Eating like Amberlynn Reid for a Day

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The one you've all be looking forward too... Eating like Amberlynn Reid for a Day. This was by far the most difficult eating video I've filmed to date. I hope you guys enjoy the video, and please leave recommendations for other youtubers to eat like in the comments!
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Twitter: twitter.com/nickkingofearth
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Jan 15, 2019

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Comments 15 883
tiyaaa f
tiyaaa f 10 minutes ago
He's food don't taste good cause he doesn't season it...I can not!🤦🏾‍♀️
Brittany Wilbert
Brittany Wilbert 10 minutes ago
Hold on.... zucchini in chili?! Wtf.. why is it soupy
Brittany Wilbert
Brittany Wilbert 15 minutes ago
He didn’t season his meat 🤦🏽‍♀️
Drama Rama39
Drama Rama39 59 minutes ago
Runny yolk all the way!.
New Mexico
New Mexico Hour ago
This is kinda disrespectful...
100 mill subs without vids
hard yolk is the spawn of the devil, just saying
The Odd One
The Odd One 4 hours ago
Is this guy gay?
ava uwu
ava uwu 5 hours ago
off topic but man tiddies popping
SOS. Lacye
SOS. Lacye 5 hours ago
😭 hamburger helper is bomb asf you make me angry
WOJIPOJI 5 hours ago
I’m praying for u not to die 1 like = 1 prayer
James Wayne
James Wayne 5 hours ago
You know if you're going to say fuck it to calories why would you not eat the best most delicious foods? Like these degenerate human fat monsters eat absolute shit, disgusting tasteless junk. If I was going to be super morbidly obese I'd be fine dining every day.
E K Hour ago
Usually obese people aren’t even eating the food because they think it tastes good, they’re doing it just because they’re accustomed to it. It’s like an addict
Beatriz 1999
Beatriz 1999 6 hours ago
You're kind rude but somehow I feel like you're just being honest
Clementine S4
Clementine S4 8 hours ago
It’s tastes like... hamburger pasta... 😐
Spaghetti Cat
Spaghetti Cat 8 hours ago
For hamburger helper, put some peas in it, it'll make it a bit better
Timeea Beldea
Timeea Beldea 11 hours ago
In my opinion he is kinda rude. Yeah, her lifestyle may be wrong but there's no need to be rude about it...
tiyaaa f
tiyaaa f 11 minutes ago
Timeea Beldea exactly !!
Bilbo Ballbag
Bilbo Ballbag 11 hours ago
If you think diet (whatever) has no calories; You. Are. Fucking. Retarded.
Spicy Hobo
Spicy Hobo 11 hours ago
Legit, hamburger helper was like gourmet for me as a kid.
Don’t touch My butter
Spicy Hobo with hot sauce 🤤😍
Don’t touch My butter
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze 11 hours ago
The way he keeps saying don’t eat eggs a way like fuck you mate don’t eat eggs runny you can’t tell me what to do
Cass Dearlove
Cass Dearlove 14 hours ago
The lack of veggies and variety 🤮🤮🤮 i love chicken and veggies its like my fave 😍
Jenny Dang
Jenny Dang 16 hours ago
I hate this video so bad. Just because she says she is going to fix the way she eats and falls back into her old pattern again, makes your hate her, you obviously can’t see that she is struggling, so fucken rude. She already gets a lot of hate and now you added 1.5 million more hate towards her. Don’t you feel guilty doing this? What if she is depressed! I can’t believe you film this whole thing , sat there and edited this whole video and not feel guilty for what your going to post online, and think “what the girl is going to end up feeling like”.
megan thomas
megan thomas 17 hours ago
Hamburger helper is NASTY! 🤢🤮
Purge Face
Purge Face 20 hours ago
Purge Face
Purge Face 20 hours ago
Hahaa you digg
Purge Face
Purge Face 20 hours ago
Brow f you I am not a Privileged scum like you and live in a mansion I live in f ing Compton so your can get your Paula Deen he’d ass and go kiss your dog
angie g
angie g 20 hours ago
america andrade
america andrade 20 hours ago
everybody’s hating on him but i was literally laughing the entire time
Krypic_ Halo_ gamez
Krypic_ Halo_ gamez 22 hours ago
Yes hamburger helper is a soup of pasta and beef and it’s fuckin disgusting
eunxia 23 hours ago
I absolutely hate the taste of semi-cooked egg yolk so I cook it all the way as well lol
Crimson_ Cake
Crimson_ Cake 23 hours ago
I would just like to comment on the fact that he called COOKED yolk gross. ITS A PREFERENCE!!!!!!
Boy Creeps World
He’s very offensive no wonder why his channel isn’t growing.
Rebecca Tang
Rebecca Tang Day ago
Am I the only middle class person here?
Rebecca Tang
Rebecca Tang Day ago
I’m so so sorry you had to go through this traumatic experience.
Charlotte Shahd Akili
I lost it when he said “ fuck you becky” 😂
sugar sugar
sugar sugar Day ago
Why make a video judging someone’s life for views now what if she sees this video and gets depressed cuz of what ur saying u could of said sum nice ur tryna make money off her right sad
D.O Kyungsoo
D.O Kyungsoo Day ago
Runny egg is absolutely disgusting
A Myriad of Scars
He has strong rich kid form AHS freakshow vibes
juanita Marie
This video reeks of privilege 😩
Day ago
he didn't wash the fucking meat?
how do you wash meat?
Ḩᾱrvest Day ago
I got food posining from chicken pot pie, and i am so scared to ever eat it again. I will throw up if I look at it, or even smell it.
Alison Scott
Alison Scott Day ago
Ain't nothing wrong with Hamber Helper Ma, I don't like it though
Lytania ortiz
Watching this made me want to throw up idk why 😭😭😭😭😭
Lytania ortiz
I thought she ate the hamburger helper for dinner 😭😭😭
lol cyis
lol cyis 2 days ago
bro i want hamburger helper so bad now
Yalonda Marie
Yalonda Marie 2 days ago
damn nice house
A Baguette
A Baguette 2 days ago
I do not agree with her feelings towards food. I don't support her, at all. She needs to diet. But you're such a fucking pussy bitch lmaooooo.
Aberknackle 2 days ago
Why on earth would you want to be able to drink your eggs? THE YOLKS MUST BE SOLID
Aberknackle Day ago
Pantsalonis Sunny side up is for heathens.
Pantsalonis Day ago
sunny side up is delicious
J P 2 days ago
Wilson Hayley
Wilson Hayley 2 days ago
This is mocking her it’s her own body she can do what she wants🙄🙄🙄
Angelina_ Allanson
8:10 Did that bitch have a fucking ziplock bag of chopped mushrooms?!?!??!!?
Hannah 2 days ago
wtf is hamburger helper lmao
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