Eating like Amberlynn Reid for a Day

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The one you've all be looking forward too... Eating like Amberlynn Reid for a Day. This was by far the most difficult eating video I've filmed to date. I hope you guys enjoy the video, and please leave recommendations for other youtubers to eat like in the comments!
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Jan 15, 2019




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Mr.Klasic 20 hours ago
your such a bitch
hellhorse5.0 2 days ago
This dude really ate the whole box of hamburger helper because he didn’t know it was meant to feed multiple people. Were you dropped on your head as a child?
Charlie H Butcher
The fact this has more views than Amber’s most popular video just speaks to how horrible her personality is
Jane Rose
Jane Rose 2 days ago
I never heard of hamburger helper but to be honest, I would eat it
SimpleASMR Artist
How to people eat yolk that’s NOT fully/95% cooked tho?
miwa 2 days ago
Shes 5'3
Erik Quach Hernandez
This guy probably is very ignorant with food . Everything is weird or just mix matching . Go out to the world and experience food . Never cause it's gonna too gross or too weird . Go back to hamburgers and fake Chinese food...
Icy Berrieʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
What’s a hamburger helper? I’m from Texas and I have never seen one.
Critical Sin
Critical Sin 3 days ago
Diet soda is horrible for you, worse than the normal stuff.
Metsasusi 4 days ago
I would like to eat this hamburger helper.
TheMaloney 6 days ago
I don’t understand the precooked bacon. Bacon tike 2 mins. Never even heard of such a thing until I came to America. The laziest country on earth.
ItssaLyssa96 6 days ago
He don't know how to cook.
The Law & Order title cards are giving me life!
Rin Bedford
Rin Bedford 7 days ago
I’ve never heard of hamburger helper but that looks hideous 😧😬
Jilma x
Jilma x 7 days ago
Ha pussy.
NeoAnimeandGames 8 days ago
Imagine getting mad cause someone doesn't like hamburger helper and eggs cooked through fully. Pathetic. 🤣
Emily Langman
Emily Langman 8 days ago
not gonna lie could probably eat all that
Nicole Cummings
Nicole Cummings 8 days ago
"F*ck you Becky" lmao!!!
Sunset Canary
Sunset Canary 8 days ago
When you Aussie and don’t know what the fuck chilli is supposed to be, but have jumbuck stew instead
CHILLY MAN 9 days ago
I don't get it I thought she ate alot all the videos I have seen she's been binge eating. I think that her problem is that all she does is eat I haven't heard anything about her having a job or anything.
Julianna Gamboa
Julianna Gamboa 9 days ago
Not gonna lie i fucking love hamburger helper but i cant eat it often because how much fucking calories there is in it
Muslimah Sierra
Muslimah Sierra 9 days ago
Me: mmmm Hamburg- Him: it’s not that good Me: .................
Aysha Monias
Aysha Monias 10 days ago
I like the bacon that you cook..... why thattttt
E&J 11 days ago
5:35 try it with some bread bud
chickpea_girl 12 days ago
I’m vegan now but Hamburger Helper and Tuna Helper were bomb when I was a kid.
Carlos Sy
Carlos Sy 12 days ago
Tanginanyo mga americano ang aaterte amp Kung kukuha ka nalang content kinakadiri mo pang bakla ka wag mo na siya gayahin ang routine niya sa isang araw kung ganyan naman din pala ang kalalabasan ng video mo dahil sa ugali mong "SHIT TRASH".Please stop sana makarma kang GAGO KA. Kung pangit ng lasa ng recipe niya wag mo isisi siya sisihin mo ung sariling mong kamay na walang talento magluto.. sana maban ka sa youtube ay hindi SA WORLD NALANG GAGO
Apoorva Shakya
Apoorva Shakya 12 days ago
Why did you make a whole pack of hamburger helper lol are u dumb or what?
Dana O
Dana O 13 days ago
This guy is a snowflake. What a bore. Yawn.
Amayrani Marquina
Amayrani Marquina 13 days ago
MB Stephens
MB Stephens 14 days ago
Oh, you poor thing! Thank God she's a liar, and wasn't honest about all the crap she eats every day.
Ferchii Alice
Ferchii Alice 15 days ago
Im watching ur video and u move 100000000% more than amber or she just never move in her videos xD pfffttt i forget she can even move lol
Thomas Newton
Thomas Newton 15 days ago
I wasn't surprised at how many calories she would be consuming to be 500 plus pounds you have to be eating for atleast 3 or 4 people it's insane how someone could eat so much and be OK with it
Thomas Newton
Thomas Newton 15 days ago
Eat like a light weight kick boxing champion for the day plus the exercise
Xien Ho
Xien Ho 16 days ago
I also dont know what hamburger helper is. Cuz in my country thats probably a luxury food already lmao
Sapphire Yorke
Sapphire Yorke 17 days ago
Hamburger helper was the worst thing I ate as a poor child. I was a poor child with taste
Muddy Piglet1
Muddy Piglet1 19 days ago
That hamburger shit looks GROSSS
Hope Bernava
Hope Bernava 19 days ago
This guy immediately reminded me of Luka Magnotta in some of those interview and home videos
Elizabeth Toenyan
Elizabeth Toenyan 19 days ago
All these comments about hamburger helper being poor people food but that’s upper class poor. Middle class poor was just hamburger and store brand pasta 😂
UrMomGey and so am i
Him: *stirs chili soup* Me:"that's what good pussy sounds like"
yournewlodger 20 days ago
"It's like hamburger pasta" - bitch, it's called Hamburger Helper, what the fuck do you think it is?
Yifei Zhan
Yifei Zhan 20 days ago
I’m Chinese and I’m astonished how she eats her daily diet. I mean daily binging food.
Benny 20 days ago
fuck u cooked yolk is the bomb
Haylee Wood
Haylee Wood 21 day ago
is nobody noticing that his are are HUGE
Saturn7896 21 day ago
Alright, time to start this challenge! **opens fridge** Okay, I give up nevermind this challenge sucks I'm never doing anything like this in my life, this challenge was a horrible idea
SmolYona 22 days ago
bro it’s not that unusual for people to eat their yokes hard likes it’s seriously pretty normal don’t know what kind of people you know but they obviously don’t have much diversity lol
SmolYona 22 days ago
also am scottish so i don’t know what hamburger helper is but it look fuckin banging ngl
Dymond Nicole
Dymond Nicole 22 days ago
Nick I get you!!!!😜😜 I just get you!!!!!👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Dymond Nicole
Dymond Nicole 22 days ago
Never had zucchini in my chili
MarMar 23 days ago
You should do an updated version. Nikocado Avocado posted a video, with receipts, of what she is eating presently. XD
starryevak 23 days ago
if i ate 7 milano cookies i’d feel so guilty i wouldn’t eat the whole rest of the day
Anne Wheeler
Anne Wheeler 23 days ago
Maybe you’re gonna throw up because you ate a whole fucking box?!?!?
Wilfre Santos
Wilfre Santos 23 days ago
If you calling that food trash dont do the challenge am i right
Wilfre Santos
Wilfre Santos 23 days ago
Bro a full tru cooked egg is good you accusing her over that damn stop saying how much she wights damn
Wilfre Santos
Wilfre Santos 23 days ago
You mean when you sat down to eat the baecon and eggs you coppied her way of sitting becouse she is fat shameful bro
Riana Đenise
Riana Đenise 23 days ago
Omg that chili was not it 😭
Zee Weiss
Zee Weiss 23 days ago
I dont know who she is or what her diet is but her diet is extremely unhealthy and I find it wrong to support gaining weight when you are already overweight, aside from passing nutrients to a child that is being born, being overweight has way more downsides then upsides. I am very much not fit myself and I am in fact overweight but I am working on getting to a healthy weight and I'm afraid this will give people the wrong idea and they will have various health issues because of it. I apologize for offending anyone but this is the truth I have talked to my nutritionist about it.
Donuts and Milk
Donuts and Milk 23 days ago
Him: *adds smoked paprika for flavor* Me: Man now I know you’re rich and white cause everyone knows that paprika don’t taste like anything!
MaKayla Shaye
MaKayla Shaye 23 days ago
What a privileged white boy
you love I
you love I 23 days ago
Never had hamburger helper in my life lmao but it looks nasty
øłłîë 24 days ago
I just eat dinner.
Y Bong-Chul
Y Bong-Chul 25 days ago
As a person with an eating disorder it`s just not even fun to watch Amberlynn This dude is funny but Amberlynn ist... she needs help okay
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