Eddie Vedder Society with Johnny Depp

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Voices For Justice Rally Little Rock
August 28, 2010



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Aug 29, 2010




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Comments 80
Silane Lopes dos Santos
Charles Martel
Charles Martel 16 days ago
Great song...... Trump 2020 🇺🇸❤️
M'Soledad Necul Briones
Mejor videooooo ❤️❤️❤️
Tuğçe Çakır
Tuğçe Çakır Month ago
Rest in peace SUPERTRAMP🖖
💕💕Two of my favorite people!!!💕💕
Luiz carlos Kuhn
Eddie, the vocal os the best
Luiz carlos Kuhn
Amazing !!!!!
Nick Bell
Nick Bell Month ago
Cédric Demets
Cédric Demets Month ago
Fuck, I love the sound of Johnny's guitar. Honestly though, that solo between 02:30 and 03:07 is a massive eargasm for me.
Edward Alvarez
Edward Alvarez 2 months ago
This looks like winona wet dream 😂😅
Winter Rose
Winter Rose 2 months ago
Trevor Gross
Trevor Gross 2 months ago
Still libtards they be
Corey Moser
Corey Moser 2 months ago
So beautiful 😢❤👏🏻
Marting Fourie
Marting Fourie 2 months ago
If there's no passion in music its dead, Eddy is most passionate in all that he does.... Legend!!!!
San Santos
San Santos 2 months ago
Johnny deep fingindo que sabe tocar
Hagenesbxd Lowellnuo
mierda, estoy emocionado C': eddie vedder y johnny deep y mas encima tocando society
Aniruddh Eskay
Aniruddh Eskay 2 months ago
"They won't believe you cos' you are a man'. Hold My beer.
DIYTFY 2 months ago
Depp plays his guitar like a 16 year old douchebag.
insta_ber_ 2 months ago
Eddie's voice is so beautiful. And Johnny fuckin Depp.
insta_ber_ 2 months ago
@ 2:30 Johnny guitar solo. You're welcome. 🔥😎💘
GoodPenny 2 months ago
These are the ppl that spring baby-killers from the can.
xensieg 2 months ago
Que gran manera de joder un HIMNO como lo hizo Deep! Carajo si solo lo iban a subir para joderla, sin idea de ritmica, acordes o armonia mejor lo hubiesen dejado sentado. Tampoco es que Eddie requiera de el.
Giuseppe Puggioni
Giuseppe Puggioni 2 months ago
April Martin
April Martin 2 months ago
ana 2 months ago
Claudemir Amaral
Claudemir Amaral 3 months ago
James Moody
James Moody 3 months ago
Fuck Amber Heard. Go J Depp.
James Moody
James Moody 3 months ago
Fuck Amber Heard. Go J Depp.
Angelica Santos
Angelica Santos 3 months ago
If I ever see that in person, I would cry my heart out.
Mariana Ottoni
Mariana Ottoni 3 months ago
Josje Klouwens
Josje Klouwens 3 months ago
Gals goin' crazy 😁
Court 3 months ago
William Araujo
William Araujo 3 months ago
Which guitar is this one Depp is playing ?
Kaiko 3 months ago
Fuck all judging Depp, why are you even listening to Vedder when you judge people without knowing them. He didnt try to act cool, Johnny Depp doesnt have to do that. He is cool already and he probably knows that everyone thinks that too. He plays how the fuck he want to, still a fucking masterpiece to put these two togheter for this beautiful song. Enjoy the collab between an great actor and a great musician. Fuck this world, i fucking hate it. No love nowhere. we dont deserve life, let an asteroid hits us and give life to new speciec insteads. Its our time, we had our time but it gets worse and worse. I hope a third world war comes so we can nuke this planet up. fuck it!
Eidalon's Father
Eidalon's Father 3 months ago
Cinco Boy
Cinco Boy 3 months ago
This song makes me wanna throw a cell phone at someone
Stew Beattie
Stew Beattie Month ago
Makes me feel sick of society the rich ones get me?no you don't!!!ah ah you can't do that
Lucia Sezerino
Lucia Sezerino 4 months ago
Que dupla hem ve esses dois tocando juntos que sonho
Samuel Da Silva
Samuel Da Silva 4 months ago
😢foda eese shommm
Patty Nascimento
Patty Nascimento 4 months ago
Que coisa mais linda ♥️🥰🥰🥰
Шахноза Анарханова
Dan Rondeau
Dan Rondeau 4 months ago
Totally straight man here trying to decide which of these guys is hotter...
Rick Nesar
Rick Nesar 4 months ago
Damien Echols!
Franco Hair
Franco Hair 4 months ago
Eddie even more looks like the Dude!!!
Tony Gareth
Tony Gareth 4 months ago
Damn I wish I could have seen this live
Verónica Cartes González
Leandro Pereira
Leandro Pereira 4 months ago
Duas lendas num palco só
Fatimah 4 months ago
Monalisa Hughes
Monalisa Hughes 4 months ago
Nice guitars guys Thankyou for singing
Brígida Machado
Brígida Machado 4 months ago
Eeita nóissss 👍😁👍👍😁👍😁👍😁👍😁👍
Berliner Stadtschloss
If he had only stuck to the guitar, we would have been spared this disgusting captain Sparrow.
Pamela Lindsey
Pamela Lindsey 5 months ago
Dec.2019 If you're still Loving these 2 guys let me know!!
bamz triady
bamz triady Month ago
Defak corona time
jane doe
jane doe 3 months ago
Always with wings ❤️
Kesotone 4 months ago
Life is beautiful
marjan kannekens
marjan kannekens 5 months ago
mrmikef10 5 months ago
Amazing collab!
Luis Arturo
Luis Arturo 5 months ago
pinche Johnny no puede dejar de actuar ni para tocar una guitarra? XD
Saulo Lamounier
Saulo Lamounier 5 months ago
Letra diz tudo
Bruno Miranda
Bruno Miranda 5 months ago
Essa música é o resumo da minha VIDA!!!
Dick Grayson
Dick Grayson 5 months ago
Can these stupid bitches in the background stfu?
Andrew Hedlund
Andrew Hedlund 5 months ago
Does he want us to just go back to hunting and gathering in the woods
ljw ljw
ljw ljw 2 months ago
Yeah that seems fun
Rick Nesar
Rick Nesar 5 months ago
Bet those five minutes tops everything else in Johnny Depp´s life!
irene gronewald
irene gronewald 6 months ago
Well, I see two gorgeous hunks, with talent out the" ying and yang," their personal life, that`s their biz.
Paul Flipse
Paul Flipse 6 months ago
So, my favorite part of this is at about the 30-second mark where you can hear a woman in the audience say, "wow...". It's lovely. Perfect. Beautiful. Just someone in the crowd reacting to what's happening on stage. And it's amazing. Thanks for that.
kurt Cobain
kurt Cobain 6 months ago
This is probably better than sex
Scott Graham
Scott Graham 6 months ago
WOW, huh just WOW that's all I can say, fekn brilliant
Engin BAŞTEKİN 6 months ago
what is the Eddie's chords of this song especially this concert?
ana lima
ana lima 6 months ago
Que lindos! Como seres humanos, que fazem trabalhos maravilhosos ,ajudando os mais necessitados!
Sean Baxter
Sean Baxter 7 months ago
The man has it all! I genuinely hope he has a 1inch dick just to give the rest of us a fighting chance! Speechless
Jess Duda
Jess Duda 7 months ago
I can't handle the level of sexiness in this video.
doesn't depp own an island and spend 30k a month on wine? he is what this song is about
carol lucas
carol lucas 7 months ago
logan key
logan key 7 months ago
This!!! 💞❤💟💞❤
john melia
john melia 7 months ago
If I was a female between 30 and 45 I'd be throwing my panties on stage after I ringed them out lol but as a musician that has heard nothing but negative comments about JD I gotta say that was tastefully done and my ears thank you!
Ninu Matshamuntu
Ninu Matshamuntu 7 months ago
Johnny is fucking lit. Alright I guess I got man crush now lol
Kenan Akbayram
Kenan Akbayram 7 months ago
Johny s guitar positioning is wrong he needs to push down to knees and then towards feets. By the way I love this song!
Sandra Borg
Sandra Borg 8 months ago
Second-Hand Dan
Second-Hand Dan 8 months ago
Can I have vedders haircut please?
Daniel Terán
Daniel Terán 8 months ago
So cool, I love It 🥰
Dr. Deth
Dr. Deth 8 months ago
A real rockstar vs A wannabe
Pulkit Maloo
Pulkit Maloo 8 months ago
Johnny seems like he’s drunk 😂
Taylor Clark
Taylor Clark 2 months ago
Warre I was literally just about to say that 😂😂
Warre Bogaerts
Warre Bogaerts 4 months ago
Pulkit Maloo you confused him for Johnny Depp but actually it is captain Jack Sparrow
Panagiotis Loizides
Panagiotis Loizides 8 months ago
Free tekno 23
Free tekno 23 8 months ago
Jonny depp is just posing
dipankar Chakravarty
Two of my Heartthrobs are together ❤️
Paul Flipse
Paul Flipse 9 months ago
My favorite part ... at 0:30 when you hear a woman in the crowd reacting to what she's seeing, the completely random moment when Eddie Vedder and Johnny Depp are on stage together playing music. Just lovely.
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