Easy Eyes n' Face Makeup Tutorial | ft. Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes

Sara K
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Hello creatures
Sorry the sun wanted to play hide and seek with my positive attitude today. What can ya do you am I right.

Again you know me. I wouldn't recommend something I don't like or wouldn't use.
Yes these brushes are vegan and are very very good. Especially the eyebrow brush. I didn't show all my eyebrows because yeah I'm still learning how to do them and they me 12 hours to do.... But I still wanted you to see I used this brush and I honestly like it a little bit better than all the other brushes I've been using.
BUT. Yes. Fun fact. Was 100$...I'll give you a lil sum to make that less, I think That's worth it in my opinion!

Vanity Planet Makeup Brush Palette
Code for 70% off: sarak
Originally $100 but with code they are only $30

Face. Smashbox Studio Wear. 1.1
Airspun translucent powder
Cover girl mineral powder Light 1
Maybelline contour kit contour shade
Urban Decay Setting Spray.
Eyes. Smashbox foundation as primer
Lorac pro 2 light brown shade
Sephora Patone Universe Red shade, Dark brown maybelline Lash stiletto mascara Black
Eyebrows. ABH in dark brown. Brown tinted eyebrow gel
Necklace from for ever vente uno

I do not own any of the music played. NO Copyright intended. Just sharing your art.
My SoundCloud : soundcloud.com/sara-k-29
My Instagram : amellowone
Poetic Justice Remix. Jessica Domingo.
Stay Remix. JENI.
TLC (Rough). MATUSA.

I hope you enjoyed.

Remember. Keep your mellow chill
Sara K

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Sep 1, 2016




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Estefania Sosa
Estefania Sosa 5 hours ago
,debería hacerse un tratamiento dermatológico
Hannah 10 hours ago
My go too make up look ❤️🥺 Watched your video when I just started out with Make - Up and I can never get enough.
sion juda
sion juda Day ago
Y pq no te haces un tratamiento en tu carita!!!????
Larissa E.
Larissa E. Day ago
Wow this looks amazing you are so beautiful
Юлия Day ago
Это надо лечить, а не закрашивать.
Peter Lustig
Peter Lustig Day ago
You are so Beautyful 😍
Kitty Blue
Kitty Blue Day ago
mavi okyanus
mavi okyanus Day ago
Keşke yüzünü gorebilsek yazılar yüzden Bir şey görmüyorum
Nha Thea
Nha Thea 2 days ago
Pengen banget bisa jago Makeup 😭😭 Berkali² pakai Makeup, tetep aja hasilnya macam badut 😆😆
Sanjana Gupta
Sanjana Gupta 2 days ago
She has dimples❤️
Shaikh Saphleen
Shaikh Saphleen 2 days ago
sunmoon nahar oyshi
Pimple dhak magi
Janice JB
Janice JB 2 days ago
I spend too much money to get rid of my adult acne 😑.
Sunita Mallah
Sunita Mallah 2 days ago
She is so pretty 😍
Kuswanto Kluwut
Kuswanto Kluwut 2 days ago
(Like) from Indonesia ❤️
Anju Sharma
Anju Sharma 2 days ago
Apke face m pimples h ye sab mat lagao
Росица Чирпанлиева
I like it. How did you cope with acne, and I have such a small cosmetic problem. I'd be happy if you'd give me any advice. Thank you :)
Parnian Gharehdaghi
Dear use accutane. It’s perfect for acnes. I’ve use it. You’re so beautiful🥰🥰
ADIM 3 days ago
She so beautiful ❤
Hisham Choufi
Hisham Choufi 3 days ago
I dont why even if you have acne you look so cute with acne this is the first time I see someone cute with acne 💖I have a lot of acne on my face 😪
Sima Hembram
Sima Hembram 3 days ago
DEVI MAGA 4 days ago
DEVI MAGA 4 days ago
Jiya Tomar
Jiya Tomar 4 days ago
Gosh this was soo perfect!! N the fact that her eye makeup remained legit the same, untouched despite having done it in the very beginning is mind boggling😂❤
Khusi Khusi
Khusi Khusi 4 days ago
Your side profile ✨💫♥️
ANKITA BISHT 4 days ago
farzana Rahman
farzana Rahman 4 days ago
When someone is affected by acne. Skin care is very important. Makeup is not good for skin even though it damages skin more.
You are really natural beautyfull babes......❣️❣️😘🥰 U dont know i love u ❤️ from india give one reply 😨
К Б 5 days ago
626 5 days ago
Junge. Lady, geh lieber zum. Arzt und hör auf mit der. Schminke....
Shaaera Bhyat
Shaaera Bhyat 5 days ago
You are gorgeous you look so much like Gigi Hadid
Ali Almosawie
Ali Almosawie 6 days ago
بارك الله بيج روعه
Watch and learn
Watch and learn 6 days ago
It was more beautiful without makeup without pimples on the face
Madaleína Ní Cleirigh
She's gorgeous before & after.
kcha xoshnaw
kcha xoshnaw 7 days ago
سبم كه ن
s Salunke
s Salunke 7 days ago
Alam Mia
Alam Mia 7 days ago
Alhamdulillah my skin is good. But she is so beautiful ❤️
Mckhale Richards
Mckhale Richards 8 days ago
I love the way u do your make up
Amisha Chhetri
Amisha Chhetri 9 days ago
From side you look like gigi
Hatice Tatlıer
Hatice Tatlıer 9 days ago
kAS H 9 days ago
I too visit this video time to time ... this video aint like "hey guys I am back n bla bla bla " fun fact this was d first makeup tutorial video I did watch ..
Melody Yengkokpam
She looks like Gigi Hadid
omid 10 days ago
خدایش قشگ شدولی اگه موهاشوهمون جوردم اسپی میزاشت قشنگ ترم بود
Mixculture Danya
Mixculture Danya 12 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-41i_1aD_3-w.html please subscribe 🙏
morganna brown
morganna brown 12 days ago
wow power of make up 🔥
Haya's Mom
Haya's Mom 12 days ago
Her beauty is out of this world
Syed Ishu
Syed Ishu 13 days ago
She looks like Indian Bollywood actress... Ashwariya Roy
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Raihan Nibir
Raihan Nibir 14 days ago
i think the girl was changed..
Raihan Nibir
Raihan Nibir 14 days ago
Doe a Deer A Female Deer
I went to derm for two years.for acne like that. It was my makeup. Same with many many many other girls. I suffered never having a clue why the heck my face broke out in every inch. I threw everything away when I found out it was my makeup and I can't seem to wear anything on a daily basis. Just some bare minerals a few times a week with a couple of break outs here and there. This makes me feel like the same thing is happening here.
HMP Prison T.V
HMP Prison T.V 13 days ago
Same at uni. You would laugh at the prison videos ive put up there crazy mate
Khrystel Delos Santos
Title of the somg please🙂
Tábata Noveli
Tábata Noveli 15 days ago
dude this videos is soooo iconic
AA 2684
AA 2684 15 days ago
Please sis do some medications for your skin. Makeup isn't good for the skin in daily basis. The skin problem u have that need lot of care from your inner body as well as outer treatment.
yasmin Müller
yasmin Müller 9 days ago
U do know this video is 5 y.o right? He skin is fine now
neeraj.g g
neeraj.g g 16 days ago
I watching your this video after 2 years again 😅🙂🙂
Miledy Trujillo
Miledy Trujillo 17 days ago
It’s been years since I’ve watched this video and I’m just realizing that she looks like Gigi Hadid.
mca mca
mca mca 17 days ago
Slm chkon y9oli wach mnou3 tea fondetain dartou Bach khblha hda lhab
Neeraj D'Souza
Neeraj D'Souza 18 days ago
dalya 1029
dalya 1029 19 days ago
chnhe gora uau
Ashley Onyango
Ashley Onyango 19 days ago
I listen to all of these covers and it always reminds me of this video
Quran 20 days ago
Can you help me, my hair is very weak and kept very falling out.
Jana Salloum
Jana Salloum 21 day ago
بعتقد انو عم تحوتي مواد فاسدة على وجهك بسبب الحبوب
Sandra Muñoz
Sandra Muñoz 24 days ago
Definitivamente perfecta hermosa
Kelsey M
Kelsey M 24 days ago
One of the most calming things to watch on RUvid ever
sharon poosson officiel
Casper Tm
Casper Tm 24 days ago
I saw this video around 2016 and for some reason, felt the need to search for it and well....hey!
dilek 25 days ago
girl posted a new video but this fell to my homepage like you guys
Leonie Köhler
Leonie Köhler 25 days ago
Which man would care about her acne she‘s even with acne so pretty i‘m sorry about my English greetings from Germanyy
شرفان 25 days ago
واو 😍😍❤
incho cho
incho cho 26 days ago
I love yooooooouuuu i've been watch all of your video since 3 uear ago
Athena Isabella
Athena Isabella 27 days ago
72 million!? Sara YESSS congrats 💛💫
Эва Добро
Beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jas Tanierla
Jas Tanierla Month ago
from 500k views to 74M views!!!!
idk this video is so peaceful I always come back once in a while
Laltanpuii Hnamte
youre so beautiful
Destiny Malick
Destiny Malick Month ago
I still watch this video everyday I love it
McKenna Hodges
McKenna Hodges Month ago
If Gigi Hadid and Lucy Hale had a baby😍
كروري الملكي
Hello my friend, I want to recharge the Pico Live gem. This is the account name and hands xxxxxxis 80 thousand possible 😭😭
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur Month ago
So are very beautiful
Pregadora mirim da net correia araujo
Kkkk alguém brasileira ksksks
omer malik
omer malik Month ago
You is so beautiful ❤️ so so so beautiful 😘❤️
Jamilur Rahman
Jamilur Rahman Month ago
I love you and your family
Pabath Pabath
Pabath Pabath Month ago
genan Alzaday
genan Alzaday Month ago
ملاحظة إحدى أسباب حب الشباب هي النجاسه المثقفين العرب يفهمون ما اقول
Assia Month ago
@_ڪـظمـٱٱويهْۃهَ • الحقيقة يا اختي 🤣
Assia Month ago
من يسمعك يقول ان كل العرب وجههم صافي حب الشباب يجي في فترة المراهقة لا توجد فتاة لا تمر به و يعالج عند طبيب الجلد أكيد مع المداومة
Marina Florida
Marina Florida Month ago
Прыщи надо лечить, точнее их причину, а не замазывать
Екатерина Степина
Ну и кожа!!! Косметикой проблему не решить!!! Такую кожу надо лечить.
Iasmïna Anïta
Iasmïna Anïta Month ago
I don't know why I look at this every fucking year🥲
Syed Zakriya
Syed Zakriya Month ago
I love you
austunda Month ago
Adil Cabbarli
Adil Cabbarli Month ago
Məncə sən derini müalicə etdir gizlətməkdənsə
Tamara Sento
Tamara Sento Month ago
Himanshi Soni
Himanshi Soni Month ago
Wake up tomorrow also and see I have subscribed too😁
اميره نفسي
جنهااا زلمه 😳😳😳
Touibah 12
Touibah 12 Month ago
Oh my god 💌💌🥰🥰
Abella Month ago
Makyaj yapmak yerine doktora git bir kaç ay tedavi gör doğal güzelliği elde et
Penelope k
Penelope k Month ago
Darling you are Beautiful.. But if you want to cut out blemishes cut out cheese and Dairy and go for Whole Foods my Dermatologists wanted to give me ROACUTAne since I had it all over my face chest back and neck. but I met a friend WHO is a Nutritionist and told me this .. Now I have no cremes or meds just whole plant based foods 😘
Tuba Bayrak
Tuba Bayrak Month ago
Kaşını yapmasaydın be bacım ucubelere döndün
Meltem Can
Meltem Can Month ago