Eda & Serkan | Stand by you

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Hope you enjoy it, i loved so much this episode and im so excited for the next episode, dont forget to share and like.

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Jul 8, 2021




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Comments 27
ar asri
ar asri 6 days ago
I'm a mess because of this series!! Ilove them so much!!!!
Zygmunt Woszczak
Zygmunt Woszczak 24 days ago
Gdzie można ogladać w języku polskim ??? pomocy !!!!!!! .
fatimah but crying
fatimah but crying 27 days ago
i miss them
Adriana Cesari
Adriana Cesari Month ago
Vero vero infinito amore💖💖💖💖💖💖💯💯💯
Dominika Vystrčilová
App for Edit?
Rita Smanno
Rita Smanno Month ago
Che tesoro
Silvia Castillo
Silvia Castillo Month ago
Te y ex
Geórgia Brennichi
Geórgia Brennichi 2 months ago
OMG!! Such a beautiful video!! I never watched this drama, but I think I'll watch. I fell in love with Serkhan and Eda, and of course Kiraz!! I loved your video!!! 😍😍
Susnata Maiti
Susnata Maiti 2 months ago
If U watch the whole drama.....Tears will come...and most probably Sympathy for Eda....she suffered so much....Serkan truly loves Eda but he can be insensitive when he gets angry...
SILVANAEDITS 2 months ago
Thank u so much, see it beacause im sure you will fall in love with them 💕💕
Patrik king Philip redubla
What the tittle is this? Full episodes? Plsss
Susnata Maiti
Susnata Maiti 2 months ago
Sen Çal Kapimi Episodes 48
Mahnoor Fuzail
Mahnoor Fuzail 3 months ago
Masood Amin
Masood Amin 3 months ago
Name this drama??
SILVANAEDITS 3 months ago
Sen Cal kapimi you can find it in Telegram
philip sanosa
philip sanosa 3 months ago
Damn they are dragging the story so much, the actors are very good but there are so many scenes that could be edited, the storyline is good but it's kinda spread in so many areas, I know for sure that this series could be more a hit, but like I said they are dragging it too much,
jimin Chimchim
jimin Chimchim 23 days ago
Yeah the last half of the first season plot was really poor written but season two is so good.
philip sanosa
philip sanosa 3 months ago
@SILVANAEDITS second season really is much better with the addition of kiraz, and the storyline is much simple but direct to the point and will melt your heart...every scene is wonderful,
SILVANAEDITS 3 months ago
@philip sanosa i understand you, the past writers damaged the plot a lot, especially in chapters 30-39 but believe me that the second season is very good
philip sanosa
philip sanosa 3 months ago
But I think I will change my opinion, when kiraz comes... Me and my friends are watching EP 30
Marcela Alejandra Pérez Díaz
maria k
maria k 3 months ago
Amazing edit. Full of emotional moments. They are perfect. Thank you for sharing.
Mel D
Mel D 3 months ago
Beautiful job I love them !!!! I love all the parallels!
Maria Pisau
Maria Pisau 3 months ago
Maria Francesca Zara
Meraviglioso e commovente. Bravissima
Laura dos Santos Lima
I am crying!! This video is perfect!!🔝❤️👏❤️👏🔝
SILVANAEDITS 3 months ago
Sen Çal Kapımı 50. Bölüm