Eddie Vedder Society with Johnny Depp

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Voices For Justice Rally Little Rock
August 28, 2010



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Aug 29, 2010




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Comments 3 031
kurt Cobain
kurt Cobain 2 days ago
This is probably better than sex
Scott Graham
Scott Graham 8 days ago
WOW, huh just WOW that's all I can say, fekn brilliant
Engin BAŞTEKİN 10 days ago
what is the Eddie's chords of this song especially this concert?
ana lima
ana lima 14 days ago
Que lindos! Como seres humanos, que fazem trabalhos maravilhosos ,ajudando os mais necessitados!
Sean Baxter
Sean Baxter 21 day ago
The man has it all! I genuinely hope he has a 1inch dick just to give the rest of us a fighting chance! Speechless
Jess Duda
Jess Duda 28 days ago
I can't handle the level of sexiness in this video.
doesn't depp own an island and spend 30k a month on wine? he is what this song is about
carol lucas
carol lucas Month ago
logan key
logan key Month ago
This!!! 💞❤💟💞❤
john melia
john melia Month ago
If I was a female between 30 and 45 I'd be throwing my panties on stage after I ringed them out lol but as a musician that has heard nothing but negative comments about JD I gotta say that was tastefully done and my ears thank you!
Ninu Matshamuntu
Johnny is fucking lit. Alright I guess I got man crush now lol
Kenan Akbayram
Kenan Akbayram Month ago
Johny s guitar positioning is wrong he needs to push down to knees and then towards feets. By the way I love this song!
Sandra Borg
Sandra Borg Month ago
Second-Hand Dan
Second-Hand Dan Month ago
Can I have vedders haircut please?
Daniel Terán
Daniel Terán Month ago
So cool, I love It 🥰
Dr. Deth
Dr. Deth 2 months ago
A real rockstar vs A wannabe
Pulkit Maloo
Pulkit Maloo 2 months ago
Johnny seems like he’s drunk 😂
Panagiotis Loizides
Panagiotis Loizides 2 months ago
Free tekno 23
Free tekno 23 2 months ago
Jonny depp is just posing
dipankar Chakravarty
Two of my Heartthrobs are together ❤️
Paul Flipse
Paul Flipse 2 months ago
My favorite part ... at 0:30 when you hear a woman in the crowd reacting to what she's seeing, the completely random moment when Eddie Vedder and Johnny Depp are on stage together playing music. Just lovely.
Loren B
Loren B 2 months ago
omg double awesome and double pleasing on the eye
佐伯朝美 2 months ago
ジョニーは 俳優もですが 本当には🎸 ミュージシャン rock畑だからな。 最近の呆れた ジョニー 離婚批判とか 俳優でトホホとか メディアの方がトホホ だろうなぁ。 解るかな? わかんねぇ だろうなぁ、、、、、
Zachary Kariotis
Zachary Kariotis 2 months ago
okay i feel like eddie has rocked with every musician at least once lol
Samchok Tanzin
Samchok Tanzin 3 months ago
How great the world would be if filled with people like these two...
Darren Fartman
Darren Fartman 3 months ago
Johnny Depp is such a poser
NY BO 3 months ago
Gökmen Kapdağlı
Gökmen Kapdağlı 3 months ago
şu seyirciler bir sussa da şarkıyı dinlesek
Monkey Business
Monkey Business 3 months ago
Depp is an idiot and a tryhard. He looks like a retard playing the guitar. Fuck this poser.
Joe Vines
Joe Vines 3 months ago
Jonny Depp was spending 30k on wine every month and he owns an island 😂
Mandy Pereira
Mandy Pereira 2 months ago
Joe Vines whats your point?
Hani 4 months ago
Guys you should give some credit to Jerry Hannan , the songwriter
Tomek Mikołajczak
Tomek Mikołajczak 4 months ago
What brand of guitar does Johnny Depp have?
Johan Pettersson
Johan Pettersson 4 months ago
Lovellyyy!! Sweden says hey!!
Luis Chavez
Luis Chavez 4 months ago
My favorite no more
kimidawn9 4 months ago
Does JD play electric guitar? He is holding the acoustic guitar like you would hold an electric.
Lorri Miller
Lorri Miller 2 months ago
He tries
Benjamin Schümperli
wow, what?
Luisa Lopez
Luisa Lopez 4 months ago
Que deleite grasias Ambos
Catalina M. pg
Catalina M. pg 5 months ago
tres cosas que amo, juntas, Eddie, Deep y guitarras!
Jesper Nøhr Andersen
We have agreed there is a greed...
Oddysseas 5 months ago
I have a whole new appreciation for Johnny Depp, had no idea.The first thing I heard from him was the song Heroes from Bowie. Nice surprise, thanks for the upload!
Grungegirl 80 Blue
Grungegirl 80 Blue 5 months ago
How could anyone put a thumbs down???
david luzbelle
david luzbelle 5 months ago
That is not how you hold an acoustic guitar jackass.
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson 5 months ago
2 most beatiful men on the planet!
F 5 months ago
Wow.. Am I dreaming? Can they make a whole album together? Thank you
makbul saleh
makbul saleh 5 months ago
Jesper Nøhr Andersen
We have a greed at which we have agreed...legendary
Frank Mick
Frank Mick 6 months ago
LOL One Drug addict to another...... both whine about society, yet their millionaires. SHOCKING
--cLAsic-- 6 months ago
It was cool letting Mr Depp play the solo , But come on Those people will forever be wishing Mr Vedder did. That would be like Mr Vedder playing Mr Depp's most dramatic part in one of Depp's Movies
A G 6 months ago
When you want more than you have You think you need And when you think more than you want Your thoughts begin to bleed Think about this-- f- you up
KSI 6 months ago
Depp is such a poser...
Muazz 17
Muazz 17 6 months ago
aman aman kimler buradaymış
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt 7 months ago
Wanna make a sandwich fuck with those two
Can Cebis
Can Cebis 7 months ago
Orospu çocuğu seni
Patricia Alves
Patricia Alves 7 months ago
Mais do que artistas... Seres humanos maravilhosos. Canção única. Fusão Perfeita. Emocionante vê-los juntos 👊🤘😍😍🤘
TheYosmos 7 months ago
Like Jerry's text good performance
Fatima Almeida
Fatima Almeida 7 months ago
O. Pirata.das. Caraíbas. Sim. Senhor. Gosto. Muito. De. Ver te. Vestido. De. Pirata. Ficas. Todo. 👍 nice
GRIZZLY bear 7 months ago
ab ab
ab ab 7 months ago
kurtzcol 7 months ago
depp looks like he is just trying to hard to be cool fail
Alex Supertramp
Alex Supertramp 7 months ago
Eddi & Johnny at it's best!
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