Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud [Official Video]

Ed Sheeran
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The official video for 'Thinking Out Loud', Ed learnt to dance!
'x', available to buy via iTunes here: smarturl.it/x-itunesdlx
Featuring and taught by @dance10Brittany and @dance10Paul
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Published on


Oct 7, 2014




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Comments 80
rreell 13 minutes ago
BBaby Now..
HANG DARA 22 minutes ago
So amazing super star famous song best song ever love you song forever!!!
Racermusen 29 minutes ago
Beautiful music video! 😊👍
Melissa Fernandes Martins
makeup magic
makeup magic 57 minutes ago
Want to dance in this song with my fiance ❤️
MARS 03 Hour ago
Camilla..... ehehehe
Snehamay Roy
Snehamay Roy 4 hours ago
Who is here to see 3 billion view ???
Ntombenhle Princess Mdunge
🧘🏾🌻 I cant believe I still never seen him live 😭😭😭😭😭
hyuan tolentino
hyuan tolentino 6 hours ago
I use to love this song
Nisha Koirala
Nisha Koirala 7 hours ago
I used to listen this song when i was in relationship with someone else before 4yrs now he's happily married Man with someone🙂🙂❤whenever i listen this song always reminds me my past🙂.
Fredy Suarez arias
Fredy Suarez arias 7 hours ago
Ed sheeran😎
pasky Lucas
pasky Lucas 8 hours ago
Celina Delint
Celina Delint 8 hours ago
I love you Ed Sheeran ❤️❤️😘😘
Gabe EstradaTV
Gabe EstradaTV 8 hours ago
Jennifer Kline
Jennifer Kline 9 hours ago
ZIRCON EMPIRE 9 hours ago
a wonderful dreams with some one so sweet
E-fluid G
E-fluid G 10 hours ago
True love song for her..
Elias Osorio
Elias Osorio 10 hours ago
hermosa cancion... pero me impreciona la bailarina... ?alguien sabe donde puedo ver mas videos de su arte
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 12 hours ago
Will Sess
Will Sess 12 hours ago
The most romantic ballad of the 21st century so far. Ed Sheeran is way better than Sinatra ever was. Much better singer, much better voice. Better actor as well. Probably a much better man, too. Respect, Ed! Thanks for sharing your amazing gift with us.
Emilly Passos
Emilly Passos 13 hours ago
Cadê os brasileiros que ainda sabem apreciar uma boa música ?
cb games
cb games 11 hours ago
e ai
157 PAULO 13 hours ago
James Taylor
James Taylor 14 hours ago
"Those that would liberty for security deserve neither." Forgot who said it first.
Esmeralda Juarez
Esmeralda Juarez 14 hours ago
Iaca Reyes Gómez. +Mateo Reyes Gómez
Esmeralda Juarez
Esmeralda Juarez 14 hours ago
648 🥰🥰
Esmeralda Juarez
Esmeralda Juarez 14 hours ago
Esmeralda Juarez
Esmeralda Juarez 14 hours ago
Esmeralda Juarez
Esmeralda Juarez 14 hours ago
Esmeralda Juarez
Esmeralda Juarez 14 hours ago
Esmeralda Juarez
Esmeralda Juarez 14 hours ago
Izabela Baranowska
Izabela Baranowska 14 hours ago
Bardzo piękny utwór i wykonanie ❤️👌
Layla Belarmino
Layla Belarmino 14 hours ago
Escutem amoreco rumo 100 milhões de views
Desmond Roberts
Desmond Roberts 15 hours ago
Will you be my girl. Dance. With me
sade Ne
sade Ne 16 hours ago
Ooooh shivers down my spine..... Love is beautiful!!!!! Hmmmmmmm. Whos in agreement of this??
shaqir capi
shaqir capi 16 hours ago
Very very beautiful and perfect
El Noob
El Noob 17 hours ago
Uttam Majumdar
Uttam Majumdar 18 hours ago
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander 18 hours ago
She songs does get me in d mood yes who agreed
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander 18 hours ago
He sorry
Hasbi Hsby
Hasbi Hsby 19 hours ago
2:08 always my fv part
sss メĐ.ł
sss メĐ.ł 19 hours ago
Ed Sheran fans 👇Like
P6A15 Paolo Alejandro Grados Rondo
que buena cancion like si eres de Perú
Komodo X
Komodo X 19 hours ago
3 billion views everybody let just clap 👏
no religion ,no west ,unwanted
من علاقه ندارم قیافه سگتونو ببینم یا دوروبرم باشید
Abc Zaa
Abc Zaa 20 hours ago
billion views wow
Shondarnisha Haines
Shondarnisha Haines 20 hours ago
Julio Roca
Julio Roca 20 hours ago
Fantástica. Bravo
*2019:::StAy AwAy FrOm NeGaTivE PeOpLe* *2020:::StAy AwAy FrOm PoSiTivE PeOpLe*
weRAKz 21 hour ago
3b views op
Joll Family
Joll Family 21 hour ago
Who’s here after 3 Billion views? Nah we here for the rest of our LIVES!
Brincadeira de criança
linda música
Taufik Anshary
Taufik Anshary 21 hour ago
Why this song is still like the first time i heard them 5 yrs ago? It's really evergreen
Mendes Army
Mendes Army 22 hours ago
נועם פרנקו
נועם פרנקו 22 hours ago
Who’s here after 3b??
Wonderful Dream Lady
Is that ballerina Ed Sheeran's girlfriend?
Megan Christine
Megan Christine 10 hours ago
Nathan Diviney
Nathan Diviney 23 hours ago
I fall in love with you every single day
Tainan Helena
beryl akinyi
beryl akinyi Day ago
I melt at how the young woman dances.She dances like an angel
Cody Hanning
Cody Hanning Day ago
Sometimes I'm an idiot and forget things. One time I set in the grass next to the person i love in South Florida in 100 degree weather and sang it to her while she was sick..the poor girl lol
Sarika Jain
Sarika Jain Day ago
Sarika Jain
Sarika Jain Day ago
Wow love it ❤️
Julien C
Julien C Day ago
Vous êtes magnifiques !🤩
music lover
music lover Day ago
This song is so underrated😍who's watching in quarantine?
Serena Pollione
This song remind me that Fanfiction call "sinfobie" Beautiful
Boominati Day ago
This masterpiece hit 3B views. Big W.
Tina H
Tina H Day ago
May 23rd we celebrated our 50th golden wedding anniversary. We chose this as our song. Thanks, Ed.
Laszlo Kiss
Laszlo Kiss 2 hours ago
Cryptic Hatter
Omg 3B views
gia jay vicente
fucking ads
Cristopher G.C
El ex chico oficial de Army! Alguna Army se acuerda??
Elton Mendes
Elton Mendes Day ago
just me who think his tone is similar to Nick Carter's?
Werkudoro Pandowo
ra ngerti bahasa brooo
Tammy Prather
They play this at my workplace and I only realized the other day who the singer is! He's quickly becoming one of my favorite singers!
Veronica M
Veronica M Day ago
dancer brittany cherry
Erika Ferreira
sou apaixonada essa musica😍
SeKc Mamakwa
SeKc Mamakwa Day ago
“Take me into your fucking arms”
2020ed sherioos hit like
one direction clown
Did you know Harry styles is the supporting vocal from 2:30 to 3:30
wendell moura
Foi a melhor música que do mundo
Duda Canuto
Duda Canuto Day ago
when you find out that Harry Styles is the supporting vocal in this, it makes it 1000x better
20cher09 Day ago
He got Daddy Issues.
20cher09 Day ago
No city Workers!!! They Do Not get Anything!!!
Patrick David
Essa Música Para Os Casais Nessa Quarentena É Um Hino! Kkk
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