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Spicy Noodles Eating


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Jan 18, 2019




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Comments 4 189
Daniella Zachou
Daniella Zachou 3 hours ago
its corona timeee
Amv[Gmv] Anime
Amv[Gmv] Anime 4 hours ago
Sadie Huels
Sadie Huels 6 hours ago
4:30 i dont like the fact that her grandma is in the background hungry while shes chomping down freaking paper towels
raizen vlogs
raizen vlogs 8 hours ago
11-17 whatssss
Fay pumpkinsss
8:33 me considering my life choices
Fay pumpkinsss
And then,they've been living in the toilet ever since
anami chieko
anami chieko Day ago
the girl with onions 8:15 what is the title of the song?
Fatima El hani
Iliass Elfakir
Crona virus
J Lana
J Lana 2 days ago
That woman with the short hair and pink shirt still not finish her noodle😂😂😂🤣😂😅
Sophia Salas
Sophia Salas 2 days ago
I really hope in my lifetime I can experience Chinese, Japanese, and Korean meals.
jhureen Entac
jhureen Entac 2 days ago
That is so yummy
Emmaninta Tarigan
They are so doing stupid things🙄
Ngurnunsanga Sailo
So very bad😏🤨
Charlyssa Joseph
Charlyssa Joseph 3 days ago
Bruh some of the noodles look like guts
Tooph 3 days ago
I love 🧅 onions
ali hasseen
ali hasseen 4 days ago
philip lofi
philip lofi 4 days ago
Are they like proffesional competitive eaters
philip lofi
philip lofi 4 days ago
Are they like proffesional competitive eaters
Gacha_alien groupmeow
The first lady omg. Lady its ok? Are u ok? U eat SO FAST OMG
ra!nbowg!rl 00P
ra!nbowg!rl 00P 4 days ago
stop eating food like 0:30 and coronavirus wouldn't be here now idiots
Sofia Allar
Sofia Allar 4 days ago
3:13 this girl be looking like an alien face Snow White-
Tabassum Ara
Tabassum Ara 5 days ago
What kind of food people eating
bangtan army forever
Omg ...looks so spicy..but delicious..😁😁😂😁😁
캐미쿡방 5 days ago
The first girl SWALLOWED the noodles
roblox y perros
roblox y perros 5 days ago
Xd quien va a llamar a esa cerdita (la tercera segunda)
Demetrius Cowart
Demetrius Cowart 5 days ago
Demetrius Cowart
Demetrius Cowart 5 days ago
Sharifh Alnukani
Sharifh Alnukani 6 days ago
5:12 she has a lot to say not gonna lie
Rae Salazar
Rae Salazar 6 days ago
My mom said that to 🦠🧪
لبنى بلقوشي
انا صايمةوالله جنت
Vchrisn17 _
Vchrisn17 _ 6 days ago
If you’re here just to hate on them then just go. This is not the place to let go of your racist self and I just don’t get why white people hate asians so much?
Jeon Myna:3
Jeon Myna:3 6 days ago
the first seems like he didn't chew the pasta, just swallowed it
Ariel and gabrielle wilson
These girls be out here lookin like:👽
SlayS2K 7 days ago
when the first video froze i thought i lost connection so i was hitting my phone
Srie 3AS
Srie 3AS 7 days ago
0:00 7 second
First Name Last Name
4:15 Me:😐 The video: *hacking out lung* Me:😨😰😰😰🤢😷😷😷😷😷
Magma-Chanted Bombardment.
0:12 I just freaking thought my iPad paused
k4tie 9 days ago
Oh my fucking god stfu with these why do they wanna look like aliens, why do y’all wanna look like oopma lupas, that’s worse
Nelly’s _roblox
8:19 she eating onions her breath must me kicking
Ontavia Vlogzz
Ontavia Vlogzz 10 days ago
4:34 poor old lady
Jordynn Smith
Jordynn Smith 10 days ago
Corona virus summoning it’s next victims
93miku 9 days ago
仙癒 10 days ago
食い方汚ねぇな ほんとに女かよ
Anabia Obaid
Anabia Obaid 10 days ago
2:26 extreme spice mode activated😖😖😖😖
Soysoy 10 days ago
The bowl also changes its shape when their mouth is coming closer to the plate..wondering what's the app they are using 🤪
Hilaw Lata
Hilaw Lata 10 days ago
Give grandma a noodle
Larry Keaton
Larry Keaton 11 days ago
i love a women who can eat wow
Latifa Bouameur
Latifa Bouameur 11 days ago
Lizbeth Nunez
Lizbeth Nunez 11 days ago
I think that they are inspired by vacuum cleaners
The Boss93
The Boss93 11 days ago
Quick as hell
Jaden Siazon
Jaden Siazon 11 days ago
Work out 👽heads
Kay Monzuire
Kay Monzuire 11 days ago
They’re head went:👽
sofia 12 days ago
they said 👽
Ryquan Wiggins
Ryquan Wiggins 12 days ago
1:07 Lemme drink it before my sis cum back
Ketsorele 00
Ketsorele 00 12 days ago
Literally no one: Me : doesn't understand what they are saying but seeing them eating
Irfan Nuddin
Irfan Nuddin 12 days ago
weird face
human human123
human human123 12 days ago
0:45 looks so fun
Chip And dale
Chip And dale 13 days ago
1:47 someone teach this person to use a fork or a chopsticks.
Stella Bella
Stella Bella 13 days ago
How do they not get heartburn?
yuzu jiya
yuzu jiya 13 days ago
The First one didn't even chew the noodles!
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