Easy Eyes n' Face Makeup Tutorial | ft. Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes

Sara K
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Hello creatures
Sorry the sun wanted to play hide and seek with my positive attitude today. What can ya do you am I right.

Again you know me. I wouldn't recommend something I don't like or wouldn't use.
Yes these brushes are vegan and are very very good. Especially the eyebrow brush. I didn't show all my eyebrows because yeah I'm still learning how to do them and they me 12 hours to do.... But I still wanted you to see I used this brush and I honestly like it a little bit better than all the other brushes I've been using.
BUT. Yes. Fun fact. Was 100$...I'll give you a lil sum to make that less, I think That's worth it in my opinion!

Vanity Planet Makeup Brush Palette
Code for 70% off: sarak
Originally $100 but with code they are only $30

Face. Smashbox Studio Wear. 1.1
Airspun translucent powder
Cover girl mineral powder Light 1
Maybelline contour kit contour shade
Urban Decay Setting Spray.
Eyes. Smashbox foundation as primer
Lorac pro 2 light brown shade
Sephora Patone Universe Red shade, Dark brown maybelline Lash stiletto mascara Black
Eyebrows. ABH in dark brown. Brown tinted eyebrow gel
Necklace from for ever vente uno

I do not own any of the music played. NO Copyright intended. Just sharing your art.
My SoundCloud : soundcloud.com/sara-k-29
My Instagram : amellowone
Poetic Justice Remix. Jessica Domingo.
Stay Remix. JENI.
TLC (Rough). MATUSA.

I hope you enjoyed.

Remember. Keep your mellow chill
Sara K

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Sep 1, 2016




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Comments 100
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 20 minutes ago
This is why I run away from girls who wear plenty of makeups
Aafreen Khan
Aafreen Khan 2 hours ago
bina mekup k jada sundar lag rhi thi
Nadia pricila
Nadia pricila 3 hours ago
Love your self ❤
Aziza Ansari
Aziza Ansari 10 hours ago
OMG itne pimple🤮
Lamiya Binth Ali
Lamiya Binth Ali 10 hours ago
Which eyeliner u used can u please tell me?
Ñámárg šállm
Ñámárg šállm 13 hours ago
العضلات فد شيء 👍👋👍💪💪💪💪
Rheel Amran
Rheel Amran 14 hours ago
بتجنن 😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤
Zett Nine
Zett Nine 15 hours ago
I'm impressed by your arm🤣
Brahma deo Kaushik
Brahma deo Kaushik 15 hours ago
Leave her skin but her eyes,face cut , eyebrows is osm .😄😆😍
Srijana Rai
Srijana Rai 16 hours ago
Already she is beautiful 😘.girl you don't need such makeup's 🤗
Dhanashri's recipes
Dhanashri's recipes 16 hours ago
I like her so much..plz subscribe my cooking channel from India Kaju pista burfi - ruvid.net/video/video-vmXakL6X4x4.html
doll with amna
doll with amna 18 hours ago
Hy ferinds my entertainment channel doll with amna please watching doll lovers watch my videos very interesting video 😊☺
أحمد النجفي
اكو عرب بطياره 😒🙄😂
speech corner
speech corner 19 hours ago
Healthandphysicalissues.blogspot.com for those who wants to beautify him or herself
Ελευθερια Καρβελα
Λάθος αντιμετώπιση πρωτα γίνεται θεραπεία για την ακμή και έπειτα όλο αυτό το μακιγιάζ
She is the first makeup video I ever watched and taught me everything
mirqamet Bayramova
Я хачу такую крем как куаить
هاجر الضفيري
أعوذ بالله عضلاتها😨
Sisa Sisa
Sisa Sisa Day ago
I went to bod and woke up 1.4 million viws?
اميرة بديني واخلاقي
حلو ايجنن 😚😜😛😍😘❤❤💙💓💜💛💚👍👌👏
Sara Khan
Sara Khan Day ago
Wow this girl is so beautiful onky this thing makes me to see the vedio
Sandeep Singh
awosem makup
Sophia .T
Sophia .T 2 days ago
Did someone notice those monster muscles 👇
Csilla Asbóth
Csilla Asbóth 2 days ago
Minahil Bibi
Minahil Bibi 2 days ago
ar ab
ar ab 2 days ago
Aynur Houda 7
Aynur Houda 7 2 days ago
She has beautifull big eyes ❤❤🌷🌷
Ramaa Jagadeesan
Ramaa Jagadeesan 2 days ago
So beautiful 🤗🤗🤗⚘⚘⚘⚘
насир хеким
очень красивая и за старания её умничка молодец
Avani Chaudhari
Avani Chaudhari 2 days ago
Why u make up give some natural treat your skin and make video on other topic
No one Anonymous
No one Anonymous 2 days ago
Make up wasn’t the problem. She just naturally had acne. She changed her diet and it helped her skin clear up.
Komal Succaram
Komal Succaram 2 days ago
U are so beautiful without makeup
Riku Neog
Riku Neog 2 days ago
u r really beautiful, without makeup..
Waheeda Hensen
Waheeda Hensen 2 days ago
No are u guys dumm she look good with make up and she look ugly with make up just shut up
No one Anonymous
No one Anonymous 2 days ago
Nope, sorry. You’re wrong. She’s gorgeous either way
Neha Gupta
Neha Gupta 3 days ago
Eyebrow is so broad overall all gud
bindu rawat
bindu rawat 3 days ago
Ur really beautiful 😍😍😍😍just in luv with ur eyes
أم رؤية
أم رؤية 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-2CPyXmz6iKk.html مرحبا أعزائي المرجو دعمي في أول فيديو في قناتي على اليوتيوب 🌹🌹🌹
leo Peters
leo Peters 3 days ago
OMG du bist mega cuteeeee (hab auch ackne/pickel) nur meine sind halt so wie du sie im Gesicht hast am ruecken auch so 😶 im Gesicht sind's fast nur noch rote Platte punkte also narben
DIPIKA JAIN 3 days ago
Please don't do make otherwise skin irritation or any acne breakouts will occur
No one Anonymous
No one Anonymous 2 days ago
She still wears make up and her acne is gone. Explain that.
هبه امجد
هبه امجد 3 days ago
بل نسبه لي لواقع انتي احله من المكاب صراحه عندج نقص بل ميكب هو احواكب ما سويتيهن عدل
بنين عقيل
Dwarika Kirade
Dwarika Kirade 3 days ago
Didi ur beautiful without makeup also
Jean G Vlogs
Jean G Vlogs 3 days ago
her eyes reminds me of catherine zeta jones 😍😍😍
Divya T
Divya T 3 days ago
Meckaup illa ma pakka sagikala ithuku entha meckaup illama azhaga cuta iruka villege girlsss super ❤
Vickey 1438
Vickey 1438 4 days ago
Mekup lekspothy ammaini chudalem edi nijam
Gurçin Moldur
Gurçin Moldur 4 days ago
Lan makyaj diye bisey olmazsa kizlar hepsi evde kalirdi
Selebae Okay
Selebae Okay 4 days ago
Her muscle😳😳
Nusrat Shaikh
Nusrat Shaikh 4 days ago
You are so cute
abdul rashid Kheruwala
shrusholic !
shrusholic ! 4 days ago
You are so damn gorgeous 😍
Akhi Ali
Akhi Ali 4 days ago
Masallah....you are so so beautiful 🌺
Glam hacks
Glam hacks 4 days ago
Hi guys Pls do hav a look at my youtube channel too.. ruvid.net/show-UCoPOA8Wxbmw9UOjznDYSfVw
Hussain VLP
Hussain VLP 4 days ago
Your followers from Iraq .. 🍁❤
black devil
black devil 4 days ago
Juli Play
Juli Play 4 days ago
Я одна руская
Pari Beauty Salon
Pari Beauty Salon
Very nyc
Salina Siddiqui
Salina Siddiqui 4 days ago
Makup krke skin or kharab krne sai achaa h treatment kre face ka
Hisar Haidar
Hisar Haidar 4 days ago
Aapke hair bhi kitne ache hai mam
Hisar Haidar
Hisar Haidar 4 days ago
Aap mackeup kar ke bahut achi lagti hai
Hisar Haidar
Hisar Haidar 4 days ago
The beutifull eyes
Hisar Haidar
Hisar Haidar 4 days ago
Hisar Haidar
Hisar Haidar 4 days ago
Sara appi kya aap mujhse baat karna chahti hai please aap ko mai kya kahu doll ya barbie kya kahu mai aapko she is beutifull mai aapko comment bhi kar rahi hu aapki video bhi dekh rahi hu
Hisar Haidar
Hisar Haidar 4 days ago
Aap doll hai mam queen
Hisar Haidar
Hisar Haidar 4 days ago
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jam Rockstar
jam Rockstar 4 days ago
Hi po new friend from world of Gee done tamsak ikaw na bahala MG sukli salamat keep safe po God bless
nini ni
nini ni 4 days ago
You look like Gigi Hadid. Anyway you have a fine face structure .🌼
Ishrat Jahan
Ishrat Jahan 4 days ago
I know how it feels... with pimple 😞😞😞😞
Anoushka Kanojia
Anoushka Kanojia 4 days ago
I don't know why but she looks like Gigi Hadid 😄😄😄
fatima hussein
yeahhhhhhh 😭💔
Sereen Soso
Sereen Soso 3 days ago
Yeah..me to 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dua Malick
Dua Malick 4 days ago
Uh r very beautiful without makeup lol
نونه الحنونه
والله هو احنا نفتهم عربي حتى انكلزيه
Gulay Abdullayeva
Gozelesdiren yok cirkinlewdiren makyaj oldu
Soft Cat
Soft Cat 5 days ago
Poor makeup .. acne is still prominent and lipstick is not neat.. for the sake of enhacing lips it is spread around the lips but unfortunately it is looking dirty.
No one Anonymous
No one Anonymous 2 days ago
Well, that’s just not true, is it? Her make up is flawless
Shnz Vlog
Shnz Vlog 5 days ago
Plz visit dermatologist for skin treatment
Glomorr Coquette
Glomorr Coquette 5 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-etu_6T5bAJ4.html DO WATCH MY VIDEOS AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL PLZZZ ♥️
Ayoub Sahrraoui
Ayoub Sahrraoui 5 days ago
I think that she looks like jiji and bella hadid
هّمًسِآتٌ آلَمًطِر
اكو عرب بطياره 😂😂😂
Sanwaj Khan
Sanwaj Khan 5 days ago
Which foundation u have used
Hacer Güler
Hacer Güler 5 days ago
You are beautiful but your acnes is very very bad☹️
بصراويه AM
ممكن اسم البياض؟؟؟
بصراويه AM
جا طركاعه وين راح الحب شينهااي غير اصلي البياض 😑
Daily lifestyle
Daily lifestyle 6 days ago
Luciegarnier08 6 days ago
Toss Planet
Toss Planet 6 days ago
Nice video Email us now @: tossplanet@gmail.com
Munita Kaur
Munita Kaur 6 days ago
You don't need makeup 💄 you look very beautiful 😉 without makeup 💄🤩
Jagannath Sahoo
Jagannath Sahoo 6 days ago
Wow 69 million views in a makeup video 🐇🐇
shahzaad najar
shahzaad najar 6 days ago
You're so beautiful
SHWE YONE 6 days ago
Beautiful girl
Emma Tamang
Emma Tamang 6 days ago
I personally wanna suggest you to use ordinary for your acne it help you to remove acne I swear
Digital Carboot
Digital Carboot 6 days ago
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Supriya Payara
Supriya Payara 7 days ago
Hotness overloaded🔥♥️
Ramzi Salhi
Ramzi Salhi 7 days ago
Fjdkso ldkiddjsb mpjwh hsjsks ldbdjwks jdislzhyta oakzuhzl msposhsvs lsisys jhxi lslskshsv msksbjsus ldbdjwks dodos et de me faire un tour de France et je vous souhaite une très bonne journée cordialement mme le site web et les modérateurs en plus il a été envoyé de me dire si dlc trailer de la semaine du mois d'avril et je vous prie
ساعة انتظار
جميل جدا ابداع😍😘
Rebec Bohia
Rebec Bohia 7 days ago
Your so beautiful without makeup,i cant stop watching your videos
Ikrama grey
Ikrama grey 7 days ago
This was the first vidéo i've seen of you ...and now after watching a lot of your vidéos and get to know you better ..it's really weird to see this vidéo again ..i don't know how to explain it ...but it's like i dont know i just dont have the vocabulary 😂😂...never mind ..i like your soul your honesty ..the fact that u didn't let this life beat you and that you still fighting ...thank you ❤...I pray to God to give you all that is beautiful and pleasant in this life ...sorry for my english i've used Google translate to write this ..hope you understand it
ever shine quote & music
Showing the reality is needed carag and I have seen in ur video
Điệp Đào
Điệp Đào 7 days ago
Ksbjs vus hcgbak ldbindp Hj knpa h lgs ifgoak lnund Hk phja kgd jnhjd k k ie kd Hk lnknk hgs hh epw uellw
سمير الحسيني
Mirza waleed Baig
Hy sara u r so cute I from in Pakistan 🇵🇰 please reply me
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