Eating With Fastest Man TikTok and Musical.ly Compilation

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Feb 5, 2019




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Jessica Maxwell
Jessica Maxwell 5 hours ago
6:56 childhood person 😭 what’s his @
Olivier Szczerba
Those were the most cringy videos
X Chara
X Chara 2 days ago
1:16 That girl used slow motion and 2:48 he use slow motion too
Tasneem Dawood
Tasneem Dawood 4 days ago
My friend eats like the man,when i say "can I have a ..."
Demon Dragon69
Demon Dragon69 4 days ago
2:14 uuuuuuh what do i do now?. I feel kinda dumb now
TheLowClass 4 days ago
When your mom comes in the room and your snacking
Jessica A
Jessica A 4 days ago
It’s like he don’t eat 😟
Saki Productionsss
0:36 be looking like sid from toy stroy tho lmao
Trinity Smith
Trinity Smith 5 days ago
Save some for the kids
Its_Einy The Peanut :3
People who is low to eat and they wasted food | V
Mayli period
Mayli period 6 days ago
The lady who “ beat him” went on fast mode
DarkRai - Free Fire
3:20 when a starving homeless saw a man eating 10 plates of noodles
NateTheGamer 1241
1:16 she cheated she used a fork 🤣
Hoseok Can step on my face
I’m not even playing my fat ass can eat faster
สุวดี ยีโหนด
cat_ game_ yui love
Trời má
Love Doesn't Exist
Love Doesn't Exist 12 days ago
Friend: can I have a SMALL bite? Me: sure *the small bite* : 0:00
Keyana Howard
Keyana Howard 13 days ago
He know better
Rafin Al-Arab
Rafin Al-Arab 14 days ago
Did you guys see that someone Eyes is blue?
hazeeq1001 14 days ago
Mom: if you finish your noodles in five minutes, I will trick your teacher so you don’t have to go to school. Me: 0:00
قاسم عبدالرزاق
Hes a clickbaiter check the plate its the same when he finish every time
Yağız Efe - SonNDaddY
1:42 adamın ağıza bak tövbe tövbe
Jashandeep Sandhu
Jashandeep Sandhu 17 days ago
Tik took and musicily are the same thing🤨🤨😕😕🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐😑😐😤
Kids o yes.back on 20010
Me when trying to eat all the food i can when my parents are gone.
Kit Kat
Kit Kat 18 days ago
When they ask are u gonna eat that😂😂
Lemi ASMR 18 days ago
Ahahahah so funny
el coon
el coon 19 days ago
When the first who ends the dinner gets ice cream
Malaya Maganda
Malaya Maganda 19 days ago
Matt Stonie is quaking lol
z2 soccer oline
z2 soccer oline 19 days ago
That's my uncle
Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez 20 days ago
Now I want some noodles 😭😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
melchor belbes
melchor belbes 20 days ago
Adoniah’s Journey
Aurora 20 days ago
Makes my throat feels weird cuz watching him swallowing the egg everytime is just weird
A nobody
A nobody 22 days ago
He said Veronica Wang move over!!
Blues. 22 days ago
ı like it noodle *_*
Reborn Li
Reborn Li 25 days ago
Yusuf Yerlikaya
Yusuf Yerlikaya 25 days ago
You have been so much more than a lot of I’m turkey I’m taking enligh you know I was going through
Erina Nakiri
Erina Nakiri 27 days ago
He has more noodles then foureyes
Hessa Aldereih
Hessa Aldereih 27 days ago
Why was that so satisfying
Abigail Garovillo
Abigail Garovillo 28 days ago
If you finish your meal I'll buy you a new phone Me:
iiblasty :p
iiblasty :p 28 days ago
At 15 seconds tho,look at this dude!
Kyle Dherick Jam Cruz
The girl fast forward but almost got beaten
Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberry Kiwi 28 days ago
Asmrtists: *eats this much () of noodles and finishes in 2 secs* Me: *eats this much () of noodles and finishes in 1 hour*
UED TV Month ago
Türk varmı
Why are they eating like the food is going to run away?
Gacha_MillyRose Playz Sarcia
They are Doing 2x or 3x That’s why they are fast but him 1x
Mindy Emery
Mindy Emery Month ago
6:11 = 👁️👄👁️
Stoopid Kids123
Stoopid Kids123 Month ago
When u ain’t eat all day😂
Shell Moo
Shell Moo Month ago
2:14 awww he didn’t win I feel bad
RKG_Demon Demon
RKG_Demon Demon Month ago
Gobble gobble gobble
Zelerts Month ago
man was looking like a brown egg while eating lmao 😂
Rameil Nano
Rameil Nano Month ago
1:27 totally wasent speed up
ItzGachaJake _YT
Picking chopsticks badly like F- 4:32
yoda Month ago
1:40 when i get 0 in my exam
Alexchang738 Month ago
This is how much subs I will get | | | | 🖕🏻
Aarush p
Aarush p Month ago
They just inhale everything
Livelump Month ago
He need some milk
Itz_Georgie From IT Hun
When your brother says he wants some
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