Eating With Fastest Man TikTok and Musical.ly Compilation

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Feb 5, 2019




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Wagner Lima
Wagner Lima 5 hours ago
Amarah _BTS_army
Amarah _BTS_army 3 days ago
0:01 when your friend is going somewhere and leaves her 4 year old annoying sister with you
Amarah _BTS_army
Amarah _BTS_army 3 days ago
Who ever beat him was in time lapse jsbdhv
Amarah _BTS_army
Amarah _BTS_army 3 days ago
Umm red fork??
Skyla Blossom
Skyla Blossom 3 days ago
3: 10 8 minutes you eat noodles fats
Rahul AK
Rahul AK 4 days ago
I like egg noodles
sheep green profile
Why people just sit there like cowled not doing anything
wolfie gachaa
wolfie gachaa 5 days ago
it was speeded 1:23 ffs speeded.. 2:50 -_- AND THE EGGS ARE TINY AS FUCK
Dineroo Blanco
Dineroo Blanco 5 days ago
3:35 - 3:40 🤣
Robin Roberts
Robin Roberts 5 days ago
At 1:14 that girl sped up to make it look like she was eating fast but she wasent And 2:48 Why do people think other people will be dumb enough to believe that, ok some young people but still.... Speeding up dosent change anything, and at the end they act like they beat em when they didnt. Look I know its jsut a joke and lit the name of the video but stilllllll
MadaraKageUchiha 5 days ago
Why most of em act surprised they the one that looked it up
MadaraKageUchiha 5 days ago
1:19 she eating ramen on a plate so she obviously eat faster
MadaraKageUchiha 5 days ago
0:33 I can eat as fast as that where my medal
Karly Molina
Karly Molina 5 days ago
Hd I have to go to the video of the cops on me oh oh oh oh never see me AND your heart looking like a Angle but SAVAGE LOVED it ok if I come in at yo house and I will be in the office tomorrow morning at yo house and I have a bother but I don't wanna be here in the morning and I will be sending out the email to you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year and I entertainment engry member knees emmett idaho coronavirus update me the status of my application for the position of sales executive
Abid Hussain
Abid Hussain 6 days ago
2:18 his reaction is jus so cringy bruh did u see how he WANTED the toothpick to fall out of his mouth I-
Abid Hussain
Abid Hussain 6 days ago
1:16 bruh her video is fastforwaded
Marina 6 days ago
The only one not cringey here is the original guy
Make you Smile
Make you Smile 7 days ago
4:03 neha dhupiya 😂😂
Rayyan BobaYT
Rayyan BobaYT 10 days ago
1:15 the women fast his video is fake
Yoedhen Yoezer
Yoedhen Yoezer 11 days ago
Susan Mahat
Susan Mahat 12 days ago
1:18 that girl video was really 2x faster
İnci Ceylan
İnci Ceylan 14 days ago
Mohamad Christ
Mohamad Christ 15 days ago
Ar Jun1346
Ar Jun1346 16 days ago
1:23 obviously fake
Akshitha Dharshini
Akshitha Dharshini 18 days ago
0:45 ada mala kurage
Tesimoni Vaka
Tesimoni Vaka 18 days ago
Who_ismarshmello Who_ismarshmello
i like how they speed it up so they can beat him
Vademaro Silva
Vademaro Silva 19 days ago
Velho caduco
Adair Carbajal
Adair Carbajal 19 days ago
1:15 is fake it Was fast forwarded. The one on the left of course
Mia Sara Mohd Aini
Mia Sara Mohd Aini 19 days ago
I can do date😀😀
Shrestha Shikha
Shrestha Shikha 19 days ago
Haiwan hai ye insaan k roop me..🙄🙄
That weird girl on the block
Rose 20 days ago
This is disqusting...
Cayden Thacool123
Cayden Thacool123 23 days ago
Me when l make me a beef ramen packet 🍜
isuccicup gay
isuccicup gay 23 days ago
cock and balls torture indeed
Adam Lewis Jon McBryde
3:41 her fuckin face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Elite Duo
Elite Duo 25 days ago
2:10 only fair one less noodles but 3 large eggs
Bruna Jardim
Bruna Jardim 26 days ago
xixi xixi
xixi xixi 26 days ago
The girl at 1:15 is such a faker she just time lapsed it when she edited it
Night Gacha TR
Night Gacha TR 26 days ago
PreRBLX 26 days ago
I can swallow noodles without chewing
XxStrawberryLemonadexX UwU
Amansız Robloxcu
Amansız Robloxcu 27 days ago
00:00 me :D
• Elena •
• Elena • 27 days ago
literally every people who race him in this video cheats because they film there video in speed
ByReagler90 28 days ago
Lynn Francois
Lynn Francois 28 days ago
My mom: you can play after you eat. Me: 0:01 My mom: 0-0
JUSTJUSTIN 28 days ago
At 1:17 we all know that the girl just sped the video up. 😂
Megala Velu
Megala Velu 28 days ago
Pupils stop cyber bullying.....stop doing video like this ....it is like bullying others
Lynn Francois
Lynn Francois 29 days ago
Viodelfa Santarromana
Remember when music ly was a thing
Staris Roblox
Staris Roblox 29 days ago
1:16 fast girl?
Staris Roblox
Staris Roblox 26 days ago
@chill face XD
chill face
chill face 26 days ago
more like cheater girl
DekuRoblox Month ago
tanboy kun is 6 second
Tsolmonbaatar Chuluunbazar
This africans eating so fast bc thats just speeded
Queen Edia
Queen Edia Month ago
Kerols moblieing
Umm 🤔 it’s not fair for the brown guy he ate 3 eggs 🥚
༻Elena_ Gacha༺
ugh im hungry ;-; what do i can eat? •~•
Wea Sangma
Wea Sangma Month ago
I cannot even eat a bowl of noodles and he consumed it in seconds wow 👏👏👏👏👏
Jayden Manuel
Jayden Manuel Month ago
I'm gonna make my self chicken noodles first thing when I wake up😂
Jayden Manuel
Jayden Manuel Month ago
The man got beaten by a lady😂😂
Marlina Ramely
Marlina Ramely Month ago
Ayşe Sert
Ayşe Sert Month ago
Milou Dog
Milou Dog Month ago
Wtf omg
Adrian Game Star
2:08 he was soo mad cuz he made this video
Reema Alenze
Reema Alenze Month ago
اصلا الفيديو مال الكوري كل شوي ينعاد
kaylen alex
kaylen alex Month ago
chil dude chil
chr3is1 yt
chr3is1 yt Month ago
Why would they speed it up omg Cheater.
Loose- Hotline
Loose- Hotline Month ago
This is so stupid... why is TikTok a thing
pia caitlyn dichoso
Mehmet Cetin
Mehmet Cetin Month ago
Hızlanmış videoyla bizde geçeriz
Hyper Ravel
Hyper Ravel Month ago
Cringey reactions
Sharkii9 Month ago
1:16 she cheated, she sped it up. She should not be allowed to be on tik toi or musically 2:46 this guy thinks he won, he only had 1 pack of noodles and 2 small ass eggs. He fucking thought he won, he did not. His footage was obviously sped up.
klasa szósta
klasa szósta Month ago
I don't know why people are making videos to be fast it doesn't count :/
Hungry Kookie
Hungry Kookie Month ago
Anyone else see that he is inhaling eggs no just me ok...
Yeliz Canbaz
Yeliz Canbaz Month ago
1:16 - 1:30 Not fair LOL
Lowrence Sang
Lowrence Sang Month ago
The guy with the toothpick we can see him push the toothpick with his tough
Matt stonie has enter the chat
Sparkle 1212
Sparkle 1212 Month ago
Some people cheatitid because they speed time I wish I was Doctor Strange
Everyday messy but happy
çetin özderici
Adamı kaç sene aç bıraktınız 😂
anurupa som
anurupa som Month ago
3:24 when I see him it the noodles
EtO Taos
EtO Taos Month ago
Some are cheaters they speed it and the kid had little eggs
Shilpi Bhattacharjee
I want to see this more eating videos and this makes me very hungry that I am 1 I started making the chicken noodles my favourite
Fz G
Fz G Month ago
Fz G
Fz G Month ago
Get sick
Alexis Stubblefield
Those people did it faster
Trinity Drawings
Whats his TikTok acc I used to follow him
ジェノスYT Month ago
Me:pee on 8 second i say don't grab mye ramen This guy: grab the ramen Me: after leave 8 second Me:what the hack where mye ramen This guy:.
umapathim M
umapathim M Month ago
This how many egg he ate? 👇 ?
spoild71 Month ago
Kid with the nose ring 😮😲
V I N T A G E c a r r o t s
1:22 fastest lady and faster then him
ملك الضلام
عيني يا جوعان أوكل الماعون كلة هجت على أكل
Khmer song Lyrics
TheLoserWhoLost Month ago
Bruh. Ppl be cheating by fast-forward
Vincent Tran
Vincent Tran Month ago
2:47 he putted fast mode to make it quick
Jamie Rodriguez
Jamie Rodriguez Month ago
2020? Anybody?
Abir Rahman
Abir Rahman Month ago
Abir Rahman
Abir Rahman Month ago
damn YouTubers
damn YouTubers Month ago
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