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Mar 28, 2019




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Comments 80
Joanna Diana
Joanna Diana Month ago
what does she use to edit her photos?
Allison Wonderland
This had my anxiety through the roof 😅
BhaddieBabe Delta
She cutting out all her caught
Miss Nikoghosyan
Miss Nikoghosyan 2 months ago
I feel dizzy 😂😂😂😂♥️🌹🌹🌹
Jenny Rose
Jenny Rose 3 months ago
Your Insta Baddie Makeup Look came out so Beautiful but no offense the bronzer on your kinda through me off it's a little too much! You're such a natural beautiful girl and I honestly think your nose is perfect girl, keep up the great work, yasss queen!
Eden 4 months ago
Girrrrl. When you go abroad, don’t wear makeup!! Your face will tan and you’ll feel so much better❤️
Siva G
Siva G 4 months ago
Don't talk too much, it's irritating
Maleny Luna
Maleny Luna 4 months ago
Is she high?
Agata Bińczak
Agata Bińczak 5 months ago
Omg I always have to speed videos and yours is perfect 👌🏻 no sarcasm for real ♥️♥️
Maiken Johnsen
Maiken Johnsen 7 months ago
This vid gave me major headache
Madison Chaney
Madison Chaney 8 months ago
this video is chaotic
Cynthia Charles
Cynthia Charles 10 months ago
why does she look like a my little pony 👀
joonie tunes
joonie tunes 11 months ago
“And it makes me really hyper and I don’t know why” ITS THE CAFFEINE
Ailin Becerra
Ailin Becerra 11 months ago
i wonder if her white hair clips are from brandy melville cause i have some and they look exactly like that and they’re from brandy.
Hema Sita
Hema Sita 11 months ago
Im here watching this from South Africa😂😂😂😂
unknown idk
unknown idk 11 months ago
8:07 just me or does she sound abit Australian?😂
Xbd22 11 months ago
Why r ur nails yellow?
Julie Hovers
Julie Hovers 11 months ago
she looks like a mix of lili reinheart and beyoncé
Kirarasdemonx Year ago
Literally too fucking obnoxious to watch
Kam Luv123
Kam Luv123 Year ago
this video was extremely hard to watch.. this is the first video ive seen of yours and it seems youre talking soooo much about nothing i know about.. ugh
Rehana Begum
Rehana Begum Year ago
You’re gorge but please speak slower x
Edible Orange
Edible Orange Year ago
Ily!!! You’re actually adorable bb xx
joonie tunes
joonie tunes Year ago
This video is the perfect speed for my ADHD
Reddits Finest
Reddits Finest 6 months ago
same here, gotta keep the meds uppp!
Zainvsgaming 9 months ago
joonie tunes same
anna sophie
anna sophie Year ago
when the video switched from make up to no make up at the beginning i was like WOWOWOOWOWO NOOOO WAY. aight... thats a veeeeery big difference huh. but pretty in both ways
HxmzaTheB3st Kick off
Emilyxox Year ago
Ok I love this but you need to stop taking about South Africa
Jasmine Caprice
Your soo pretty!
Hey Lo
Hey Lo Year ago
I put his video on 0.75x and it sounded normal🤣 Loool you you speak so fast but it’s fine, love your videos 💖
santoryuuzoro 7 months ago
Same, I just did that and it sounds fine
Mechie Nk
Mechie Nk Year ago
Her: My face is swollen 🤣🤣. Her jawline is sharper than my nails
It's sooooo hell hard to watch when english is not your first language... Just sayin'
Crazygirl28 Year ago
i know that ur face feels nasty
K.j.w Year ago
Nomatter_ Coco
Your cuts are bomb 😂😂😂😂
k m
k m Year ago
I wonder how many times did she say “South Africa” in this video 🤔
Julia Tamara
Julia Tamara Year ago
omg the second i look at ur thumbnail, i just *knew* u’re british. so weird
Shxlom_ Year ago
U deserve soooo many more subscribers!I'm addicted 2 ur chanel
Deziree Pagan
Deziree Pagan Year ago
“Am I turning into Emery Bingham?” I actually spit out my water SKSKSKSKSKSKSK
queen waffles
queen waffles Year ago
"james or something or 10% off"
Diane Marie Ahern
Aye yo! Found u accidentally lol but now i a fan 💜 love ur personality!
Sandy Yayyy
Sandy Yayyy Year ago
I watch sooo many beauty RUvid channels, but you are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RUvidr. I wish I had your perfect face and shiny hair...
pauli e
pauli e Year ago
Girl you're making me crazy with your fast talks 😂😂
Natalie Pedraza
There’s so much going on but I love the vid
lucy dennington
did u notice how many times she said shes been to south africa or shed just got off a flight
Dakota Chinwo
Dakota Chinwo Year ago
The amount of clips in this video I-
meg cahill
meg cahill Year ago
pls upload more i've binged watched all your vids and idk what to do now
Yara Ver
Yara Ver Year ago
* checks the speed of the video * * realises it's on normal *
Dani Salas
Dani Salas 11 months ago
Fr lmao
cristal acosta
Yeeessss I was like “ you good?” Lmao
Katie Burke
Katie Burke Year ago
I LOVE your nose😭
Stan bts or yOu gOt nO jAmS
Katie Burke SAMMMME 😍
Sarathesaraa Year ago
BRO last time i was here u had 6k? u r my new bestie ur hilarious
Julieann Eastham
Sally Ann
Sally Ann Year ago
I like how she says what she’s doing and what she’s using
Torijh Year ago
I love your makeup tutorials ❤️❤️
Kiana xo
Kiana xo Year ago
I love you're channel you're stunning xx💘
Ella Karadia
Ella Karadia Year ago
Self esteem? Who is she?
Jaime Louise
Jaime Louise Year ago
What did you do to your hair to get it that colour, luvvv it💓
Jeniffer Corea
u speak sooo friken fast but i absolutely love you and how real and down to earth you are! keep killing it girl!
Hannah Parkins
You must definitely come to Cape Town if you ever come to SA again ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hannah Parkins
I’m so sad I didn’t know you were here in South Africa 😭😭😭 I love you so much and I missed my chance of meeting you 💔 yeah we don’t have a lot of the big brands here which is so sad. But i hope you enjoyed our country ❤️❤️❤️
Ebs x
Ebs x Year ago
where do you get your extensions from b x
badman Year ago
Congrats on 50k
kaittt_xoxo Year ago
take a shot everytime she says “south africa”
Emilyxox Year ago
I’m hammered aha
nobody toyou
nobody toyou Year ago
She looks like what a perfect sim would look like how is this even possible
nobody toyou
nobody toyou Year ago
Imagine taking off your makeup and you look like that😍😍
Aliya M
Aliya M Year ago
Loved this vid xx ps PETE 😂♥️
Caitlin Walker
I love u sm omfg I want ur skin it’s so clear ❤️
Megan Bevan
Megan Bevan Year ago
Please can you do some more fashion videos because I love you’re style xxxxx
Emilee Van Bakel
Literally the prettiest ever!!!
Jessica Van Der Merwe
absolutely loved this look😍 hope you enjoyed south africa :)) (im from SA haha😂😂)
Viva Orense
Viva Orense Year ago
So pretty 😍😍 love from Philippines 💕💕
astxrs Year ago
Your hair is literally the best thing ever what
mycah charrise
get well soon :(((
mycah charrise
mycah charrise
oh hey girl loved that alien talk earlier 🤣😘
Emily Stone
Emily Stone Year ago
Came from the live stream xx lyl ❤️ love ur channel and thank u so much for being such a genuine person ❤️
alisa xo
alisa xo Year ago
ur so cute
Javeria Syeda
Javeria Syeda Year ago
How long before u get ur roots touched up? Wanting to go blonde but don’t know if I should
Amelia Brereton
woah im early for once💓 BEAUTIFUL👏👏
Mimi's Tingles ASMR
taliyah S
taliyah S Year ago
Li Ju
Li Ju Year ago
You are so inspiring❤️
Tateum Morales
ILYYY ❤️❤️
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