Ebro RESPONDS To Jermaine Dupri's Comments On Jay-Z/NFL Partnership

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Jermaine Dupri finally broke his silence this week on his past conversations with Jay-Z about the Super Bowl after Funk Flex said he had spoken to him during a social post. During his conversation he suggested that Ebro said that it was trash for people to perform at the halftime show.
Ebro responds to those comments, and clears up his thoughts about the Jay-Z/NFL partnership.
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Aug 23, 2019




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Comments 748
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Month ago
This is about Colin wanting a better contract
G L C 2 months ago
It's funny to see ebro walk and talk like he's important. Hahaha. Bro gossip like a bitch
dj cutarekord
dj cutarekord 3 months ago
Blue McDaniel
Blue McDaniel 4 months ago
The weak at the knees sample! ❤️
Markaveli Da Teflon Don
True" but if da problem was going on before Trump, tell me why he wasn't on one knee at every game, instead of one game, da game Trump's at, think what you must, da protests and boycotts, was and still is about Trump, being at a football game, da football player was paid off, Jermaine Dupri" was bribed to agree and shut up about it, cause all he has to say, is how much he loves Jay z, (" I love Hove, that's my man, everybody knows how much I love my man " ) that's like getting your happy wife to tell da truth on her man she loves, he love getting *fck* with no Vaseline, its good to see people, stand up for themselves, and be afraid, and since a black man sold out on us, saying black lives matter, it should be and is all matters, atleast they showed Jay z!!
markdafunky1 4 months ago
Ebro wack af
Bob Pen
Bob Pen 4 months ago
Funny we probably will never have any more Muhammad Ali's, track stars athletes artist or black people willing to give something to help our own people when you don't stand for something you always fall for anything that good ol white Mighty Dollar have always been a great source of slavery, for ignorant people that don't understand their black history so they don't know black pain. Dr. Clark once said there was a whole lot of black historians that died broke and lonely because ignorant black people didn't want to know or here black history Koons will always be white men's fools It's All About the Benjamins baby let them tell it LOL Straight Out of Hell.
Julio Correa
Julio Correa 4 months ago
Why does anyone care about this bullshit, it’s of no consequence to anyone’s life
BIG NY 4 months ago
Damn people hate there own when money is involved
Emily stevens
Emily stevens 4 months ago
You know drug dealers are being jailed when a white person's death is tied to their illegal contaminated drugs.
jneroo226 4 months ago
Kaepernick was never a big deal to the few Blacks in the know. He's not Black and some of us know the history of the Mulatto and/or Biracial. Their legacy of destruction within the Black community is legendary. It goes all the way back to Israel/Egypt/Kemet.
arabion knights
arabion knights 4 months ago
Why are so many people so scared to go against Jayz. What percentage of the black community believes this dude can stop cops from killing black people in cold blood. Stop following HS drop outs.
Jamie Chapman
Jamie Chapman 4 months ago
The NFL went after every black man that knelt. "When someone shows you who they are....BELIEVE THEM!!!" ~ Maya Angelou
Jamie Chapman
Jamie Chapman 4 months ago
Everybody swear kissing Jay-Z's ass is going to secure their future. Jay ain't thinking about y'all.
frankiesj83 4 months ago
I hate Ebro & this show
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 4 months ago
They all Masons and Jay is a 33rd degree while they just a 2 ND or 3 Rd degree Mason.They can't speak down on they Superior Satanic brother.They lower ranked than Jay.
iluvdissheet 4 months ago
I knew I needed to wait for hot97 and Ebro....let's give jay a min and wait and see. Dont run with the quick headline....
Ptah1130 4 months ago
Jermaine Dupri talks how Jay-Z laughs
gpman1 4 months ago
Bro Ebro always co signs fuckery. Always.
August Knight
August Knight 4 months ago
Ebro's back peddle game is strong.
Skate tapes 12
Skate tapes 12 4 months ago
The cartoon of Spongebob was better than the music performance
Tmoni 78
Tmoni 78 4 months ago
Ebro where’s your balls sir??! Did you forget what he did to our Brooklynites and the Barclay deal??? Jay z is a snake 🐍 & a roach. He’s no good for our community period
DJ FLASH 4 months ago
WHY ARE All These Rappers and Radio entertainers afraid of Jayz.. If Jay Says don’t make a move they don’t make a move and guess what Hov swoop in and grab the bag that was meant for you. Jayz working for the NFL can’t do anything for racism. It’s sports people.
mo brown
mo brown 4 months ago
Ebro is scared of Jay Z pure and simple lol
Bean S
Bean S 4 months ago
Flex moves like a female.
Bean S
Bean S 4 months ago
Flex moves like a female.
Laurenco Borchards
Laurenco Borchards 4 months ago
Its cool how Jay-z & JD's Money aint a thang beat plays in the background
Shante Mason
Shante Mason 4 months ago
Everybody so scared ...just Stop talking about the topic if your afraid... If your gonna speak on it keep that same energy for Jay that you had for Jermaine... The music industry sucks..
Jewrel 4 months ago
You double talking on the JD and JayZ point. Yall didnt know what JD was going to do on a long term anymore than you know what JayZ is going to do. Your speculations are biased from jump (on BOTH)...you just admire one more than the other and its clouding your judgement.
Nitty Andrade
Nitty Andrade 4 months ago
Ebro & Charlemagne Are The Same People smh ..
Ya Heard
Ya Heard 4 months ago
I need my 9:32 minutes back
James S.
James S. 4 months ago
Nobody wanted to see Da Brat or Kriss Kross during halftime!lol Even if that bullshit JD kicking is true, he looking like a bitch!smh
Jake Equality
Jake Equality 4 months ago
These clowns are scared of Slave-z....
Quita Bride
Quita Bride 4 months ago
People's teams just need to fall back. Whether things are true or not, who are they to run and tell.
Stamina35 4 months ago
Nothing worse than a spineless grown man.
Lance Clayton
Lance Clayton 4 months ago
True minstrel show@8:03 "It's more than that!" Yoooooo! He don't Polo so good- Ebro
Suits N Ties
Suits N Ties 4 months ago
How can one fear man!?
tessa 4 months ago
Ebro can shout at the other presenters. But treads lightly when speaking on jayz.
Christopher Roach
Christopher Roach 4 months ago
Stfu Rosebitch
D Bald
D Bald 4 months ago
I swear Shawnee never makes a decent or relatable point. Adds nothing to the conversation
King LLW
King LLW 4 months ago
Police Officers work for the Public.. The Police Officers are Public servant Who are paid but the PUBLIC! Police Association are paid by the Public!! Learn your Government so YOU THE Public can check that ass!!
Azizi Penny
Azizi Penny 4 months ago
Nice play on the instrumental. Subtle. Money ain’t a thang😬
the right one
the right one 4 months ago
I like how he keep the black man from speaking facts.
K. Truell
K. Truell 4 months ago
Still calling him "hov" is shaky to me. The man's name is Shawn. He is regular dude. Hov? I can give you "Jay" but calling him HOV, short for J-Hova (Jehova), the God of rap? Stop.
pookiewood 4 months ago
Y'all will never be disappointed in Jay! 😂
eddie jamie
eddie jamie 4 months ago
Rosenberg, initially the NFL wasn't the problem but they drew a line in the sand that you're acting like doesn't exist and that's when they became a 'part' of the problem. You can try to spin this in any direction you want, but the NFL clearly chose a side by their actions and the side they chose is one that needs to be staunchly opposed No one or at least no one i come into contact with has lost sight of what Kap's protest was originally about, but that doesnt negate the fact what he did exposed the side NFL powers that be side with, it's not really that complicated to understand So stop with the bullshit. Please and thank you.
Gnostic Mystic
Gnostic Mystic 4 months ago
Jay Z became a millionaire selling the drug dealer image. Jay z became a billionaire selling alcohol. He’s always been about money nothing else.
Gnostic Mystic
Gnostic Mystic 4 months ago
KAP Himself is a sellout. The NFL bought his silence. Nessa needs to stop talking for black people.
Gnostic Mystic
Gnostic Mystic 4 months ago
Bryan Michael Cox was sitting right next to Jermaine and said the exact OPPOSITE.
Nicolas Quiroz
Nicolas Quiroz 4 months ago
PREMIUM Bee 4 months ago
If those nfl ratings were what they say they were they would not have jz trying to make amends with the disgruntled Americans, those nfl ratings are the worst ever, if not it would be business as usual, they're starting to feel the pain instead of billions coming in only millions, look past the spin,
firebeats firebeats
firebeats firebeats 4 months ago
Dickriding jay z bottom line ebro
FLORIDA RIDA 4 months ago
Garvin Joseph
Garvin Joseph 4 months ago
Yeah tread light on jay-z he can hurt those ratings or take DJ’s and sign them To roc nation. With that being said he’s right hov so far as done a good job for the urban community
Jay Little
Jay Little 4 months ago
You people are the biggest gang of dickriders I've ever seen, hands down!
Matt Stone
Matt Stone 4 months ago
Ebro hired a Stylist an retired the Yankees cap....🤔
Sean Briggs
Sean Briggs 4 months ago
All you muhfuckaz in the comments so pro Kaep but keep spelling his name wrong 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
The Lefthod Man
The Lefthod Man 4 months ago
Hey Ebro... when will the "wait & see" shipment be arriving....08/25/2019
iluvdissheet 4 months ago
Change takes time....never overnight
MsColdBlooded2U 4 months ago
Folks know they scared to speak against Jay
DISLA Chan 4 months ago
2 white JEW-ish ppls n a LA chick. Shauny must be going home hating his job smh
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