EASY Mods Make HUGE Power On This Veteran's C7 Z06!

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Mar 6, 2019




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Comments 100
7500$ for bolt ons? 100hp? Forza tuned will do 830hp for 2500$ on a hellcat. I know not the same car but everyone says all gm cars are cheap to build
Put some Toyo R888R tires on there. I did 345/30/19 and put them on 19” Z06 styled, cloned rims.
Angelo Bovara
Angelo Bovara Month ago
Learn how to make a video. You're swingin the cam around like an angry child.
Shay Blair
Shay Blair 2 months ago
That dude looks like he's got PTSD acting up.🇺🇸❤️. thank you for your service
gmax876 2 months ago
Is that $7500 including parts and labor?
Oscar Esquivel
Oscar Esquivel 2 months ago
I was just about trow up, man ! Can u cut those moments or those seems on ur videos ? U talked about this guy real respectable but what he did makes him look like white gourevitch! No respect about him, veteran bull shit!
Oscar Esquivel
Oscar Esquivel 2 months ago
Man ,!! I was eating when this was spitting on the bottle that faking grouse,, can u coordinate ur videos?
james walton
james walton 3 months ago
I love what you done for that Vet and his Vette. I sent you a email because I want to bring my Vette down, have a good evening.
William Deas
William Deas 4 months ago
Thank you for supporting us. al ot of people say they support the troops but don't try to give back to us. Thank you for giving back.
alll cars101
alll cars101 5 months ago
That soldier needs to take his hands out his pockets
Umn911 5 months ago
What’s with that nasty engine tic after your got out of the car
Thomas Carrillo
Thomas Carrillo 6 months ago
What kinda math do you guys use?! 559 to 655 is NOT over 100 hp gain. 8:06
Carpathian 6 months ago
So let me get this straight, the guy is a stay at home mom driving a z06?
Road Runners
Road Runners 6 months ago
As a veteran, his wife being a commander and coining you is a really big thing. Good Job. Maybe I should bring my race car down to your shop for a veteran discount
03FORCE21 7 months ago
Job well done to fasterpromis thank you for taking care of a vet! The most respect!
03FORCE21 7 months ago
Initial 559 and 596 is far below the marketed 650/650 is that normal for the Z06
driften1967 7 months ago
Great Job! You're a stand up guy. Thanks for paying blessings forward in your profession. From a car guy and a veteran!
Timmy Gonzo
Timmy Gonzo 7 months ago
Goll darn! I followed you from cleetus’ channel, thought you were awesome. Helping out a veteran hits home...hard. You have my respect and loyalty, sir. Effin A, you’re a hell of a good man. All of you at Fasterproms.
Dally Curtis
Dally Curtis 8 months ago
AWESOME MAN...Thank you sir for your service and all involved. From a Canadian. Cheers
james walton
james walton 9 months ago
Good job you doing for VETS I am reitired army VET myself, Purple heart receiver. Cudos to Dave. Love what you got done to your Vette.
Christopher Iacovetti
Christopher Iacovetti 10 months ago
That was an absolute kind and generous donation to that gentleman. This disabled vet appreciates it! And you gave me a few ideas for my 2017 C7. God bless you for helping
kennyq45 11 months ago
Very cool, thank you for support the veterans!
MarzyD Year ago
how much did this whole tune up cost in the end
EdifiedSoul Year ago
This is so Awesome what you guys are doing for our Veterans especially at a time when they are getting the shaft from the current administration and Govt. As a son of a Vietnam Veteran I feel emotional and thankful for people like you. You are a fantastic human being and I have the utmost respect for you Sir. God bless you! On that note I am going to get me a Z06 Corvette within the coming weeks and hope to be able to get these same kinds of modifications done to mine as well. Please keep these amazing videos coming, because I sure do love them. Thanks Again!
Timeless Year ago
Happy Diet......Truckers Call this the `Honey Spot`....Seeing what the engine Likes!!.........You Guys Rock!!!
Timeless Year ago
It IS Great, Seeing You Take Care of Our Patriots!!!.....They Deserve So Much!!!.....He has My Attention!!.....Thank You for Your Service, Sir!!....You Too Jeremy...
matthew madalone
Hell I installed TT kit on a z06 for $50 an hour labor
matthew madalone
$7500?!? I'd do it for 4500
gary mathews
gary mathews Year ago
you need a traction fluid sprayer on this car ,slick in a bottle .
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Year ago
I’m retired Army CW4 Blackhawk Pilot with 28.5 years and have the same car, 2LZ. With the crappy Super sports on there, I can’t get the power to the ground without a burnout. Definitely getting different tires. It’s nice that you support Veterans. I can tell you have a huge heart. I wish there were more people out there with your mindset set. So many people don’t get it. BTW, as far as the dreams or nightmares, I have those every damn night. Some worse than others. I hope they stop one day. PTSD sucks.
Scott Cardwell
You ever come into a coin Challenge, your sitting pretty....
james walton
james walton Year ago
I I have some headers that I would love to donate to your projects..they are for a C6.
Fasterproms Year ago
Sweet man! Our address I believe is in the description!
james walton
james walton Year ago
nice car comrade...the only thing I see is wrong was the Solider in the rear with fricking hands in his pocket....
Jeremy you just rock. Plain and simple. Lost my Dad in 2009 from effects of Agent Orange. He passed away ON Veterans day. He was a Crew Chief for the 269th CAB Black Barons in Chu Chi Vietnam 1967-68. I wish he could have had something like that when he got out. He had a Ford Fairlane just before he left for Vietnam but sold it. When he got out he married my Mom and was just a hard working family man. Thanks for doing what you do. Really.
Nova Reaper
Nova Reaper Year ago
Watching this really makes me wish I could do something similar for my Dad. He went from high school dropout to a Navy S.E.A.L., and then on to being a Dr. of Psychology. He has a 2009 Corvette that was actually built on my birthday. Anyways, thank you for everything you do!
Silver rules 😁😁😁😎
Sweet love the car
Chris Harrod
Chris Harrod Year ago
Show me the 100 people who clicked dislike on this video so I can punch you in the throat.
Curveball Year ago
You're a classy dude, Jeremy. If I get back into an LS car, I'd drive all the way to Tampa for a tune from you.
Jon Year ago
This Disabled Vet wants to do a Burn Out. As soon as I get my car back together I just might have to. Love what y'all are doing for the Vets much Respect and Thank You.
Bayer-Z28 Year ago
HOTRODDER50 Year ago
I am Army vet. 19kilo10 Abrams Tank Crewman. I have a low mileage very clean med patriot red 95 Camaro Z28 with a few basic mods. Stainless eBay long tube headers, Magnaflow catback, Richmond 3.73s,UMI sub frame connectors- lower control arms-adj torque arm, BFG rubber, chrome ZO6 wheels, rebuilt 4l60 trans, cowl fiberglass hood, etc,etc. Dam that Vette runs good!💪💪💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ben Renner
Ben Renner Year ago
I work with a viet nam vet.. he has the craziest stories (both good and bad/sad) he just got a c5z and just started researching mods... I pointed him your way :)
cf mechanic
cf mechanic Year ago
Awesome job and thanks for giving back. I am curious about the Afr stuff u were talking about. You said 13.1 was a safe afr. Would u reccommend this for a gen 1 small block chevy with sniper efi. I have been tweaking on it for over a year but usually keep my full throttle afr around 12.6-12.7. Motor is a dart shp small block afr heads headers single plane intake. Just looking to take advantage of all the power I can get. Thanks great video
Rusty Shackelford
Who's the old biker lookin dude @:08? Wait is that... ...my Dad? Just kiddin!
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Year ago
lolpop martian
God dang, I love this video. Such a selfless act for a worthy man. He was very appreciative and you guys both had a great time. This is the type of content i like too see!
Iraq vet here saying Thank You for your service Brother!! Spin the tires for me some time!
jeffrey williams
just curious, do you tune Nissans?
Earl Scanlon
Earl Scanlon Year ago
South Bound & Down
Who the fuck would dislike all this FREEDOM?!
michael wilson
Justin is truly a deserving person of that mod. Couldn't be happier for you brother.
If you would have port matched the snout to a LT5 95mm throttle body I bet you would have cracked 700. Nice job Jeremy
Larz Year ago
Please show your videos of doing free projects for Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native service members, since they make up more than 50% of our service members. Thank you.
Toxic Venom
Toxic Venom Year ago
I love your channel. I will always watch. Your always giving to the veterans, you as a veteran, someone needs to do something nice for yourself. God Bless you sir.
Old men rule racing
And of course, the goldens!
Bill El
Bill El Year ago
Of all the people you could have taken care of you choose to take care of a veteran. Thank you sir. The is no group of people more deserving in our country and I appreciate all you effort so very much.
Johnmicheals Burnett
Niccee.... 👍
brian meattey
brian meattey Year ago
Very well done bro I see ya like the coins and they do mean a lot I have a few my self there not veteran ones but police and k9 coins very unique and if you like them type of coins and really appreciate them witch I know you do I'd like to send you one or 2 witch are very special to me to you if you would like .so plz keep up what your doing its special bud and thx
Mercmad Year ago
13:93, he bought an Army buddy down for a look ?
Kyle Marshall
Kyle Marshall Year ago
The one time my tires were not hot... as soon as the giant turbo made boost there was no saving it lol
Michael Palmer
1 minute 10 seconds in you mention it's an automatic. If you really want to hook him up, give him a manual transmission
Lis Lauj
Lis Lauj Year ago
Stay at home Dad with a new c7z and v3? Sign me up!!
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson Year ago
Awesome stuff what you guys are doing. So much respect for this. That's a good group of guys right there!
down detroit
down detroit Year ago
Jeremy needless to say YOU are the man, PTSD as well as just the day to day returning to civilian life can be a bitch... ANYTHING that can help our fellow vets unplug from the day to day can keep a combat vet squared away....Please thank the young man and his wife for their service (even if it was in the ARMY lol) I have no doubt his new fire team is even more challenging. Let him know when it is time for his ladies to start dating, i will gladly swing down and bring the cleaning gear so the boys know upfront consequences could get severe if those ladies are not treated 1000000% with the utmost of respect.
qb s
qb s Year ago
4 Girls and still have money and time to throw away on toys must be nice .
Pog Crohnie
Pog Crohnie Year ago
I love these fucking videos.
Topher Campana
Jeremy thank you for appreciating veterans and for the great content God bless
landon biewald
Jeremy, I am 18 about to graduate high school and I am wondering where you learned how to tune and how I can get into it because I am very interested in learning how to do it.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams Year ago
Dude why is it so CHOPPY !!!
Rocky Mtn Redneck
Veterans turned stay-at-home Dads of Merica unite! There're a lot of us that have gone that route. Baby puke cleans off far easier than blood!
Everything about this is why you guys are number one! Respect brother. 🇺🇸
Huntsman52 Year ago
Thank him and his wife for Thier service and I he has a tune of fun for a lot of year's with the car
Fred Flintstone
The reality is that a lot of soldiers get into the military because they need a job and are often seriously constrained by a lack of options. The increase in the salaries have demonstrated this as well. As people grow in knowledge due to the internet and other modern sources they no longer see the USA as a benevolent force in the world but are most often engaged in conflict around the world for economic reasons. As such the salaries for soldiers increased. One fact that has always remained is that under fire, in times of great danger, the soldiers priority shifts to his brothers in arms. The most important thing in the world to the soldier during those moments is the men around him and that's always been the case when they know in their hearts that the reason for being there is bullshit. This is also demonstrated by things written and said by men going back even as far as WW1. They were not their for their countries, but for each other.
Biggin5434 Year ago
That's freaking awesome
1ST General
1ST General Year ago
How about making a challenge coin for the veterans low cost great reward
Jason James
Jason James Year ago
I love how the attempt to scare him only made him grin...... That is a BAMFER! Savage sir, thank you for all you do.
Nigel Kemp
Nigel Kemp Year ago
That’s one tough car 👍
Joe Dorr
Joe Dorr Year ago
that kid just wants to do burnouts lol.
New England Pickers Junk Removal Services Debris
Thank you Jeremy for paying forward to this Great Guy That Served This Great Country You are amazing
lexer 21
lexer 21 Year ago
Tell that army cat in the back ground to get his damn hands out of his pockets.
Sean Crowe
Sean Crowe Year ago
I love how you’re working for our veterans and I would hope to one day get a ride along or help tune/modify my car once I reach that veteran status.
flyonbyya Year ago
650 and 750...decent ??? WTH...That’s crazy power !!!
DOMINATOR 210 Year ago
Make your son a shirt saying "want to do a burn out"
Nik Year ago
I love the channel and all, but fuck off with the veteran shit. You're not serving your country by bombing civilians in another and taking their oil.
The Car Review Guys
That's awesome man! My Dad is in the process of retiring now from the Army as an E9 CSM. I can't thank our military enough! If I can keep my channel growing, (almost to 1k subs) I want to buy a supercar and hopefully share it with some military folks that share the same passion as I do with cars.(I have 5 cars right now, C7, 1LE SS Camaro, 19 Ram, 91 Z28, and a 18 Kia Stinger GT2 AWD) Awesome video! Keep it up!
Michael Latham
Yo to get that company coin is serious man...mad respect from.25ID
Goerls Going Places
Great job Jeremy and everyone at the shop from a Retired Army vet thanks for everything you do
Ray Jay
Ray Jay Year ago
As a disabled veteran, my advice to you Justin is to not internalize your feelings. Keep communications open with your any support you receive from the VA, your wife and keep her in the loop. Raising your girls could be your best therapy. Keep up the fight. It's tough as hell at times! Good luck brother!
Christian Cote
Eh man time to clean and cut them nails...
Jason Kodatt
Jason Kodatt Year ago
I would Definitely like to donate to this somehow!
Brad Mason
Brad Mason Year ago
Where are you located?
checkmate427 Year ago
Well done sir, Love everything you do especially recognizing the military.
Anthony m
Anthony m Year ago
Hell yeah justin!! Thank you for serving this country!!!!!
Uncle Duncan's Shack
Lovely: Oversprinkled by " The Beard" !
1valg Year ago
That is one beautiful car! Silver really suits it!
Jeremy Kiser
Jeremy Kiser Year ago
Wish i could support u for supporting troops but thank u for supporting troops!!!!!
David Evans
David Evans Year ago
love it and don't want to take away from this but have to share,IM not avet but a vet touched my heart he was dying from cancer and checked up on me when my wife was dying, Justin Fitch look up his story if ya like guns ebomey and many other like minded yt channels raising money for vets cabins and bikes and vets my boy Adam Sandavol and sccooter same thing cabins and downtime
Lewis Radbourn
Mate ... what you do is so special .. well done it actualybrought a tear to my eyes .. keep up this great work i look forward to all your segments .. cheers
TheBazzterd U'r Average Gamer
Maybe im the devil's advocate here, but if u own a 80K car u don't need any extra's imo.... there are too many that fall true the cracks of society that really can use a hand, and hopefully those still come...don't get me wrong, i like what u do but i think some deserve it more then others. Cuz if i keep seeing this in the future then i for sure will get a bad taste thinking it's just easy scoring cuz 99% likes the veteran's. (and tbh, that's something i already think cuz it's a easy market group to make the channel bigger off and yes.. i`m mr.negative) 3,2,1...ok let the hate come, i don't mind i have an opinion and stick with it.
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