples Silva 4 days ago
sunday light
sunday light 5 days ago
You say it like choopa choops
Funtime Freddy
Funtime Freddy 5 days ago
I love Candy's too bro!!
Pixel Cuties
Pixel Cuties 6 days ago
I love candys to
Mohamad Firdaus Mohd Fauzi
Wow i like
Andrei Montelava
Andrei Montelava 6 days ago
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Amsath Aashika
Amsath Aashika 7 days ago
i love candys
Yvonne Loh
Yvonne Loh 7 days ago
I love candy’s
holly rea
holly rea 8 days ago
I want the coke phone case. I wish they sold them at Verizon.
Jyothi Murali
Jyothi Murali 8 days ago
I love this thing🎨📱
JulesNCipri Miramontes
Yay doo a face reveal. Please 🐩🐩🐩🐈🐈🐈🐆🐆🐆🐕🐕🐕🦄🦄🐵🙊🙉🙈🐵
Alison Lithgow
Alison Lithgow 9 days ago
Did Sam’s voice change??
Alison Lithgow
Alison Lithgow 9 days ago
Make a panda!!!!!!!!!🐼🐼🐼🐼
Khloe Mendoza
Khloe Mendoza 9 days ago
Ilove More candy s,
Sarita Budhathoki
I love candies too your DIY are great.
ana luz arzanan
ana luz arzanan 9 days ago
its so cool i love it . I love loIi pops to
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Paulus Hyu 10 days ago
I also love CANY🍭🍬
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Hannah Lee 11 days ago
i love candys too
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Teo Chee Seng 12 days ago
If you like all the phone cases you will like slick slime Sam 👍🏻😀
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Amalesh De 12 days ago
I like candies
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1234 ba 12 days ago
the basket
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